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  1. My 2013 ford fiesta 1L ecoboost's start stop isnt working, the button to turn it on and off just stays illuminated when pressed, you can turn the light off when the ignition is on but as soon as you start the car the light comes on and you cannot turn the light off, and therefor the start stop isnt working.  any advice  thanks  
  2. Stop Start Not Working

    Hi, I'm guessing this one has been discussed quite a bit, so apologies if I'm going over old ground, but I haven't found the answer to this specific question - does anyone know if there is an ECU reset or similar in the engine for the SS? My SS stopped worked a few months ago, having worked all through last winter. Had it checked out and the battery was low on charge - so now got a brand new battery (correct one for SS). SS still not working. I've tried turning off climate control completely, which sometimes stops it kicking in. Engine was warm (my daily commute is 20miles each way), and the outside temperature was reading 5degrees. So as far as I'm aware, there shouldn't be anything stopping it from kicking in. I know some people don't like it, but I spent quite a bit of time in traffic and find it really useful, and I now object to sitting in traffic with the engine burning my pounds needlessly!! Just wondering if the garage needed to reset the ECU or anything when they fitted the battery? the other thing I've noticed is that previously when starting the engine, I had to put my foot on only the clutch to start. Now I have to put my foot on both the clutch and brake to start - not a problem, but just wondered if they're connected as that changed at the same time as the stop-start stopping working... It is a 2013 Ecoboost 125bhp model... Many thanks :-)
  3. Hi guys, So i've done it again. Bought a 1.25 fiesta in march (14 plate) now just gone and part ex'd it against a 1 ltr ecoboost (64 plate). Picking it up on Friday! The only question i have, what are people roughly spending on their fuel, and what are their avg mpg. I would also like to know your driving habits as it what roads. I've heard that it's brilliant on fuel however i would just like to see how much people are actually getting out of it. My road types vary for work. Will post some pictures when i've collected. Thanks Guys Jon.
  4. Focus Mk3.0 1.6Tdci Start/stop?

    Hi Guys Just recently got my car back from the garage after a clutch replacement. My Start/Stop is now not working as it did when it went in. I think they disconnected the battery as all my trip computers have reset. Any idea's on what I need to do to get this going again? Also, windows now don't go all the way down automatically with one touch of the switch. I think this will be an easy fix as it was on my vauxhall's but want to clarify the procedure for both of these. Cheers Charles
  5. Hello, new to the forum. Just a quick question I would like to ask to help with my sanity. I recently bought myself a lovely new 2015 Fiesta ST-3, 1500+ miles in the first two weeks of ownership, what a fun car! I've just taken it off to the garage to get the MP215 pack fitted, for some added fun. While it's in the garage I have asked them to take a look at the Stop/Start function as it seems to have stopped working. The garage has said to me that they don't believe that an ST comes with Stop/Start, but I could've sworn blind that the engine was cutting out when I was stopping at traffic lights etc... I am aware, from reading the manual, that the Stop/Start function will not work in Sport Mode & also it's a bit twitchy relating to various air-con settings, battery levels et al. (I tried all sorts of permutations & couldn't get it to work again). My main question is, am I going mad?! Does the ST or ST-3 come with Stop/Start or not? I am convinced I had it working for the first week or so of ownership, perhaps I'm so used to driving another little 1litre Ecoboost Fiesta that has Stop/Start, that it's thrown my brain off-kilter. It seems ridiculously hard to find any information online about the ST having Start/Stop. A few sites mention it, but mostly it doesn't seem to come up in various searches, most likely because it doesn't have Start/Stop;) Please help my sanity and settle this matter definitively, once and for all. Chris
  6. Just thought I'd say hello. Bought myself a lovely new Fiesta ST-3 recently, 1500 miles in the first two weeks! Loving it, such a fun car.
  7. Hello (: I bought a Focus Mk2 05 plate a while back, UK-registered and RHD but I bought it in Europe to take with me when moving to the UK. It's my first car and I needed it rather urgently, so I didn't think much about the rear fog lamp until it was pointed out to me at the MOT. It's got the European set-up, so the rear fog lamp is on the UK nearside and the reverse light is on the offside. As the fog light has to be on the offside to pass I will need to switch the two around. Does anyone know how I go about in doing this? Is it something that can be easily done by myself? Is there any garage in London that could do it without charging lots of money for what probably is a simple job? Thanks very much for any help! Tom
  8. We have just got a 1.6 Grand C-Max titanium. I had understand that this model included Start-Stop but I cannot find any trace of it operating, and with just a blank panel where the 'A' button should be. Have I misunderstood. Does this model have Start-Stop?
  9. Start/stop Malfunction

