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  1. Key Fob Loosing Coding

    Morning all, I have just had to re code one of our keyfobs after what i thought was the battery going flat, However, this morning it has stopped working again, re code it and its fine, anyone heard of this before? or is the keyfob on its way out?
  2. Remote Central Locking - Mk2.5

    Hi, The other day the fob in my car became quite intermittent. Then stopped all together. Assumed (Rightly or Wrongly) that it is a new battery required. Changed the battery, and got nothing. So assumed I will need to re-learn the key via the learning mode (0-II 4 times in 3 seconds). I must have tried to get the car into learning mode, 30 or 40 times to no avail. Has anyone ever experienced this? Not sure if it helps...but I was in FF2 & elmConfig a couple of months back changing a few bits....i wonder if I have accidentally unticked/ticked something that I shouldnt have. Cheers Gary
  3. hi guys i am really really hoping someone can help, i have a tdci zetec 2004 without remote central locking. I have done alot of digging on the net for this and have seen the guide someone on here created. I have know (from what i have read) that any gem starting 6st is a no go as its for the face lift and as mine is a 5 door pre facelift i need one starting 4st which is all fine and I have read the post about the A,B,C,D starting of the two letters at the end of the GEM code relating to what it has. Now i have searched ebay and scrap yards for ANY (2st or 4st) gem ending with a CL or any ending in C - they do not seem to exist! I have found ones ending in DF and DA but have read that you need to have deadlocking on your car for them to function correctly so have not bothered with them. Can someone please put me out of my misery do any remote central locking GEMS without deadlocking and alarms even exist!? Or did all pre facelift if with remote locking meant they had deadlocks two? I have even found DA ending models in early LX cars. Please if you know the answer to this please let me know.
  4. Hi, 2007 1.6 petrol focus. Had the car around 3 years serviced regularly and never had a problem. (Apart from the bonnet clip 😡) Key fobs,, yes fobs (x2) won't work. First one, (the every day one) stopped working, got the spare and that didn't work either.;-( Two genuine key remotes suddenly stopped working ? Changed the batteries on both units just in case they had gone flat. Trawled the forum, tried the reprogramming of key fobs as per the ignition key on and off routine, got the car in programme mode but the car would not accept the keys by giving me the sound that it had programmed them. Now I'm thinking that it might be a bit more than just batteries, can't understand why both should fail at the same time.. Any ideas?
  5. Sorry to post something which is very similar to other postings, but I'm getting weary of googling. I've got a Mk2 55 plate Focus LX. The central locking works (always!) when using the key (can only use it on the drivers door as that's the only one with a lock !). However it stopped working with the remote. Changed the battery in the remote (trying the obvious things first), and it gets a decent power reading on the multimeter (the old one didn't actually seem to be dead either). I've looked at various things on the internet, but not got very far. One was powering down a 'siemens' box, which the Mk2 doesn't seem to have. Another was pressing a button on the door frame (that makes the interior light come on) - however Mk2 doesn't seem to have said button either. I haven't as yet dared to try and find the infamous fuse 63, and just wondered before I take the plunge into the unknown (I'm not mechanically minded), I just wondered if there was anything else I could try. After replacing the battery in the key, I did the 'learning' thing, and it seemed to do as it should, but still won't lock/unlock remotely. I did look into another key, but the guy who did them, after hearing the problem, said it sounded car related rather than key related, and that therefore buying another key might be throwing my money away (very good of him - I'm sure a lot of places would have gladly let me shell out). The problem ties in very roughly with having the windscreen replaced, but to be honest I think that's just a rogue element and not related. Any advice apreciated. Even if that advice is that I must seek out Fuse 63 :-(
  6. New Key

