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  1. Dear All! First of all, thanks for your time reading my first post! I've been searching for in the web for a solution of the following issue. For this, I think it will be better to tell all the history and procedures I made. 1 - I had a 2010 Focus Mk 2,5 Ghia equipped with the Visteon c307 radio. I've used the bluetooth audio to listen music for a while, with no problem. The quality and volume loudness was similar to USB, Radio and CD functions. I was using a Motorola XT1097 to play songs. 2 - Now I have a 2011 Focus Mk2,5 Ghia. Equipped the same stereo. At my first BT connection, the volume was terrible. I was using it on 15 to reproduce similar to 7 on USB. I've downloaded an app to the celphone (Bluetooth Volume) and the problem have been fixed. Although, the volume is the same with other mobiles. 3 - I've broken my phone and bought a new one, same model and Android version. Now, neither the app is working to fix it. I've also tried with an old Nokia phone and a New Iphone 6, none of then presented a satisfactory volume level. 4 - I've updated my bluetooth firmware to 3.30-5, nothing happened to improve it. 5 - Also, my stereo sometimes initiate the voice control by itself and bug the face buttons if I use the steering wheel control. 6 - Using volume booster apps, I have noticed that the sound receive the music loud, and holds the volume. Seem to be a "no clip" function. I have already tried to disable it on the Menu, but it didn't make any difference. Also, changed the EQ, it was properly setted to User. Do you guys have any idea to fix the volume? Thanks in advance and best regards!
  2. Hi, Looking to remove my rear bumper and struggling a little. Found loads of info for the Mk2 but none for the facelift! Has anyone removed it from the facelift model and if so please help! :)
  3. Fiesta Mk7 Firmware Update

    Evening all, Apologies if this has already been covered, can't seem to find the answer I'm looking for. Does anyone know where the firmware updates for the Mk7 head units can be found? All the links online seem to be dead. Is it still possible to find the updates to update the firmware via USB? The bluetooth audio in my ZS is a bit patchy when streaming music from an iPhone running the latest iOS. Cheers.
  4. Hi all, I 100% recommend if fitting an EGR Blanking plate; that you fit a stainless steel one, Alluminum plates break through over time with terrible results. Stainless steel blanking plates are top job a fit and forget item. Here is a reliable supplier of stainless steel laser cut egr blanking plates. This guide is now available to download in pdf format making it eaier to print or share, See link to download: Tools Required: 16mm Socket 5/16 Socket 8mm Socket 13/32 Socket (only if engine cover fitted) T30 Torx screw driver T20 Torx screw driver Time to fit : 02:15 from start to finish, perhaps quicker if you were not stopping to take pictures or search for the required tools since you guys now have a list lol The next step is extremly difficult if you don't know how, But its very simple once you know how; and you will know how to After you watch this short video from dodge, all wiper arms remove the same way and this dodge wiper removal video video explains it best. . Clips removal using flat screwdriver to slide from panel. Once unclipped; Lift the panel free from place and store in a safe place until returning to the car. Next step is to remove the panel beneath also remove the brake fluid resivour from this panel and ensure to place it in an upright position in the engine bay until returning to the panel. Store all screws in a cup and place it somewhere safe until returning to the car. When screws are removed from the panel; Lift upwards on the front and gently pull backwards to release from the clips that grip it at the rear: when removed: Store in a safe place until replacing on the car Now all of these panels are removed, you can gain comfortable access to the rear of the engine, Your next question may be "where is the EGR Valve located?" Here are 3 images taken from the front engine bay and leading you to the rear right side of the 1.6TDCi / 1.6HDi engine where the EGR valve joins to the block. This round headed barcoded electonic valve is THE EGR!! This cylinder in the image below is the egr valve cooler, Helps to cool the exhaust gases that are being sent to the valve for re-entry to the combustion chamber. Now to fit the EGR blanking plate; You first need to loosten the nut on the EGR Cooler tank Followed by loosening the two extreemly long EGR Valve bolts. Once the nut on the "EGR Cooler" And The 2 bolts on the "EGR Valve" have been made loose you can gently pull the EGR Valve from the engine block, This is a case of trial pulling Followed by further loosening of the nut/bolts until you have enough space to slide in the plate. See in the image below this text: The gap beginning to appear when gently pulling on the EGR valve after loosening Their is a gasket seal on between the engine block and egr valve flange, I kept the gasket on the engine block side; when inserting the blanking plate, So the gasket now seals the engine block to the egr blanking plate, This is best for a good seal. Now to slide in the blanking plate from the right side of the engine In to the left. Very easy, Just hook on to the top bolt And Let the blanking plate swing down; it will hook in to the lower bolt itself. Just push firmly to the left to ensure it is centre in the valve, Also ensure the gasket seal is between the engine block and the blanking plate. Prior to tightening the 2 bolts on the EGR valve back up Followed by the nut on the egr cooler. Here is the blanking plate fitted: Now to replace the panels Ensure the seals are free from dirt Also check the top panel under the windscreen, It has a C shaped end that fits the bottom of the windscreen in to the panel for a tight seal. .. All back togeather You will notice boost comes a lot quicker and increased torque lower down in the rev range, Exhaust noise is a little louder (just a little) Engine idle is quieter Exhaust smoke doesn't exist Your induction system now takes in clean air only No carbon in your induction Less engine oil contamination All of the above are from my personal experience since fitting, Other things such as increased MPG have yet to be saw but I'll keep you all updated. Great surprise with the reduced lag in 1st and 2nd Gear though. Well worth every penny and more! By far the best modification on the car to date. Diesel Engines with an active or once active EGR Valve suffer heavily from carbon deposits contaminating the engine oil, These carbon deposits operate much like cholesterol in the human body gathering in the arteries of the heart; These carbon deposits mix with the oil and turn to sludge which slowly gathers in the turbo oil feed pipe, Eventually leading to oil starvation in the turbo causing instant turbo failure. I've used Wynn's engine flush before and once recommended it, however wynn's formula is a bit too abrasive which strips everything from the engine internals leading to risk of scribing and minute cavitations the product leaves nothing behind only your next fill of oil to protect internals. The best product on the market to flush out the carbon and other harmful deposits from your engine is from a company called Xado, They manufacture an organic based engine flush product which also has some revitalizant: Forms an anti-wear coating on friction parts immediately during oil system flushing Creates reserve of anti-wear protection properties, prevents possible defects on friction surfaces during further engine operation. Link: This bottle gets poured in to the existing engine oil when the engine has been brought up to operating temperature. You can then drive for a distance up to 20km/15miles prior to draining the oil. This makes Total Flush from Xado an ideal product for those of us whom don't carry out oil changes ourselves, Simply pour the bottle in to the engine prior to leaving your car in to the garage for a service gives great peace of mind and protection. I've used this product a few times now myself on my 1.6TDCi engine, I've noticed the engine idles quieter and drives smoother its definitely worth purchasing as part of the routine service on your vehicle.
  5. Ford 6000 Cd Rear Speakers Are Quiet

