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  1. Dear All! First of all, thanks for your time reading my first post! I've been searching for in the web for a solution of the following issue. For this, I think it will be better to tell all the history and procedures I made. 1 - I had a 2010 Focus Mk 2,5 Ghia equipped with the Visteon c307 radio. I've used the bluetooth audio to listen music for a while, with no problem. The quality and volume loudness was similar to USB, Radio and CD functions. I was using a Motorola XT1097 to play songs. 2 - Now I have a 2011 Focus Mk2,5 Ghia. Equipped the same stereo. At my first BT connection, the volume was terrible. I was using it on 15 to reproduce similar to 7 on USB. I've downloaded an app to the celphone (Bluetooth Volume) and the problem have been fixed. Although, the volume is the same with other mobiles. 3 - I've broken my phone and bought a new one, same model and Android version. Now, neither the app is working to fix it. I've also tried with an old Nokia phone and a New Iphone 6, none of then presented a satisfactory volume level. 4 - I've updated my bluetooth firmware to 3.30-5, nothing happened to improve it. 5 - Also, my stereo sometimes initiate the voice control by itself and bug the face buttons if I use the steering wheel control. 6 - Using volume booster apps, I have noticed that the sound receive the music loud, and holds the volume. Seem to be a "no clip" function. I have already tried to disable it on the Menu, but it didn't make any difference. Also, changed the EQ, it was properly setted to User. Do you guys have any idea to fix the volume? Thanks in advance and best regards!
  2. Fiesta Mk7 Firmware Update

    Evening all, Apologies if this has already been covered, can't seem to find the answer I'm looking for. Does anyone know where the firmware updates for the Mk7 head units can be found? All the links online seem to be dead. Is it still possible to find the updates to update the firmware via USB? The bluetooth audio in my ZS is a bit patchy when streaming music from an iPhone running the latest iOS. Cheers.
  3. Ford 6000 Cd Rear Speakers Are Quiet

    Hello, I observed that the rear speakers are not working in my car. After a while, I have read the documentation of the ford 6000 cd stereo, and by pressing 3 and 6 simultaneously a surround speaker test can be made. At first only the from speakers were working, but after a few tries I observed that the rear speakers are working in fact, but are very very VERY quiet. I have read the user manual and instructions of the stereo in order to set it up, but I did not find any setup or settings issues. Any other ideas what could cause this, before I will take it to a service and pay to much for to less? Any ideas are welcome, be it software or hardware tips. Thank you in advance Ford drivers community!
  4. Hi all, My friend has a Ford Focus ST 2007 plate, I am currently trying to connect his phone to his Sony Stereo is Is the Sony 6CD 132 I have attached a picture for clarity. Anyway I am trying to connect his phone via Bluetooth. I can find it on the phone as Ford Audio but when I try to connect it says connection unsuccessful. Also there are currently 3 phones connected from previous owners which I can't figure out how to delete. If anyone has this stereo and has successfully connected their phone or knows how to connect it then I would be extremely grateful if you could help me! Thanks Billy
  5. Hi There I recently purchased a Sony DAB unit on eBay with the intention of upgrading my existing standard stereo. The Sony came off a 2012 fiesta as well so I figured it would be a straight swap (excluding the DAB aerial of course), oh how wrong was I! turns out the Sony unit has an extra 26 pin connector at the back as well as the additional aerial connector (see pic). It also doesn't have the usb plug the standard stereo has (though I'm not really fussed about that as I'm not gong to be using it). So what I want to know is, what is this extra 26pin socket for? can I still use the newer stereo without it? is there some kind of funky franken-connector I need to make in order to get it to work? Or should I sack it off, sell the unit on eBay and find another solution? Some help on this would be greatly appreciated. I've seen similar threads on this before but the other stereo involved was different from my standard one and so the solution doesn't seem to be the same
  6. How To Connect Phone To Ford 6000cd

