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  1. Focus Starting issue

    Hi All and good evening I have a 2007 Focus 1.8 TDCI and it has developed a couple of issue's that I just can't seem to find and fix.  Had the car since 2010 and was brought for going up and down the motorway for work, after about 1 year I was moved to a new office and stop using the car for long distances just backwards and forwards to the train station.  Not very good with Diesel engines as I have only worked on petrol so not sure where to go next.  Starting issue.  First had the issue about 2 years ago, can't remember if it was cold or not but think it was around February/March time.  Then nothing for about 20 months, just as winter was setting in I started having the starting issue again.  I try and explain the problem as best as I can.  Get into the car turn the ignition on to position 2 and wait for the glow plug light to go out.  Turn key to position 3 and the car goes to start, engine sounds like it is going to fire into life so turn key back to position 2 and then the engine dies.  Repeat trying to start the car for up-to 15 minutes before the car finally starts.  While trying to start the car there will be smoke from the exhaust (I think it is either white or grey but hard to tell as most of the time the problem has happened its been dark), a lot of smoke and it has a burning sort of smell to it.  While trying to start the car the rev counter shows the engine is up around 800 rpm and then dies (almost like it is going to continue running but does not) and some times it will only go up-to around 400-600rpm and then die.  Nothing seems to help, put foot on the accelerator nothing, hold key 1-2seconds long in position 3 still does not help.  Check fault codes nothing, checked the pressure on the fuel rail and before starting it says 100 Kpa and then when trying to start this jumps up to around 180-190 Kpa.  Checked the Mass Air Flow and it seems to detect air flow.  Read on some other forums and post that the anti-shudder valve can stick closed and cause this same issue.  So I had the issue yesterday, after about 10 minutes of trying to start the car I thought I might check to see if I could see the valve and push it open.  So I removed the hose that comes up from the inter-cooler to the left had side of the inlet manifold (If you are standing in front of the car), or at least I am guessing this is the inlet manifold as I can't find a good diagram of the 1.8 TDCI engine, but I could not see any valve just a lot of smoke.  I no this was not wise but with the hose removed I tried to start the car and after the second attempt the car started.  I let it run for about 1 minutes and then turned it off reconnected the hose and then started the car again and car started.  Now I might have the issue again in the next couple of days or I might not have the issue for a couple of weeks or months.  Seen on some forums people suggest running an Air cleaner through the car from the Air Filter.  Does anyone know if this might help?   Thanks for any advice Richard
  2. Hi All, First Post 3 weeks ago I brought a car from a car garage. Within 3 days it started to backfire and started to lose speed. later realised that water was getting into the spark plugs. So I changed those and also fitted a new battery due to finding that there was hardly any power starting the car. Took to a garage for a report which lead to realising the core plug was corroded, front break disc where corroded and that passenger front shock absorber was severely corroded and leaking oil onto the break disc.  Anyway now the car just isn't starting at all.. Recovery said its the starter motor however partner came home and some how managed to start the car. This morning I've gone to start it and again just not starting at all.  Every light comes on the dash and the mileage is just shown as ----. (See pic below) I've also noticed the immobiliser light is flashing like mad.  So I literally do not have a clue what the problem is?  And whether it's worth fixing as I love the car or just take it back? (however car garage said that if I return it refund will not be in full as he will charge me usage "but won't be more the £500" LOL?! Even though I've only had it 3 weeks)  the car was £1450 55 plate, 1.6 Ford Focus LX, @88,500 miles described as machially sound (just a heat cover needed reattaching which my partner did.) Do you know what's up with it?  Is this common/major issue?  Would your bother repairing it or just take it back for a refund? Any suggestions/ advice I would be grateful 
  3. Hello, I have an issue with my 2008 Focus 2.0 TDCI.Intermittently it will start up for 1 second and then die, as though its being turned off. Try again and it starts just fine. Just wondering if anyone has seen this problem before and knows the solution ? Here is a link to a video of it having the issue. 