    Hello, I observed that the rear speakers are not working in my car. After a while, I have read the documentation of the ford 6000 cd stereo, and by pressing 3 and 6 simultaneously a surround speaker test can be made. At first only the from speakers were working, but after a few tries I observed that the rear speakers are working in fact, but are very very VERY quiet. I have read the user manual and instructions of the stereo in order to set it up, but I did not find any setup or settings issues. Any other ideas what could cause this, before I will take it to a service and pay to much for to less? Any ideas are welcome, be it software or hardware tips. Thank you in advance Ford drivers community!
  6. Hi guys, I'm looking at removing my grills on my 2013 focus to spray them, I know how to remove my lower ones but I'm just a bit stuck on removing the upper (the one with the badge on). Just wondering if anyone has ever done this before and could help?? Cheers
  7. Hi all, My friend has a Ford Focus ST 2007 plate, I am currently trying to connect his phone to his Sony Stereo is Is the Sony 6CD 132 I have attached a picture for clarity. Anyway I am trying to connect his phone via Bluetooth. I can find it on the phone as Ford Audio but when I try to connect it says connection unsuccessful. Also there are currently 3 phones connected from previous owners which I can't figure out how to delete. If anyone has this stereo and has successfully connected their phone or knows how to connect it then I would be extremely grateful if you could help me! Thanks Billy
  8. right I picked up my red edition last week and have brought some heko wind deflectors! I do want to put them on the car but have yet to do so, mainly because when I come to get a new car I will remove them, so Im asking if anyone knows how hard they are to remove and will they damage the window seal when you do remove them? Don't want to put them on and then struggle to get them off when the time comes
  9. Hi, New to the fiesta hype. started with a few little mods, deflectors,spoiler,miltek exhaust etc etc. purchased a 's' badge for the front radiator badge grille. i can see its held on by 3 clips at the top which are easy to remove. but the bottom 2 I'm struggling with. can anyone help. they are attached to the bumper. Thanks sam.
  10. Hi There I recently purchased a Sony DAB unit on eBay with the intention of upgrading my existing standard stereo. The Sony came off a 2012 fiesta as well so I figured it would be a straight swap (excluding the DAB aerial of course), oh how wrong was I! turns out the Sony unit has an extra 26 pin connector at the back as well as the additional aerial connector (see pic). It also doesn't have the usb plug the standard stereo has (though I'm not really fussed about that as I'm not gong to be using it). So what I want to know is, what is this extra 26pin socket for? can I still use the newer stereo without it? is there some kind of funky franken-connector I need to make in order to get it to work? Or should I sack it off, sell the unit on eBay and find another solution? Some help on this would be greatly appreciated. I've seen similar threads on this before but the other stereo involved was different from my standard one and so the solution doesn't seem to be the same
  11. How To Connect Phone To Ford 6000cd

