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  1. My 2013 ford fiesta 1L ecoboost's start stop isnt working, the button to turn it on and off just stays illuminated when pressed, you can turn the light off when the ignition is on but as soon as you start the car the light comes on and you cannot turn the light off, and therefor the start stop isnt working.  any advice  thanks  
  2. engine system fault

    Hi all   i hope someone can help. i have a Ford C-Max, 2007 reg, 1.6 petrol engine. today the car has come up with a fault "engine system fault", then says "speed limited mode", and a red light is on. can anyone shed any light onto this please? from what I've read elsewhere this problem is quite serious and never seems to go away! need advice and help please.   thanks. 
  3. Hi all I've got a 56 plate Fiesta Zetec and there seems to be a problem with the Dash Computer, the one in between the Rev Count and Speedometer that displays the mileage and outside temp along with average fuel consumption etc.. Basically I was driving home this evening and noticed the display has almost faded completely! Its still lit up green (when the light are on) but the actual numbers and display you can barely see at all. Anyone have any idea what the problem could be? Thanks in advance!
  4. Stop Start Not Working

    Hi, I'm guessing this one has been discussed quite a bit, so apologies if I'm going over old ground, but I haven't found the answer to this specific question - does anyone know if there is an ECU reset or similar in the engine for the SS? My SS stopped worked a few months ago, having worked all through last winter. Had it checked out and the battery was low on charge - so now got a brand new battery (correct one for SS). SS still not working. I've tried turning off climate control completely, which sometimes stops it kicking in. Engine was warm (my daily commute is 20miles each way), and the outside temperature was reading 5degrees. So as far as I'm aware, there shouldn't be anything stopping it from kicking in. I know some people don't like it, but I spent quite a bit of time in traffic and find it really useful, and I now object to sitting in traffic with the engine burning my pounds needlessly!! Just wondering if the garage needed to reset the ECU or anything when they fitted the battery? the other thing I've noticed is that previously when starting the engine, I had to put my foot on only the clutch to start. Now I have to put my foot on both the clutch and brake to start - not a problem, but just wondered if they're connected as that changed at the same time as the stop-start stopping working... It is a 2013 Ecoboost 125bhp model... Many thanks :-)
  5. Hi guys, So i've done it again. Bought a 1.25 fiesta in march (14 plate) now just gone and part ex'd it against a 1 ltr ecoboost (64 plate). Picking it up on Friday! The only question i have, what are people roughly spending on their fuel, and what are their avg mpg. I would also like to know your driving habits as it what roads. I've heard that it's brilliant on fuel however i would just like to see how much people are actually getting out of it. My road types vary for work. Will post some pictures when i've collected. Thanks Guys Jon.
  6. Hi all, My 2006 Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi came up with an engine systems failure message today just coming off of a dual carriageway (70mph) accompanied by a red light next to the trip computer. I think it went into limp mode (severly reduced power, unwiling to rev much), so not good when you live at the top of a hill! Two other times when starting the car it has briefly displayed an error message (once it said "steering assist failure", and yesterday it came up with the same engine systems failure message"). Both times I have restarted the car and it disappeared. The car is a 2006 on an 06 plate, and has currently done 73500 miles. I bought it last may at 65000 miles, and it had a service just before I bought it. As it had just turned 6 years old/65000 miles, I'm presuming the DPF would have been changed then? Does anyone have any idea what's wrong? Thanks in advance, Minnis
  7. Sup Guys Could really do with some help. I've got a ford fiesta flight 2001 1.3L endura E engine 89,000 hours. Whenever I start the ignition its start fine every time, but immediately after the ignition the revs drop over a period of 30 seconds until the engine eventually stalls. Regardless of whether I try to raise the revs with the medal, it doesnt help. recently it broke down due "miss firing" after which new ignition/HT leads were fitted. Now this issue has cropped up and I've tried having the battery and spark plugs replaced with no change. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated
  8. Hi, I got an engine system fault error pop up on the instrument cluster with the red light about 2 weeks ago and it went into limp mode. I took it to kwik fit and their bosch reader couldn't find any error codes. The error went away on its own and I was back out of limp mode. But the error is back! I now have an OBD cable and tried out forscan, it has picked up multiple DTC errors but I am unsure which one is causing the engine system fault (if any) and which faults are most severe, could someone have a look at the attached PDF and give me some advice? One thing that does look like it needs replacing is the battery? For extra info: Mileage: 100,000 miles EGR blanked Fuel and air filter at ~85k Oil change ~97k Euro 4 - DPF (according to ETIS) EDIT: removed attached codes as these are from the demo mode of forscan
  9. Recently whilst going to work in the morning the car sudddenly stuttered and "Engine Malfunction" light came on. I stopped and swithced car off and started car again, no problems whatsoever, however just to be on the safe side rang AA to come and have a look. The chap did an OBD reading and fault code P2290 came on however the car was driving fine. It's been all ok for the past week however last night on my way home, the car had the same problem, however this time, I was overtaking a lorry and it felt as if the car lacked power at 70mph after stopping and starting the engine. This morning everything was fine again. I contacted a garage who told me that it could be the fuel sensor regulator switch made by bosch or it could be EGR, TURBO, FUEL PUMP and to drop the car off to have a look. It seems that when I go above 3000 rpm on the motorway this problem seems to pop up. I nearly got killed last night!!!!! Anyone had anything similar problems? 1.6TDCI 110HP 59 Plate (service at ford garage according to service schedules, all maintenance done etc) Thanks
  10. Hello! Got a fault on my 2005 focus 1.8 tdci, hoping someone on here can shed some light on the situation. I get engine systems fault on the dash along with lack of power and a chattering noise under load. I have checked all of the boost hoses for splits, I've checked the intercooler, I've cleaned the air flow sensors both on airbox and boost pipe. Its had recent diesel filter. The turbo appears to be working as it should be. When I plugged the car in the only two faults were turbocharger underboost and vehicle speed sensor. I'm out of ideas :( Any help would be much appreciated!
  11. S Max Fault Code Help?

