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  1. Fiesta Rear

    From the album Fiesta Zetec S Mk7 1.6 Ti-VCT

    © Benjamin Chaplin

  2. Focus Mk1 Coil Pack Failures

    So... I have a 1.6 Mk1 Facelift focus (52reg) which is just burning through coil packs... I have replaced 4 in the last 12 months, and the latest one is starting to develop issues at only a couple of months old. The last one was bought from ford for an arm and a leg. Does anyone know of any issues that may cause the packs to fail? Such as unstable electrical current or anything as wild as that? Cheers, A
  3. Hi everyone, my loved mk4 is refusing to start No spark is getting to spark plugs, I have replaced coil pack, leads, plugs and crank shaft sensor. Nothing worked! Car ran fine until loss of power then stalling,then refusal to start. Can anyone please advise me on what to try next.
  4. 64 Plate Mondeo Hybrid

    From the album Mondeo Hybrid

    My ford Mondeo Ti With X pack.
  5. For about 3months now my fiesta stutters/hesitates when i come to a near stand still or when in reverse, the problem is getting so bad now that it occurs almost every time i come to the stop and is preventing me from pulling away onto a roundabout quickly. Diagnostics did not highlight any problem and i have no fault codes popping up. I have changed the TMAP sensor and serviced car (incl replacing all filters), i have checked the wires on the Lamda sensors and they appear OK. I have also noticed a particularly odd hot 'electrical' smell from around the timing belt housing area immediately after the hesitation problem occurs, this has me baffled and i would rather not throw any more money at the problem until i have a better idea of what it may be. Could it be ignition coils/ht leads and if so why? I am still able to get 40mpg on a long run but by efficiency around town is in the 20s. Any help/ideas would be much appreciated please. ​Cheers, Graham
  6. Ice Feature Pack 10 ?

    Can someone help me out please. According to my 2007 Mondeo Ghia UK spec printout, it has ice feature pack 10. I cant however find out by Googling, exactly what it is. Most other pack content is listed but not this one. Any ideas ? Thanks
  7. Galaxy Firing Problems

    My 2000 ford galaxy has suddenly stopped firing on cylinders 1 and 3 without warning, fuel is OK but no spark, cylinders 2 and 4 are fine which means both coil packs have gone down at the same time which to me seems strange, so my question is... What else can stop cylinders 1 and 3 from sparking considering 2 and 4 are running fine. Please help as I use my car everyday for school runs and work and need it back on the road ASAP. Any advice is welcome.
  8. Thanks guys got my membership pack with stickers and all halfords card aswell. Here's a photo of one of the stickers don't slag it's crooked atleast you will know it's me if any of you spot me :D
  9. Puddle Lights/city Pack

    Dear all, Quick questions. Due to pick up new Focus Zetec S on Saturday, has City pack with electric folding mirrors, does this include puddle lights? And if someone can give me a run through of what I actually get with this city pack would be good please lol Cheers james
  10. Nifty Little Feature

    Hi All, Found out a cool little feature on my Fiesta ST2 yesterday not sure which Fiesta models this works on or if you need to have the Connivence Pack fitted or not but if you go up to the car and press the unlock button twice and hold for few seconds the windows will go down and when you lock if you press and hold the windows will then shut. Not sure if this is something you guys already knew but will find this useful now with the Summers hear to cool the car before i get to it
  11. Hi. I'm hoping to buy a street ka. I've jsut been on a test drive in one and I'd like some advice about the steering. The car i test drove is an 05 street ka, the steering felt heavy compared to any other small cars i've drove. Is this normal? Thanks
  12. Hello everyone! Just got my first ford! I drive them all the time in work and know how reliable they are! I've just traded in my 2007 E92 BMW 330D Coupe and now have a......... Mk7 Fiesta EcoBoost (1.0L 125BHP) Titanium X with the street pack and I love it!!!! £0 Road TAX! - WOW! Only 4k on the clock, so it's the newest car I've ever owned! Picked it up on Friday so I'm still working it all out, so far I'm getting 45MPG which is just unreal. First fill up took 40L and only cost £52! I'm loving the figures already. Took 6 weeks waiting for the right spec'd one to come up before I took the hit on my beemer but so far, so good! I've not taken any good photos yet but I gave it my first clean today... Snowfoam, 2BM and towel dry - paint work is brilliant *touch wood* Here he/she is... my "unnamed" fezza! Cheers, Gary.
  13. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  14. Engine Issue - Misfiring

    Hi, I've been having engine issues and when the engine light came on i read the fault code P2300 which means ignition coil right? Anyway i ordered a new ignition coil and ht leads a few days ago but only just had a proper look at the wiring which i totally overlooked as a possible cause and one of the wires has a cracked casing...that must be the cause of the issue right? Question is how would i go about fixing this? Can i get it to the garage by wrapping some insulating tape around it? I take it they would have to replace this end of the wiring loom or can they just replace the plug (part number?) And does anyone have an idea of how much something like this should cost? Thanks!
  15. Hello.

    Just wanted to introduce myself to the forum, I'm Holly from Telford, I've just upgraded from a KA to a convertible KA. Any tips on it would be gravely appreciated.
  16. Hi guys, New here, hoping to get some advice if possible please. :) I have a 2004 Ford Focus 1.6. On Monday, the engine cut out over 10 times on my way to work. Laboured start up as if I was starting in 3rd gear, once moving there was a lack of response on the accelerator, took a long time to build up any speed. Stopping in traffic would result in the engine cutting out, dash showed battery and oil lights. If I was turning when it cut out, I would feel the power steering fail. I dropped it in to Halfords on Monday night. They replaced spark plugs, HT leads and ignition coil pack. The car is now running fine but since picking it up last night, I have noticed issues with the power steering. It's not touch sensitive like it was, it feels looser - almost like floating instead of having full control and requires a lot more steering. The acceleration was nippy and responsive before, now it's slow and sluggish. I took it back to Halfords this evening, they told me it can't be power steering rack, can't be pump, there's enough power steering fluid in the reservoir and that I'm being paranoid. I know there's a huge difference to before this issue started on Monday. I don't believe it's the power steering itself - could they perhaps have put in the wrong coil pack, knocked something, loosened something? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  17. Hi everyone, my name is Abi I am 21 and a very proud owner of a 2004 pink streetka :) I have had my ka for just over a year and started having a few problems. I have been finding it hard to get parts for streetka's so I thought this forum could help me out (fingers crossed). Appart from that I would just like to say I love my ford and wouldn't give it up for any other car!
  18. IMG00166 20120529 0943 2

    From the album Street Car KA Convertable

    Street car KA convertible silver black roof heated seats great car love it drives like a dream and fast .

    © Richardkuch@2013 do not steal the image please.

  19. 2000 Galaxy Boged Coilpacks

    i bought my galaxy couple months back and it keeps cutting out. i have been told its the coil pack as the previous owner decided to bodge it with part from another car instead of replacing properley i have bought 2 new coil packs but the wiring has been fiddled with my brother is good with cars an due to no £££ have to fix it myself can i buy the wired?? and what are they called and can anybody sugest a link so we have a pick of what it should look like done properly thanks for reading donna
  20. i have a ford street ka 2006 which is fitted with a 6000 R eon cd player. The front security panel is missing so i cant use it. it is the one with metal connector strip on the back. ive heard they sell them on ebay but i cant find them...can someone direct me????? ford dealer have quoted me over £100. can someone please help as im clueless what to do Thanks tracy