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  1. Hi there,  Can anyone tell me a suitable replacement GPS antenna unit for a 2009 Ford Focus. Sat Nav doesn't work and I've been told its due to the fact water has leaked under the antenna seal. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ~ Scott 
  2. Hi all, First post, sorry if this is in the wrong place. I've just bought a Fiesta ST MK6 08 plate with the Sony 2nd Gen CD player I want to switch out the CD player for one with a USB plugin, but also want to make sure the steering wheel controls still work, I'm pretty sure I need a double din, something like this I've been into my local Halfords and they needed me to confirm if some kind of connector was bowed or unbowed?! Can anyone let me know if the CD player I linked will work and what kind of connector cables/other parts I will need? Also if I need a bowed or unbowed connector of some sort? Thanks Chris
  3. REplacement Key HELP

    Hi, My wife lost all out spare keys, been quoted 200 for each (one ford, one citroen). Anyone know if I could just get of these: Then get it cut and program it myself? Is this possible?   Thanks!
  4. Heater Resistor Bank

    Could anyone please supply a definitive answer please ? Where on my 2006 Fiesta Style RHD is the resistor bank for the heater fan located ? Having read so many postings, I'm confused by the previous responses to similar queries. Thanks Mike
  5. Fusie 1.4tdi, 04 reg. Following damaging a front 15" wheel I have been trying for several days to find a replacement from Devon car breakers. Always, the responce is the same - 'we don't have any'. So, are the steel wheels unique to the Fusion? I doubt it, and having checked Fiestas on 55 and 58 plates think that maybe they are the same -, paticularly the 55 plate one I looked at. Even the wheels trims seem identical and both vehicles have R15 tyres - same as my Fusion2. Does anyone know if the same wheels are fitted to other Fords? Ta muchly. Dave F66
  6. I want to post this thread because I recently came to this site as a new member, hoping to have found the answer I was looking for to my own Ford problem, but without success. There were many similar threads and I take my hats off to those Ford owners who made the effort to post some help and advice for others. However, I hope that my specific thread will be of help to those drivers with the same model Ford as mine. I own a 2005/55 plate Ford Focus 1.6 VTC Petrol 2 Door, of which I am extremely proud. Two weeks ago I had her serviced, ...which brings me on to the subsequent issue I had. 3 days after the car was serviced, the Crankshaft Position Sensor failed and my mechanic was not available to do the job due to being on hols. I had been told that it wasn't a big job and to try and do it myself. I turned to this sight for help, but none of the threads applied to the year and model of my Focus. The good news is, the job has now been me, and I want to share with other Focus owners my experience in replacing the sensor. I did buy the Haynes manual to assist me with locating the sensor (I have limited mechanical knowledge), but moreover I want to share with others how I did the job and what issues I had to overcome. Firstly, to do this job you will need a new sensor (obviously), a small torch, a good strong trolley jack, an axel stand (safety first), a socket set and an 8mm socket. However, as I later explain some of the issues I experienced, I would also suggest having a swivel head socket, or a short shaft 8mm spanner. Next, to locate the sensor on this model, jack up the car using the jacking point just below the driver's door, as the sensor is positioned just left of centre at the base of the block, and after putting a suitable axel stand in position lower the car onto the axel stand for stability. I would also leave the trolley jack in place for added safety. From the front of the car, poisition yourself underneath and look for the oil filter. From the oil filter look up to the crank casing (approx 4-5inch upwards) and you will find a blue coloured electrical connector block sitting slightly inwards in the crack case. This is the sensor connection, and you will need to remove the connector block before you attempt to dismantle the sensor from the crankshaft. To disconnect this, on the connector block you will see a very fine spring this inwards towards the crank case to unlock the block and slip off the connector. With the connector removed you will now be able to clearly see the 8mm bolt head that connects the sensor to the crankshaft. This is where a swivel head socket or a short shaft 8mm spanner may be useful, because as the crankshaft case comes accross the back of the sensor, on this Focus model the crank case bevels outwards, thus limiting the room you have to put the socket with ratchet handle headlong onto the bolt. An extension on the socket head would have helped me, but because this sends the socket handle backwards, the turning of the socket is then limited by the Oil filter. The easisest way would have been with a short shaft 8mm spanner, as this would have slipped neatly onto the bolt, but I didn't have one of these, and the longer handle spanner I had was limited in turning by one of the water hoses running off the base of the engine. If you only have a fixed ratchet handle then you will have to be prepared for alot of short bolt turns because of the limited room to turn it. Once you have loosened the bolt enough, you can get your fingers in and turn it by hand until it is completely out. Now the sensor is free for removel....take hold of it and slide it backwards, out of the Crankshaft and compare it with the new one to double check you have the correct one for replacement. Now you can fit the new one. Carefully slide the sensor into the crankshaft, being careful not to knock or drop it, as this is a 'one time fit' part. As you slide the new sensor into place, be sure to align the bolt head connector up with the thread hole. Use a torch to try and see that it is in line before offering up the connecting bolt. Gently rubbing some fine grease or WD40 onto the connector bolt will help with lubrication. Offer up the connecting bolt and slowly turn it into place by hand as far as you can go. Now revert to finishing off the tightening with the ratchet/spanner, depending on what best suits you. Tighten it up until the socket or spanner won't move without forcing it, but be careful not to over-tighten. Finally, slide the connector block back onto the head of the new sensore and you are done. Jack the car back up off the axel stand, remove the axel stand, and then lower the car back down off the jack. I am hoping to post some photos to this thread as soon as I can find my camera cable to connect to my laptop, but I can honestly say that for a novice mechanic, this job is more fiddly than difficult. I hope this helps someone else, and good luck with any general running repairs that you may have.
  7. I needed to replace the lever for the centre seatbelt as it stopped working. I have removed the old mechanism and attempted to fit the new mechanism. However, I cannot see where the wire is supposed to be attached to the new mechanism in order for the middle seat to function correctly? I have attached couple of photos of both the mechanism and the wire - anyone have any idea? I am probably caught up on the most basic part but i'm sure I have tried everything!
  8. Hi all, I am 17 and just got my first car, a 2006 fiesta zetec with a CD6000 stereo with the AUX button, but no place to plug in the aux. Being able to play music on my android phone is an absolute must for me, so have been doing a bit of research as to what I could do and would really appreciate some help. One option is to buy an AUX adapter kit ( with AUX out, however have read a lot of bad reviews about this as apparently the connection is extremely poor and audio stops playing after every bump. If this is not the case then let me know. Another option is to buy a simple adapter which gives AUX in ( but dont like the idea of it just coming out of some vent, but would consider this if it is the only viable option. The speakers and standard stereo seem okay to me, but I could follow a couple more options: I could buy a new stereo with an aux but I wouldn't want to spend too much money (max around £50)I could buy a new stereo and new speakers as I might as well buy new speakers with the stereo (max around £100Any help/info would be greatly appreciated. (sorry if the links do not work) Cheers, Tim
  9. New Ford Owner (unlucky)