    Hi, I've recently bought a 13 plate focus 1.0 ecoboost with stop/start but for some reason I can't seem to activate it. I have tried doing it with the engine at full temp, sufficient ambient temp, AC off, only the ignition on and a couple of other things. When I press the button on my control panel the light to say that it's deactivated stays on, I can't seem to get the light to go out at all. When the ignition is on and is doing its test cycle the stop/start light on my dash comes on so I know the button isn't just there as a gimmick. I was just wondering if there was anything else that I could try before I take my car back to ford? Any help would be massively appreciated! Cheers
  10. Evening all, Recently purchased a 4 year old 1.6TDCI Titanium. All going well so far, love the car and how it drives, the gadgets & toys etc! This morning something weird happened (bare with me as I'm the least mechanically minded person ever) Reversed into my parking space, sensors picked up the fence behind me and the side sensor picked up the hedge next to me...all good so far.Had my iPod playing thru Bluetooth at the same time and the sat nav map was on (although not plotting a route)Popped the car into neutral and took my foot off the clutch - auto start/stop activatesOpened drivers door to check I had enough clearance for the space next to me...Main information and drivers information display goes off, everything seems to switch off and then flick back on againThe sat nav map showed my starting location rather than the actual location where I was.All very peculiar. I switched the engine off, left it for a mo and back on again. Map loaded up to the correct location and the bluetooth connection reestablished itself. On the way home however I noticed that auto start stop didn't activate the few times I would have expected it to. External temperature wasn't cold (about 10c) and cannot think of any other reason for it not to activate. Contacted my local Ford dealer who said I may have confused the hell out of the cars magic box of tricks and to keep an eye on it if it does it again. Anyone else experienced this or think they know what may have caused this to happen? Many thanks, Rob
  11. Auto Start Stop - Battery

    Hi, I've just bought a Fiesta Eco Boost, with the Auto start stop feature. All of my mileage is driven around the town, and so far the Auto stop is kicking in every few minutes (I go through 7 sets of traffic lights, and tow roundabouts on my journey to work which is only 2 1/2 miles). I am wondering what affect this will have on my car battery. In my previous Fiestas (of which I've had 14), none of these had that feature, but especially during the dark nights I would purposely have to go for a run out to give the battery a bit of a charge, if I didn't I would sometimes have trouble starting the car in the morning. I am wondering if in my case it would be better to override the auto stop (switching it off). I know that's not the idea Ford had in mind, but my car isn't getting to do any "normal" driving. I've also noticed that when I'm driving the car it feels as if the choke is out and the car is sounding/feeling like it's going to stall (the engine isn't running smooth). Is this because of the Auto Start Stop feature. I've only ever experienced this sort of thing when the weather is really cold and the engine has only just been running a couple of minutes. At the moment the weather isn't that cold (60 Fahrenheit). Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. Stop Lamp Bulb Fault

    Hi All, Ive just replaced all the brake bulbs after see 'Stop Lamp Bulb fault' on my cluster. All the bulbs are working but only the 'High Brake light' illuminates when i press the brake pedal?? Any advice would be much appreciated! Cheers, Barry 2010 S-Max 2.0 TDCi Titanium Auto
  13. Hi everyone :) I got a Fiesta Zetec 1.0 EcoBoost a few days ago (it's a 13 plate - 11 months old). I wasn't sure exactly which extras and features it has, so I've been playing about with it this morning. If anyone can help with some answers, that would be great. 1) It has a Stop/Start button (an "A" with a circular arrow) below the dials above the gear stick, and when I start the car, it shows the same icon in that small screen that isn't mentioned in the manual, between the rev counter and speedometer. When I stopped as some lights yesterday I put the hand brake on, put it in neutral, and took my feet off both pedals. Nothing happened. I'd been driving for about 15-20 minutes, so the engine was warm, so I can't think what else would have stopped it from switching off. I hadn't pressed the "A OFF" button, so I don't know if I haven't got stop/start or not. It seems odd to have the buttons, lights, and even the fuses for it, if it isn't there. I found an option to check things out, and it said "All systems normal". I could stick my ODBII memoscan device in and see if there are any codes, or use the Test menu, as that might show something the other check doesn't know about. Is there an easy way to know if I have it? Anything to look for under the bonnet? 2) It didn't come with a tyre pump in the back. Just a tow hook, a funnel, and a can of "CarPlan Flat Mate". When the cars are new I guess they always have one of the pump/compressor units with them. Is it worth getting one, or should I just leave it? We have a compressor at home, but I thought that having a small portable one would be quite useful for pumping up tyres in general, and checking pressures, if they can be used for that. 3) I'm 90% sure it has Air Conditioning, but the manual shows one set of dials with a temp gauge, and another that says something like "manual air conditioning". I guess they don't just mean outside air through a vent, as it has an AC button with a light, and I saw some fuses for the AC unit. I had a quick look under the bonnet, but wasn't sure if it was there. Again, is there an obvious thing to look for? I should have switched it on yesterday and put it on cold, but as the outside air is cold I didn't know if I'd be able to tell if it was just outside air or not. It's a nice car. I've had three Fiestas before (Mk 3's and Mk 4, I think), and it's a big improvement on those.
  14. Intro

    Hi All I'm Barry From South East London, I drive an S-Max 2.0 TDCi Titainium Auto, Lovely car but it's had a few nose bleeds lately. Needing a little help and hope to do the same for others. looking forward to the 'Community'. I have a stop lamp bulb fault warning on my cluster. I replaced all the brake light bulbs and all seem to be okay but when i press the brake pedal only the High Brake light illuminates. Please Help Cheers :)
  15. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  16. Hi all I've searched all around and can't find any details on this.. Does anybody know where the adjustment screws/bolts are for the headlights? (both horizontal and vertical) for a Mk5 Fiesta (2000).