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  1. Fusie 1.4tdi, 04 reg. Following damaging a front 15" wheel I have been trying for several days to find a replacement from Devon car breakers. Always, the responce is the same - 'we don't have any'. So, are the steel wheels unique to the Fusion? I doubt it, and having checked Fiestas on 55 and 58 plates think that maybe they are the same -, paticularly the 55 plate one I looked at. Even the wheels trims seem identical and both vehicles have R15 tyres - same as my Fusion2. Does anyone know if the same wheels are fitted to other Fords? Ta muchly. Dave F66
  2. Just a reminder that there is a Ford online parts catalogue (all models) at Lots of exploded diagrams, part nos and info. Apologies for boring the knowledgeable but hope this will be of interest to newer members. David G, Fusion66 P.S. As some Fiestas are the same as Fusions it is worth checking that forum for info. I have left postings with pictures on changing front springs and making a special tool for dismantling the suspension units.
  3. wheels1

    From the album Fiesta 3dr Titanium

    change from 195/45/16 to 205/50/16 Yokohama
  4. Hi all, We bought a 2.0 petrol 2008 titanium saloon a few months ago and although I like lots of things about it the ride over broken surfaces is crashy.As this is the family wagon I want to sort this out. I think the problem is the 18 inch wheels fitted from new they look great (that ST/ Mondeo top spec design) but have low profile tyres. My plan is to go down to 16 inch ones with higher profile tyres, either Focus zetec 5 spoke or the Cmax 5 (split) spoke. I assume they will just swap over with no issues. Is that correct? Many thanks and Merry Christmas. Matt
  5. Hi All, Question about my Focus. Came back from holiday after a week away and cold weather at home. Took off handbrake which stuck until I reversed out of the car parking space, but it still feels there is a little more rolling resistance than normal when I drive the car. Main points: -Handbrake disengages completely....not slack when it's down. No hand brake light on either, so that's all fine. -Fuel consumption has gone up by 25% (although I am not doing a weekly 80 miles round trip on a dual carriageway during the winter, only combined city/country driving) -Slight noise coming from rear right wheel but not from others when car is rolling slowly, doesn't sound like the brake though So, I'm thinking the bearing, but how could that have just decided to break while I was away? Car is parked in secure location outside. Any ideas? This weekend I will jack the rear up and compare the rolling resistance of each rear wheel to see what's up and report back. Cheers!
  6. Tyre Advice Needed.

    Hi, bought a focus mk2 with BCT S800 tyres on, 19s. The noise is shocking at speed and grip on wet conditions conserns me. Any advice on a good all round replacement,that won't break the bank, would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi, I've just plasti dipped my wheels on my car today so I thought I'd upload a few photos for those who are interested. This is the before shot This is after 4 coats, i put another 2 on after for good measure This is after i took the bin bag out from behind the wheel And finally a full shot of the car The last two photos aren't in good lighting so apologies for that. Look's really good in person in my opinion. For anyone looking to do it themselves, I used rust-o-leum peel coat matt black, £9.99 from halfords. Did 5/6 coats on all wheels and still have some left in the can, so great value compared to the 'plasti dip' brand which is £15 a can and harder to get a hold of. I did my other car with the same stuff about two months ago and its held up really well in the bad weather. Any questions feel free to ask.
  8. Alloy Wheel Help?

    Hey all. I have a 2013 Mk 7.5 Fiesta and as standard have 15" wheels, which I think are way too small, there is far too much gap in the arch. I know based on the figures the Mk 6 Fiesta ST wheels will fit but I'm unsure whether or not they'd be too wide and rub as they're 17"x7" any help and or pictures would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  9. Axe Ex8 Wheels

    Hello there, I have a Ford fiesta Zetec 1.25 mk6 56 plate, im looking to get some AXE EX8 wheels and im not too sure on what the PDC width and offset should be or that will fit on this car if anyone has these wheel or knows could help me it would be much appreciated ? Thanks
  10. Mk 6 Escort 1.6 Lx

