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  1. Raider32's Mobius Camera

    Evening all, I'm sharing clips I've taken with my Mobius camera, Most are just stupid driving by others, but some clips you can imagine 'What if?', If things had gone a little different, I would have been very glad to have had the footage. All Video's Best Viewed 1080p Full Screen *********And May Contain Swearing********* A Focus has rear ended something on small bit of road that you can hit 70mph on, obviously didn't stop fast enough. BMW moves into middle lane then wants back in, fails to see the HGV out the window, and probably anything out the back (covered in snow). Hit this pothole lastnight, it sounded a lot louder than it does on the video, everything seems to be ok. Caught this silly woman in the Focus tonight, you can see she doesn't turn her head once to look for anybody. I put off for a long time getting a dash-cam, but I'm glad I've finally got one, and highly recommend it. Considering I got this stuff in just a week, I'm sure I'll be adding a few more!
  2. Guide: Stealth Dual Camera DVR system Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 I've post this information in my build thread but figured it would work quite as a guide aswell considering the quality of the kit is exceptional. Shopping list: DVR System: TF/Micro SD Card 32Gb: Piggy back fuse adaptor: USB Socket kit: Suction cup disc: Super Steel Glue: PVC Tape: 8.4mm Ring Crimp Terminal: Where possible the above items have been purchased from the same supplier to save money on shipping, AutoStar are top supplier of automotive electrical equipment my number one supplier throughout all my guides quality guaranteed. The USB socket kit I've chosen has two sockets, So if like me you have a TomTom Satnav, You may wish to purchase this USB cable to power your Satnav from the USB socket aswell freeing up the 12V socket in the centre console: The goal is to mount the 3.5" DVR unit hidden inside the glovebox mounted on its suction cup arm, It can be flipped down if required. It will be powered by the USB socket which is also mounted inside the glovebox and power is provided by the piggy back fuse adaptor pluged in to a 12v ignition feed. The DVR unit also has its own internal rechargeable battery just the same as a Satnav, It can be set to wake up and record if movement is detected outside of the vehicle when the car is parked, without draining the car battery, The system automatically begins to record when power is provided from ignition, It can also take still photo images on command. The video quality is 720P HD The unit records two separate videos in full screen for both front and rear camera. The cameras themselves are quite discreet and following this installation guide will provide optimum stealth results. So here's the DVR system and whats in the box: Rear Camera: Front Camera: Standard 12V to USB supply: Screen mount: Now to get fitting, Open glovebox, Remove several screws Slide out glove box Bring to table or work bench. At this point we need the glue and suction cup disc: Mount the suction cup bracket from the DVR to the suction cup base and trial fit, As you can see the roof of the glovebox isn't flush smooth, I first trimmed down the suction cup base in a bid to obtain complete flush contact between base and roof: Quick trial fit and still not 100% Using some PVC tape; attach end of loom to a hard length of grass strimmer line or cable makes it easier to fish through the Goose neck. Such as this: When through the Goose neck, Gently remove the rubber seal from around the boot door, Route cable with attached plastic line; Out from between roof lining and roof of the car until all is through. Next remove the parcel shelf for temporary storage, Remove the two torx screws securing the side panel. Next using a flat head screwdriver; Remove plastic grommets in C pillar panels revealing some Philips head screws. Remove these screws to allow s Refit parcel shelf And Close boot door, Rear camera now fitted inside 35% tint, not even visible from outside :) Front Camera also fitted routing cable down passenger side A-Pillar inside rubber door seal cavity. : Now