    Hello, I recently bought a 2008 Ford Focus, and I have some issues with the stereo. Firstly, I would like to ask you guys how to connect the phone to the car (since there are 2 buttons on the stereo, dial and end conversation). Also, currently it has a jack line in aux, is it possible to install a usb one for this type of stereo? Thank you in advance for the help! The stereo is a 6000cd
  7. Mk3 Stereo Upgrade To Sony

    Sure this has potentially been asked a few times,, but here we go! I currently own a MK3 53 reg Zetec s mondeo (facelift) with the 6000 stereo as standard.. Have purchased the Sony 6cd changer that was bought from a 2005 ST It all plugs in, works perfect with AUX, steering wheel controls etc, but it does not want to fit inside the dash, the face of the stereo sits a lot more of a slant compared the the standard Does anyone know the solution to making this sit inside the dash? Many thanks in advance Matthew
  8. Sony 6000Cd Upgrade

    I'm new to the site and need some info! I've just got a 2010 focus estate fitted with a Sony 6000cd stereo. been trawling the net trying to find a possible replacement stereo with a usb port and came across the ford music box usb cable. Has anyone had one fitted and what's the audio quality like?? also does anyone know of a stereo with a usb port the same shape as the 6000cd that would be a direct replacement and still have all the steering wheel controls/voice activation?? has the DAB version got a usb and could it be a replacement?? I don't really want to go to the hassle of replacing the whole facia ect... Any info would be a great help!!!
  9. Hi everyone. I am after a bit of advice and help. I have a Ford Focus with the Sony stereo (image attached). When I first brought the car I pressed the phone button and it came up with audio muted. I took the glove box out and disconnedted the Nokia bluetooth wire from the box and plugged it back in, all worked well, or so I thought. When I turn the bluetooth off on the car or my iphone and then the next day try and connect the two I get the audio muted message again. I then have to reset the bluetooth to connect again. Can anyone help me with this? I obviously don't want to disconnect the bluetooth every time I want to use it. Thanks in advance for helping me out guys.
  10. Hi all, I am 17 and just got my first car, a 2006 fiesta zetec with a CD6000 stereo with the AUX button, but no place to plug in the aux. Being able to play music on my android phone is an absolute must for me, so have been doing a bit of research as to what I could do and would really appreciate some help. One option is to buy an AUX adapter kit ( with AUX out, however have read a lot of bad reviews about this as apparently the connection is extremely poor and audio stops playing after every bump. If this is not the case then let me know. Another option is to buy a simple adapter which gives AUX in ( but dont like the idea of it just coming out of some vent, but would consider this if it is the only viable option. The speakers and standard stereo seem okay to me, but I could follow a couple more options: I could buy a new stereo with an aux but I wouldn't want to spend too much money (max around £50)I could buy a new stereo and new speakers as I might as well buy new speakers with the stereo (max around £100Any help/info would be greatly appreciated. (sorry if the links do not work) Cheers, Tim
  11. Hi guys, was wondering if anyone could help. I've got an 09 58 plate Mk7 Zetec, which came with the low level bluetooth functionality, but no USB, just an aux input. I've had the car from brand new and the stereo with bluetooth worked fine for the first 3 and a half years. Then I noticed that when listening to my iPod on the aux, the stereo would mute unexpectedly. I found when I switched the head unit off and back on again, it would come good. I eventually realised that when the aux input wasn't working, the bluetooth wouldn't work either. pressing either the aux button or the phone button would do nothing, although the CD and radio continued to function as normal. Then one day, the aux and bluetooth stopped working altogether. I did some reading and found the unit (it's a Nokia). I re-seated the cables and disconnected the battery to no avail. I gather from some other posts I've seen that the Nokia units were prone to failure. Then I discovered that my battery was flattening. I'd not drive it for 3 days and it wouldn't even turn over. I gather that the Nokia unit was still drawing current from the battery even when the ignition was switched off. I've since disconnected the unit altogether (which seemed to solve the battery issue), and had kind of forgotten about it, but was wondering if anyone else had experienced this, and knew of a way to fix the unit, update its firmware, or am I going to have to spend a load of money on a new unit? Sorry for the rambling first post, but I'm keen to fix it myself if I can? Many thanks in advance, Stewart.
  12. Hi I am new to this group I hope someone can help! I have a ford fiesta 2006 and Im ashamed to say in the past it has taken some neglect. This is my current stereo. I am wanting to replace the horrible old glue parts ? It is also on the side OF the stereo surround by the passenger side I am not very good at cars so I am wanting a inexpensive way just to give my car a bit of love and a new lease of life! can any one help me please? Kitty
  13. Hi I have a 53 plate ford focus zetec and I want to change the 6000cd stereo that is currently installed. I bought a fixing kit of ebay that came with a wiring harness but the end that is supposed to fit to the original ford wires do not fit. I went to Halfords to see if they could help and they sold me some wires and again these did not fit. so I was wondering if anybody on here could help me find the wires I need for my focus stereo. I have attached pics of the 3 wires that came out of the original stereo thanks
  14. Hi all, I recently bought a Double Din stereo with built in GPS etc for my Fiesta MK6. All is great at the minute except the fact that I don't have any maps for the car's navigation system. The radio itself doesn't have any make, or at least I cant see one, so i can't go to a manufacturers website to download any. I'm assuming it can use any maps I install onto the MicroSD card but I don't want to chance it without any advice from anyone who's been in the same situation. Can I use any maps on the system? If so are there any websites that you guys can recommend? Thanks!
  15. Stereo Defaulting To Radio

