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  1. hey guys,    i'm looking to change my spark plugs, and i'm stuck, any recommendations? Preferably on the cheaper side of things.   also any idea of the socket size to fit? I've bought four now each doesn't fit. I've bought: 14mm sparkplug tool (t-bar with socket at the bottom) - was to big to fit in engine block 14mm sparkplug socket - too big again to fit in block 14mm narrow sparkplug socket - too small to fit the nut at the bottom I think. It just seems to spin, can't feel it grab the nut.  
  2. Engine Cut Out After Starting

    Hi, this is my first posting on here, although I have followed the site for several years for advice. I have a 2006 Ford Focus Sport Tdci purchased on finance 10 months ago. The 3 month warranty has already expired, and I have 26 more payments to make before I own the car outright. For the past 10 months this car has worked fine, with no issues at all, and sailed through the MOT 3 months ago. Yesterday morning I did what I always do. I turned the ignition key to power up the car, without starting the engine. I waited the second or two for the glow plug light to go off, then started the ignition. The engine started immediately. I put the car in reverse, and just as I lifted my foot off the clutch to reverse off my drive the engine cut out. I put the car in neutral and attempted to restart the engine. This took about 5-10 seconds of whirring before the engine kicked in. The car worked fine for my 35 mile journey, and was fine 10 hours later when I returned to my car for my 35 mile journey home. This morning I again did the same thing. The engine cut out again at the same moment. This time it took 4-5 goes to get the engine started again, but on this occasion the dashboard showed some warning lights. The glow plug light came on for a few seconds, as did the engine management light. The power train light stayed on until the engine started. I revved the engine, got a small cloud of light grey smoke from the exhaust and the car started fine. I drove it only half a mile, turned off the engine for 5 minutes the restarted, and it was fine. No warning lights. Any ideas on the problem and expected cost would be appreciated. I'm guessing the garage or the finance company will not take liability.
  3. Glow Plugs

    After watching some videos and paying attention to my car I noticed that in sub zero temperatures and glow plug sign on dash board goes ON. I'm wondering how clod need to be for main computer to decide that heating glow plugs is needed
  4. I have recently bought a 2005 Focus 1.6 petrol. After trawling the forums I've learnt a lot about the washer jet issue. I have replaced the washer jets, bought a Volvo cover and used a mini hose attachment to suck out the remaining water in the spark plug well. I want to fit new plugs, however, I found this in the 3rd spark plug well Looks like a screw/plug has rusted through and was sucked out when I cleared the water. Is this one of the core plugs? Any suggestions on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi all, Ford Focus Mk2, 1.6 petrol. 2005 / 55. So yesterday I discovered that my engine coolant level was looking pretty low (maybe half an inch below 'min' when cold). No engine warning lights up to that point though. Today I took the car out to pick up some coolant / battery top up water (yes, I know that I probably could have used tap water!) to give it a bit of a top up before I decided what to do next. It was on the way back home that the fun began and I could feel the car juddering while driving up a hill until it got worse and worse. Experience told me that this was probably a spark plug / coil pack related issue. Still, at least the car still drove so I wasn't completely stranded, which is more than can be said for my previous cars. At this stage I hadn't twigged that the coolant issue was in fact related to the juddering as on inspection I discovered coolant / rusty water in / around the core plugs and it had made quite a mess. At least it solved that mystery. The frustrating this is that this is the very same issue that was discovered by my garage in Feb last year while they were doing the timing belt, except it had only got to the stage of making a mess / causing some corosion and hadn't had any noticeable impact on running or performance. I should also add that my car appears to have the modified screen washers and having done a few splash tests, they do seem water tight in my opinion. I only bought this car 2 years ago, directly from Ford, so I put my stern face on and drove (noisily) over to Ford and kind of dumped the car on their front door step and insisted on a resolution. I spoke to the head of servicing right away who said that the fault would be diagnosed and a solution decided at no charge, so at least I don't have to pay for them to find the issue. I accept that my car is gettinng on a bit, but I don't think it's acceptable for this to be happening once, let alone twice. The first time it happened was 6 months after I bought the car, so wasn't covered by a warranty. What stance should I take? What are the questions to ask? What is the actual solution so that I can check what they say against what you guys say? Can anyone explain to me what is actually happening to cause this and Is there a permanent fix? I'm hoping for a call back from them tomorrow. Thanks for any help or advice that anyone can give. J
  6. I want to remove the spark plugs but unable to loosen them up for removal. Any tip as to how I can loosen them up for easy removal without breaking them?
  7. 2005 Focus 1.6 Tdci Studio