  4. Hello all! I'm having an issue with a 2002 Mondeo Ghia X, bought it at the beginning of last year but has created a problem of not always starting, it will always start first time but then if you stop, turn it off and come back within 5 minutes it just doesn't want to start. All of the dashboard lights and other stuff works fine it just doesn't want to tick over from time to time, it's very odd. I think it also has a Clifford alarm fitted, and I'm not sure if that is doing anything to cause the issue. It can be a real bother at times, if you stall at the lights sometimes it has not started at all, so it can be dangerous. It had the starter motor done a few months back so it isn't that.. Any ideas of what this could be? Cheers!
  5. Hi guys I've been having a bit of trouble for a while now with starting. It's really intermittent, although it has become progressively more frequent. It will happily crank over and sounds as if it's about to start then fails. This can repeat quite a few times (10+ in the worst cases) until it starts. If it's taken a few goes to get it running then you will get some white smoke from the exhaust - this is the unburnt fuel, so it is definitely injecting fuel even though it won't start... As I said this has been going on for a while, maybe 6 months now. Initially it was a case that the problem may happen a couple of times a month and it would always start on the second attempt. More recently it's happening much more frequently, and regularly requires quite a few attempts before it will start. I've had in on the diagnosis machine (I'm quite lucky and have free access to one). No error codes, nothing, nada. Even had the diagnosis machine on it during starting while it was having the issue and everything is as it should be (i.e fuel pressure is good, all sensors are a go). The diagnostics also confirmed that the engine is perfectly balanced when running, no misfires or anything like that. There is not a single issue while the car is running, it's purely a starting issue. Fuel economy is as good as ever, runs perfectly and the speedo rev counter are accurate. I've gone ahead and replaced both the camshaft and crankshaft sensors now but this hasn't helped at all and it's still happening. I'm confident it's nothing to do with the glow plugs (it started fine mostly during the winter) and the issue happens both during hot and cold. As in, the issue is so intermittent that it can occur after a two hour cruise on the motorway when you stop at a service station, or in the morning. It's seems unrelated to hot or cold ambient or engine temperatures and how long you've left it sitting does make a difference either. Wet or dry doesn't make a difference either. I'm all out of ideas and can't think what else could even begin to cause the issue. It appears to be electrical, but what else is involved in the starting process that could affect it? Any ideas / thoughts / experience of the same issue are all welcome! Just to be clear it's a 57 plate 2.0 TDCi Focus with around 70k on the clock. Thanks Rob
  6. I've got a Fiesta Zetec 2006 with 45k on the clock. All is fine other than one thing, in a morning when it's cold, when you turn the key, the car stutters when it starts. Don't get me wrong it's not a 'major' issue but I'd ideally like to know what the problem is. It runs fine it's just as if it chockes for a few seconds before starting in the cold. Thanks in advance
  7. Hi all, Just joined this forum on behalf of my dad who is having a number of issues which we can not seem to solve, so any help here is much appreciated! Dad owns a 2011 Mondeo Titanium X Sport 2.0 Eco Boost Auto with 14k miles on the clock, owned it for about 2 years now. A couple of months ago the car started to play up where the key fob would unlock the car but the wing mirrors wouldn't open out, the push to start button would not start the car but the instrument display would show the Ford logo. AA man came round, disconnected the battery for about 10 mins then the car was ok and started up. Couple of days later same thing happened so dad did what the AA man did and was ok, but then the car wouldn't turn off! It is an Auto so couldn't stall it. Took it to Fords while running and the guys come out and agreed that it wouldn't stop. Eventually the car did turn off after pressing the on/off start button a few times. Left the car with Fords to investigate and they said