    Hello, I recently bought a 2008 Ford Focus, and I have some issues with the stereo. Firstly, I would like to ask you guys how to connect the phone to the car (since there are 2 buttons on the stereo, dial and end conversation). Also, currently it has a jack line in aux, is it possible to install a usb one for this type of stereo? Thank you in advance for the help! The stereo is a 6000cd
  12. Mk3 Stereo Upgrade To Sony

    Sure this has potentially been asked a few times,, but here we go! I currently own a MK3 53 reg Zetec s mondeo (facelift) with the 6000 stereo as standard.. Have purchased the Sony 6cd changer that was bought from a 2005 ST It all plugs in, works perfect with AUX, steering wheel controls etc, but it does not want to fit inside the dash, the face of the stereo sits a lot more of a slant compared the the standard Does anyone know the solution to making this sit inside the dash? Many thanks in advance Matthew
  13. Sony 6000Cd Upgrade

    I'm new to the site and need some info! I've just got a 2010 focus estate fitted with a Sony 6000cd stereo. been trawling the net trying to find a possible replacement stereo with a usb port and came across the ford music box usb cable. Has anyone had one fitted and what's the audio quality like?? also does anyone know of a stereo with a usb port the same shape as the 6000cd that would be a direct replacement and still have all the steering wheel controls/voice activation?? has the DAB version got a usb and could it be a replacement?? I don't really want to go to the hassle of replacing the whole facia ect... Any info would be a great help!!!
  14. Hi everyone. I am after a bit of advice and help. I have a Ford Focus with the Sony stereo (image attached). When I first brought the car I pressed the phone button and it came up with audio muted. I took the glove box out and disconnedted the Nokia bluetooth wire from the box and plugged it back in, all worked well, or so I thought. When I turn the bluetooth off on the car or my iphone and then the next day try and connect the two I get the audio muted message again. I then have to reset the bluetooth to connect again. Can anyone help me with this? I obviously don't want to disconnect the bluetooth every time I want to use it. Thanks in advance for helping me out guys.
  15. Footwell Lights?