    Hi First timer on here so be gentle with me. I have a Mk 6 Escort 1.6LX, runs like a dream, looks new inside, 50k miles from new with service history. However, needs a bit of t & c on the outside. Can anyone recommend where to get a front and back bumper and possibly a boot lid? I don't really want to spend too much as it only cost me £550. Many thanks for any advice. Cathy
  11. Thank you for checking out this thread, it would be much appreciated if you could spare the time to read over this post, and if possible any replies that people have left and maybe leave some input of your own. There will be a poll for this, asking people to tick which alloy wheels they have had buckled, corresponding with their car model. I am completely aware of the mass of threads about this topic, however most seem to be just complaining about them rather than actually grouping together on the matter in hand. There are steps we can take! However, let's discuss the topic first. Basically it seems there is a large number of us here (seems mainly to be the Zetec S and Titanium owners) who're having hassle with our alloy wheels buckling and getting flat spots, now sometimes these are repairable, sometimes they're not serious enough and then other times the only action is to replace the wheel itself, now even with the first 2 options, should we really be going through this? Did you buy your Fiesta to be messing around every few months about the alloy wheels? My story is this; I felt a vibration through the steering wheel of my Fiesta and within a couple of days went to Kwikfit to have what I thought was my wheels rebalanced as I and my dad (a mechanic for 40+ years) thought I'd lost a wheel weight. To my horror, when the wheels had been inspected, one wheel was terribly buckled, and the other had a less serious but unrepairable buckle as well. I was advised not to drive hard and to avoid motorways, effectively meaning really I need to get new wheels or take the car off the road as it's unsafe. My problem is, I don't just have £400 odd in my pocket to splash out, and also I only have 1 spare wheel. The thing is this wasn't all Kwikfit said, the mechanic said he see's Fiesta's in all of the time, and when I said about Corsa's he says they're fine, it's just the Fiesta's. To back this up, a lot of us on here have posted multiple threads. So, I take the car in to Evans Halshaw (who in all of this I can give no fault too) to have their verdict, 2 new wheels and tyres. So I then go back home and give Ford a ring, well let's just say I have never had such an experience with a company, who takes £15,000 off someone, just to treat them like they're something off the bottom of their boot? They said there is no problem with the wheels and that I must have hit pot holes. Well, in that case why do I have two front wheels gone? To which the person on the phone said 'Exactly, why is it only the front two and not the back?' To which I replied, 'Well after all, the front wheels do have the full weight of a diesel engine over them...' and then there was a momentary silence from them, followed by being told I would have to find the money to pay for the wheels myself if I wanted the problem sorting, and when I said about not having heaps of cash lying round, that I would either have to borrow the money from friends and family, or take the car off the road. I genuinely couldn't believe what I was being told, I was being told that because they're putting wheels on cars that are unfit for purpose that I would have to take a 9 month old vehicle off the road? So, here I am now. I'm posting so hopefully we can get together and do something about this, I'm thinking of contacting trading standards and hopefully Watchdog if we get enough support here. I aim to keep this thread alive so that anyone can chip in and hopefully get some help with the issue, so please post your experiences and thoughts on this, and let's try and get somewhere! I have also posted on Ford UK's Facebook, which I urge anyone to do over this; Thank you for your time. Posts to read; antman99 - Post 2
  12. Fiesta Red Edition Question

    Hello I have a few questions about Fiesta Red edition (15 plate). I have just purchased some 55mm gell wheel centre caps that are meant to just stick over the existing "Ford" centre caps on the wheels. I'm not sure I want to do this as I would probably still be able to make out the blue, original, cap. Is there anyway to take the cap off or remove the original blue centre cap so that I can then stick on these aftermarket ones? Another question, I want my locking wheel nuts and the rest to be black, are there any online which I can buy or am I just best to coat them myself? Thanks. FIY these are what I have bought for my red edition:
  13. I have a 2009 Ford Fusion Automatic with 1.6 engine, bought second hand a couple of years ago. The wheels are 15 inch alloys fitted with 195/60 R15 Hankook Optimo K406 tyres. However, I decided today to check the spare wheel in the boot and that is a 14 inch steel wheel fitted with a Continental 175/65 R14 tyre, and it does not appear to be a space saver, although it does have the 80kp/h yellow sticker. This may not be the original spare wheel supplied. Whilst the 4 stud bolts look the same spacing, my concern is that if I have to fit this spare wheel, being smaller than the other wheels, won't it cause steering problems etc? Would it be better to buy a 15 inch steel wheel for the spare and have it fitted with exactly the same type of Hankook tyres as on the roadwheels?
  14. Hi if any1 can help me I have 2014 zetec s alloys and putting them on 2012 fiesta my dilema ownes manual on 2014 fiesta wheel nuts torque is 135 nm and pre facelift fiesta it is 10nm so not sure what 1 as they are new alloys. Thanks
  15. Hi everyone I just purched the 17 inch alloys from a 2014 zetec s and fitted them there don't seem to be any scrubing of tyres and arch. But do I really need to fit the steering rack limiter. All suggestions and coments would be appriciated. Thanks
  16. I bought the car last year and didn't come with spare tyre, just foam and few other bits. Not sure if a full sized tyre can fit into the space provided in the boot, or whether its intended just for a space saver. Has anyone managed to get a full sized in? Rather a full sized tyre than a space saver... if I have the choice. Many thanks. :)
  17. Spare 2