that there was nothing wrong with it after doing the Vagcom/diagnostic checks etc. Paid about £300 for this so far. They gave the car back to us and it was ok for a day or so until the same thing happened. Ford then flashed the internal computer and updated all the firmware etc and the car was ok. Today (about 2/3 months later) dad went to start his car and nothing, the key fob wouldn't open the car and even using the internal key in the fob would not open the doors! Ford have said they have never seen this before and don't know what to suggest, so we have a car we are unable to get into. Dad has tried both key fobs and tried every possible thing we can think of. Has anyone on the forum experienced this before or have any ideas as to what it could be!? Any help/suggestions are welcome. Thanks,
  8. Hi All I'm new here so if this is the wrong category for help with my Ford focus just let me know or hopefully a mod can move it. So Yeah... I've been having all sorts of problems with my Ford Focus TDdi 2001. Main issue right now is after letting a friend practice "hill starts" in it, after a while and a lot of stalling and cranking of the engine getting it to start again, it died. I turn the key and nothing now not cranking at all, but all the lights come on. Apparently they was keeping the engine cranking a lot and holding the ignition for longer than they should have done and to get it started again he rolled it backwards down the hill and then started the ignition which eventually worked to get it back to me. If the car is pushed it starts up straight away, and I mean straight away like a car should doesn't need all the cranking of the engine. I'm aware that it could be the fuel pump, never considered the starter motor until now when it won't turn over, possibly an injection problem...etc Any Idea what you think happened and is the problem? EDIT: There is no fault codes showing at all.
  9. Hi all, My 59 plate 1.6 petrol (auto) has difficulty starting every once in a while. It ticks, but does not crank. When this happens, you have to retry & turn the key twice or three times. Any ideas on what it could be? Battery? Starter motor? Alternator? I'm tempted to replace the battery (still on original battery), but don't want to waste £££ if it's not the cause. Cheers
  10. Hi everyone,i have a Ford Fiesta Zetec 2007,1.6 tdci. I just got it back from my local garage after they replaced the front crank seal,timing belt,water pump,auxiliary belt,oil and oil filter. On collection they asked me whether i ever had any starting problems to which i replied no as car always started first time. They informed me that after they test drove the car it would not start again. However when i started the car to go home from the garage,it started as normal and thought nothing more of it. The next time i tried to start the car from home it would not crank over. All dash light are up as normal. There is no noise from the starter or solenoid. After several attempts and experimenting i found the red led immobilizer lamp would flash rapidly as i tried to start the engine without success. After about a minute it would start to flash in stages but not rapid anymore if ignition left on. However i then realized, if i take the key out for a bit then reinsert and turn the key to position 1 for 10 seconds and then position 2,the red light would flash normally then go off and i am able to start the engine. WTF?. If i then kill the engine and try to start again normally ie,without waiting 10 seconds in key position 1, the engine wont start. I even tried to start normally with my spare blue key without remote fob but the same thing happens. So now every time i have to start my car i have to wait 10 seconds and pretend im pulling my socks up or something if i have a passenger with me. Im guessing now but i think the mechanics might have inserted a wrong Ford key in my car to start it and it has erased something or they might have disconnected the battery that may have led to other issues. Im a bit weary of re-coding my keys as i might lose the total initial settings aswell and then i will have pay the stealerships loads to get it reprogrammed. I was actually looking forward to having some carefree motoring days after having the jobs done on the car at the garage but alas it wasn't to be. So please if any of you can shed some light on this for a fix i will be eternally grateful. Thank you.