    When i bought my s-max it only came with 1 key. So I have been to the local ford dealer to get a new flip key. The one that they said is compatable is only half compatable. It can start the car no problem. The problem is that it will not oppereate the remote central locking. I have tried the steps on multiple sites. Any ideas ?? I'm suprised that they gave me the new design flip key, not the first design
  7. Hello all, I'll start by firstly apologising for my uselessness and secondly for possibly posting this topic in an incorrect place. (sorry i don't use forums so not sure on the etiquette). I've scoured the internet and had no luck with my specific problem. I bought a flip remote key for my Fiesta in the hope that i'd gut the old remote key and pop the innards in the new case and be off. I understand obviously the key wont work right off without being cut etc. However i thought transferring the insides would mean no programing was needed. Now ive come to do the task and i can seem to get my hands on the Transponder. And i can't seem to remove the chip board inside without feeling like im going to snap it in half. , , , Ultimately this was a bit of a boredom/vanity project... its not crucial but if anyone could help, it'd be greatly appreciated!
  8. I have had to purchase another remote for our Grand C-max, Not from main dealer. Can I reprogramme it myself or do I have to go to a main dealer. It is a keyless start and not keyless entry. When I have removed the cover off where the ignition barrel would be there is only a plastic holder without any slot for a key. The remote slides and latches in nicely though? Photos of key fob below. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Regards Rob
  9. Bought my wife a second hand 2010 Edge and it only came with one manual key (likely not original) which has a red insert containing a 4D-63 chip. I'd like to get a flip remote fob without paying dealer prices, but I don't know which type came with the car originally, or would either type work? (please see photo attached). Car has central locking. ...and has anyone changed their key blade in the remote on the right? Do the key blades look like the ones pictured next to it?
  10. Can anyone help. I have 2004 mk6 fiesta. THe remote part of the key/fob doest work.The key opens the doors and starts the car but the buttons dont work. Its not the battery, thats been renewed with no joy. Help!!!!
  11. Hi and Happy New Year ! Being the time of the year that makes us just want to jump out of bed and get out in the cold and start our cars every morning, I was wondering ^_^ Would it be possible to somehow change the wires from the central locking that go to the trunk unlock and solder them to the ignition so that when I push the trunk unlock button on my remote it would start the car ? I have a 2007 1.6 Ford Focus MK2, and the remote is the kind built-in with 3 buttons (lock,unlock,trunk unlock). Thanks !
  12. I've just bought a 2003 Fiesta Zetec with no remote key just the spare key although whenever i get in the dash light flashes for what i think is the alarm. Do i need a remote key to stop this? if so do i need to go to ford for this? Any help is appreciated as the flashing and clicking is driving me insane. Thanks :)
  13. Yesterday I got my first car, a 53 Ford Fusion 2 1.4 Petrol. Unfortunately it only came with one key, and I would prefer to have a spare available. How would I go about retrieving/buying/having a new one made? Any help would be appreciated!
  14. Hi I am new on here so I hope I am on the correct bit of the fourm. I have purchased a 52 reg mondeo tdci with two keys the manual type, I dident get a remote one ,what is the cheapest way to get a key to work (remote type) and advice would be great ,the two keys I have have the little blue bit on them , regards johnpaul
  15. Hi I have just bought a 2004 Ford Focus which I am really impressed with. I have an afternarket stereo with steering wheel control capabilities but cant figure out the wiring configuration from the stalk. The stalk adapter has 3 wires on it. The stereo doesnt have a block but has three wires that needs to go into the block. I have a GND and two other wires on the stereo. Can anyone tell me what wire goes to what on the stereo stalk cables. One is on its own and two next to each other. Many thanks
  16. Stolen Keys

    Hi all, Recently had my remote control key for my Focus C-Max stolen in a burglary (still got the simple one). We moved the car away from the car park at our place because we figured the guy could come and find out which one it was very easily, and are currently working out our options for staying secure, and would appreciate your thoughts. Here's our options as we see them: 1/ Replace all the lock barrels and remote. Totally secure, but we're told it needs to be done at Ford garage, and will be very pricey (it's not worth our while invoking the insurance for this) 2/ Deactivate the remote control, or get a new re-programmed one, and use a steering wheel lock in case he enters using the physical key. Is it possible to do the deactivation/code change ourselves, or can it be done cheaply at a non-Ford garage? Obviously this is less secure, but the police are on to the guy, and if nothing works with the remote there's a good chance he might not have time to try the physical key on every Ford in the car park anyway. Many thanks for the help, Chris
  17. Hi, I've had my second hand Focus for a few months and a week or so ago the remote key fob stopped unlocking the car properly. I assumed it was the battery, so after waiting for an eBay replacement to arrive I opened the key, put the battery in and gave it a test, nothing. After a spot of googling I found out about the reprogramming mode done via the ignition, I did it and pressed the lock button after the beep, and nothing. I've seen conflicting literature regarding reprogramming the key and if a second remote key (which I do not have) is involved, my own manual doesn't seem too clear on it and numerous forum posts have not helped either. I don't have a multimeter, so I'm unable to tell if the key is completely broken and needs replacing or if it's working and it's somehow the car that's failing to receive the key's signal. So, first question, is there any way I can be sure which is at fault, the key or the car? Second question, assuming the key is in need of replacing, what is the actual procedure? It seems I need a new blank remote key (eBay I'm guessing), that may or may not need exclusive reprogramming by Ford. Many thanks for any help.
  18. Focus Remote Key Fob Replacement

