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  1. Hello All We have 1999 Mk2 Ghia with a slow battery drain to unstartable after 7 - 10 days. The car is fully serviced excellent condition and the battery Ford replaced 2 years ago. Any ideas appreciated. Andy
  2. Hi All I'm new here so if this is the wrong category for help with my Ford focus just let me know or hopefully a mod can move it. So Yeah... I've been having all sorts of problems with my Ford Focus TDdi 2001. Main issue right now is after letting a friend practice "hill starts" in it, after a while and a lot of stalling and cranking of the engine getting it to start again, it died. I turn the key and nothing now not cranking at all, but all the lights come on. Apparently they was keeping the engine cranking a lot and holding the ignition for longer than they should have done and to get it started again he rolled it backwards down the hill and then started the ignition which eventually worked to get it back to me. If the car is pushed it starts up straight away, and I mean straight away like a car should doesn't need all the cranking of the engine. I'm aware that it could be the fuel pump, never considered the starter motor until now when it won't turn over, possibly an injection problem...etc Any Idea what you think happened and is the problem? EDIT: There is no fault codes showing at all.
  3. Spent £6000 on a ford fiesta zetec s (petrol) that had done 57,000 miles in April of 2015. About a month after I bought the car I discovered a problem. I was driving along in 3rd gear and tried to accelerate, however, when I pressed down on the accelerator there was no response for 1 or 2 seconds, and then suddenly it responded and the car began to accelerate. The problem has continued every since and has become more frequent. No warning lights have ever come on and no diagnostic tool has ever picked up a fault code when I take it to my local ford dealer (who the car is still under warranty with). Every time I take my car to the dealer they are never able to get it to "fault" & no fault codes were ever found hence they said that they can't do any more unless it actually breaks down or shows a warning light. I've had different technicians carry out many different checks on the car, the engine and other potential faulty parts have been cleaned but the problem is still occurring. After the ford dealer were put under pressure by myself to get the problem solved, they replaced the accelerator pedal but this has not fixed the problem. Has anyone had a similar problem with their fiesta? Or know of anyone that has? Any advice/ideas is greatly appreciated as I'm running out of patience with the car and the ford dealer. but they were never able to get it to "fault" & no fault codes were ever found hence they said that they couldn't do any more unless it actually broke down or showed a warning light.
  4. Car Slowing Down Quickly

    Hi there I've recently noticed that in my 06 Zetec S it slows down very quickly if i put the clutch down and is more gradual if i take my foot off the accelerator, its not all the time but its happened a fair few times recently. When moving off on a flat surface with no brakes applied the front right makes a noise almost as if its locked on briefly then it releases. I park it on a hill and when i first bought the car it would roll if i let it now it stops on the hill with no brakes applied. MOT is due soon and know this will be a problem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. hi i have a annoying problem with my car, i recently took it to get the starter motor changed and on the way up there it was driving normal,, it has always sufferd from a bit of black smoke but it pulled well,, anyway after getting it back from the garage it feels like the turbo is not working,, steep hills ill have to do in 2nd with foot down,, motorway driving is slow to build up to speed and then when in 5th if theres a slight hill speed will slowly drop,, pulling away from junctions and roundabouts is a nightmare,, any clues or what to look at first will be much appreciated, thanks