    I have a focus ecoboost 2012 model, with the standard radio (not marked as Sony). I currently have an ipod plugged into it, and this is what I listen to 95% of the time. When I turn on the stereo, it starts where I left off, on the ipod (aux) - but then after a few seconds it ALWAYS switches to the radio - then I have to click the aux button to get back. Does anyone know why it is doing this and how I can stop it. I have read the book and fiddles with lots of different settings - with no luck. I just want the stereo to be on whatever it was when I last turned it off, and stay there. Thanks James
  16. Hi, I'm new to this forum and am after some help with my new car. I have just bought a 2011 Ford focus Titanium. I'm having issues with the stereo. At first all was good and I added my iPhone to the bluetooth menu and everything seemed to be going ok until the other night. I got into the car and it started to search for my phone. I realised I had turned the bluetooth function off on my iPhone so turned it back on and waited for it to pair. Since then all I seem to get is 'Unknown caller' come up which takes over everything on the stereo and there doesn't seem to be anything I can do?? I read a load of forums and they said that this is an ios issue on my phone, which although I find hard to believe I will upgrade and try. It also said to debond the phones, which I have done and also to take the fuse out, which I have also done. None of this seems to have worked. I can now use the radio, although I can't see what radio station I am selecting, but it still has the 'Unknown caller' over the comp screen?? Can anyone recommend anything to help me with this? Regards Joe
  17. Hi there guys, I was wondering if you knew if this is possible at all; I have a 2009 Fiesta and it has the center console that lacks the 4 buttons at the bottom, which i think control making some choices navigating through the display above it. Do you know if I can replace this thing with the more up to date Ford version which has the black shiny plastic, with those 4 buttons im missing and has bluetooth etc? Not sure how better to describe that, but I hope you know what i mean! I've no idea what would be involved and/or what parts I would need to do this but it would be nice to know if you think this would be possible, and how much of it would be swap in swap out? Thanks very much, Steve
  18. Sony Stereo - Usb

    Hi all, So at the moment I have the dreadful Ford 6000CD unit, in my Mk2.5 Focus. However, I have heard that some OEM Sony stereos contain USB functionality. How easy is it to replace the original stereo with a Sony unit, and use the USB functionality? Is there like a USB port on the back of the unit, which can simply be extended with a cable? Or will it require a much more complicated install, with the need to modify lots of wiring looms? Cheers.
  19. Ford Music Box Usb Port?

