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  1. I bought my Ford Focus Mk2 in early 2005 - everything was fine with the car until the warranty expired and the Power Assisted Steering Pump and hoses failed. Ford quoted £800 to replace the pump and hoses. I rang Ford to complain that the pump should last for longer thsn 3yrs 6 months and due to my complaint they agreed to pay 45% of the cost. My car is now 11yrs old and done 94 000 miles. This week the hydraulic hoses have again failed but this time the pump is fine. I have contacted Ford to request recompense towards the refitting of new hoses - this appears to be a common fault on the Mk2 Focus - if I do not get anywhere with this issue then I will take it further to the government to ensure that Ford admits t o this expensive problem.
  2. Attempted Theft

    Hi, I have recently bought a 2009 Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 (90) TDCi. (2 Weeks Ago). Just yesterday I returned to find that some scum bag had tried to steal the car. They gained entry via the driver door. The handle is missing, they must have used a screw driver to pop the latch. Inside the vehicle they have pulled off the plastic steering cover, and chiselled out the ignition from the metal chamber. In doing so the metal chamber which is part of the steering column has been broken in half which is what hold the ignition barrel in place. I have managed to put the ignition back into the correct position along with the immobiliser and the car starts. I would like to know advice on getting this fixed. Costs etc as I am unaware of the steering column is hydraulic or electric. I wanted to get advice before I phone my insurance company today. My excess is 250 voluntary and 200 compulsory. 450 in total. All advice is welcome. Thank you
  3. Ok so I bought this car earlier in the year. Has been fantastic for my family especially getting to hospital appointments with my daughter (she has a rare condition) My car, a 53 plate fiesta finesse was due mot 22nd Dec so I took it early. Arnold Clark found it needed a middle section of exhaust and three brake pipes. Got these all replaced at small garage and car was taken back for retest and passed! Got car home and since driver has brought it back it's had nothing but problems. This morning it was starting but unless reved it would cut out while idle. As the day went on it has stalled at every junction, roundabout and when lowering speed. The steering lock (yes the steering completely locks!) has completely locked after stalling a number of times (I ended up on pavement at one point as I was turning into the road!) AC want nothing to do with it as he only looked at car for mot and didn't touch anything. Another garage replaced fuel pump and I'm now stalling at a couple junctions but steering wheel still locking. Have spent 400 so far and at my wits end!! Garage noted rev counter shoots up and down too. All before Xmas too! Terrified to drive it and can't put kids in it. The car has v clean engine, and only 67000 miles so shouldn't be doing all this surely?!!
  4. My recently acquired Focus (2002 1.6 Ghia) came back from the garage the other day with a really tacky steering wheel. I just assumed it was some grease/grime, tried cleaning it to no avail (it was pretty dirty it turns out). Tried degreaser, still sticky. Tried WD40 (as it's good at removing sticky residues), still sticky. I've scrubbed it to buggery! So two questions: Any tips on removing the stickiness? And, to guide me on what to use, is the steering wheel leather on this model or just leather effect plastic? (some google search suggestions were that, if leather, a leather cleaner/conditioner might do the job)
  5. Hi everyone, I'm really frustrated that my Ford Focus has developed a clunking noise. I firstly noticed a slight clunk when releasing the clutch pedal (after the biting point) and sometimes when i press it down. But yesterday it also happened when I was applying the breaks, when coming to a full stop it, it happened just before I stopped or halfway. And the break clunk sounds like its coming from the right wheel side but it hasn't happened today Finally I also get a clunk when doing a 3 point turn, again its a single clunk but not on full lock, it happens before that and sometimes when turning either side. These clunks/knocks are random and hard to recreate. The thing that annoys me is that they appeared after I had a clutch and slave cylinder change last week , brought it back to them and they checked for play in the wheels on the ramp and other noise but couldn't recreate the noise. Just blamed it on a loose exhaust mount/heat-shields. First I thought maybe they didn't change the slave cylinder, which would explain the clutch clunk noise but now I'm not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated :) Car is Ford Focus (2006), with 100K+ on the clock