  11. Hi Everyone, Hope somebody can come up with a possible solution to this fault. I have a 2006 2.0L TDCi Diesel Hatch (6 speed manual). The Fault Sometimes when I turn the key to start the car I get no response at all (just silence). I wait for the self checks to complete and the lights to go out and then attempt to start, but nothing happens not even the dials sweep round or the lights dim, there is no click as if it was trying to turn the starter motor. sometimes I can do this 4 or 5 times before it starts. This only happens intermittently, most times it starts first time. The battery is fully charged and the terminals are clean and tightly secured so no problem from that. It's as if a relay is not pulling in (but which one), or could it be an earth fault ? It doesn't matter whether the engine is hot or cold or what the weather is like. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated as it's really starting to annoy me
  12. Hi, I have problem with starting my S-Max 1.8 TDCI 125BHP,07. It occurs randomly, I didn´t notice any relation to engine or outside temperature, nor length of stay. When I try to start, engine is only turning over, but won´t fire up. "Engine malfunction" message appears on display. But I always somehow manage to start engine eventually.Any advice guys? This is DTC´s reading: ===PCM DTC P0A09:00-24=== Code: P0A09 - DC/DC Converter Fault Circuit Low ===PCM DTC P0562:00-28=== Code: P0562 - System Voltage Low ===PCM DTC P0341:29-68=== Code: P0341 - CMP Sensor A Circuit Range/Performance (Bank 1 or single sensor) ===PCM DTC P0122:00-68=== Code: P0122 - Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor A Circuit Low Input ===PCM DTC P0113:00-28=== Code: P0113 - IAT Sensor 1 Circuit High Input ===OBDII DTC P0A94-P=== Code: P0A94 - DC/DC Converter Performance ==PDM DTC U2012:08-2E=== ==DDM DTC U2012:08-2E=== Thanks for Help. Mike
  13. Hello everyone, I have a 2003 Ka with Duratec engine 1.3i For the last few days now the first start of the day is almost impossible and can take an hour or more - it turns over fine and 'almost' starts but normally takes as I say about an hour before it does, and then it runs like a bag of nails for 5 / 10 minutes. But then it runs spot on and starts first touch of the key all day - until the next day! I had a Ford breakdown mechanic out yesterday and he tested no end of things (no lights on dash by the way) and concluded that the coil pack was probably failing as he was "getting a spark but not when he expected". So I fitted a new coil pack yesterday and this morning it is exactly the same! ANY IDEAS????? Thanks!
  14. Engine Malfunction

    I have a 2011 1.6 TDCI Focus I got the car with 40 something k miles on the clock I drove 100 miles a day for 6+ months its up at 66+k now. Until this point no issues it started first time every time not even a niggle. The closest thing to a problem I had was rear brakes jamming in cold weather. The car was serviced recently . One day I went shopping parked in a multi story and when I went back the car would not start. Eventually with a nasty noise (a bit like when gears change with a crunch but more metalic) it did start ran for a few seconds then displayed engine malfunction and would not start again. Called out recovery who sprayed easy start and got it going a few more times but each time the same thing happened. It was hit whilst being repaired and is in the body shop now. When it comes out and they take their courtesy car back I wont have transport and I cant just scrap it because its on Hire Purchase. Any ideas what the root cause might be. The garage it was at thought it may be the starter changed that out and the issue remains.
  15. Dear fellow KA owners/enthousiasts, I have been driving my Ford KA (first car i owned) for about half a year now. I never had any serious problems with it untill now. Today i wanted to drive to the store but my car wouldn't start. I did not hear the engine or starter turn over, but i did hear a ticking noise, which i believe comes from the relais to the starter engine. I made videos of me starting the engine (both from the drivers seat and under the hood) to maybe help you guys pinpoint the problem. View My Video View My Video All electrical things like radio/windows work so i know the battery is not dead (it's a battery that was installed when i bought the car). I did change the bulb in my left headlight the day before, but afterwards i drove to a friend and back without any problems. Is it possible that a wire was close to being disconnected because of my headlight fix and then disconnected due to vibrations when i was driving? Is this maybe a moisture issue in the distributor/starter (it has been raining the last few days)? We have tried a few things, being: - reconnecting the battery connections. - putting it in second gear and pushing to turn over the starter one turn. This did change the sound a bit when i tried to start it afterwards, but then it almost instantly changed back to the old ticking noise. - pushing the car with the clutch down and letting the clutch come up slowly to try and start it without the starter engine. This didn't work, but we only tried it once since it was just the 2 of us. I have some knowledge of car engines since i study mechanical engineering, but i lack experience in the practical application, so any tips, help or suggestions on what to do would be appreciated very much!! I don't have a multimeter right now, but will be able to get one tomorrow. Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes, i'm not a native English speaker ;) Looking forward to a response and thanks in advance!