    Hi all just looking for some info on my s max purchased 9 weeks ago love the car just having few teething problems and starting to aggravate me had a fault code come up c07480 or 7480 not sure as took a pic and its not completely clear, but been getting engine malfunction appear with esp light staying on soon as engines off it goes, any advice would be appreciated Thanks Grant
  12. Focus Mk3.0 1.6Tdci Start/stop?

    Hi Guys Just recently got my car back from the garage after a clutch replacement. My Start/Stop is now not working as it did when it went in. I think they disconnected the battery as all my trip computers have reset. Any idea's on what I need to do to get this going again? Also, windows now don't go all the way down automatically with one touch of the switch. I think this will be an easy fix as it was on my vauxhall's but want to clarify the procedure for both of these. Cheers Charles
  13. Hi all, I keep getting this warning light pop up on my dash. Has happened 4 times in the past 2 weeks, usually first thing in the morning. As soon as it appears it either resets straight away, or resets once the engine is restarted (rebooted) but the gears lurch around every time which makes me nervous about the pending icey roads we'll soon have. It's a Ford Kuga Titanium X 2011 - so I don't think it should suffer such a fault being relatively new as it's only done 60k miles. I spoke to the Ford garage the other day and they did the well worn 'ooooh...never heard of that problem before.....' line, but looking on here people seem to have experienced this with other models of Ford. Does any one have any experiences or help they can share with me please? Cheers all!
  14. Rough Running At Low Rpm

    Hi, I have a persistent (i.e. our local garage has failed twice to fix it) problem with a 2008 Fiesta 1.4 petrol. The engine seems to have a real rough spot just above idling revs. At idle it is fine, and it always starts no problem. At 1600RPM+ it is fine; it never misses a beat. However, if in slowing traffic on a level road, I back off the throttle, it often becomes rough around 1200-1500 RPM, even if there is very little or no load on the engine. It does this hot, cold or in between, but is probably worse when the engine is part-warm. I believe modern engines such as this one cut the petrol completely when you take your foot off the accelerator, and then some mechanism kicks in when the revs drop to idling, to prevent the engine simply stalling. I could be way off the mark here, but does the oxygen sensor have anything to do with this? The garage has fitted new plugs, leads and a coil pack, all at great expense, none of which have had any effect at all on this problem. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Kind wishes ~ Patrick
  15. Hi guys I have a focus 1.8 TDCI 2006 (71000m), we have owned it nearly 18 months and to be fair we have had issues from the start. We have replaced glow plugs and had it serviced as it should. Recently I had to replace the silicone elbow that runs directly off the turbo as it split (awful design!). After all this it still drives rough until one morning where at a roundabout all the lights came on the dash and it just lost all power, lights went off and it had nothing in it, no power or ignition lights at all. We replaced the alternator as it had burnt inside and put a new battery in it as well. We thought this had solved our dodgy ride but about three months later its back again, struggles in low gears, stalls when pulling off and keeps throwing the drive train fault code up! Any ideas? Im thinking EGR? Elec fault? could be anything but any cheap solutions to rule out certain things I would be grateful. Thanks
  16. Hi I have had these fault codes come up together. P0620 and p0380. Has anybody else had these together? I have checked injector wiring and alternator wiring. The alternator is charging fine. The fault code goes away until you accelerate hard. Just wondered if anybody else has had the problem really?
  17. Problem With Alarm