installing the USB socket kit: I had initially planned to mount it on the top rear section of the glovebox opposite the vent, On physical trial fit though; there's not enough space back there to allow it fit, Best alternative option was the upper right corner of the glovebox. I haven't got the required size of hole-saw to drill it, So I've used the bracket as a template for cutting it out with a dremil; Quick trial fit inserting it in backwards for trial purposes, Don't worry about rough edges because there's a lip on the socket covers it from view as you can see in images below; Now fitting snug, Time to remove and insert the correct way around. Prior to putting on the securing plastic ring. Looking very tidy inside the glovebox :) Installing USB cable, I had this 1.5M USB cable that came with my TomTom Satnav back in 2010 so I've chosen to use it for this installation because it has a 90 Degree fitting that works quite well with the design of flip down DVR. I didn't like the idea of trailing the USB cable inside the glovebox as it looks untidy and liability of getting caught up in things, So i cut out a small section in the top of the glovebox allowing the small plug pass through, When the cable is through; Plug in the USB to the socket, Create a comfortable elbow on the cable inside the glovebox. Patch inside area of the hole using PVC tape, Then mix up a small bit of Super Steel to patch up the hole from outside the glovebox, The PVC tape on the inside will hold the glue while it sets hard filling the gap :) Tape can be removed after 20 minutes of applying the glue. I then masked up sections of the usb cable, Prior to applying some more Super Steel weld, Then removing tape after 20 minutes, Bonding the cable to the glovebox nicely. Looks tidy and wont get caught in anything. When completed and dry, Bring glovebox back to the car Ensure positive and negative feeds are correctly identified and attached to the USB socket: Earth feed: With the glovebox still removed; look inside the area to see a bolt securing a crimped ring terminal earth feed: Remove bolt and cut the earth feed to the desired length followed by crimping on a replacement ring terminal: Loop ring terminal on to bolt just like a washer and insert bolt back in to place. Flip down passenger fuse box, Fish positive feed from socket down to the fuse board area and obtain the piggy back adaptor: Cut the positive feed to desired length, Strip terminal and crimp on the piggy back adaptor. Remove fuse from the USB power supply kit loom and insert it in to top socket of the piggyback adaptor: With glovebox work now complete, Route cables from both cameras in through to DVR unit, Plug in camera feeds following the power feed. Still folds up hidden out of direct view and obstruction :) Secure all 7 screws and return all items to glovebox; Final task now is fitting the piggy back fuse to a switched ignition live feed in the passenger footwell fuse board. Ive gotta edit this section as i study Haynes manual in search of a switched live fuse location on the board. Unplug fuse: F100 Insert this fuse in to piggy back adaptor, Insert piggyback in to original fuse location in slot F100 Ill also insert images of removing panels and insert them among the text. The DVR unit can then be flipped up and locked, Now hidden from view and no obstruction to the standard operation of the glovebox. It records automatically no need to touch it :) Working on this guide across the next few days guys, I've gotta back fill with images but we will get there by New Years day :) Thanks for viewing my guide, See my other guides linked on my Profile page. Or My Full list of Guides can be viewed here link:
  3. So I was driving towards a junction and the light turned amber and I thought I could make it, but just as I went through, the light turned red and the camera flashed twice!! What I'm unsure of is if I will get a penalty. The camera was on the opposite side of the road facing the front of my car and from what I've read so far, the cameras can't flash the front of your car. Has anyone had a similar experience and not got a penalty or does everyone think I'll get the 3 points and a fine?
