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  1. Ok been reading different things and would like to know where do you guys jack up your focus and what points under the car do you use the axle stands at. I usually jack it up at each side on the sill just under a little with a few blocks of wood on the jack then use my axle stands under the large bolt for the suspension arm. Been wondering is this ok or maybe lead to damage so not sure. (See image) On rear of the car though I keep it on the jack on the sill (I know use a stand as safety....)but Where do you guyd put the stand at the rear? I saw a few pics of them in the center of the rear sub frame is this is this an ok spot to hold the weight? I was thinking also of getting new axel stands due to my old ones being nackered. Can anyone recommend a good set and whats better/safer rachet or pin type? does any one also use those rubber pads for the top of the jacks so that the jack does not damage car when jacking? if so are they any good nd where do you get them? One last thing I was looking at getting some service ramps as it would be hand just to drive car up and put axel stands under in stead of messing with the jack. whatsthe best ones I have read not great reviews on ones you buy being they are too narrow or not strongly built but I have also come across a few cases here people are budling there own from wood? I was thinking about going down this road, as anyone done this? Cheers guys.
  2. Hello, Just a quick question if anyone has any ideas, we are trying to replace the trailing arm bushes on my 1999 Fiesta however it would seem that nothing has been changed on my car since it came out the showroom as most things take a lot of brute force to get out. We don't have a bush puller or whatever it is called and going by the Haynes guide has helped us get to the stage of taking out the bushes but it would appear that one bolt had seized, which we have managed to get out to drop the axel, however now the bushes appear to be seized in the axel. Any ideas how we can get them out? I have seen one step by step online with seized ones where they used a hacksaw to cut through everything then used the bush puller to pull the bush out, however we do not have one and they appear to be really stuck in there, so really any ideas on how to get them out, I have managed to cut nearly through one of them but with another one to go, any advise would be great. Thanks Jaynie
  3. OK I'm getting new Axel stands as my old pin ones has had their day. Now I see the rachet type ones and was thinking of getting this type instead of the pin ones. The focus is around 1600kg I think so if I'm right that's about 1.6 tonne , so 2 or 3 tonnes axel stands would be OK to use on the focus. I'm looking Just some advice before I buy. Are the rachet type axel stands safe as the old pin type ones or safer? Wud u trust them OK when under the car? I was also looking at car service ramps. What's anyone's opinion on these. Also what's the best ones to get and has anyone made homemade ramps? Thanks.
  4. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  5. Hi All, I have some exhaust bits on order for my Escort, and have realised that in my recent move I have misplaced my ramps. I'm sure they're in some mates' garage back up home in East Yorkshire but seen as I am down in Watford now, I am in a bit of a pickle. Does anyone in the area (Hertfordshire, Watfordish?) have some ramps I could make use of for a day in exchange for beer tokens? I can pick them up/drop them off (or work at yours if you'd rather, and have the room!) and it would have to be a weekend for me. Any help much appreciated, I resent buying tools/gear that I know I have somewhere, just not heading up north now until christmas, and really need to get this exhaust sorted! :) Thanks, Hawkeye