    My C-Max (UK 2004 Mk.I Zetec 1.6 TDCi) alarm has recently started going off at random. Currently seems to once every few days or so. Have seen some suggestions about bonnet catch being an issue. Anyone know of a way to check the catch is at fault before I replace it? Anyone know anything else I can/should check? Anyone know how to disable the alarm until I can get it fixed? Thanks!
  18. Hi Everyone, I have just bought a Ford Fiesta 1.2 2002 (yesterday) it was running fine yesterday although the engine light was lit on the dashboard. We have checked oil, coolant etc and all are near max. We then looked in the glove box to check the fuses shown as the ones for the engine light and they were both fine. But we have now gone to start the car and the immobiliser has kicked in so the car is no longer starting at all! We have tried both keys and neither are working. The codes being read are 77 and 16 (may be wrong if read incorrectly) Please could someone with any idea as to how we can fix this please let me know. Also does anyone know if RAC can fix this problem as because it isn't starting we can't even get it to a garage to get it fixed. Thanks guys
  19. Is It Worth Fixing???

    Hi, I have a 2006 C-Max 1.8 TDCI Zetec. I parked it on the driveway about 5 weeks ago and during running it up a few weeks ago it came up with various messages, two I remember as being about steering assist failure and limited acceleration and then it cut out, tried starting it but it would not even turn over and the red light in the centre of the dash flashes randomly when the ignition is on. Put a hand held diagnostic on it this morning and it came up with 4 codes which are 1) U0121 anti lock brakes, 2) U0140 body control module, 3) U0155, instrument panel cluster and 4) U0131 power steering module. Has anyone else had anything similar and if so did it cost a lot to sort out? any advice would be appreciated, many thanks, Si
  20. Hello, new to the forum. Just a quick question I would like to ask to help with my sanity. I recently bought myself a lovely new 2015 Fiesta ST-3, 1500+ miles in the first two weeks of ownership, what a fun car! I've just taken it off to the garage to get the MP215 pack fitted, for some added fun. While it's in the garage I have asked them to take a look at the Stop/Start function as it seems to have stopped working. The garage has said to me that they don't believe that an ST comes with Stop/Start, but I could've sworn blind that the engine was cutting out when I was stopping at traffic lights etc... I am aware, from reading the manual, that the Stop/Start function will not work in Sport Mode & also it's a bit twitchy relating to various air-con settings, battery levels et al. (I tried all sorts of permutations & couldn't get it to work again). My main question is, am I going mad?! Does the ST or ST-3 come with Stop/Start or not? I am convinced I had it working for the first week or so of ownership, perhaps I'm so used to driving another little 1litre Ecoboost Fiesta that has Stop/Start, that it's thrown my brain off-kilter. It seems ridiculously hard to find any information online about the ST having Start/Stop. A few sites mention it, but mostly it doesn't seem to come up in various searches, most likely because it doesn't have Start/Stop;) Please help my sanity and settle this matter definitively, once and for all. Chris
  21. Just thought I'd say hello. Bought myself a lovely new Fiesta ST-3 recently, 1500 miles in the first two weeks! Loving it, such a fun car.
  22. Hi all, I have a 2011 Titanium X Mondeo which I have just purchased. However, an annoying fault has just surfaced with regards to the Speed Limiter and Cruise Control functions. Last Saturday, the Speed Limiter function stopped working all of a sudden. I had been in my car for about 2-3 minutes, set it to 30mph, and was approaching some lights when it disengaged automatically. I pressed the button on the wheel to switch it back on but nothing happened. I tried long press, short press, hard press etc, but nothing. The cruise control button also did not respond I noticed. It stayed like this for well over an hour, and I only realised it had come back to life when I tried it later on in the journey. I mentioned this on Wednesday to my local Ford garage but was told that it was very hard to diagnose if they can’t see the fault. As I drove off, I set the limiter and the fault just happen to appear again and the same thing happened… I approached some lights after about 2-3 minutes and it dropped out and would not come back to life. I turned round and went straight back to the