  4. Guide: Fitting Reverse Camera Mk2.5 Focus 2008 - 2011 Hi all, Not really much to do in this guide mainly because the chosen reverse camera kit is so good, Has taken a lot of work out of installing. So here's the Shopping list short and sweet: Reverse camera: If you're living in Ireland and wish to. Purchase this item; sign up to parcel motel and receive it for 3.75 shipping. See link: Here's what's in the box: Very nicely packaged and presented the kit is top quality and i really cant praise it enough :) It replaces the existing boot handle while incorporating the reverse camera in to the handle, This guarantees the camera is most definitely centre aligned on the rear of the vehicle aswell as quite discreet. Pre-crimped terminals ready for splicing in to the existing boot handle cables: And here's where it becomes worth the money :) The loom is separated in two halves by this bespoke connection: This makes things so much easier to install, Because you're not trying to fish a bulky yellow RCA plug through the rubber goose neck between boot door and main chassis :) Its a minute plug instead. So on the end of the loom is your RCA plug for the camera signal: This plugs in to the rear of your compatable headunit And the blue cable: This is a signal feed, it carries positive power from the reverse bulb to the headunit causing the headunit to automatically display the reverse signal each time you put the car in to reverse: Open Boot Door, Remove parcel shelf and store in safe place. Remove both torx screws in side panel: Useful to have a plastic bottle or something to store all screws in preventing them from loss : On the boot door there's two grab handles, Inside these handles are two torx screws; one in each pocket. Remove both screws: Now with one hand holding the metal boot door, Pull down the plastic panel with your other hand. Here's what's beneath: Now remove all six Nuts from iside the panel. This can be awkward when working over head, I suggest sitting in the boot on the sill, With your feet on the ground outside the vehicle, Bring the boot panel down on to your lap makes it much easier to work with, Also when removing these nuts; Count the rotations to removal This avoids over tightening when refitting the panel. Here's the nut locations: Left: Right: After removing the nuts there are two clips which grip in to the boot, These are quite brittle if they snap you can seal with a small amount of silicone sealant, There only there to assist alignment of the panel as the bolts do all the gripping. When the outer panel is removed you will see a rubber grommet like the one in the image below: It's possible to disconnect a plug inside the boot panel allowing full removal of the panel, Allowing it to be brought to a table for working with, Here's what the loom is like dissected from the panels: The single plug on far side of the rubber grommet is the one that's inside the boot panel. Unplug it and the whole panel is free to remove: At this point the standard electronic boot handle should be removed by unplugging it from the loom and squeezing the retaining clips from either side of the unit. Cut loom plug from the end of the boot handle loom: Strip ends ready for crimping on the new terminals: Ensure both cables are passing through the boot panel prior to crimping Insert one cable inside one of the red crimps and squeeze it tight with top of crimping tool. Repeat on the second terminal, It doesn't matter which terminal is crimped to which cable in this case. Following image is for illustration purpose: Working on this guide across the weekend guys, I've gotta back fill with images and some text, I didn't get the required images taken at the time of installation because it was so therapeutic to install. Ill edit across the weekend. Green&yellow feed is reverse positive:
  5. Hi, I've just acquired a Smax and found the reversing lights do not work. the lamps are good and the reversing camera and parking sensors work. I linked out the switch wire at the gearbox and the camera came on and sensors worked. I thought maybe a fuse, but the reversing lights are on with the raising headlights and that's work also. I'm a bit stumped as to what to check next. Any ideas please????
  6. Hi, Has anyone seen reverse camera flickering issue on Ford Galaxy? I bought this car last year in the summer and start having reverse camera flickering problem last winter.The car has been booked 4 for investigation by the dealer but they could not find the fault. They have replaced the camera last end of last winter. The problem went away. I have noticed the same problem again while the care was washed. 1. First a message came saying “break bulb fault” and then the rear view care screen stated flattering. 2. The “break bulb fault” has disappeared after about 10 minutes and come back again the following day. 3. The “break bulb fault” message disappeared again when I accidently drove over a curb. I got my car booked again, I was told at the end fault could not be found, monitor and come back if it happens again. I am seeing the same problem with the screen flickering since last week. No break bulbs are blown-up yet, but this is a matter of time. The screens flickering occurs when the car is cold and weather gets cold and there is a moisture in the air and break lights go faulty very frequently too. When the car gets warm for example if I drive the car for 3 miles the screen flickering stops. My car is with the dealer at the moment. I just got a message saying they will replace the camera. The dealer is trying to fix the problem and they are very friendly and help but I am not convinced the cause of the problem is at the camera. They keep telling me they have checked all the unities and they cannot see any unit issue. I don't think replacing the camera will not fix the problem. This might only hide the problem for sometime. I am worded the when the problem occures again the car might be out of manufactor's warrenty. I don't think replacing the camerawill not fix the problem. This might only hide the problem for some time. I am worded the when the problem occurs again the car might be out of manufactory’s warranty. Any advice is much appreciated. Cheers.
