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  1. Apologies in advance for the length of this post but there are a lot of issues to resolve and I’d really appreciate some advice, guidance and comments. This is my 2006 Focus Zetec Climate 2.0, Eve. I want to fit an ST body kit and get her looking fabulous once again. I got her in July 2006 with 6,000 miles on the clock, in seemingly immaculate condition. She’s now done 62,000 miles and is looking a little battered and bruised but is a great car, mechanically sound and very reliable. Here’s a tour of her various issues… The front bumper took a nasty wack and also has some scuffing on the corner: Options to fix: replace with either a new or salvaged ST bumper. The bonnet has a weird dent on the right hand ridge and four rusting stone chips: Options to fix: get it repaired by a body shop or replace with a salvaged bonnet. We had a fight with a multi-storey car park. We lost. The rear passenger side door is a mess: Options to fix: get it repaired by a body shop or replace with a salvaged door (I’d need to retain my current trim and speaker). The rear wheel arch also took some of the pain: Options to fix: get it repaired by a body shop. I reversed into a stupid hand rail in a hospital car park and created this lovely dent: Options to fix: replace with a salvaged tailgate (I think the dent is too close to the edge for a body shop to easily rectify). The rear bumper has a little scuff too: Options to fix: replace with either a new or salvaged ST bumper (I need to retain the reversing sensors). The rear pillar has some deterioration to the paintwork which has become gradually more apparent over the last few years. I guess there was a small touch-up job done here prior to me owning the car: Options to fix: get it repainted at a body shop or do nothing. The rear driver’s side door has two nasty stone chips, the one by the door handle has dented the panel. Options to fix: get it repaired by a body shop or replace with a salvaged door (I need to retain the trim and speaker). As additional issues, I’d like to replace the standard spoiler with an ST, add side skirts (which may cover up some of the damage to the wheel arch) and tidy up my wheels – I’m contemplating getting them painted black rather than replacing them. As I’ve been thinking my way through this project I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I should get the car vinyl wrapped. This would help with a number of the above issues and (as long as I had neat panels underneath) would give the car an “as new” appearance. I think my plan should be as follows: 1 - get quotes from a body shop for repair prices for the wheel arch, doors and bonnet. If I’m wrapping then paint finish isn’t important, I just need clean, dent free panels. Any recommendations of body shops in North London, Herts, Essex? 2 – source replacement parts that can’t be repaired economically in stage 1. Parts I may need: bonnet, 2 x rear doors, tailgate, ST front bumper and grille, ST rear bumper, ST spoiler, ST side skirts. If I wrap the car, it doesn’t matter so much what colour the replacement parts are… my gut feeling is that I should go for black doors and tailgate and worry less about the rest. I assume using salvaged parts would be considerably cheaper than new, can anyone give me a rough guide as to what I should expect to pay. Where are the best places to find parts? 3 – fit it all. I’m a proficient DIYer but not experienced with fiddling around with cars. I’ve got a decent tool kit and a Haynes manual, what can go wrong? From what I’ve researched so far I think I should be able to replace all of the various body parts (although I am a little nervous). 4 – get it wrapped. I’ve got a budget for all this of around £2,000. Thank you if you’ve made it this far! I really appreciate your time and any assistance you can offer. Dan
  2. Bumper Removal Help

    Hi, I've just joined the forum hoping someone can help me. I have a focus mk2 and am trying to replace the bottom section of the front and rear bumper. Can I remove these bits without removing the whole bumper? If so what do I need to do? Also one of the torx screws just keep spinning and won't unscrew, how would I remove this? Its the plastic bit ant the bottom I want to remove, this isn't my car...just quickly got a pic off Google to help describe what I need to take off. Thanks in advance for any help. Already posted this in the fiesta section my mistake as someone pointed out lol
  3. Bumper Removal Help

    Hi, I've just joined the forum hoping someone can help me. I have a focus mk2 and am trying to replace the bottom section of the front and rear bumper. Can I remove these bits without removing the whole bumper? If so what do I need to do? Also one of the torx screws just keep spinning and won't unscrew, how would I remove this? Its the plastic bit ant the bottom I want to remove, this isn't my car...just quickly got a pic off Google to help describe what I need to take off. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. Has anyone seen or fitted a Zetec S body kit to a MK3 2012 Titanium Focus? Been searching the net and cant even see them for sale anywhere. Any one seen them and any ideas of price. Can they be had from ford dealers? Thanks
  5. Hi folks i have a ford mondeo titanium x model and just recently had it mot'd only to find that i had no brake lights at all after some investigation by my mechanic found it to be a fault with the body control module apparently these are £600 to buy from ford +fitting and coding to the car my mechanic has bypassed the modue with a bit of wireing but but i want it back to factory standard HELP
  6. Titanium X Sports Body Kit

    HI Everyone, sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn't find the post! I was wondering if I bought the titanium X Focus, would the service/ parts department be able to put the Zetec S or St body kit on it? I want the Ambient lighting, Xenon lights etc... cant afford the ST on insurance before anyone asks lol. if its possible, anyone know how much this would cost? many thanks!
  7. Paint Work Scratch! Help.