  6. After changing gear and slightly pressing on the accelerator pedal my car makes a loud excessive revving noise, the accelerometer ticks over yet my car doesn't speed up excessively and when i'm setting off in first makes me sound like I have my foot flat on the accelerator pedal. It is a problem in second and third gear too. If I put my foot any heavier on the pedal it doesn't affect the speed of my car just lets out a loud revving noise, makes it very difficult to drive, is anyone aware of what could be causing this problem? Thanks
  7. Hello all, You have a great forum here so as a new Ford KA owner, I thought this the best community to ask for help please. I have just bought a 2003 Ford KA 1.3 79,000 miles (Duratech engine) and it has an annoying fault. At 10-15% throttle car pulls perfectly no issues. At 15%+ the car stutters and jerks as if it is out of fuel or in too high a gear. It will do this whether it is under load or at idle. I think that it is worse when the car is warm. The previous owner has done the following last month: Changed the Spark Plugs Changed the HT leads Changed the Coil Pack Changed the Air Filter Changed the Fuel Filter(none of these were Ford parts I think) The indy garage also ran a diagnostic which showed no fault and they cleared the ECU. None of the above steps helped the problem. I have run the on-board self diagnostic and receive the following fault code: DT 412 I have looked on the interweb and it says: 412 ® Idle speed system not controlling idle properly (generally idle too low) – ISC It appears to idle correctly? Certainly does not stutter or stall on tick over at all. I have looked over the web and it has been suggested it could be any of the following: Plugs/leadsFuel FilterMAF sensorDirty Throttle BodyLambda SensorIdle Control Valve Items in Bold have been fixed already but it worries me they were not using official Ford parts as I have seen many threads say that the KA is not tolerant of these. What is your experience here? Do you use aftermarket parts successfully? Has anyone got a few ideas that I could work through to try and find the problem at all please? I cannot take this to a Ford garage right now as money is tight. The car was cheap (and sold as seen) and will get me to work and back but it would be great if this was a simple and repairable fault. I am quite mechanically minded so will happily try any fixes myself. Over to you guys, I know you will be able to help! Baz
  8. Hi guys, this is my first forum post and hello to everyone on this forum 😊 To start things off I am having some trouble with my car lately and the problem is forever getting worse by the day, I will start off in first gear and everything is normal, acceleration is normal and the clutch bites instantly, but when I hit 2nd gear if I do it quickly the revs will stay up at 4500 - 5000 rpm, so I have to depress the accelerator to bring it down to its right revs, as soon as I put a little pressure on the accelerator it revs right up to 4500 or higher again. The only way I can accelerate is by dabbing at the accelerator which is very frustrating. I have done a few clutch tests, such as putting the car into 3rd as I am stopped and releasing the clutch so stall it and it does stall when I do this, I ain't very knowledgable on cars myself, any help on this or recommendations would be brilliant, getting very stressful now, thanks a bunch guys, I an upload a short vid clip to show you better to
  9. Well my car did not seem like it was performing right The turbo seemed to be making a new noise scince i came back from the rolling road dyno, and it seemed a bit "laggy" and did not seem to be picking up so well from really low revs it was hard to say though, and i know these things can be deceptive, i thought i would test it and compare it to some previous figures (i kept detailed acceleration figures during the development of the car) (disclaimer - all timing done safely off road, i have over 8 years with no accidents, claims or convictions, i don't speed on the road and i have special skills & training, - stay safe/ don't time yourself when you are driving!) I thought i would use a high gear to check it right so i found a suitable stretch of tarmac and timed my 50-70mph using the speedo and stopwatch (and stopwatch operator) i did it then looked at the stopwatch 5.0 seconds! i squinted at it thinking it must be a 6 , we tested it again this time slightly uphill, making sure i was in top and pressing the start button before 50, and stopped it after 70 (and it really was 50 and 