  7. I took my focus in for some work doing on the electric seat They fixed the seat but did a software change to the reversing system that has caused it to operate differently to when I first got the car. It now has a black dotted line on the camera screen that it never had, it now displays the grid that I used to have to select if I needed it and the rear half of the cars sensors no longer show up on the small pictograms in the top left of the camera screen, has anyone else had this issue or know why Ford made this change without informing me Any help on this would be greatly appreciated
  8. Anyone with advice on replacement of Radio with a new Sat/nav and reversing camera set up, and what to get and how to fit ?
  9. Hoping for a little help; after 6 weeks in a petrol focus and an awful lot of customer service errors the garage changed my car for the above focus. It's a 15 plate so 6 months old, ex demo and has the appearance pack (I believe is the tinted windows) I'm clearly paying a bit more for it than the petrol (£15,150 vs the £12,950 petrol) which was a 64 plate eco boost navigator. Anyhow I've noticed a couple of things that I'm unclear on..... It has auto headlamps and yet the auto high beam feature appears to be not working or is missing? - on the steering wheel computer I go to settings and where lighting is the auto high beam is not listed. (And it doesn't work on a test at night unlit road etc....) It also has ambient lighting but the overhead console is missing the controls for changing the colour.... Again on the computer I can turn this feature off and on but I thought if I have ambient I can also control the colour etc.... And I also came across a thing about the car having a parking camera as standard on the titanium? I've got auto parking and sensors back and front but no camera? Is this right?? Really hoping someone is out there who is an expert on the titanium and can offer some advice? I'm really not keen on complaining (yet again) but it feel that since I am paying for all this I should have it!? And I'd like to go in armed with the correct info -and not end up looking like a tit! :) The car also has press button start (but oddly not keyless entry-odd I thought as the fiesta has this!) and cruise control and rain sensitive wipers. (All of which work fine....) Thanks for reading :) New to ford but loving the car despite all the issues so far!! Leanne
  10. My New Mobius Dashcam

    I have finally bought myself a dashcam and i am very pleased with my purchase. The camera is called Mobius ActionCam and it's a multifunction action cam, one of those function is being a dashcam and it does this rather well, infact it does it better than that anything else for the price. The camera cost £41 and it can be purchased here I highly recommend if anyone buying this camera purchase from the above link (Seller eletoponline365) The camera is made and sold by this specific seller from Hong Kong with the lowest price anywhere. (delivery takes 1 week) Lets get down to what this camera is and some of it's features. 1080p full HD recording 720p HD recording H.264AVC1 .MOV files Photo mode SD card slot upto 32GB Plug and play for windows Live TV out whilst recording Data transfer from camera 80mins real life recording on battery And much more although i will only mention features relevant to car cams as this camera can be hooked upto remote control planes, motorbikes etc, it's an action cam! and it looks like this This is what comes with the camera (Plus a multifunction USB, TV out adaptor cable not in photo) Here it what it looks like in person and how small it is, as you can see compared to my keyfob it is indeed a very small camera so is the mount. The Camera does not have a viewfinder like some of the other cameras others have chosen, i specifically went for a cam without a viewfinder for it's compact size and quality. Now i must admit at first i was worried setting up the camera would be difficult without a viewfinder although that is not a problem, the mobius actioncam can be used as a webcam therefore plugging it into your laptop will give you a view whilst setting up in the car but i am pleased to say that will not be necessary, the camera wide view is great any almost any position pointing straight will be perfect every time. I am truly impressed with the compact size of this unit! it's barely visible from outside of the car and wiring it up is simple, since the cam has no viewfinder, no settings can be changed via the camera itself, you have to connect it to your computer, download