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  1. Superguard

    Hi my new titaniumx has superguard included as part of the question is can I polish or wax the car over the superguard
  2. Superguard

    hi all just picked up my titaniumx part of the deal was I accept Superguard .my question is can I put a wax or polish over the top of Superguard
  3. Hi all, So I am completely new to the car scene and I am just wondering if anyone has any advice for any items worth investing in? I'm just trying to think ahead so rather than multiple trips to find things I can just get as much of it as possible in a oner. Off the top of my head I'm thinking: Power Hose - (Going to be driving along some pretty messy roads so think this is worth it for a weekly hose down) Ice scraper - (Might actually still need this soon, being up in the highlands) First Aid Kit Sunglasses Wiper Fluid Engine Coolant Body wipes - (Read something about bird **** messing up the paintwork?? ) Bucket and Sponge Any good recommendations for cleaning supplies or tools that might be worth having handy? Thanks!
  4. 2014 06 12 13.23.27

    From the album my car

  5. Do Alloy Seal Products Work?

    Do alloy seal products work? If so which is the best one? Also what alloy cleaning products does everyone use? I tried a Halfords one before which foams up and seemed to do a decent job but since getting a Fiesta I’ve used “wonder wheels” which is ok but with the lack of foam I’m not sure if it’s as affective. Autoglym and Simoniz are my front runners to try next but I am open to suggests.
  6. Carplan Demon Foam Review

    I have seen Demon Foam advertised on the TV especially on Wheeler Dealers programmes so thought I would give it a go and see what it is like. I don't expect it to be as good as products such as Meguires or Autoglym etc but thought it had to be worth a go. I bought mine at Asda for £8 and the container states up to 20 washes with it so less than 50p a go is pretty good value. I noticed that they also sell the Demon Shine for the same price but didn't get that this time. You get a nozzle attachment with it that screws on to the top and attaches directly to your hose pipe. So the instructions tell you to attach your hose and spray your car with clean water first. To be honest this left me with just normal pressure water which is pretty poor round here so I used my hose and spray nozzle which increases the pressure for me and made this quicker. Next I attached the hose to the Demon Foam. The problem now is that there is no on/off control over the flow of water unless you turn off at the tap. This is a definite poor design feature. So I activated the foam and sprayed the car. It's pretty good and certainly covers the car well although I noticed it was running off pretty quick rather than adhering to the car. My son helped out here by rubbing the car over whilst I continued to foam it. So when he had finished cleaning the car I gave it a thorough spray with clean water. It did take some time to get rid of all the foam. Then I just dried it off with a new microfibre cloth I had also bought at Asda for £3, very good value. And here are the results. I think you will agree the shine is fairly good. Definitely better than just a normal quick wash with my usual Autoglym when I don't polish as well and certainly quicker and less effort. Overall a pretty good product in my opinion. Fair price if 20 washes are achieved and good results if you don't want to polish and just want a quick wash. Downside is the fact that there is no on/off control of the water and no enhancement to the tap pressure but otherwise I would recommend Demon Foam. Might try the Demon Shine as well and see what results that gives.
  7. Belated Hello