  6. Ford Focus 2008 Steering Noise

    Hi, I have a 2008 Ford Focus 2.0 litre Titanium with an auto box with 53,000 on the clock. Recently a metallic rubbing noise started when turning hard left that sounded like someone blowing over the top of a coke bottle coming from the front drivers side. I took it into Ford and the tech heard it and said he'd never heard a noise like it. They had recently fitted new tyres, discs and pads so he cleaned the pads on that side and set the steering to comfort mode as he said the steering pump can make all sorts of weird noises. It didn't help, 10 miles down the road it started doing it again. This was a couple of weeks ago but last night driving home along the motorway the noise was constant though quieter, but still audible and I tip-toed home. I took it to the garage this morning and dropped it off and it was doing it again. The same rubbing noise that sounds like blowing over the top of a coke bottle - not a grind or a squeak. There is no vibration in the steering wheel and pedals and the car seems to drive fine. The noise only happens at 20mph+. As the Ford tech hasn't heard it before has anyone else any ideas? He said wheel bearings don't make that noise - but what else could it be? Thanks in advance
  7. Hey guys, I've got a 53 TDDi and after it sitting around for a week, all of a sudden I've started getting a clunking noise while turning the steering wheel stood still. Driving it seems to be OK the majority of the time, every now and then it happens. Found a video on youtube which looks to be the issue I'm having. They say it was the front springs, is there any way I can double check the springs before buying new ones? Replaced my steering rack a little while ago (roughly 2/3 thousand miles ago) so thinking it may possibly be that. Heres the link: Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. Hi New to this forum, so apologies if I make any errors. I have a 2002 Galaxy petrol automatic 2.8 litre, 42,000 miles, which has developed a juddering noise when turning to the left at 20mph and above. Prior to this happening, I had a new passenger side shaft and coupling fitted during PDI, and since have had a wheel bearing fitted on the passenger ( left) side to try to get rid of a rumbling noise, which worked. Within 50 miles of it leaving the garage, it developed a juddering when the wheel was turned to the left. We were on our way to France ( which is where we now are) and we had no problems driving down, except that I took things very slowly when turning left. We have placed the car in our local garage, who were convinced that the noise was from the replacement shaft on the passenger side ( it turns out that our good old UK dealer who we bought from fitted a recon shaft which was worn) This has been replaced, but the juddering is still there. I think that the mechanic is a bit lost what to do next ( plus translation into French is not easy). If anyone has had a similar problem, I would really appreciate some guidance and advice, as I am reluctant to drive back to the UK until it is sorted.
  9. HI Guys, So recently we'e been using our bikes alot and due to the size of the car i can only fit 1 bike inside with two people in the front. I would like to get a bike rack so we can drive to places and take the bikes. Saw one in Halfrauds for £59.99. Just wondering if anyone has got one/knows of any decent racks that aren't going to fall off the car mid drive. Or just mark and dent the car. Any idea? thanks! Jon
  10. Bike Rack

    Hi! I need to buy a rear mounted bike carrier to carry 3 bikes for my Smax. Have spent ages looking online and can't seem to find any that are compatible, Has anyone got one that fits and that they would recommend? Thanks in advance
  11. Power Steering

    I've got a 2003 Ford Fiesta and recently the power steering pipe broke so I had to buy a new one, which was nice and expensive! It has been fine since, however yesterday the power steering started feeling really strange. it seems to be fine when driving, however when I am reversing or even not moving, it is really heavy! Can anyone help me????