70)- 5.3 seconds We tested it the same way Autocar do - accelerating "through" the timed points. This got me thinking - how does that time compare to other cars like hot hatches and supercars? i made a list - (often cars have 6 or 7 (or even more) gears, and the 50-70mph is timed in 5th), and the times i have aquired do not state which gear, its in, Supercars often have stratospheric top speeds & gearing to match - so are right out of the power at 50 in top. other cars have big, torky V8 engines and "low" gearing (Range Rover) or electric motors with massive torque at low revs (Honda hybrid) race/ rally cars are sometimes fitted with low gearing - the Mondeo has its standard gearing from the factory (5-speed mtx 75) - in this test, the 5-speed has the advantage, but it does not have a ridiculusly low top / final drive with a 130/140ish top speed (Autobanns, of course!) - ive put the top speed in to give a comparison, the 5.9 is an old figure, recorded last year, when the car was heavier, the speedo and using the stopwatch is not accurate so i just put the 50-70 in my signature a conservative "< 6" I often get told "but you could just drop agear/ 3 gears" but that is not the test, there is a 70mph limit in this country/ nation, so how fast the car goes from 100 to 130 is not important, (because there is a 70mph limit) dropping gears every time you need to overtake takes time a quick 50-70mph is important for quick, safe, legal overtaking, and reduces you TED (time exposed to danger) off dual carrigways (in response to "why does you car need to be so fast/ quick" questions ) 50-70mph in top- Merc Mclaren SLR 2.4 sec (top) fastest ever recorded in a production car at the time 30-50mph 1.7 sec (5- speed auto) Bugatti Veyron 2.3 sec (1000Hp) Bugatti Veyron SS 3.1/2.3 in 6th/ 5th 1200ps 7-speed 268mph 0-60mph 2.3secs 1836kgs McLaren F1 3.7/2.8 sec in 6th/ 5th (6-speed box) Ferrari f40 4.0 sec (in 5th - 5 speed box) Ferrari F50 4.4/3.3 in 6th/5th (6sp box) Range Rover Sport 4.4 sec (5L v8 502hp461ibft 140mph)S-charged De Tamaso pantera 4.7 sec Range Rover Evoque 4.9 sec Honda accord hybrid 5.1 sec (US 3.0v6 255hp 232ft lbf) 8.6mph 0-60 137mph TVR Cerbera 5.47 sec Saleen S7 does it in 5.6 sec >My mondeo tddi est. 5.9 secs /4.98 secs in 4th (old) - new 5.0secs in top (5th) 4.3secs in 4th (on speedo) speed geared for 130/140mph approx 1400kgs)< Merc sl65 black 6.0 sec Focus ST3 - 6.1 / 5.1 in 6th/ 5th (6-spd) 247bhp 340Nm 154mph 1362kgs De Tamaso Pantera gts 6.1 sec Lambo Gallardo 6.2 sec Focus RS 6.3 sec (6th) Ferrari F430 6.4 sec (4.3L v8 490hp343lb ft 196mph/0-60- 4sec /0-100- 9.2sec 1450kgs) BMW M5 6.4 sec Porsche cayman 6.7 sec 2010 golf gti 6.7 sec BMW M3 '95 7.3 sec Testarossa 7.4 sec (in 5th / 5 speed box) Ford GT 7.4 sec Golf r32 7.6 sec Mazdaspeed MX-5 7.6 sec Toyota prius C 7.6 sec Lotus Carlton 7.7 sec (5th?) 6 - speed manual 911 Turbo S 7.8 sec Fiesta ST2 - 7.9 sec 6th / 6.0 in 5th BMW 330D 8.4/5.7/4.7/3.7 8th/7th/6th/5th 8sp auto 3.0L luxury touring 255hp 560Nm 0-60mph 5.8secs Porche Boxter 2.7 8.5 sec lotus exige 8.5 sec C6 Z06 8.8 sec Cobra mustang GT500 8.8 sec Mazda MX-5 8.9 sec (127 mph 1040kg) Civic type R 8.9 sec 1999 Mustang fr500 9.0 sec (4.9L twin-cam v8 415hp/365lb-ft 168mph 4.5sec/60..13sec.at110mph 1/4 mile ) Mondeo ST220 9.1 sec in 5th? - 5sp version (151mph) 0-60-6.8/7.4secs 0-100mph 20.8secs/18secs) Golf gti mk1 9.1 sec (in 4th?) (geared for 115mph) C6 Z51 does it in 9.1 sec Fiesta ST150 9.2sec (in 5th) 2000 BMW 320D 9.3 sec (in 5th - 5 speed manual 136bhp/206lb-ft 129mph) 2004 mustang GT 9.5 sec Impreza WRX 9.5 sec BMW 545i 9.5 sec Mustang shelby gt500 9.6 sec Viper SRT10 9.8 sec Subaru BRZ LTD 10 sec (top) 6spd 139mph (200hp/150ft-lbs 2.0 flat-4 vvt) Sierra cosworth Rs500 10.1 sec Audi a4 Avant 10.7/6.7/5.0 in 7th/6th/5th 7speed 3.0L TDI auto estate quattro 242hp 500Nm 0-60 5.9secs 1725kgs Escort xr3i 11.3 sec (in 4th?) Mondeo ST-TDCI 11.6 sec (in 6th) 6.5 (in 5th) Pontiac Solstice 13.5 sec Dodge viper 14 / 5 - 6th/ 5th 6sp box (14.6/5.9 2003 model) Focus 1.6L 2009 (5-speed) - 14.5 sec
  10. Well, we have had the 70mph motorway speed limit since 1968, cars have changed a lot since then, and 70mph is a very slow speed, 47 years later, for a modern car But - what do you consider fast? and what would be regarded a quick 0-60mph? off road, of course!