    hi guys, washed my car on Sunday and I have noticed a very nasty scratch, well more than a scratch is a dig which has gone past the white paintwork and to the base where you can see the metal...(Ba*tards!) whoever has done it! Just after a good solution to sort this out, anything off the shelf I can buy in Halfords, my old man has previously bought like a colour magic pen from Halfords for his car and got a scratch out, but this is very deep..of course I need to do sooner rather than later to avoid rusting. Please help!! thanks James
  8. I've just finished rebuilding the front end - bumper, wings, various bits under the bonnet - on my Mk2 Focus. (It's taken two and a half years... ) I've got these things left over. I'm not too worried, but I'd prefer to know what they are :) It's possible that certain new parts I've bought already had them fitted without me noticing (e.g. a new bumper), in which case they're duplicates. Any ideas?
  9. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction... I'm looking to buy a zetec s body kit for my mk3 focus, I've scoured the web and can't seem to find one, can anyone help me?? Cheers
  10. So I've have my fiesta for over a year now and recently had someone drive into the front of it. so i need a new bumper as the other one is cracked, but while i'm at it i'm going to remix the entire car, i currently have no photos to hand but will up load a ton asap. The car is 3rd hand and has 60,000 miles on the clock. I have recently changed the air filter as the other one was ruined. I have a sub that needs fitting but it's a passive speaker so i need an 4 ohm 800 watt amp to go with it. any other mods that can be done would be great as i desperately need help! Thanks, Jack P.S. the Car is still in it's factory state so there have been no mods yet.
  11. hi guys just bought a 2011 mondeo hatchback in white and im loving the car (its my first ford) i just want to make a few mods to the outside like the grill etc but apparently i have a facelift model? which i have no idea to be honest, so just wanted some advice on what parts to get and where to get them form for my car. Things im thinking of doing, -New matte black rims (seen some 19" that i do like and will get) -New grill (preferably the honeycomb one) -Not to sure about the light brows at the minute -Maybe a boot spoiler -Front sports bumper depending if i can find one i like or ill just get the grill and a splitter I seen this concept rs that looked a beast but have no idea where to get the parts (more than likely because its the concept but I found the splitter for it just not the actual look of the bumper etc) its in the pics below along with my car
  12. Fiesta 1.4 Zetec Mk6

    Hi, The engine management light came on, so had computer diagnostics run on it and it showed a code P2107 which is a fault with the "throttle body", got a secondhand one and my mechanic fitted it, but he reported that the car ran very badly with it, so he replaced the old one, which the car runs fine with, but has the engine management light on. My question is, when a secondhand throttle body is fitted does it need to be calibrated for that car, and if so, who would do that? Or, if not, does my car running badly with the secondhand throttle body fitted mean that it is faulty? My car is a Ford Fiesta 1.4 Zetec 2005 (Mk6) Thanks...
  13. Hi guys, I've scoured the Internet looking for the location of the throttle body in my Focus, I want to give it a good old clean. I used a whole can of carbon cleaner on the throttle body in my Golf and it worked a charm! But as I'm yet to buy a Haynes for the Focus, can someone please help me out! Thanks in advance, Sam
  14. Hi all, Thought id share just how thrilled i am with this car and what its capable of. Spent the last year working on it and I'm pretty happy with my end result. This is my second car to, so its been quite an insightful experience! Heres my car fresh from the showroom last August: Added my new 17" Rims - I run a tyre place so i have decent supply of alloy wheels at my disposal: Had a Bluefin Remap installed at Hills Ford - Kidderminster, upped the bhp to 140. Then kept things simple adding a K&N Panel filter which gave it a surprising little boost!!! I'd estimate I'm running with 145-150bhp, the actual presence of the filter made quite a difference although that might just be a placebo. BODYKIT! I spent such a long time admiring the ST and S models on the roads I finally decided to update my bodykit. A Bodyshop I work with, who do our Alloy Wheel refurbishments, offered to sort the painting and fitting out for me and were more than reasonable. Heres credit to them: The bodyshop recommended buying official parts only, in order to make sure each piece would fit properly, and give a quality look! Sideskirts: I got these direct from ford over the phone. Fiesta Zetec S Front Upper Grill: Fiesta Zetec S Front Lower Grill: Fiesta Rear Bumper Outer Winglets (PAIR): Fiesta Zetec S Rear Bumper Extension: Light covers (Left & Right): Added an 'S' badge on the front and back - got these off ebay to! Also got myself some Wind Deflectors, these were easy to fit but find they catch on the windows. These are 'Clim air', the only company who make them for this shape car. Cant find a link there were from ebay or amazon only 1 company had them. Heres a Before and after: Front: Back: Side: What you think? Anything you'd recommend adding? Better photos coming! Scott.
  15. Within 2 months of owning this, it's been involved in two accidents already. The first, nothing major, yet still ******* annoying. Parked down a street for about half an hour to pick something up from a shop round the corner, come back and I see a massive black mark across the passenger side of my car, found out it was rubber so most of it come off... this was what was left. No witnesses, no cameras.. typical. I went to a bodyshop about this and he quoted me £220.. I laughed and said bye. So then, two days ago, on my way to work, some idiot coming out of junction doesn't look left again and pulls out as i'm half way past him, then drives off... tried finding him, no luck. waiting on CCTV footage and a witness to come forward to give me the numberplate, was too annoyed at the time to even think of stuff like this. (I tried finding him for about half an hour). Funnily enough, it was MK6 Dark blue fiesta, although I doubt he takes much care of his car as any of the forum users. Anyway the damage done.. Got a quote for this from a bodyshop next door to the one above and the front wing/bumper for £340.. much better. Will need to get the alloy looked at aswell but this is a priority. Have any of you had anything similar and how much did it cost to get it repaired? Hopefully the culprit can be found and I won't have to pay anyway! Cheers,
  16. Hey Everyone Just a Help for anyone that has a Titanium/Titanium x or any other Fiesta but wants the kit for the Zetec S / St Look Here is all the part numbers that i can find for people to compare prices and get the items they want :D Need a little help to fill in the Part numbers of a couple but also included some helpful links for people install them Side Skirts (5 Door) : 1828473, 1828474 Side Skirts (3 Door) : 1836519, 1836520 Front Bumper Skirt :1802985 Spoiler (zetec s) : 1802185 Upper Rear Deflector honeycomb (ST look) :1819019 Lower Rear Deflector Primed (ST Look) :1818433 Rear Skirt Corners:??????? Rear Diffuser (zetec s) : ?????? (in case people don't like st look) Also a couple useful links to help people out if trying to do zetec s look..... Grill install as well the front air deflector Rear ST look ....
  17. Ford Focus Zebec-S Body Kit