  12. Hi all, I have a problem that as baffled all mechanics that has came into contact with it. The fault When I am driving down the road everything will be fine, Then randomly without any warning the car will simply not allow me to accelerate and roll to a stop, when the car does eventually come to a stop (complete stop the car doesn't even idle) I get the normal warning lights like the oil pressure/battery but I also get a audible sound accompanied by the left red lamp being illuminated. the amber power steering lamp also comes on and the message reads steering assist failure. most of the time the car will restart fine but sometimes it can take up to 5 times to restart the engine. all warnings are cleared when the car restarts. The fault started off once every few months but now it is guaranteed to happen every few miles and the car is now unsafe to drive. Replacements I have had the fuel injectors changed because they were leaking and the fuel filter replaced. But the problem just seems to be getting worse and more frequent. is there some sort of safety feature that shuts off the fuel supply to the engine? Pic and Video The picture shows all of the fail lights after the car has come to a stop. the video show the car just after the car has physically stop me from accelerating the car does come to a stop quicker because I applied the brakes. it feels like fuel is no longer being fed to the engine but why? Any help would be massively appreciated cheers Alex car video.MOV
  13. A woman recently struck from behind by another vehicle claimed that the reason she was stopped in the middle of the very busy street was that she ran out of gas, the vehicle began shuttering, and the steering column locked up. While the first two make sense to me the last doesn't (in addition to passing two gas stations <500 meters back. Although the ford focus has a history of issues with the steering wheel locking, I've as of yet come across an instance of that being related to the fuel system. Has any one else?
  14. Hi, I would like to know what is required to remove the airbag from the steering wheel on the mk2 ka? I need to fit a new indicator stalk. Help would be much appreciated.
  15. Steering Problems

    hi all I am completely new here and could really do with some advise. my car had to go in to the garage with a belt slipping noise, the garage found out the pipe to my powered steering was split and the fluid had gone all over the belts, not to worry get the pipe changed and the belts (just to be safe). I go to pick up the car only to be told they had to remove some bolts from the steering box to reattach the pipe and in doing so has removed the thread from the box completely so nothing can be bolted back together. their answer was one part is aluminium and the other part steel so there couldn't be helped and now want to charge me for either a new steering box or an engineering firm to rethread it. my question is - is this correct or have the garage possibly stripped the threads and are just trying to get out of paying to fix it ? please help
  16. Hello guys I really need some help Ive got a mk4 fiesta and a mk5 Zetec-s. I brought the Zetec-s to put the bumpers,interior,suspension, wheels etc.. On my mk4 as I brought the Zertec-s off a scrap man as the engine was knackered but I didn't need the engine as keeping my mk4. All of the swapping parts are nearly done but I really would like to put power steering on my mk4 and as the Zertec-s has it I was wondering if it is possible to take it off the and put it on my mk4? I would also like to know how to remove it from the Zertec-s and possible fit it on my mk4. If anyone could help me I'd really appreciate it. Many thanks Rory.
  17. Hello, I have recently bought a Ford Fiesta 62 plate. I have started to hear clicking noises when turning right which is louder the sharper the turn is. Does anyone know what this could be? Sometimes whilst driving there is a buzzing noise coming from inside the steering wheel behind the volume controls. Has anyone ever experienced this problem and had managed to get it fixed? Thanks, Elisha