    Hi All, I'm looking at a motor on the "Bay" at the moment. The seller states that it is in "LIMP HOME" mode and that Ford has said the codes state "Glow Plugs Relay". Is it easy to change the Glow Plug Relay, and maybe the Glow Plugs themselves ? and if so how would I go about it, cheers in advance. joe.
  8. I just bought a little run around Ford Ka Luxury 2004 plate and decided to do the basic servicing myself. Tonight was spark plugs. I got them out reasonably easy and replaced them with the new ones but when I fired the engine up it didn't sound right at all and was making a low rumbling noise and seemed to lack any power. I've changed them back to the original ones having given them a bit of a clean and it seems to be back ok again. I'm pretty sure that the leads were on in the right order but I did notice that the original plugs were Bosch and the new ones I put in NGK. Could that make a difference? If one of the leads were not quite connected right would it have that effect?
  9. Glow Plugs And Smoke

    Hello. New here today. I have the dreaded glow plug light on dash problem with my 2003 Mondeo tdci. 120k. Came on during a trip down to Cornwall. Now its hard to start when left overnight. Car runs fine once engine is warmed up tho. Turbo kicks in fine. Checked the glow plugs and none was working so thought that must be the problem. Replaced with four new NKG. Now car starts fine and idles ok, but as soon as you try to rev it, blue smoke from exhaust and hesitates to increase revs (lumpy). My mate who has a diagnostic says it could be the fuel rail sensor pushing to much fuel into the engine at low revs. Just tried a new one, no difference. So far I have changed: Air filter, fuel filter, oil and oil filter, cleaned out EGR and inlet manifold. Could it be one of the injectors? Would that be causing the problem of the smoke? As the car runs fine and pulls well, once warm I can't see that it is a major mechanical problem. Any ideas anyone? Thanks
  10. Hi All, Hopefully someone can help me here, Started with flashing glow plug light whilst driving home...Drove home fine but next day Engine Management light came on andwent into limp mode..Didn't start and ran out the battery..After jumping it for a few more bursts it eventually went but bellowed out blew out blue smoke..So drove it about to see if it'll clear but it was pretty bad for the the first 10-15 mintues and then kinda settled. But if you leave it sat long i.e over night you get the same thing loads blue smoke...but it does start nps. So far i have changed/cleaned, Replaced Fuel Filter Replaced Air Filter Replaced Glow Plugs Cleaned out Inlet Manifold/EGR Valve (was sludgey) Cleaned Fuel system Glow plugs helped it start better but smokes steal there. After 3 attempts of getting a F Super scanner that actually worked i got codes P0191, p2288 , p1608....after a quick look its Done Fuel pressure check and got : Done a quick check on pressures, here is the results: (this is done in Limp Mode) FRP @ 830 RPM = 245FRP @ 1500 RPM = 600FRP @ 2000 RPM = 770FRP @ 2500 RPM = 850FRP @ 3300 RPM = 910FRP @ 4000 RPM = 1052 Done leak test (idle for 2 mins,rev for 30 secs,idle,rev,idle,rev,idle method) and got : No. 1 = 51.5ml No. 2 = 33.0ml No. 3 = 53.0ml No. 4 = 50.0ml Any ideas folks
  11. Spark Knock/pinking

    Has anyone had any experience of 'spark knock' or 'pinking' or whatever terminology is used? Just a copy of the definition below... "Knocking (also called knock, detonation, spark knock, pinging or pinking) in spark-ignition internal combustion engines occurs when combustion of the air/fuel mixture in the cylinder does not start off correctly in response to ignition by the spark plug, but one or more pockets of air/fuel mixture explode outside the envelope of the normal combustion front. The fuel-air charge is meant to be ignited by the spark plug only, and at a precise point in the piston's stroke. Knock occurs when the peak of the combustion process no longer occurs at the optimum moment for the four-stroke cycle. The shock wave creates the characteristic metallic "pinging" sound, and cylinder pressure increases dramatically." Haven't had the issue officially diagnosed yet, simply because overtime I take my car into the garage, they can't seem to find a problem. The issue would be that during heavy acceleration, a rattling type sound would come from the engine... have read up a lot about what the issue could be and I'm 99% confident that the issue is spark knock. Have upgraded my fuel to BP Ultimate as suggested by many people as the higher octane fuel can reduce the effects of spark knock and the noise practically vanishes, and as soon as I return to using normal fuel the noise comes back. Struggling to get a garage to diagnose the problem, not sure what I can do?! Any suggestions would be grateful.
  12. Hi all I've just purchased a 57 plate 2.0 TDCi Zetec focus and all seems well apart from the cranking speed. Not having had one before I don't know if it's normal for these but it feels like an old tractor starting, very slow and chuggy but does always start. It's almost like an old engine where the glow plugs have failed. I'm going to check voltages and earths etc but wondered if there are any common things to look out for? Thanks Mow
  13. Hi Folks, The car we ae talking about is a 2003 Mondeo Estate, Diesel, 2.0 TDCI Zetec. It's been around a bit and has 152,000 miles on the clock. I've owned it since 2012 an it has been faultless. We live in Spain. On the way to collect the kids from school this afternoon, I was driving through our town, and I suddenly either actually saw the glow plug light come on and start flashing, or I noticed that it was flashing. Either way, it had only been flashing for five minutes or so, tops. As I was not driving fast – I was in a town – I continued to the school where I stopped and switched off. I had maybe 20 minutes to wait, so while I was waiting on two or three occasions I tried to re-create the problem. Each time, I switched on the ignition, waited for the lights to go out and started the engine. Each time it worked perfectly, and no flashing glow plug light. I monitored the light all the way home … It stayed off. Anyone got any ideas what that was all about? I've got a long trip tomorrow, and I would rather know if there was a disaster waiting to happen!!! Yox...
  14. Glow Plugs And Diesel Injectors Issue