    From the album Fiesta 3dr Titanium

  18. Hi guys I've just got my hands on a very nice mk3 Titanium which came with the full-size spare, with all the foam to raise the floor. We're about to have a kid and need the boot space, so I hopped on eBay and got a space saver, thinking I'd just swap the wheels over, get rid of the foam inserts adn everything would be fine... Turns out though that's not the case, as even the space saver sits a couple of inches above the metal boot floor, meaning the boot carpet is unsupported around the edges. Can anyone tell me if there's a different set of foam inserts that usually goes around the space saver? or some other way the boot floor is usually supported? Cheers
  19. I have a set of steel 205/55 R16 wheels with winter tyres from my old 54 plate Mondeo. Can I use them on my new 11 plate Mondeo currently on 215/50 R17 alloys. Is this sensible move? Do I need to buy a set of steel wheel nuts?
  20. Alloy Wheels Problem

    Hi guys, When I wash my wheels I notice lots of little black speckle marks, seem to me like tar marks from the road, however they just won't come off?? I've tried lighter fuel to rub it off, t-cut but I just can't remove them? Everyweek they get worse. Had any one got a similar problem but knows a solution to this? It's so annoying.
  21. Having had both front wheel bearings changed due to a low speed groan (which cured that problem), I took my 2005 Focus Mk2 1.6 ti-vct Ghia on the motorway the following week. At approx 45-50mph a ryhythmic vibration / noise starts (the noise isn't constant, it it rises and falls every half second or so). Increasing the speed to 60mph increases the frequency and pitch of the noise. There is also an associated vibration that you can feel through the steering (not enough to make the wheel wobble as per an unbalanced wheel) and you can also feel the vibration through the footwell. The car is used mainly on local / urban routes so rarely above 40mph. So the problem may have been around for a while but I just wasn't aware. I took the car back to the garage who reckoned the vibration / noise was more pronounced from the driver's side so agreed to change the wheel bearing f.o.c. This made no difference and they now think it's either gearbox or driveshaft related (probably bearings) but have suggested that I drive the car until the symptoms become worse and present themself more clearly. Has anyone else had any experience of this type of problem and know what needs replaced? Thanks.
  22. IMG 0225[1]

    From the album My new car

    Came with the car. titanium spec optional extra with 195 45 16 tyres
  23. Hi Guys, I have a 2005 Mk6 fiesta zetec (with ABS), I suspected the wheel bearings had gone. Over the weekend I removed the hub from the rear of the car and sure enough the bearings were knackered!! I am trying to find replacement bearings but am struggling. The bearings that are in the hub at the moment are tapered roller bearings, my local motor factor and ford parts are telling me that the part should be a straight roller bearing. Has anyone changed the bearings and know whether they are supposed to be straight or tapered? Straight roller bearing: Tapered roller bearing: Thanks in advance Moffs1
  24. Hi, So about 6 months ago I bought a Ford Fiesta Mk7 Titanium (2010). Since then I have had wheels buckle three times! Each time I've had the wheels replaced at quite a high cost. Last time my mechanic suggested I look at getting steel wheels if it happened again. Recently I hit a small pot hole and immediately my steering wheel started vibrating again. It's worth noting that this is always the extent of the problem. Not so bad I can see the buckle but I get a definite vibration through the wheel, especially at higher speeds. Steel wheels don't seem as easy to come by as my mechanic suggested. However there are plenty of alloy options. Basically what I'm after is some suggestions of some strong wheels that aren't going to buckle after every small bump and aren't going to break my bank. I live in the United Kingdom country side and the roads aren't always amazing and as much as I do my best to avoid pot holes occasionally there is nothing I can do (latest one was submerged). That being said the 2008 Fiesta I drove for three years never had any problems with its wheels. I've attached a photo of the wheels I currently have. Thanks in advanced for any help. I really like this car but the constant wheel issues are a nightmare and really make me regret buying it.
  25. I can get some 17' new fiesta wheels at a good price but need to know if they will fit on a 55 plate fiesta can any one advise