  18. Hi All, I am new to this forum and unfortunately for me it’s not through good circumstances, I purchased a Ford Fiesta Zetec 10 plate from Jennings Ford in May 2012 when it was 2 years old and had only 10,000 miles on the clock. I am just a young girl (early 20’s) and had to buy it on finance (the only debt ive ever had in my life), it was something of a luxury for me and I had to buy it on Fords finance (through Santander) for 4 years. I have never ever purchased a car through a garage before, only second hand through private dealers and have never had any major issues with them. Lucky me….just under 2 years later the car is 10months out of warranty I had been away for 2 nights I came back and tried to drive the car and the power steering had gone off and the steering wheel light and traction control lights were on the dash board. The AA came out and couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it, I am only a petite girl weighing 8 stone and I couldn’t possibly drive the car without power steering. My dads in motor trade and first instinct was to get a friend to put the diagnostic on it, which he did and he advised my dad it was the steering column, to which we rang the Jennings ford garage I purchased it from and he advised us that of a car that age (NOT EVEN 4 YEARS OLD!!!) that its simply not possible and to bring it in for them to check (which has cost me around £100 inc VAT) and sure enough the results were that it is the steering column. Jennings ford want £1,000 to repair it. Can I just ask how is it acceptable to expect someone to pay £1,000 for something which is clearly a mechanical fault??? I brought this up with ford and was very patient with them – I have now been without my car for nearly 3 weeks while it has gone on and basically I have to pay it or I am paying my finance everymonth for NOTHING!! I joined this forum to advise everyone to STAY AWAY FROM FORD FIESTA ZETEC’S 2010 REG AS THEY HAVE A CLEAR MECHANICAL FAULT WHICH FORD ARE UNWILLING TO ACCEPT IS THE MANUFACTURES RESPONSIBILITY. It would have been an entirely different story if I had my 2year old niece and 6 year old nephew in the car and it had went off when I was driving it as I would have clearly lost control of the vehicle and crashed. I am absolutely disgusted with ford and the way I have been treated and how SHODDY this car is!!!!! I wont stop until as many people are aware of this issue!! Funny how this is my rights yet Ford does not care…… The Sale of Goods Act 1979 doesn't say exactly how long goods should last. The general rule is that goods should last for a reasonable time and in reasonable condition. For example, a new car should last for several years in a reasonable condition but you may need to replace some of its parts over time. If goods don't last as long as they should, they probably weren't of satisfactory quality when you bought them. For example, if the sole on a shoe comes away after a few weeks of normal wear, this suggests that it was never of satisfactory quality. – WHO HERE THINKS A STEERING COLUMN SHOULD BREAK BEFORE THE CAR IS EVEN 4 YEARS OLD???? Thoughts and comments are welcomed……….. Thank you for your time
  19. Hi- I have a ticking/whirring noise which has been diagnosed as coming from either the power steering belt or pump. I am also planning on getting my timing belt and water pump replaced soon so the garage I took it to will replace the timing belt, water pump and PAS belt for £280. My question is if I bought the PAS pump from a local breakers yard would it cost much more in labour to fit than if I just had the above fitted or is it quite straightfordward? Thanks for your time! :)
  20. Hi, So about 6 months ago I bought a Ford Fiesta Mk7 Titanium (2010). Since then I have had wheels buckle three times! Each time I've had the wheels replaced at quite a high cost. Last time my mechanic suggested I look at getting steel wheels if it happened again. Recently I hit a small pot hole and immediately my steering wheel started vibrating again. It's worth noting that this is always the extent of the problem. Not so bad I can see the buckle but I get a definite vibration through the wheel, especially at higher speeds. Steel wheels don't seem as easy to come by as my mechanic suggested. However there are plenty of alloy options. Basically what I'm after is some suggestions of some strong wheels that aren't going to buckle after every small bump and aren't going to break my bank. I live in the United Kingdom country side and the roads aren't always amazing and as much as I do my best to avoid pot holes occasionally there is nothing I can do (latest one was submerged). That being said the 2008 Fiesta I drove for three years never had any problems with its wheels. I've attached a photo of the wheels I currently have. Thanks in advanced for any help. I really like this car but the constant wheel issues are a nightmare and really make me regret buying it.
  21. So my car went in for its MOT recently, and apart from the tyres being a little worn, there was only one advisory that caught my eye: 001 Power steering pipe(s) or hose(s) has slight seepage from a joint. [2.3.3b] Am I right in assuming that I probably shouldn't be driving it around too much, until I get it fixed? Costs? Any other advice? Thanks.