    Hi I am a newbie and a new Ford Focus zetec 2006 owner. I just got the car on eBay few weeks ago and it now need a replacement engine. Please does anyone know where I can get a good replacement engine or a reconditioned one? I have contacted lots of companies but they all seem to have bad reviews . Help, thanks Replacement engine code needed is QQDA 1.8 petrol.
  10. Hi I am a newbie and a new Ford Focus zetec 2006 owner. I just got the car on eBay few weeks ago and it now need a replacement engine. Please does anyone know where I can get a good replacement engine or a reconditioned one? I have contacted lots of companies but they all seem to have bad reviews . Help, thanks Replacement engine code needed is QQDA 1.8 petrol.
  11. Hi, I am not sure if i am posting this in the right place or not. So feel free to move it if it is in the wrong place. I have been slowing loosing coolant and i think that i may have pin pointed the area where the coolant has been leaking from, with a little help. The car is a ford fiesta 2003 i have attached the picture (from google) in which i have circled where i believe that the coolant is leaking out of. My question is how do i go about repairing this or does anyone know where i am able to get a new pipe from Sorry i am a little bit clueless about cars so any help would be greatly appreciated thanks :)
  12. Hwda Or Fydb Engine

    I have a 55 plate focus 1.6 petrol,the engine needs replacing but im not to sure which engine to buy,breakers are saying i need an hwda engine but on the engine ive took out it says fydb3s82517 as the engine number...any help appreciated.
  13. Door Replacement