    Hi, I have been driving my Focus for about 12 months now, and love it. It's a 2008 Zetec 1.6 in Sea Grey with Comms pack and Sport pack, and was a local Ford Demonstrator. I live in Torbay in South Devon, and spend a lot of time on Dartmoor, where these photos were taken. I spend a fair bit of time polishing it too. There are a few more photos in the gallery.
  8. Hi, I have a can of Wynn's EGR valve cleaner for diesel engines. I have been reluctant to use it on my 1.8 tdci focus (2009 reg) as I'm not sure if it will do more harm than good. Any crud that is loosened will be drawn into the cylinders to combust. Can that be harmful? Has anyone used such a product and would you recommend using same. I'm hoping for a positive response as the EGR on this model is part of the intake manifold and not the easiest to remove and clean. Thanks
  9. Hey Hey, Just have a quick question to all of the Ford fans out here. The Focus has been getting extremely dirty due to many different factors, i.e friends eating in the car, smokers in the car, dust and other every possible option of getting the car dirty. :/ Been willing to clean the car out for a long time but haven't done a full valet before, and want to make sure that it looks like it's brand new from the factory (or close enough to it :D ) What do you guys think will i better get the full valet or do the valeting myself at home? UKPhilLad B)
  10. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  11. Hi all, I've been on the phone to RugDoctor in the uk, I've paid 32.99 euro for 48hrs rental of a rug doctor machine as seen on mightycarmods The rug doctor is available to rent from your local Tesco store, All you do is call 1800804068 from Ireland, Given your address and they will tell you where your local distributer is located, Choose weather you wish to rent for 24 or 48 hours Choose a time you wish the rental duration t start from, Pay via laser or debit card over the phone, They then provide you with the locker number to collect from, Followed by the locker code to allow you access to collect the unit, You then choose your detergent for example upolstry cleaner, And pay for it in the shop at the till, You then bring the unit home for use, I plan to firstly clean the Levin BZR interior, I'll post images of before and after, The unit uses high pressure hot water, detergent and detergent to penetrate the fabric, Followed by vaccum to extract the dirt, Should be good results, I'll later do the carpet on the stairs too. Below is the video as seen by mightycarmds, Give me the idea to try it myself instead of paying for a vallet plus I get to clean the stairs aswell, Wouldn't get them done if paying for a vallet on the interior. I've been to tesco and collected the Rug doctor aswell as purchasing a bottle of rug doctor upholstery cleaner and the essential bottle of anti-foam liquid, Both together cost 12 euro but essential to operate the machine with results, So here it is: The electrical cable it actually very long at around 5 metres, It can't be seen I full in the above image because its wrapped around the adjustable handle on the rear of the unit. What's in the Bag ? An envelope of terms&conditions and the hand held cleaning attachment for cleaning upholstery and various small items. The length of the hoses on the attachment are quite long too at around 3 metres, very light too, Making it easy to work with. To use the handheld attachment, You need to first unplug the standard base cleaner pipes and plug in the hand held instead, As you can see in the image below, The underside of the unit is designed for wheeling along carpet floors to cleaning. This option is disconnected when using the hand held device. So let's disconnect the feeds going to the base and plug in the hand held. Here are the feeds going down to the base, Unplug both of these and connect hand held instead, Now connected, There is a black handle trigger, This controls the dose of cleaning liquid being injected in to the upholstery, If you don't pull the trigger you can vacuum the existing liquid that has been applied. Once you have connected the handheld unit, Press the white switch to handheld on the top of the machine, Otherwise water will leak in the floor Next step Pour 50ml of anti-foam solution in to the collection tank, Do not add water to the collection tank, just add anti-foam Next step, pour in 500ml of upholstery cleaner in to the red base container, Followed by measuring in a further 8 litres of warm NOT boiling hot water ;) 8 litres later :) OK not a great picture this one, But the section of rear seat on the left has just been done with the rug doctor, Compared to the section on the right that hasent. Seems to have restored some fade in colour, The seats feel softer too and smell pleasent, but not over powering like ferbreeze. Here is how much dirt came out of that one back section of the rear seat... Again then here You can see the right side of the seat has been cleaned aswell as a small line across on the left side. Complete rear seat now done, I stacked them on the kitchen radiator overnight to completely dry, The rug doctor has excellent vacuum, and you can see the dirt lifting through the pours in the cloth, But the seats remain slightly damp afterwards, As result require son drying time. Again, Here is the dirt collected from the entire rear seat. Quite a bit, I emptied out the collection bucket prior to starting to clean the front passenger seat, The white stain on the centre of the seat is talc powder from my daughters, sitting on the seat pretending to drive after bath time Here is the dirt collected from the front passenger seat only. Below is an image of the passenger seat after cleaning, On the right hand side, And on the left is the untouched drivers seat, You can really see the difference its made Next I cleaned the door card on the right of the image below is the cleaned door card, Compared to the uncleaned one on the left. Below image is both door cards now clean, Just to prove it does make the difference. You can see the foam, pulling the dirt from the fabric, By looking through the clear plastic cleaning head, All interior parts cleaned, Overall I'm very happy with the results, I would recommend wearing ear plugs if possible though as it it quite noisy, My back and legs are also akeing from being bent over for long periods cleaning the various sections, I spent a total of 5 hours cleaning and recleaning each seat until the foam stayed white on the upholstery
  12. Engine Cleaning.

    Hey guys. I've got a bit of a newbie question to ask. How do you guys clean your engine's ? I've been told to use a steam cleaner, but not sure if this is a good idea or not ?
  13. Anybody know where to get a set of seat covers for the mk2.5 focus that has the ford logo on them? Can't find a set anywhere. Also what covers does all you guys have if any? What's the best stuff to use for cleaning the moondust silver focus to get the best results. ? At moment I use: 1) autoglym car body wash 2) autoglym resin polish 3) turtle wax cockpit shine What's the best way to polish the moondust silver focus and protect its paint? I'm looking something that's not too expensive but does a good job, Thanks
  14. Had my car cleaned today by professionals from Pristine Car Valeting Before: After: I think they did an awesome job, and I even paid extra for AutoGlym HD Wax (did I do better than "normal" wax?) and all done outside my house in less than 2 hours! Very happy! :D B)
  15. This is the first non company car I have had from new and I want to give it the care and attention it deserves. As a complete amateur to cleaning cars myself, can anyone give me any tips on which cleaning kits/products I should go for? I would prefer not to spend anymore than £40-50 on the lot and would prefer an all-in kit so I don't have to order separately! Is this even possible? I'm looking for the essentials really, the nice to haves can come later once I'm up to professional valeter level!
  16. May bank holiday Monday was car wash and wax day. I used the following products: 1. Halfords car wash kit 2. Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax 3. Meguiars Interior Detailer Cleaner. Washed 3 cars by hand with the 2 buckets system and then waxed it according to the instructions. Going to keep this short and simple and I think the wax and interior cleaner are very good products. Going to have to wait and see how it holds up against the Irish weather. Hoping to get some sunny days to keep it and going and will give an update in a few weeks. Here are some pictures of the 3 cars we cleaned today.
  17. Hi, I recently bought a Fiesta S1600 and when the garage were preparing it they got all polish on the black trim along the roof (Ie the runners for a roof rack) and now there are loads of white blemishes. I have used some turtle wax back to black to remove them but when it rains it just washes right off. Does anyone know what the best back to black is? Thanks in Advance Marc
  18. This is the First Step in the Guide - Car Washing Hope this helps everyone :) Happy Washing :) Car Washing.doc
  19. Showroom Shine

    Would be interested to hear about others experiences with this range of products, and any advice concerning same. Thanks.
  20. Best Polish?

    I've been looking at buying some polish for my car but in all honesty I have no idea which one to go for? I have heard good things about Meguiars Ultimate Polish. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks
  21. Excuse me for probably sounding really daft here but what's the difference between polish and wax? Thanks
  22. Car Shine

    Hi All, Just curious, after looking at some cars at events and shows I noticed all of them are always shining and I am trying to get a photoshoot going for my wee Focus. But after a few car washes, all of them claiming to have the wax effect, I never seem to get the same effect that those show cars. Sometimes I am even lucky to get a car wash without streaks :P Now i know that this might sound a bit silly, but anyone know how to get that shining effect, any products that they use and get that gleaming effect? Any input much appreciated :)