  22. Hi all, I have a 2011 Ford Focus 1.6 titanium. Earlier on I was driving and I noticed when I turned into a corner that the power steering cut off half way through the corner, I straightened up and it seemed to sort itself. I stopped to check and could see nothing wrong with the wheels and there was no fluid leeking. I got back in the car and everything seemed okay, about two miles down the road, the power steering went completely. This was followed by all the elctrics cutting out apart from the backlit dash, the needles all fell to 0 and all the warning lights came on. I parked up and switched the ignition off. I went and had another look and could see nothing wrong. I jumped back into the car and tried to start it but to no avail, It wouldn't start. I got a jump start and the car started fine and all the warning lights were off. I drove a further 7 miles with no faults. When I arrived at work I check the voltage to the battery, when the engine was off it was reading 12.5v, when idling it was reading 15v and when revving it read the same (this seems rather high). The car then sat for around 7 hours. I went back out to drive home expecting that the alternator was the cause of my problems but It started fine and I drove home, 16 miles with no problems atall. Anyone have any clue what could be the problem?? I've been looking for someone with similar problems and I have found alot of people having problems with the regulator, However, I recon that i'm just looking for anything to be faulty at this stage. Thanks, Hunter
  23. Hi all, I'm new to the forum as a poster but have been reading threads here since I bought my Mk2 Focus 1.8TDCi (2005) almost 2 years ago. I've been reading a range of threads here with regards to the issues I've been having with my Focus and I just wanted to throw a theory out to you all to see if it makes sense. The issues I am having are as follows: 1) From pretty much the start of owning my Focus I have issues with respect to steering wobble when driving at speeds of 50+ mph. Instant recommendation: your wheel balance needs checked. I've had this done countless times but it is only a short term fix. 2) When braking from speeds of 40+ mph I get varying degrees of wobble in my steering wheel. I should point out that there is nothing felt through the brake pedal, only the steering wheel. When I first encountered this problem it was pointed out to me by my mechanic that it was likely warped brake discs, and that I should replace the discs and pads. Again, the standard recommendation it would seem from looking at posts here. And again, this solved the problem short term, but it has since come back. For quite some time I have been dealing with these issues and when a tyre garage realises that balancing my wheels isn't solving anything they instantly suggest warped discs. 3) More recently my car started making a lot of noise when driving at higher speeds. It turned out to be my front wheel bearings needing replaced. It was discovered when this was being diagnosed that my front two wheels were both buckled. The connection was made that the buckled wheels had produced increase wear on my bearings causing them to go. At this point I replaced the bearings and got a new set of wheels. At this point I was back to minor steering wobble at higher speeds and steering wheel wobble under braking with varying degrees of intensity. Foolishly I will admit, I have ignored this issue as I appeared to be getting nowhere. Just this week I replaced my two front tyres, as well as putting one of the old front tyres on my rear right wheel. When driving at 60mph after this I noticed an additional wobble on top of the one I have been experiencing for the majority of the time I have owned the car. It felt like it was coming from the rear right wheel where the front tyre had been moved to. I decided to take the car back to the garage that fitted the tyres to ensure that they had balanced the wheels correctly. At this point they informed me that my wheels were once again buckled. Another set of wheels buckled, in under a year!? I should point out that in my memory I have never hit any potholes. I treat my car like the old lady that she is, drive carefully over speedhumps and all the rest. So I have been researching trying to see if all my issues are interlinked. Up until now it has been a case of if something is showing an issue, replace that part and all will be fine. No one seems to dig deeper to see what the real root cause may be instead of throwing on some sticky plasters and I'll be back in 6 months for new parts again. So my theory is this: could it be possible that my wobbling under braking is caused by the likes of a sticking brake calliper? If this was the case it would be producing a build up of heat, and putting extra strain on the bearings and wheel, causing the bearings to wear down quicker and make the wheels buckle over time? If not does anyone have a reasonable reason why all this is happening? I would be more than happy spending the money on my car to fix it, as long as it is money spent in the right places. Thanks in advance.
  24. I have a 2002 KA and recently it has started to make a clunking noise when turning corners, usually sharper corners being taken at a slow speed. It seems to happen more when pulling up hill. Have had a google and not found anything. Seen a lot of posts with replies saying about the drive shaft but all looks fine and i am lead to think its not this as the noise is not there all the time. Is this a common problem? If anyone has any suggestions or advice I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance :)
  25. Picked up a 2014 Zetec S last week, incredible car and I am very happy with it. My old man moves the cars in the morning to get his off the drive. When I jumped into the car and tried to start it friday morning, the key wouldnt turn, so i wiggled the steering wheel very gently and viola, the key turned and the engine started. Whilst driving that morning I noticed that the steering is not as direct as it used to be and it is slightly loose and off center to the left. Does anybody know what this could be? I've read about broken ignition housings, steering wheel bolts and bent steering columns. It's only really a minor thing but it's driving me absolutely crazy! Somebody please help! I'm taking it into a garage tomorrow to get looked at, i'm hoping taking the steering wheel off may reveal a cracked plastic coupling or something? Cheers, Jon.