    Hi, Was wondering if anyone could help.. Recently bought a 2001 ford focus but it only came with two standard non-remote keys. I don't want to go to a ford dealer and pay a ridiculous amount for a remote key so was thinking of getting one from ebay and getting it cut to suit.. After reading about reprogramming a new key I think I would be able to programme it with the immobiliser as I already have two keys? However because neither of these keys are remote themselves I'm not sure if I'd be able to programme the new key to work the central locking. Any ideas? Thanks!
  19. Key

    Hi Guys, Just a few quick questions: Does my car have central locking (because when I bought the car it came with a 'plain' key? If so, is it possible to program a new key to work with the central locking feature on my car?. Thanks in advance, Manpreet _______________________________________ Ford Fiesta Finesse '04
  20. Hi. We've been away for four days (leaving the Fiesta on the drive). On return tried to unlock the car using the remote key and nothing happened. After a few attempts, decided to open by just turning the key in the door lock. Try starting the car, but immobiliser still armed I think as nothing happens when the key is turned to ignition. I then changed the battery in the key fob. Then tried re-programming the key - nothing happens when attempting this. My question is - what next? Is it likely the key fob is dead? and if I purchase a new one how quickly could I get it? (are Ford dealers going to be quickest?) Hope this makes sense and thanks in advance for any replies. Stu.
  21. I had a 2009 Mondeo Titanium and when you unlocked the car with the remote the headlights would illuminate making it easy to find on a dark car park. Is there any way of achieving this on a 2008 Focus titanium? Thanks
  22. Foolishly, I have mislaid my remote key and I am having great difficulty accessing the car using the standard key. I have managed to gain access a couple of times without the alarm sounding but I can't work out why on most attempts the alarm sounds. I only bought the car a few weeks ago and there is no handbook. Can anyone assist please in explaining how to get access? Many thanks.
  23. I have a Mk 6 Fiesta (Zetec, Climate). As far as people have told me, it is capable of remote central locking, but just didn't come with a remote key when I bought it second hand (it was only supplied with the standard 'passive' engine/door lock/immobiliser key (with a blue 'chip' in it). If I wanted to add RCL, is it easy/cheap to do? Also, how might I check once and for all whether it actually has the ability to lock remotely? The lights flash when I lock it manually with the engine key, if that means anything. It also has a boot popper button in the dashboard, and I'm 90% sure it has an immobiliser. Anybody know?
  24. I had a mechanic out to look at my 2007 Ford Fiesta Zetec Climate because of a battery problem. I bought it from a reputable nationwide dealership about 4 months ago. While he was fixing it, he remarked that the key I have doesn't look like an original. He said it had a 'blue' chip in it (for the immobiliser I assume) where usually they're meant to be red. He also said most of the originals are the remote type which activates the central locking.... Does anybody know whether my car is actually capable of remote central locking or is it not meant to have that feature?? I'll admit, for a car of that age, when I bought it I did assume it had remote central locking; it wasn't until I actually got the keys handed to me that I realised it wasn't.... Which is a bit annoying as there's only a key slot on the driver's side door.... Anybody know??
  25. Hi My key for my fiesta (below) seems to have a very low signal and struggles to unlock the car remotely. It has to be pressed quite a few times and on the drivers side in order for it to work. I've put a new battery in and the insides of the actual key are fairly clean so I presume that isn't the problem. Is it worth programming it again perhaps? Thanks in advance for any replies. (I've searched and as far as I'm aware this hasn't come up before)