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  1. I recently brought an 09 "Zetec S" second hand from Evans Halshaw Ford and it has the rear parking sensors, and sports spoiler but I passed a 58 plate "Zetec" and the steering wheel inside looked exactly the same as MY "sports" steering wheel and so did the seats they looked the exact same as my "sports" seats, then I looked further at the Zetec I passed, noticing it didn't have the sport spoiler or the same alloys, and it wasn't marked as the S model.   Why does my car lack the proper badges and do i actually have a sports wheel and sports seats? Do I even have the so called sports suspension does it even carry the 120bhp it has on paper? 
  2. Zetec s badge

    Hi guys and girls iv just received the S badge to put on my focus zetec s but i dont know where to put it. If i put it next to zetec its a very tight squeeze and if i put it underneath it doesn't look right personally. So any advice or help would be much appreciated pics welcome to    Thanks DAN 
  3. Fiesta Zs Mk7 's' Badge

    Greetings, fellow Ford fanatics. I'm just after an honest opinion on the placement of the S badges on my Zetec S Mk7. I ordered the two badges off Amazon UK (came as a pair for a tenner plus 4 quid delivery.) The rear one is adhesive and therefor is a piece of cake to install on the rear of the car. My ZS never had the "Zetec S" badging on the boot (any idea why?) so the S badge simply went where that would have been. Now I originally wanted the front grill badge to go in line with, and just to the right (when facing the car) of the Ford badge (quite a popular placement.) However, the badge needs to be bolted through the grill, and since it's water tight (and I have zero drilling experience) I wasn't prepared to attempt that. So the front badge ended up on the bottom right of the grill. Pretty easy to install there tbh. The plate behind the badge just tightens around the back of the grill. So what do you guys reckon? Keep them where they are or go the extra mile and see about drilling the front grill next to the Ford badge? Cheers.
  4. IMG 0481 (1)

  5. IMG 0478 (1)

  6. IMG 0477 (1)

  7. New S badge: Front

  8. New S badge: Rear

  9. Hi, New to the fiesta hype. started with a few little mods, deflectors,spoiler,miltek exhaust etc etc. purchased a 's' badge for the front radiator badge grille. i can see its held on by 3 clips at the top which are easy to remove. but the bottom 2 I'm struggling with. can anyone help. they are attached to the bumper. Thanks sam.
  10. just signed up so thought why not break the ice with a video (slide show) i made from ford fair 2015 also have 1 from 2013 but any way my names tizzy and hello to all who read this post and thanks for checking out the video please let me know if you find your car in any of my videos i may have some better photos as i have a few that did not make it to the video
  11. ST - Yellow ST badge decal 2

    From the album My ST MP215

    Freshly added yellow ST badge decal, rear.
  12. ST - Yellow ST badge decal 1

    From the album My ST MP215

    Freshly added yellow ST badge decal, front.
  13. Hi, Since buying an old ST170 6 months ago to restore I thought it would not be so much hassle to have the work done at various local garages. Maybe it is just bad luck but I have had some terrible workmanship performed or just straight up ripped off many times. I live in Southend Essex so maybe it is just a local issue or has anyone else experienced what seems to be general bad practice everywhere? Here is my experience so far.... names of mechanics not included but I will name names if requested. Bought car that had trouble starting so asked a local mobile mechanic (mechanic #1) to check it out. he diagnosed a weeping head gasket and quoted me £700 to have head skimmed etc which I agreed to have done. On completion I ran the car for 70 miles then had tapping coming from the head. Mechanic was not interested and told me to run it in more as he had apparently not done up all the bolts properly so to allow everything to fall into place before he would then tighten everything up. After 400 miles the engine went boom and pieces of spark plug were found in the intake manifold. Cam belt was not fitted correctly, engine is history. Mechanic blamed me for not running it in properly. Time for a new engine so off to another mechanic who worked next door to the engine supplier so very convenient. I asked them to check the new engine over and replace the cambelt, water pump etc. They took 2 months to fit the engine and did not replace the parts I requested stating they did not remember my request. The engine did not run properly so I asked the engine supplier to confirm for me the engine source where I got a load of verbal abuse and threats in return. After moaning lots they eventually looked at the engine again and fixed the throttle line which was bodged. Onto the MOT next day and it overheated during emissions test because a spring clip was not done up properly on the water pipe going up to the matrix. Water all over the MOT station floor and head gasket leaking again. Onto another mechanic # 3. Leaving the head alone for a moment I decide to work on the body by fitting new bearing, calipers and ventred discs. In she goes for bearing to be fitted to NS rear because that is where the noise is coming from. Instructed the mechanic to change that particular bearing. On completion he notified me that the driver side rear bearing was the one that needed replacing so replaced that one instead. While driving home I notice the bearing noise is still there so he was wrong to not go with my instructions. Then mechanic # 4, please Mr Mechanic can you just do what I ask and replace the bearing! Ok I will do that for you sir, £100 for replacing one bearing minus parts please. WTF! no way, settled on £40 which is should be for an hours work. Mechanic # 5. Lets change the brake discs. Up on the ramp she goes then a phone call telling me that the caliper front left is seized. It is Friday so cant get the part til Monday and the car cant be moved from the ramp for safelty reasons. New caliper fitted + discs fitted and charged £200 for being on the ramp all weekend. When I asled for the old caliper they said it was thrown away on Sunday and the bin men took it, on Sunday :-/ Mechanic # 6 , Bit of wiggle on the NS drive shaft. Instructed mechanic to replace the CV joint but instead they decided to just fill the boot with lots of oil. They claimed the problem was fixed so I paid for this job but then found the problem was still there. Back to garage again for CV joint to be replaced as first requested but have not paid more for their experimentation the first time round. Mechanic # 7 Gear shift cable is shagged so need a new one fitted. Asked mechanic if he will do the job and he says yes no problem. Mechanic states part cost if £300 even though Ford sell them for £120. Also claims the part is on back order from Germany even though available locally at Ford. He never called me to update so I left it after 3 months and went elsewhere. Mechanic # 8, Need new steering rack. Rack goes in ok but I find the tracking is bad so check the track rod end to find it is wrong type with thick washer bodge. Nut came off it leaving me driving a death trap and a bald tyre. Mechanic # 9 New Thermostat cover required. Fitted wrong cover, leaking. Discovered by next mechanic who again charged me for ramp time over the weekend Mechanic #10 Ramp time scam again. So here I am after all this work and possibly £3000 down now looking for a mechanic to do the head skim and also change the shocks. What do I do in this situation? Is this a nationwide failure of expertise, are mechanics just !Removed! generally, is this a Southend thing or am I black or something else? Any input appreciated Chris
  14. I work for a composites company so I made some carbon fibre ford badges. The one I'm showing here was a prototype and not of good quality because tooling carbon material was used which is not for final parts. I was sanding it before polishing but I went through the weave, oops :/ . It has also not been lacquered either. Gained at least 10 k/w with these mad weight savings.
  15. Alarm Keeps Going Off