    may be a stupid question, but how do i get the bulb out of the footwell lights on a mk7.5 fiesta titanium? Easy enough to twist them out of the holders but how do i actually get the bulb out? Want to change them, cheers for any help
  16. I rather stupidly tried to remove the radio using a coat hanger rather than waiting for the actual keys. Part of the coat hanger has now broken and is stuck inside one of the holes. What do I do?
  17. Hi all, I am 17 and just got my first car, a 2006 fiesta zetec with a CD6000 stereo with the AUX button, but no place to plug in the aux. Being able to play music on my android phone is an absolute must for me, so have been doing a bit of research as to what I could do and would really appreciate some help. One option is to buy an AUX adapter kit ( with AUX out, however have read a lot of bad reviews about this as apparently the connection is extremely poor and audio stops playing after every bump. If this is not the case then let me know. Another option is to buy a simple adapter which gives AUX in ( but dont like the idea of it just coming out of some vent, but would consider this if it is the only viable option. The speakers and standard stereo seem okay to me, but I could follow a couple more options: I could buy a new stereo with an aux but I wouldn't want to spend too much money (max around £50)I could buy a new stereo and new speakers as I might as well buy new speakers with the stereo (max around £100Any help/info would be greatly appreciated. (sorry if the links do not work) Cheers, Tim
  18. Hi guys, was wondering if anyone could help. I've got an 09 58 plate Mk7 Zetec, which came with the low level bluetooth functionality, but no USB, just an aux input. I've had the car from brand new and the stereo with bluetooth worked fine for the first 3 and a half years. Then I noticed that when listening to my iPod on the aux, the stereo would mute unexpectedly. I found when I switched the head unit off and back on again, it would come good. I eventually realised that when the aux input wasn't working, the bluetooth wouldn't work either. pressing either the aux button or the phone button would do nothing, although the CD and radio continued to function as normal. Then one day, the aux and bluetooth stopped working altogether. I did some reading and found the unit (it's a Nokia). I re-seated the cables and disconnected the battery to no avail. I gather from some other posts I've seen that the Nokia units were prone to failure. Then I discovered that my battery was flattening. I'd not drive it for 3 days and it wouldn't even turn over. I gather that the Nokia unit was still drawing current from the battery even when the ignition was switched off. I've since disconnected the unit altogether (which seemed to solve the battery issue), and had kind of forgotten about it, but was wondering if anyone else had experienced this, and knew of a way to fix the unit, update its firmware, or am I going to have to spend a load of money on a new unit? Sorry for the rambling first post, but I'm keen to fix it myself if I can? Many thanks in advance, Stewart.
  19. Hi I am new to this group I hope someone can help! I have a ford fiesta 2006 and Im ashamed to say in the past it has taken some neglect. This is my current stereo. I am wanting to replace the horrible old glue parts ? It is also on the side OF the stereo surround by the passenger side I am not very good at cars so I am wanting a inexpensive way just to give my car a bit of love and a new lease of life! can any one help me please? Kitty
  20. Hi I have a 53 plate ford focus zetec and I want to change the 6000cd stereo that is currently installed. I bought a fixing kit of ebay that came with a wiring harness but the end that is supposed to fit to the original ford wires do not fit. I went to Halfords to see if they could help and they sold me some wires and again these did not fit. so I was wondering if anybody on here could help me find the wires I need for my focus stereo. I have attached pics of the 3 wires that came out of the original stereo thanks
  21. Hi, I would like to know what is required to remove the airbag from the steering wheel on the mk2 ka? I need to fit a new indicator stalk. Help would be much appreciated.
  22. Hi all, I trusted the wife to take my trusty Focus to have a tyre replaced due to a slow puncture. My usual (trusted) garage was too busy so she took it to a local independent "tyre place" they managed to strip the inside of the key so couldn't remove the nut. They swore blind they had the key on straight etc but my wife had her doubts. Anyway they wanted £60 to remove the locking nuts & replace them & the locking key with Ford supplied parts. I called them & asked how much to replace the locking nuts with standard nuts & was told it was still £60 as they had to get them from Ford. I told them to "F*ck off" as standard wheel nuts come in "standard" sizes. On a previous car I removed a locking nut using the methods shown on youtube e.g. slightly undersized socket, bash it on & away you go. This option does seem to be viable for my Focus as the locking nut appears to have a collar round it, I also can't get a standard socket over it due to there only being a tiny gap between the nut collar & the wheel itself. Has anyone successfully managed to remove one of these type successfully? If so how? (Do I need to chisel off the collar & I'll then have room/access to the nut itself) I though it best to ask for advice before taking a 4lb lump hammer & a cold chisel to it, lol) I've attached a couple of pictures to try & show it a little better. One is a fleabay pic of the same type of locking nut & the other is a pic of my issue with a lack of clearance/room between the collar & the wheel itself All sensible suggestions are welcome! :D
  23. Hi all, I recently bought a Double Din stereo with built in GPS etc for my Fiesta MK6. All is great at the minute except the fact that I don't have any maps for the car's navigation system. The radio itself doesn't have any make, or at least I cant see one, so i can't go to a manufacturers website to download any. I'm assuming it can use any maps I install onto the MicroSD card but I don't want to chance it without any advice from anyone who's been in the same situation. Can I use any maps on the system? If so are there any websites that you guys can recommend? Thanks!
  24. Stereo Defaulting To Radio

    I have a focus ecoboost 2012 model, with the standard radio (not marked as Sony). I currently have an ipod plugged into it, and this is what I listen to 95% of the time. When I turn on the stereo, it starts where I left off, on the ipod (aux) - but then after a few seconds it ALWAYS switches to the radio - then I have to click the aux button to get back. Does anyone know why it is doing this and how I can stop it. I have read the book and fiddles with lots of different settings - with no luck. I just want the stereo to be on whatever it was when I last turned it off, and stay there. Thanks James
  25. Hi, I'm new to this forum and am after some help with my new car. I have just bought a 2011 Ford focus Titanium. I'm having issues with the stereo. At first all was good and I added my iPhone to the bluetooth menu and everything seemed to be going ok until the other night. I got into the car and it started to search for my phone. I realised I had turned the bluetooth function off on my iPhone so turned it back on and waited for it to pair. Since then all I seem to get is 'Unknown caller' come up which takes over everything on the stereo and there doesn't seem to be anything I can do?? I read a load of forums and they said that this is an ios issue on my phone, which although I find hard to believe I will upgrade and try. It also said to debond the phones, which I have done and also to take the fuse out, which I have also done. None of this seems to have worked. I can now use the radio, although I can't see what radio station I am selecting, but it still has the 'Unknown caller' over the comp screen?? Can anyone recommend anything to help me with this? Regards Joe