    Hi guys, I recently bought this: CD DVD Players Radio USB interface modification Panel For Ford Focus 05-08 B | eBay purely for the aux point. Just so i didn't have hanging wires all up around in the car. For the radio model I have (6000CD) I knew the usb wouldn't work... but not a problem for me. I fitted it no problem and it looks and works very well. However, after a little more sleuthing, I came across the ford music box. Which lets you have a USB port. It may be a little farfetched, but would it be possible to get a music box with the male usb port, get a converter (f usb to f mini usb) and plug it into this new piece i have on my dash? (link above) Also, does anything know if the usb on the music box is powered? If it is, then not only would i be able to charge my phone/ipod I would also be able to listen to music straight off a usb. I understand this is slightly ridiculous, but I imagine someone on here will know. Any help/further knowledge will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  20. I own a focus 2005 with a stereo like this one: I got one of my low front door speakers broken and decided to change the head unit along with the speakers as it is really rubbish. I'm new in Germany and I can't find any local kits for fitting the aftermarket units. I want to install Hifonics TS-572 Titan speakers And Blaupunkt Melbourne 120 For a cheap alternative as I don't plan on keeping the car for much longer. I would like to only use an SD card and USB stick for mp3 songs input without any extra buttons and a fair sound. Where's a good place to get the kit I need to fit this headunit in the EU? I need the keys, wiring adaptors, fuscia adaptor to DIN1 (with a tray), radio adaptor and steering wheel wiring adaptor and anything else I might have missed. Is the combo I chose is recomended for the price level or are there better alternatives? Thanks :-)
  21. Hi, just recently upgraded from my 04 Focus to a 61 Focus and so far am impressed. I have one question about the stereo though. It works fine however if I'm on my own and turn the engine off the stereo stays on, even if I get out and lock the car. If I have a passenger and we park up and turn the ignition off and they open the passenger side door, the stereo goes off... Is this right? Should the stereo go off if either door is opened with ignition off? I've looked in the settings and consulted the manual, to no avail... Anyone know where its going wrong? Cheers Neil
  22. Music From Usb

    Hi people, I'm new to this forum as I only picked up my new Fiesta 4 days ago! Still got the new car smell :D Having an issue with the connectivity of a USB memory stick as use for music. I currently have a 4GB Sandisk drive and when I plug it in it does not always pick it up properly, the screen will say unknown track and artist and fails to play anything. When it does work it has on occasion cut out half way through a track. Just wondering if anyone has experienced a similar issue? Other than this can not complain at the car fantastic drive! Hope someone can help! Alex
  23. 07 St - Squeaky Stereo?

    Hi, Picked up my new (well, new to me) 2007 Fiesta ST150 on Friday. Everything on it is great, very fast and lots of fun; however; the stereo head unit (the standard one, no aftermarket kit on it) makes a sort of squeaking noise when you're driving at low revs; so i suppose it's vibration related. Does anyone else have a similar problem, or know what I might do to curb this annoying squeaking (besides ramping up the volume :)) Thanks
  24. Switching Stereo

    Hey guys i recently bought a ford fiesta 2013 St-2 Stereo and was wondering if it would fit in my 2010 TDCI fiesta?
  25. Hello Peeps, Just wondered if i could "drain the brain" of somebody on this site with a lot more knowledge than myself :-) I have just replaced my injectors (2005 Mondeo 2.2 Ghia) coded them in thanks to my new Fordiag purchase (happy chappie) and then flattened my battery getting it to start!! Re charged battery and it went like a dream. Got the code from e bay £2 for my Sony CDX-132 stereo, put it in, all lit up . . . but no sound at all. Put on full blast, but not a whisper. Have been Googling every Night when returning from work . . . but can't seem to find any info :-( Spoke to Sony for help/manual, and they said "we just sell them to Ford, speak to them". Spoke to a Ford main dealer . . . and YES, they said "you need to speak with Sony??!!!) Basically wondered if there was a fuse of some description for the amp or the speakers? If needs be i will just take it apart and see what wonders are inside. Have tried CD and it goes through all the motions fine, it just doesn't give me any music. I have checked connector on the back, and that seems solid/OK and i didn't pull it that far out anyway. If anyone has been here before, i would apprecaite any knowledge gained ;-) My thanks in advance. Cracking site by the way, spent a couple of Hours just reading through loads of other stuff before i got around to putting my bit on :-) Cheers Bob.