  16. Hi there, I have a 2004 Ford KA which doesn't like hot weather. It will start from cold fine and drive fine as well. But if I park it up for any longer than 10 minutes on a hot day, it will really struggle to start, seems to be worse the hotter the weather is. It will still do it on cooler days just not as bad. I have changed the oxygen sensor which made no difference. All I can think of is the idle control valve but it looks like it's a pain to get to! If I start it with say a 1/4 throttle it starts perfectly. Poor Starting: Really Poor Starting, here it was taking ages to start, but as soon as I touch the throttle it starts straight away: Good Starting But Dodgy Idle, as you can see after a while it picks itself up: How It Should Be: My Ka has been doing this for ages so if anyone has any ideas please let me know, Cheers, Ben
  17. I have a 2005 Ford Fiesta Zetec Tdci 1399cc. Shortly after buying it as a used car in 2010 I had starting problems. The car would start on the first turn of the key run for a few seconds then stop and would not start again. The first time this happened I called out the RAC and they diagnosed air in the fuel line. The attending engineer primed the engine - there is a rubber bulb to the left of the engine which he squeezed for quite a while - then the car started. The local dealer where I purchased the car wasn't interested so I took the car to the local Ford garage. They eventually diagnosed a 'pinched O-ring in one of the intake pipes to the fuel injector'. This seemed to do the trick. The car ran without any further starting problems - until recently. A couple of weeks ago exactly the same thing happened on start up. I called the RAC again. I explained to the engineer that I had the car serviced at a local garage that week. The engineer diagnosed air leakage in the fuel filter. Again, the car started after priming. I took the car back to the local garage that I had been using for repairs, servicing and MOT and they looked at all the possible causes. They even drained the fuel to try and get rid of any air locks. The car started OK for two or three days but over the last few days the same problem has occurred. It's not a critical problem since I know how to get it started (by priming it) but I am concerned that by continually having to prime it I might damage the rubber bulb. Is there anyone out there who has had a similar problem and can point me in the right direction to solving it permanently?
  18. Start Problem 2004 2L Tdci

    Okay 2004 tdci 2l, had issue while back with odd cranking session giving grinding noise. That was 6 months ago and had starter motor changed. Had it two times since but seemed to go away. This morning with engine cold i couldnt get car to start...ignition lights etc but not even turning over...just nothing at key position 3. Third time tried and she started straight away. Went lunch from work later in day and she started first time, trying get back work though she just wouldnt turn cranking again like earlier in day. Aa said it might be the ignition barrel but i wonder if its the battery as with ignition on this mornjng it was 12.3 and later on at lunch it was 12.4 with igniton on. Its 16 months old, alternator charging 13.4 to 14.5 depending on needs so knwo thats working at all times. Battery seem low? Would pcm not activate if battery that low?
  19. Hi folks, My wife has owned a 2006 1.6l petrol Firsta Ghia for 3 years without engine or electrical faults. Although my major bugbear is that bit of trim fall off endlessly on the inside and outside. However, for the last 4 months we have a consistent starting fault. Its been in the garage for diagnostics (which was clear) and the crank sensor and temp sensor both replaced in an attempt to fix it. It hasn't. I really need help to find the problem as otherwise we will have to get rid of the car. Symptoms are: cold or warm it will not start properly. It fires but immediately cuts out and does this repeatedly 4-10 times. There is no 'recognition' by the engine of pressing the accelerator as it stays at idle regardless before cutting out. Eventually it starts and will rev. In the last few days it is now locking and unlocking the doors while starting too which is a major concern so Im beginning to think it may be a terminal electrical problem ?ECU etc. Has anyone had this experience or point me in the right direction. I have a good deal of mechanical skill and am willing to replace parts as required but with electrics it could be a never ending minefield unless I know what is the problem first. All help greatly appreciated as we would like to keep the car for a few years if possible.