    During the Christmas break i decided to change the glow plugs on my 1.4 Diesel Fiesta (06). When doing so the second one came out minus the ceramic tip (approx 3-4 cm removed with a clear sheer). After looking around the safest bet looks like cylinder removing the head to remove the offending item (I’m sure it’s in the same position and is fixed in position by corrosion). First off has anyone got tips to remove the tip without removing the cylinder head? and secondly looking at all the manuals it looks like the injectors need to be fully removed to remove the head. Is this necessary? Would removing the fuel lines be sufficient? Cheers for any suggestion in advance Mike
  15. My wife has a 2003 Model Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI. Since she bought it in August there have been problems with starting from cold. It does not do it all the time, however trying to start it results in the engine trying to turn over, however not starting for several minutes. The Focus has had its glow plugs renewed and also a new fuel filter, however the problems persist. I pull an expensive additive in the fuel, this seemed to fix it for a while, however there are starting problems yet again so this was probably just a coincidence. When the car is started the car runs very well and no other problems persist. Your help is greatly appreciated. David
  16. Evening After about 5 minutes driving this morning my 57 Focus this morning the red light next to the milage dispay started flashing and the car went into speed limit mode. I turned the engine off and tried again, another 3 minutes and it did the same. I got taken to a garage where the diagnostic tool told them there hadn't actually been a fault. They changed the spark plugs as a precutionary as they would have been due in 5,000 miles and one was well past its best. They also told me to fill up with Shell or BP fuel not supermarket. The car has been working fine for the rest of the day at various speeds. Any ideas what could be wrong? Could it have been the spark plugs or the type of fuel? Thanks in advance.
  17. Hello new member here I have dead ford focus and need help to either bring it back or just scrap it. The car was misfiring and then just died, coil pack was misfiring. It apparently took out my ecu and engine. I got the ECU repaired by ecutesting and a replacement engine block and coil pack (genuine). The new engine turns over but there is no spark from the ecu to the coil pack. So what is the solution, the mechanic is suggesting a replacement ecu, immobiliser and keys? No fault codes, starter motor works, car lights and electrics work. I really don't want to scrap the car so any suggestions?
  18. Hi Guys, this is my first post, my Mondeo is only firing on spark plugs 1 and 4, 2 and 3 are not firing, I originally changed all spark plugs but this made no difference, next I tried changing the coil, again no luck, next I checked the cabling going into the coil and all the way back to ECU, it's functioning fine, finally I brought it to two different non-ford mechanics and got them to do a diagnostic test on it, both tests indicated a fault with the coil, now I already changed the coil for a brand new one, I'm thinking at this point that the ECU may be at fault, I'm thinking that the ECU is failing to send any signal for plugs 2 and 3 and is somehow interpreting this as being a problem with the coil. Any ideas or suggestions would be great.
  19. Hello everyone, first time poster on this forum but I've seen other people have had this issue! Please bear i mind, I'm new to this, but I've done a lot of research, and I mean hours of reading forums/articles. I know about the usual core plug issue and the washer jet issue, but I'm no mechanic. The history; - I bought my FF a couple of months ago. It's a MK2 LX, 1.6. It had done about 62k at the time. - A mechanic was investigating an engine warning light which came on three days after buying, whilst he was around I mentioned that I'd researched some common faults on the FF, and the washer jets can leak on top of the engine when used. We lightly pressed the HT lead cover and it looked wet, so he pulled it out and found the area around the spark plugs was full of a coolant/water mix. He syphoned this out. - A few phone calls later, and searching through the paperwork, I found someone had been paid to fix a "coolant leak" in Jan' this year. I called and he agreed to have it back to fix it as he'd not done so before. - The drive there (40 mins) was terrible, the car misfired really badly, warning light flashing (misfire on cylinder 4). When we got there he stripped off some epoxy/resin from the top of the core plug. The mechanic I had round to look at the car originally said this looked like a bodge, and I agreed! The mechanic I drove to see, showed me the spark plugs weren't corroded in, and showed me the core plugs which were replaced in Jan'. He then put a load of metal/epoxy stuff over the top to try and ensure the leaking didn't happen again, whilst saying "I don't know who put the epoxy on before, but it seems like a good idea". - We drove away, the