    hope someone can help every now and again my alarm keeps going off for no reason is there any reason for this?
  16. St170 Bhp? Non-Standard

    Hi all, I was wondering what BHP my ST170 is likely to be putting out... Its got a Direnza full exhaust system K&N Panel filter That's it at the min. I am considering a fan assisted cold air intake to the underside of the air box. Would you recommend a 'T-pipe' and split the air feed via the air defector and a downpipe to a cold air intake? I just worry this will inhibit airflow. Cheers
  17. delete this thread, waste of time
  18. Hi guys new here, recently picked up my first ever motor. A Mk1 face lift focus. Just wondering what are the required parts for my focus to be aesthetically the same/similar, besides the ST170 alloys. Also, is it a pretty straight forward job? Cheers, Rob
  19. new front grill gel overlay

    From the album mk6 Fiesta zetec

  20. Hello, Just got a Ford fiesta ST mk6 08 Plate, however I'm looking to get silver and black ford badge? or black and red overlays. Does anyone know where I can grab this from? struggling big time as dmb don't do them anymore. Also looked on Heko uk but they had badge dimension? which I'm not sure about? anyone ordered from here that knows which ones to order?. Cheers Guys
  21. Hey all, Was cleaning out my Dad's S-max with him and the little Sony badge that sits on the DAB radio has flung off somewhere! I know it's a long shot but anyone have any idea of where I could try and get a replacement? It's only about 3mm x 22mm or so in measurement and proving difficult to source! Like I said I know it's as long shot but any help would be appreciated!
  22. Just wondering if any one has used the DMB gel badge overlays on the new Mk 7 facelift fiesta, if so any good? :D
  23. 2014 Zetec S Ecoboost

    Hi guys, I own a ford fiesta zetec s ecoboost 2014 only purchased a week ago. I have a work college telling me it's not a zetec s because it doesn't have the badges on. Will someone please back me up in saying that the new ZS doesn't have the badge on the back anymore, it is instead replaced with the ecoboost badge, but it still is the ZS model, cheers.
  24. Focus St170

    Basically, got quite a few plans for my little motor so thought i'd start a thread and let you all see it progress! Car started as a bog standard 2004, silver ST170, 80,000 miles and i am the 3rd owner from new! All that i have done so far is lowered it on coilovers and had BBS RS wheels fitted! As it was... Got some new wheels and coilovers on! Thats all that's happened so far, but on the cards are; -Slight more lowering to remove the arch gap -FlyEye headlights and rear fogs -Vinyl wrapped roof Anyone got anysuggestions as to what colour to do the roof? Thinking of either gloss black or matt grey (any photoshops would be wicked ;) ) So yeh, watch this space!
  25. Hi Everyone

    Hi all, I have a focus st170 2002, i just had a clutchmasters stage 3 clutch fitted, and new slave cylinder, now i got gearbox oil dripping out the bell housing. The guy from the garage is saying that it has happend to him 5 times with fords after fitting a new slave cylinder and that i am to make a claim against ford for a faulty part and labour so he can put it right. I did call ford parts to ask if it was a common problem as the garage are saying it is but ford said no it is not a common problem and that they dont sell that many of them. Anyone else had this problem? Thing is i got the parts from clutchmasters which are bassed in usa, so i dont have a leg to stand on with then do i? or could i still claim?. Does anyone know why it would leak oil after new slave clyinder has been fitted. I did give him a new master clyinder too but he never fitted it and never said why he never. Dont know what to do next, gave the garage £980 (have other bits done) now i got a leaking gearbox, a drive covered init, car back at garage. Any advice welcomed please. Thanks