  11. Hi all, I'm afraid that I'm looking for your knowledge on a problem with my Cmax. Car is 1.8 tdci, 57 plate 51K on clock. On acceleration, particularly when heavily loaded and in higher gears, there is significant vibration thr' the steering wheel and seats. Also vibrates to a lesse extent when travelling 50-70(ish). Clutch seems fine and no slipping etc. Wheels have been tracked and balanced (3 times for balancing!), no noise from driveshaft when turning and no (unusual) noise when starting or turning off (hopefully not dmf). It also vibrates badly when braking quite hard from high speeds. Vibrations are worse when braking if wheels aren't straight (particularly steering to the left) and also if foot is on the clutch. I'm at my wits end with the problem, local dealer very good and helpful but no suggestions! They've checked for play on shafts, brake pads/discs and also checked tyres for deformity, balance etc. I sold my last cmax when it developed a similar problem but I don't want to sell again, surely I can't have had the only 2 with this problem!!!!! I'm not a 'hard' driver (get 55+ mpg on rural roads)! Thanks for any suggestions, if you need any clarification please let me know. Thanks again Will
  12. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  13. Good Morning Everyone, I own a ford focus titanium 1.6tdci 58 reg. It has done 91k miles. The car has been running fine until recently... If i accelerated off the line in gear one with roughly 25-30k revs the engine would cut out. I.e. putting my foot on the accelerator would do nothing. A sudden loss of power with no engine warning lights coming on. If i switched off the engine and immediately turned it back on the car would start again. I replaced the fuel filter and air inlet filter as good measure. The problem was then eradicated. It no longer loses power at lower speeds. I also took it for a service as they have the ability to flush through the system. The oil was also replaced with Castrol oil and engine coolant topped up. However, 2 days ago whilst driving on the m6 in the 3rd lane doing around 70mph the same thing happened and i had to drive across to the hard shoulder with what momentum the car had left. I then started the car again and it worked and i drove at 60 all the way home From a visual inspection of the car i've noticed #2 injector has caused the inlet manifold around it to melt slightly. I believe the HP pipe was causing the leak, i have torqued the nut and no more leaks. I'm averaging around 58mpg which leads me to believe that this isn't causing any problems. From revving the car i can see no signs of any leaks or any abnormalities. I have also used the ford diagnostic tool and my car has no fault codes The turbo seems to be working fine and kicks in as it should. I'm not entirely sure what the problem could be so i thought id post here to see if anyone else has had this issue before i start taking off components. I.e. wheres the best place to start If any more information would be helpful please ask. Many Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi all, not exactly a new issue here I see but I would like to elaborate slightly on the information other people with the same/similar problem have given. I have a 2005 mk2 focus 2.0 diesel estate, I bought it privately from a guy in Bristol 9 months ago. I paid £1900 pounds which seemed a great deal to me for what I was getting but gave it a good look over and drive and all seemed fine. I drove it the 120 miles home, no problem and for around three months it drove like an absolute dream. Then one day without warning it completely lost power, it was like driving a 0.8. Ever since then it has done this every 3-4 days. There is no bang, and no black smoke but the lack if power is massive, putting your foot down hard doesn't make it rev any higher and if you keep it down and try to force it, it judders. The engine management light has come on twice over 6 months when it has happened but that's nothing in the 50-100 times it's happened. Now,the strangest thing I find in all this which I couldn't seem to find in other discussion's apart from one, is that turning the car off and then back on instantly fixes it-obviously until it happens again. I don't know much about cars but this to me suggests that there