car was still misfiring badly. We went back, he put on new HT leads (coolant must had broken the connection with the spark plugs??) and put new spark plugs in. We paid for the bits and left. - Car was mostly ok for the next 600 miles. We did a long drive over 2 days, and when we got back the car started misfiring again. The mechanic I know came out again, and this time we found the top of the engine literally FULL of coolant, about 500ml came out. Clearly, it's still broken. - Today my mechanic came around again, as we've not had time to look into this since. We got two new core plugs and got ready to swap them over. All the epoxy stuff was chipped off, and when we got down to the core plugs we noticed the metal around the outside of the right core plug had been damaged by a screwdriver. Probably someone tried to lever the old core plug out wrong, and had made a right mess of the job, which is why no seal is made and the engine keeps leaking. I'm obviously pretty gutted by this as I the core plug swap won't fix the issue. It's my first "half-decent" car, and I'm feeling really bad about buying it! So far, I've been told the best fix will be taking the cylinder head out, drilling two new holes and fitting larger core plugs. If anyone has encountered this problem, I would love to know how you fixed this! Any advice would be very much welcomed. Many thanks, Dan.
  20. Hey Guys and Gals, Stopped the car other day then restarted the engine a few minutes later, and got the "Engine Malfunction" message, no other lights, apart from the red "i" light, and the car was in limp mode; limiting to 3,000 RPM and taking an age to get there. This intermittently reappears, sometimes more often than others. The only sure way to get rid of it is to start moving, then restart the engine. This has not failed me yet, and the car drives perfect once it's running without the message. Message hasn't yet come on while driving. Plugged a code reader in today, and got: P0380 - Glow Plug/Heater Circuit A Cleared it, and it came back straight away. The car starts absolutely fine, and has done all winter (so it's not like something's been on the way out), although saying that it's parked indoors overnight so never gets that cold, and I realise it's warm now! What's the best place to start looking at with this? I realise the plugs are a nightmare to get to on these engines (stupid French thing!), so was wondering if there's any mileage in checking fuses/relays? I did find a 10A fuse listed as "Glow plug control module" or similar, and the car behaves the same with that in or out. It also hasn't blown, as I tested it in the horn fuse location! I've been googling all day but haven't come up with anything concrete in terms of what to do next. My local Ford's (OMC in Rochdale) seem disinterested as soon as I mention I've read the codes myself, so may be looking for another good garage in the Manchester/Rochdale area that don't want £100 off me just to tell me the same thing as I already know. Car has done just over 45,000 miles, and it's a 2008 mk 2.5. Any suggestions would be welcome! Jon
  21. just wondering what spark plugs you guys use and what is the best to put in the 2009 focus mk2.5 1.6 zetec engine? thanks
  22. I have a 2003 Mondeo Estate with a 1.8L Duratec petrol engine which recently has started misfiring. The misfire appears to occur between 1500 and 3000 rpm and is more noticable during gentle/normal acceleration and less so under hard acceleration. The fault appears to have started after changing the spark plugs, but the plugs look to be working OK. Engine management light now on and looking to see if I can get the error codes read. Any experience of a similar problem and how it was fixed. Many Thanks Alan
  23. Copied Lenny's second reverse fog light modification. Big thanks Lenny. Will do a propper thread when finished. Well into the project now, all done with the lights, bulbs ordered, looking at the wiring side of things now, missing the plugs that connect the wires to the bulb holder. Does anyone know what they are called? Are there universal plugs or specific for my focus? Is it necessary to have them or can they connect without?
  24. What Spark Plugs To Use?

    So after looking through the partly filled service book on my newly aquired Focus 2.0L Petrol Focus and doing an oil change today I'm thinking that it's possible that the spark plugs are due for replacement. After looking for a while on the FOC forums, I couldn't find an answer to "What would be a good set of spark plugs to give a good performance/economy". I came across this thread [LINK] on another website (sorry for digressing off this wonderful site) which basically states that using the 'Autolite AR103' may be my best bet, but it seems to be an american make and not readily available in the UK. Can anyone suggest a good substitution for this type in the UK. I think I'm looking for a copper plug that has a groove cut in the electrode and the electrode is nickel plated. FYI 2.0L Duratec HE Petrol engine 2006. Your recommendations please. ;)
  25. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!