    hi I'm looking for the ford focus zetec-s mk3 body kit. where can i get it?
  18. Best Kits?

    i want to do a few modifications to my Fiesta but really don't know where to start. I have a few ides but would appreciate some help: I want to add a digital radio to replace the CD 6000 that is currently in there, What one is best? (double din also handfree??) new rear lights (smoke effect?) LED or regular front lights? LED's for in the car? any good ones? Also what are some good tyres to get? please can i get some help here?? much appreciated :)
  19. Customising Your Focus!

    Hey crew had my focus a little while now, enjoy every bit of 1.8 zetec there is. But my creative juices are stirring and now im itching to change her looks So far iv stuck an aux, subwoofer, some stickers, and air deflectors... but lets be honest thats a poor attempt really. I lack much 'knowhow' what i mean is, im too frightened to do something wrong, so my practice is limited. Iv a whole shopping list of things id like to do but dont really know how or where to go about doing most of it. Wondering if any you have similar passions and could help me out. things im interested in doing to my mk2 57plate, 1.8 zetec focus: body kit/ lowering(just want it to have stance) vinyl wrapping hood in carbon - wrap the roof in gloss black? definitely nicer wheels, something black, spokes and low profile window tint, dark fat exhaust, more for the sound but some performance is never a miss. possibly change to lights and other little bits what you guys think? really wanna discuss as much as possible. Im a Milton keynes boy and ideally wanna keep most work (if i cant do it) local ish will upload more updated pics of my ride when i can, could only find really early ones.
  20. Hi, I am not really an engineer or anything but i want to repair the body trim triangles infront of the wing mirrors. They are loose on both sides and appear to be attached by some plastic pyramid shaped things and i was wondering what these were called and are they easy to get in halfords! Thanks for any help people, Loving my sport focus ;) Andrew McDougall
  21. Tips For Buying Titanium

    Hi all. I looking to by S-MaxTtitanium. 2 cars for consideration 2009 & 2010. Does anyone have advice (body work, engine etc) before I buy. Thanks!
  22. Hello everyone, I have just got a Focus 1.8 TDCI 05 plate and it has been made to look and sound like an ST. And thats all great, sure, looks lovely. But, and its a big but, how do I get it to DRIVE more like an ST? I've looked at remaps and induction kits and whatever else but I'd like some advice from you guys. Realistically I'd like to spend up to £500 and I'd like to get it from 115bhp near to the 160 mark. My uncle said he will sort me out with a remap for £100 which should see a good improvement, but what else is there I can do? Any advice would be great. Cheers :)
  23. Hello :)

    Hi there, I have just recently brought a new car and am in love with it! (wont say what car I had before ..) It has already been modified, I just need to touch up a little bit of paint work, but otherwise all good! If anyone knows where to buy the best paint from ( i need it for the sides and wheels) that would be most helpful. I'm looking to make friends on here who can give me advice and share pictures of modified fords, and of course guides on how to do it. Next i'd definitely like to add more to the inside. thanks Grace
  24. Hello, The throttle body of my C-Max 1.8 Duratec makes a electrical whine when the ignition is on (it might do it while running too but I can't hear it over the engine!). Is this normal? Sign of impending failure? Video with the noise... Matt
  25. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!