isn't a major mechanical fault as, if there was, the car wouldn't EVER run properly. That said, even when it is at full power these days it isn't as smooth as it was and always seems to be threatening to go again. So this has me thinking it is either a dodgy sensor or something is causing an incorrect mix of air/fuel. Most people with similar problem are quoting either map sensor, egr valve or dpf. To me the egr valve makes sense, especially if the previous owner had it cleaned as apparently this can give it a short term fix. The other thing I forgot to mention is that it definitely happens a lot less if you keep the fuel topped up, and this has my local mechanic convinced that it's either the fuel filter or a weak fuel pump. The problem seems fairly common across focus and mondeo diesel's but there doesn't seem to be a definitive YES-this is the problem and this is how you fix it, so I was hoping people who have managed to get their cars running properly again could all put how they did it on here. I have registered the problem with Which as they are trying to put more pressure on car recalls and if this is a common problem it's not on. The power has gone on the motorway a couple of times and it's scary, I wouldn't want to have kids or family in the car. In the meantime the car is having a new fuel filter in 6 days so I will post the result regardless of whether it works or not. Sorry to ramble, any information would be massively appreciated! Jamie
  15. Morning guys, A couple of months back I made a trip down to Lincoln with my other half (from Carlisle). This was the first long trip of the year for the Focus. Typically I do 50 - 60 miles a day and average 1000 miles a month. During the trip down my other half was driving and I told her to give it some 'welly' when overtaking a lorry on the A1(M). While doing so she said 'The cars shaking.... :( ' I replied with 'don't be silly' as I couldn't feel, see of hear anything. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago I started to notice that when I attempted to accelerate hard in 3rd / 4th the engine started to feel lumpy and drop off around 3 - 3.5k revs. The shaking she was referring to was feedback through the accelerator pedal / low levels of hesitation. This morning I gave the car a good thrashing on the way to work (rural A road) and could still feel the problem. In 1st, 2nd (with normal turbo boosting at 2k revs) and any other gear at normal driving speeds (with normal acceleration) the cars is fine and I've not received any engine malfunction lights. I've not had chance to read any codes yet, but I'm thinking it could be the fuel filter? I purchased the car February 2012 and was told at the time the car had been serviced (national dealer) when I checked the air filter a few weeks later it was filthy. Considering this is a 2008 car it looked like the original filter (which didn't fill me with confidence). I purchased the car with lower than average miles for the age and it appeared to have missed a service. I had a service (oil and filter change) last October, which was done by a prestigious car dealer as a mates wife is service manager. To be fair I only asked for an oil change and the experience was great (they treated my car like a top end motor rather than a lowly Ford) but thinking back I'm now convinced the fuel filter is overdue renewal as I've never done it. Do this sound right to any of you? I'm thinking a filter change and for good measure I'll chuck in a tin of BG244. Any advice gratefully received. Stu
  16. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help with this. I have searched on Google and found stuff similar, but nothing that exactly describes my issue. Some have been close, but answers have been spark plugs etc and being a diesel it doesn't have any. My focus 1.8 TDCI has been bang on since I got it, no issues at all. Serviced correctly and any parts Ford saying it required I bought. I do about 6000 miles a year roughly in it. One morning last week after finishing a nightshift though I started the car, it fired up fine, but 2 -3 seconds later it died. Started again without issue, then died. This continued 4 or 5 times and then it fired up and was fine. I decided it'd give it a little bit of a boot on the motorway and it was fine until in 4th gear at