    Hi Guys Hoping someone on here can help. Had somebody drive in to my car today and leave a nasty dent in the door. Been looking at the option of replacing the door but not sure how easy the door is to remove and then refit on a MK3 focus. I will also potentially need to transfer the handle from the old door to the new door. Does anybody on here have any experience with this who might be able to advise me as to how difficult this will be or wether it is best leaving things like this to the garages to do. Thanks Jamie
  14. You can find below the steps needed to replace the mirror indicator bulbs/ remove the housing on a mk7 Fiesta. The process is pretty simple, takes about 10 mins and only needs one person and a screwdriver. I was removing the cover to replace the bulbs with chrome ones but the same process applies for pretty much any work you want to do on the mirrors. The reason I have written this guide is that whilst the process is simple it does require you to apply a fair bit of pressure to plastic parts which is always a worry if you don't know exactly what you're doing. From my experience the job doesn't endanger your mirror glass as you pretty much leave that alone and you're most at risk of snapping one of the plastic clips on the housing. On the up side though they all seem surprisingly sturdy so as long as you're careful you will be fine. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
  15. So someone has dinged by Fiesta's wheel trim and bent the steel in rather badly. I need a new 15" steel wheel for my Fiesta and have been told that they are around £100 from Ford direct. I have looked on eBay and there is a Fiesta 15" steel wheel with tyre for £50, however it looks like it's an older wheel (the holes in the steel wheel are more round rather than oval shaped like the new wheels I've seen). My question is do all Fiesta wheels fit as long as they are 15" or should I be looking specifically for ones dated 09 and newer? Failing that, I've found this steel which I think is the one I'm looking for (same number as those on my current tyres and the steels came up when I input my cars details). Would one of these be suitable too? Thanks in advance.
  16. Hello everyone, I recently purchased my first Ford Focus, its a MK3 2011 5dr hatchback 1.6 TDCI Zetec. Extremely pleased with the car and looking forward to doing lots of miles on it :) Anyway, this is my first post on the forum and Im hoping its in a correct thread, apologies if it isnt! Im looking for a rear tail light assembly o/s driver side with LED strips. Preferably with bulb holders and if possible even wing nuts (found out that the light missing a wing nut only after purchase). Ive checked ebay and amazon, both have it for about £80 new. And the preowned usually have a crack or two on them already. Checked on but they don't have the same LED type of tail light only the halogen one :/ If anyone knows a good scrapyard around South coast or even has one themselves and want to sell it please let me know :) All suggestions are welcome Thank you in advance P.S. some thumbnails of existing left side tail light with bulb holders for reference.
  17. Hi, I'm new to the forum, mainly because I have an old mk4 fiesta 1.25 and my friend managed to lose the ignition key... I was told that, as the key was chipped, I'd need to replace the ecu and ignition if buying secondhand... I bought the ecu off ebay with key and door lock, only to be presented with an extra part(?)... In this picture you can see it... To the left, just under the ignition barrel... It's a plastic ring with a small plug socket?... When I replace the ecu, do I have to replace this part too or will the ecu recognise the key without it?... If I have to replace it, firstly, what is it and, secondly, where is it located in the car?... If I dont need to replace it then EVEN BETTER!... :) Thanks in advance...
  18. I have a MK3 mondeo I was having a microphone taken out today from a third party head unit, unfortunately the people who were doing it were a clumsy mess forgot half of it and randomly kept snipping wires.... Anyway when I got home my fascia next to the front window on the passengers side fell off from the top and inside it appears to be broken. I will not be returning to the store and I could do with fixing this in the cheapest fashion since I will be selling the car shortly. If I was looking on ebay for this particular item what should I be searching for? Or could anyone recommend some sort of glue to keep it on which may be suitable?
  19. I've just bought a 2003 Fiesta Zetec with no remote key just the spare key although whenever i get in the dash light flashes for what i think is the alarm. Do i need a remote key to stop this? if so do i need to go to ford for this? Any help is appreciated as the flashing and clicking is driving me insane. Thanks :)
  20. Yesterday I got my first car, a 53 Ford Fusion 2 1.4 Petrol. Unfortunately it only came with one key, and I would prefer to have a spare available. How would I go about retrieving/buying/having a new one made? Any help would be appreciated!
  21. Hi, My recently purchased Fiesta' CD player is intermittently faulty. As the SONY unit is matched to the car is it possible to replace the unit with another SONY for example from eBay? Obviously a replacement unit security code will not match my vehicle chassis. My only other option is an after market if I have to replace and it's not easily repaired, but I'd rather keep the original SONY. Thanks in advance :)
  22. Hi all, I have a Ford Fiesta Style 2007 and I've smashed my engine block - reading that sounds like i'm at some kinda AA meeting. I'm in a real pickle, do I buy a replacement engine from the local parts dealer who says it's come outta a written off car and it's not refurbished. Or do I sell the car on ... ? I need to make a quick decision on this one. I rely on my car and love the little thing. It's done 127,000 miles and is a great runner. The only problem is it needs a new engine. I've found an engine for £390 and I expect fitting to take the cost up to near £1,000. What I need answered are ... Has anyone got experience putting another engine in their car? How did it run? Is it OK to do this .. ? Or is replacing the heart of your car something that never goes well? If the suggestion is it's fine to replace the engine and it should run fine. Will other parts have to removed, like the water pump and cambelt, for the engine to go in? Because this would obviously increase the overall cost massively ... Making me ask the question, is the 2007 Fiesta worth saving? Really appreciate any advise guys ... Cheers :uke
  23. I am looking to replace the head unit of my 2007 S Max but I am struggling to find a nice double din stereo which has red back lights/features to match the rest of the car. All units I am finding are blue (or very ugly). I am preferably looking for a touchscreen, has anyone replaced theirs and if so with which unit? Any suggestions or experience would be gratefully received... Thanks in advance
  24. I'm looking for advice to either fix or replace the stereo/satnav in my 58 plate Focus mk2 (see pic of the stereo - it has the 'oval' shape). The whole stereo unit recently stopped working - nothing on the display (not even the clock), unresponsive to all buttons. Two days later I returned to the car to find the battery was completely flat, Ford replaced the battery and told me the stereo was 'broken' and would cost £1000 to replace with a new unit or £450 if I'd accept a reconditioned unit. That's far more than I'm prepared to spend so I'm looking for options. 1) Is it likely the stereo fault can be fixed? I know I'm clutching at straws here. 2) Failing that, any suggestions for a replacement? I don't want to spend more than £250, so accept that satnav might be out, but would be nice to retain the steering wheel controls and auxiliary in. Thanks!