  20. Hi all,new to forum and especially new to diesel engines.Bought the fusion last week and on the 2nd morning it wouldn`t start,engine trying to turn over but not firing up.After several attempts it spluttered into life and a plume of grey smoke came from the exhaust.Quite a cold morning so i suspect the glow plugs are on the way out ? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  21. Hi, Yesterday I came across a weird experience while starting my Ford Mondeo Mk III, with the Terminal 15 on, as usual the Instrument cluster performed a self test, all the needle moved to the extreme position and got stuck, the A/C came on and the door actuators started making rattling noise as if they were actuated externally, post this issue I attempted to start the car but the engine refused to start. I could here a distinct clicking sound of the starter motor solenoid but the starter wont turn. The battery voltage was checked by means of a multi meter and it was displaying 12.50 Volts without load & 11.38 with Load ( Starter Motor Actuated). I have personally worked on many Ford Mondeo but have never come across such a symptom. A normal scan will be done at the dealership but I am a bit anxious about such an issue. Has anybody come across such an issue and have resolved? If so then kindly please share the remedy. Thanks & Regards, Subraya Kamath
  22. Cambelt Change, Not Starting

    Hi, I have a mk7 tdci fiesta. Recently had a water leak diagnosed as the water pump. As the cambelt had to come off to do so I also replaced the pulley and tensioner as well as the cambelt. This was all replaced and locked/timed throughout as per autodata. I have tried to start the car but without auxiliary belt connected (not sure if it would affect) but wont start. Taken the belt off numerous times asystemetimed and fitted but wouldn't start. However, was sprayed with easy start into the system and started. am at a loss, checked all sensors and all seem to be connected. Thinking a fuel problem?
  23. hey guys i have a 1.6 2005 focus and recently starting having problems starting the car after a small journey when the cars warm it just turns over and over then eventually starts also when starting i always need to feather the throttle a few times till it settles at idle,another issue i have is pulling out of junctions in 2nd gear it hesitates quite badly under load, i have scanned it and theres no codes present and have also serviced it regularly new plugs etc there doesnt seem to be any misfire or any engine management light on so don't know were to start.... any help/input would be appreciated thanks
  24. I have a 1999 ford focus cl petrol, the car will not start, not even using jump leads with the power from another car. I can hear a clicking noise coming from under the bonnet, and i can also hear a noise coming from the glove box near the fuses. The clicking under the bonnet seems to be coming from where the rubber belts are. I can see the cogs turning a little, for example, if the cog was a clock, it is moving 1 hour distance per click. I fitted a stereo, 2 days ago, other than fitting the stereo; i have not done anything to it. Edit. I forgot to add this, maybe this will help. The speedo, does something really strange, the needles on the revs and mph go to maximum stay there for a split second then drop back down to zero. Another edit. This actually happened last night about 10pm, my friend come and give me a jump and it worked, last night there was no clicking noises, just dimmed lights. Today when i tried to start it all of the above happened. So it did successfully jump start last night. What ive done. Ive checked the battery with a multireader, its reading just 12.1v Ive checked the fuel pump cut off switch, its pushed down Ive removed the new stereo i fitted and put the old one back in Ive took the connectors off the battery cleaned them and put them back on Ive visually checked the fuses behind the glove box, and the one under the bonnet, I can only check the ones that i can see, those big box type fuses, i do not know how to check them. Im not sure what else i can do. I’ve checked all the usual things. Any ideas?
  25. Car fails to start properly and will stall unless i rev the engine, then low power for a while. After driving around for a while problem disappears and Engine management light even goes off. Repairs so far; - New HT leads - New Battery - New Coil pack - New Spark Plugs - Valve timings adjusted - Oil Change. Problem only occurs once car is cold and not been used for a few hours.