garage while the fault was still present. One of technicians ran some diagnostics on the car and found (I think he said) a communication fault to do with the instrument control panel, but he wasn’t able to identify if it was software related or even just a loose connection. I believe he then cleared the fault on his computer so that it showed clear on his laptop and all working, but the actual fault of the Speed Limiter and Cruise Control buttons not working, was still present. I have attached a screenshot of what his computer said. The actual fault remained present until I got home. So maybe what his computer showed was not the Speed Limiter fault maybe? Half an hour after I got home, I had to go out again and low and behold, everything was working ok again. The buttons weren’t working when I parked up, but had come back to life once I had got back in the car. So there is a definite intermittent fault somewhere, but from what I understand, it will quite difficult to diagnose and was certainly not a fault the local garage had seen before. Has anyone heard of this before? It has happened a third time now. The only common thing I can link all three times with is that I turned the speed limiter function on within about 2-4 minutes of starting the engine. Do Mondeos need a few minutes to warm up and boot up maybe!?!? I also have the PowerShift gearbox. I have used the function plenty of times in a journey, but on those occasions, I have turned into on later in the journey. It could be purely coincidental, but that is the only common thing I can think of. If anyone knows the answer, then it would be great to hear from you, as my Ford garage are scratching their heads. Thanks, Matt
  23. Hello (: I bought a Focus Mk2 05 plate a while back, UK-registered and RHD but I bought it in Europe to take with me when moving to the UK. It's my first car and I needed it rather urgently, so I didn't think much about the rear fog lamp until it was pointed out to me at the MOT. It's got the European set-up, so the rear fog lamp is on the UK nearside and the reverse light is on the offside. As the fog light has to be on the offside to pass I will need to switch the two around. Does anyone know how I go about in doing this? Is it something that can be easily done by myself? Is there any garage in London that could do it without charging lots of money for what probably is a simple job? Thanks very much for any help! Tom
  24. We have just got a 1.6 Grand C-Max titanium. I had understand that this model included Start-Stop but I cannot find any trace of it operating, and with just a blank panel where the 'A' button should be. Have I misunderstood. Does this model have Start-Stop?
  25. Hello all, You have a great forum here so as a new Ford KA owner, I thought this the best community to ask for help please. I have just bought a 2003 Ford KA 1.3 79,000 miles (Duratech engine) and it has an annoying fault. At 10-15% throttle car pulls perfectly no issues. At 15%+ the car stutters and jerks as if it is out of fuel or in too high a gear. It will do this whether it is under load or at idle. I think that it is worse when the car is warm. The previous owner has done the following last month: Changed the Spark Plugs Changed the HT leads Changed the Coil Pack Changed the Air Filter Changed the Fuel Filter(none of these were Ford parts I think) The indy garage also ran a diagnostic which showed no fault and they cleared the ECU. None of the above steps helped the problem. I have run the on-board self diagnostic and receive the following fault code: DT 412 I have looked on the interweb and it says: 412 ® Idle speed system not controlling idle properly (generally idle too low) – ISC It appears to idle correctly? Certainly does not stutter or stall on tick over at all. I have looked over the web and it has been suggested it could be any of the following: Plugs/leadsFuel FilterMAF sensorDirty Throttle BodyLambda SensorIdle Control Valve Items in Bold have been fixed already but it worries me they were not using official Ford parts as I have seen many threads say that the KA is not tolerant of these. What is your experience here? Do you use aftermarket parts successfully? Has anyone got a few ideas that I could work through to try and find the problem at all please? I cannot take this to a Ford garage right now as money is tight. The car was cheap (and sold as seen) and will get me to work and back but it would be great if this was a simple and repairable fault. I am quite mechanically minded so will happily try any fixes myself. Over to you guys, I know you will be able to help! Baz