the software here and change whatever you need, out the box it will work just fine although for a car settings must be made for the best quality videos and auto start recording, the software is simple and it works, there is no drama no errors no bs, just plug it in, and run the software. I must stress to anyone thinking about this camera, it does not come with any mounts suitable for a car, hence the price, the mounts, and there are several available, all sold separately, there is a suction cup mount and a sticky back mount, i bought the sticky back mount for permanently fixing it to myself windscreen +plus it is slightly smaller than a suction cup mount. Mounts cost under £3 Suction cup Sticky back SD card fully tested and working in the mobius, compatible and and confirmed by Ben £9.99 Instructions on how to hard wire this dash cam can be found here under the guides sections Links to parts for hard wiring below (Thanks to Higgsy) 3Meter DC 12V-24V to 5V 3A Right Angled 90 Degree Mini USB Power Converter Cable Mini Blade Fuse Piggyback Kit 3A Mini Blade Fuse Set
  11. I've just fitted a very smart reversing camera to my 2013 Fiesta Zetec and very good it is too. I'll attach a not-very-exciting picture of it fitted into the black insert of my rear bumper. The camera/CMOS assembly is waterproof, cost less than a tenner and feeds a smart 4.3'' LCD screen (fifteen quid) that sits happily just ahead of the gearlever in that little cubby hole under the stop/start switch. The camera's simple to wire into the reversing light and when reverse is selected the camera powers up and its signal turns on the LCD screen. Neat! The camera is amazing. It has a very wide-angle field of view yet has zero barrel distortion, so there's none of the fish-eye effect you get with car cameras in general. It's also very sensitive and sees well in the dark - though the picture gets grainier the lower the ambient light levels. More fun then beepers, good people.
  12. Hello I am trying to fit a clip on screen to my 2007 S-Max's rear view mirror. (Reversing camera) I have just bought one but unfortunately the sliding clips on the rear do not open wide enough for to accommodate the width of the mirror. It opens to 3" but needs to be 3.5". Any sugestions would be appreciated. I'm new to Ford ownership and the Ford owners club which I find most useful.
  13. Retrofits For Mk3 Focus

    Well finally got rid of the 2008 MK2.5 Focus Titanium TDCI and moved onto a 2014 Focus Titanium Navigator 1.0 ecoboost. Was disappointed to find it didn't have some of the toys I expected. Mainly DRL. But my question to anyone in the know is what can be retrofitted easily to this car and what would affect the remaining two years warranty?
  14. Dear All I have a Ford Focus Titanium X Turbo (150) 2012 1596cc 5-Door Estate, Manual, Petrol (for completeness !) with an Alpine INE-W925R Advanced Navi Station replacing the standard Ford-fitted sound systems and I have just bought an HCE-C117D Direct Connection Rear View Camera which I have plugged into the back of the INE-W925R. It works fine, but I need to feed the car's "Reversing Status" into the unit (It has an input labelled "Reverse"). I obviously don't want to run a cable to the back of the car to the positive of the reversing lights if I can pick it up near to the INE-925R. Does anyone know where the nearest point to the central console would be to pick up the positive supply to the reversing lights please ? Many thanks, Peter
  15. Hey People!, Before commenting; I have searched the forum, I have looked at the guides in this forum! I'm trying to install a reverse camera into my 2012 Ford Fiesta. However I have came across an obstacle! Now this camera is the Number plate camera which you replace the OEM number plate light, with one that has the camera built in (see image below) So, I've now removed the OEM number plate light.. and connected the camera+light with crimp connectors taped it all up and fed all the wires into the hole that the light sits in. then I took the plastic inside of the boot door leaving just the metal interior, and I can't find where these wires come out at all! its all blocked in with metal, there is no where i can see where to feed the wires through from the number plate bit.. Now I'm hoping someone here has done one of these.. if i was to remove the trim above the light (see image below) would that give me access to the wires?? my other option is the universal camera that you'd need to drill a hole in the rear bumper, but i'd want to try and avoid doing this!! Thanks!
