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  1. Competition - Yorkshire Detailing

    Right guys! So, The competition is back with revised entry procedure & rules! To enter our competition, all you need to do is answer the questions below correctly 1.) How much would we charge you for delivery if your order with us weighed 8kg? A. £1 B.£10 C.£6.50 D.£7.50 2.) Including our own, How many brands do we stock here at Yorkshire Detailing? A.2 B.3 C.6 D.7 3.) How much do our interior Detailing Services start at? A.£5 B.£15 C.£25 D.£30 OPTIONAL QUESTION FOR ADDITIONAL ENTRY! 4th & Final Question; Math Time! How much would it cost for you to buy the following from us? Our own, Reversal 70ml Inspired Automotive Mirror Image 500ml Kleen Freaks Glass cleaner & Sealant 500ml Madcow Mango Sauce 500ml ODK Waxes Concours 200ml Autobead Shine + Protect 500ml 30W LED floodlight Wax Planet Orbit 200ml How much would postage cost you? All members with the correct answers will be added to a draw and a winner will be chosen at random. The WINNER will get; Yorkshire Detailing Reversal 70ml A 500ml Inspired Automotive Spray Fragrance of their choice A small bottle of Inspired Automotive Show glaze A 10% single use sitewide YD discount code All other correct answers will receive; A 5% single use Sidewide discount code! The competition will run until Midnight Friday 29th January. The winner will be announced on Monday the 1st February. This competition is not run by or endorsed by FOC or any of it's staff (except myself).
  2. Can anyone offer me any advice on removing/replacing the front door seal of my 2006 Ford Fusion? It is worn in the middle. After examining it I can't quite work out how it is attached.
  3. Window Seal Problem

    Hi all, was looking for some advice for my Mk7, after fitting my speakers and then re-fitting the door cards, the inner seal with the felt on the back of It that rests against the window doesn't seem to want to go back to Its normal place and sits high on one end when you put the window up, is there a certain way to fix this back together or something, Ive put some pictures to try and show what I mean
  4. good day gentlemen. I need help finding the correct oil seal before we strip the gear box out. I have only had the car for 28 years and she has just started to drop engine oil from the bell housing. It seems that the seal may have change in 86/87 from a two part seal to a ring type. The engine if I am correct is based on the Peugoet 501 but data seems to be hard to find, the only other option is to take her back under warrenty!
  5. My husband has just changed the offside drive shaft oil seal on my 2003 Fusion. I have read that this is a well known problem with Fords. The seal he put on was the same as the seal that came off, but the strange thing is that my husband said there was almost room for 2 seals - has anyone else come across this? It is still leaking :( We have more seals being delivered, in the hope the next one will make a better seal. I have had some great advice from threads on this forum, so thank you in advance for any advice offered :)
  6. Hey guys well as the title sais my door trim coming away from the edge of the door it has been stuck by ford twice and keeps coming away. Does any1 know of a proper fix or does any1 know if the mk7.5 trim will fit as it's design is different so it won't keep un sticking. Cheers
  7. Ford Fiesta Windscreen Seal

    Hi, Seen a few of these posts but no answers.... Recently on the motorway I noticed the black plastic seal bit around the windscreen on the passenger side of my Ford fiesta style+ 09 was flapping around and I am wondering how you think I should fix this issue in case it leads to a leak ?
  8. Hi, Seen a few of these posts but no answers.... Recently on the motorway I noticed the black plastic seal bit around the windscreen on the passenger side of my Ford fiesta style+ 09 was flapping around and I am wondering how you think I should fix this issue in case it leads to a leak ?
  9. Do I Have A Problem Or Not?