around 2.5k revs it started to jerk about like it was misfiring or being starved of fuel. I gave it a proper test later on after catching some sleep and i noticed that throughout all the rev range it is perfectly fine if you accelerate at a reasonable speed. Once you put the foot to the floor however, it accelerates fine upto around 2.5k rev mark and then struggle again. My theory is the fuel filter is clogged. I looked over all my receipts from Ford and its mentioned just about everything other than the fuel filter being replaced. Does this sound correct? My theory is that fuel is getting through, but when the engine starts drawing a lot more under hard acceleration, that a clogged fuel filter would be starving it from the required amount? The car starts fine, no issues, the car idles perfectly, so I don't suspect its any injector issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You in advance. Adrian
  17. Hey, ive had my Ford Focus Estate TDCI 1.6L now for about 3 weeks and its been the same since i got it...that is its very slow... There must be a problem because it takes forever to accelerate and this is most noticable when trying to accelerate from 40-70 going onto a duel carriageway/motorway..which is most annoying and somewhat embarrasing at times. <_< Ive been told it could possibly be a turbo problem/leak, accelerator problem etc. and havent really had it fully checked be a professional yet... Anyone else had/have a similar problem or know of any cost saving solutions?? also perhaps worth noting is that the car doesnt really tend to go above 3500rpm.. in any gear or even in neutral. SOLUTIONS?? ADVICE??
  18. Load Up Or Misfire Under Load

    Hi everyone. New to this forum and im after some advice. I have seen an Mk2 focus St with 69k on the clock for sale here in Spain. I have driven it and it seems to load up on small throttle openings and hesitates.It runs fine every where else in the rev range, No smoke or any nasty noises.I must point out it has been tuned with a re map and a bigger intercooler and at least a back box and filter.This was done by MOTORsport Development. It also seems to shake when accelerating which is coming from the front. This shaking is similar to a previous facelift focus Latvala i had last year. The Latvala is just a jazzed up Trend 1.8tdci which is a Spanish model only. Is it a common fault and any ideas? The engine is the most worrying as i've heard about engine blocks cracking. I don't know if this is a common problem or not? Anyway its a decent deal and i have a grand or so to fix it if need be. The main problem is that they are useless at this sort of thing here in Spain. They are no where near as clued up as the UK tuners if you can even find one! Thanks in Advance
  19. NEW TO FORUM - PLEASE HELP ME OUT!! I have a slight car problem. Since Friday I have experienced a really loud intermittent noise on dual carriageway/motorway when I reach about 50mph. Lasts for about a mile or so then just goes. I have tried staying at the same speed to eliminate anything speed oriented and noise just disappears down the road?!?! Slight drop in acceleration while noise apparent otherwise driving fine. Still drives ok elsewhere, anyone any ideas??? If something easy to fix I'll do it if not garage time!! need to book for MOT those week anyway!
  20. Hi guys, i'm new to this forum and would like some advice. i have an issue with my focus 1.6 TDCI 2005 (62000 miles). under acceleration from roughly 1500 rpm to 2100 rpm in 4th &5th in peticular, i have a judder almost like the engine is struggling to push the car forward. i find this unusual as the engine is on boost and should be pulling.... also to add that this never occured before the issues as listed below. previous to this problem injector 3 had to be reseated due to a black tar like substence leaking out under the injector. AND the dual mass fly wheel has recently been replaced along with the clutch also. the judder is nowhere near as prominant as before the DMF was replaced. i have a few ideas such as: the DMF is incorrectly fitted, dirt within cylinder 3 causing a slight misfire, another injector seal is failing, the fact that the transmition is now as tight as a drum and this is how the engine actually feels at that rpm or my driving style is to relaxed?