  16. So I fitted a generic in car crash cam (collision cam, front facing camera, car camera what ever you want to call it) and when fitting it I found it only came with a cigarette lighter plug. Very annoying when I want to wire it straight to hot power! after much research it was looking like I needed to buy a piggy back fuse from eBay and an auxiliary cigertte lighter and couple the two together. How ever!! I went to Halfords today on the off chance they might have another solution and they did! They have just taken delivery of 'Next Base Car Camera Hardware Kit' This is a piggy pack fuse (comes in both sizes of fuses) coupled to a (what I assume is a voltage regulator) then with a 4 meter mini usb cable! I was pretty amazed as I haven't seen these on the internet! Fitted the cable as was all up and running in less than 30 minutes! Luckily I already knew the cable route and the trim panels to take off etc! Still thought I'd let you all know its a brilliant product and I bet they will sell a load to these and its only £10!! I have no affiliation to Halfords or Nextbase this is only a personal oppinion
  17. Parking Sensors

    Hi Chaps, In my focus zetec S 14 occasionally when I reverse and the parking sensors are in use beeping away, once I take it out of reverse the solid beep tone remains for a while??? has this happened to anyone else? fairly jarring to be honest....don't know if this is the norm because I have never had a car with sensors before??? Cheers James!
  18. Hi, i have a zetec 2006 and when i put the car in reverse instead of my usual beeping tone ,i am getting a long tone for 3 seconds.i have read other forums and it states there is a problem with one or all the sensors ,has anyone had this issue . regards
  19. Dvd Sat Nav System

    Hi All, I am actually new in this forum. and also a new driver. my first car is ford focus which is old 2005 model. I want to upgrade my system so that built in sat nav, reverse camera, dvd, Bluetooth etc modern facility can get from the car. I know this is old and may be not a wise decision many can say, but as I want to run this car for next couple of years and I thought rather than buying a separate sat nav, why not buy a built in sat nav and others. btw, now I am confused which system I should buy and how they are reliable. I found Erisin ES1131F 7" HD touchscreen. Anybody have any idea about this system ? or any other better system for this car ? I will be very grateful, if you share your experience. thanks in advanced. Zaki
  20. Looking for help on where to buy DAB radio for the Focus with a camera input. Thanks Daz.
  21. Hi, after a very close shave avoiding a another car pulling out of a side street and realising later I probably would have lost my NCB due to there being no witnesses etc and being treated as knock for knock I decided it is time to get a dashcam, if only to avoid a similar situation. I want to hardwire my dashcam Mini 0801 to the fusebox to switch on with ignition as cigarette lighter/aux port is permanently live. Do I need to buy one of these installation kits >> The kit above seems to come with some sort of regulator thingy obviously making it a bit more expensive, is it needed? I was thinking of piggy backing onto Fuse 43 rear wiper/elec windows.
  22. Ford Focus Mk3

    Hi all, Help required Does anyone have a factory installed reversing camera fitted to there hatchback car ? If so, what type is it, combined with number plate light or on its own and where is positioned on the car. I will explain more if anyone can supply me with details. Barry T
  23. Hello, I've just bought a Mondeo with reversing camera and have noticed that the rear camera view displayed on the screen flickers and switches between a green screen, the radio display or map display. I've done some searching on the internet and the finger points towards water ingress. I'd like to have a go at accessing it and spraying WD-40 on the connections or replace the camera if necessary. Does anyone have any experience of this fault, please?
  24. Hi Guys I've just picked up my first Ford having had Vauxhall's for the past 5 years. I have to DVR Camera's which I want to wire into the vehicle for piece of mind. However, when I've checked all the fuses, both front and rear I cannot find any ignition sources. Its a 2011 Focus Titanium with keyless entry. Where abouts can I get an ignition source from? Regards Charles ps. Sorry if this is already here, I'm afraid I'm used to the Vauxhall forums and still getting my head around the Ford forums!
  25. Ford Focus Reversing Camera

    Hello all. I have a ford focus titanium x estate 2012 plate The reversing camera obviously comes on when car is in reverse or impress the reverse sensor button under climate control buttons. The question I have is that sometimes (very rare) when in reverse the camera does not come on but a park pilot (shows boxes around the car which change colour depending how close you are to obstacles) comes on instead. I was just wondering why or if there is an option to select between the two. Or why does this happen? Dan