    I own a 1.4 TDCI 2003 plate 147,000 mile Fusion until recently (like 6 months ago) it has been running fine running up and down from Cornwall to Somerset every weekend and local miles at the weekend It regularly returns around about 50 mpg, I have done 2 oil changes one with Semi Synthetic Ford oil and recently ( about a month ago put in fully Synthetic) it has remained very efficient 50 mpg no oil usage and no funny noises. Now here comes my problems about 2 months ago it developed a Fuel leak that was diagnosed as the Dreaded Injector seal worn on one injector Having Consulted my local Ford dealer they wanted £150 to change the seals, considering that a bit steep I visited my local Citroen, Peugeot Specialist who quoted me £80, unless an injector needed changing then of course it would be more. No brainer in you go son! Injector seal replaced hey whoopee but it then developed a fuel leak, back to the garage to fix which they duly did, noticing that that they had left the inlet pipe loose I then sorted it myself as garage is 12 miles away. Well things ran fine until 2 weeks ago and It developed a fuel leak that sprayed up over the priming bulb area including the brake master cylinder, I thought ah well bite the bullet and buy new ones and ask local ford dealer to fit which they did and guess what it didn't cure the leak ooeer. So I thought right return to Citroen specialist (in case its the injector seal again) Now here comes my Main problem sorry for taking so long to get here I thought people needed to know the build up lol On picking up the vehicle they told me they replaced the inlet Seal a leak off pipe and Auxillary belt, I am now left with a rather noisy (rumbling sound), feels like there is a self adjusting tappet is playing up and very, very Black smoke diesel which it kicks out all the time even under gentle acceleration. My questions are 1) Is this normal after replacing Inlet Seal ?? i.e is the engine just settling down?? or 2) Have they ruined what was originally a decent running vehicle ?? and should I be thinking of small claims court if they have buggered it up?? Sorry for this being a long story any ideas appreciated Ta
  10. Fiesta Rubber Door Trim Coming Off

    Hi guys the rubber trim on my fiesta rear doors are coming off (the rubber bits that seal the front of the rear doors to the B pillar) I was wondering if anyone knew a way to replace or mend these without resorting to paying the dealers £100 for each. I have considered trying some kind of araldite/support glue but was worried about what that'd do to the rubber seals life or appearance afterwards
  11. Do Alloy Seal Products Work?

    Do alloy seal products work? If so which is the best one? Also what alloy cleaning products does everyone use? I tried a Halfords one before which foams up and seemed to do a decent job but since getting a Fiesta I’ve used “wonder wheels” which is ok but with the lack of foam I’m not sure if it’s as affective. Autoglym and Simoniz are my front runners to try next but I am open to suggests.
  12. Mk2 Focus Noisy Rear Doors

    Hi, can anyone tell me if you can tighten striking plate or adjust the compression on the rear doors of my ford focus 2009.. If not would new door seals be a answer to the problem..
  13. Window Seal Repair?

    The little felt/brush things inside my doors that are supposed to wipe off excess moisture/rain on the windows when you roll them down/up don't seem to be quite doing the job. It always leaves a massive (like 80% of the window) wet patch on the middle of the window and only really touches the edges... Is there any way to fix this?
  14. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  15. Hi Guys, its my first post on here and i need a little forum help. we have a 2005 Ford Focus 2.0 tdci which has recently had a full service, glow plugs, front trailing arms, full wheel balance and alinement and has now has a fuel leak. The leak was first noticed on the passengers side trailing arm. There was a very small puddle on the arm. I took it into my local garage who believed it was the return pipe from the fuel pump as the pipe was soaking wet at the end near the pump. Just to so know, the pipe was wet, the black plastic air pipe to the right was wet, and the pump its self was also a little wet on the right side. Anyway, the pipe was changed a couple of days ago and given a steam clean to get rid of any excess fuel. Today when i opened the bonnet i could smell diesel, and the pipe and surrounding area were again wet. the very annoying thing is i cant visually see anything leaking. Its going back in the garage tomorrow, but has anyone else had this sort of problem, or could point me in the right direction? I have attached a pic, hopefully it makes sense Many thanks Marc
  16. St Spoiler Mk6

    Bought the st spoiler for my mk6 fiesta zetec blue edition, tiger seal arrived today, not got the bolts for the spoiler so how much tiger seal should i use to stick it without them ? Cheers
  17. Fiesta Door Seals

    I have a 2011 Ford Fiesta Edge 1.25. It's a pretty straightforward car, as a 20 year old I saw this at a discounted price and snapped it up! Runs like a dream compared to my 04 Seat Ibiza SX, much more reliable and comfortable too. Only problem I have noticed so far is the door seals seem to be coming away on both the driver and passenger doors, is this a warranty issue? Is it quite regular to have these kinds of problems?