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  1. Mk2.5 fitting cruise control

    I'm thinking of fitting CC to my focus and I've seen some steering wheels on eBay and just wondered if they were the right ones ano wondered if ford dealers activated it or not, the links below are of the steering wheels I have found if anyone has any advice or tips that would be great, thanks :) 
  2. Second Hard Car Legal Advice

    Hi all, I bought, a 57 Plate Focus, at the end of August, for £2500. However, today the head gasket has blown and know this is an expensive repair. Could I claim against the dealer under the Sale of Goods Act or again the Credit Car company under Section 75 Consumer Credit Act. Any advice is appreciated. This is where I got my information from: " Between 30 days and 6 monthsIf a fault comes to light after 30 days but before 6 months have passed then you are entitled to a repair, replacement or refund. It is assumed in law that the fault was present at the time of purchase unless the seller can prove otherwise. During this period, unless you have agreed otherwise, the seller (dealer) has only one opportunity to repair (or replace) the faulty vehicle after which, if they fail to repair it, you are entitled to a refund." And:
  3. Hi all, I've got a mk2.5 focus with the standard 1 bulb interior light in, now I was just wondering about changing it to one with map reading lights, I've seen some on eBay and I'm not sure if it's the correct one for my car or not and just wondered if they just plug straight in or will have to rewire, if anyone knows I'd just like a bit of advice 😊 Thanks
  4. Ok so I bought this car earlier in the year. Has been fantastic for my family especially getting to hospital appointments with my daughter (she has a rare condition) My car, a 53 plate fiesta finesse was due mot 22nd Dec so I took it early. Arnold Clark found it needed a middle section of exhaust and three brake pipes. Got these all replaced at small garage and car was taken back for retest and passed! Got car home and since driver has brought it back it's had nothing but problems. This morning it was starting but unless reved it would cut out while idle. As the day went on it has stalled at every junction, roundabout and when lowering speed. The steering lock (yes the steering completely locks!) has completely locked after stalling a number of times (I ended up on pavement at one point as I was turning into the road!) AC want nothing to do with it as he only looked at car for mot and didn't touch anything. Another garage replaced fuel pump and I'm now stalling at a couple junctions but steering wheel still locking. Have spent 400 so far and at my wits end!! Garage noted rev counter shoots up and down too. All before Xmas too! Terrified to drive it and can't put kids in it. The car has v clean engine, and only 67000 miles so shouldn't be doing all this surely?!!
  5. I am going on a track day next year can I insure my car on a racing circuit, if so does anybody know who to use because my normal insurers have said I am not covered if I crash or someone hits me. help?
  6. Road To Mountune

    I have recently set the ball rolling to get my ST3 upgraded to the MP215 kit. I have also ordered the Cat back exhaust to be fitted at the same time. Once this is complete I will post some videos of the new exhaust note and how I feel about the decision. I am planning quite a few more upgrades over time some from Mountune and some not. But so far this little start button modification is all I have until then. The kit should be ready to go within the next 2 weeks according to the local dealer. I am really excited and also would like to know how others who already have these upgrades feel about them and if any others are recommended? :) I will also be posting updates and things on my Instagram if anyone is interested. Plenty of other content on there as well.
  7. Polyurethane Bushes

    Does anyone know if there is a front and rear polyurethane kit for my 2010 Mondeo titanium x sport 2.0 ecoboost
  8. Mark V Mondeo

    I'm just abut to purchase a Ford Vignale saloon (Modeo). I like a soft floating-like suspension. Does anyone know is the Mk V Mondeo has active suspension with a comfort mode? or has this been discontinued. I can't see any mention of this feature in the brochure or anywhere else.
  9. This is an old subject but still relevant. My 2004 1.4tdi has broken springs twice, each time with little mileage and 3 years between. Annual mileage never exceeds 4,000. It seems the most common breakages are offside front and just about half a turn (7 inches) from the end of the first (bottom) coil. There is a Fiesta thread which mentions probs with vehicles built in the Cologne plant, Germany, in 2003/4. It seems Ford do not admit the problem although it is clearly a safety issue. As far as I know there has never been a recall - Bad job Ford! I have had 2 Dagenham Fiestas (Mk2 and 3), 2 Sierras and 2 Escorts and put about 100,000 miles on each with no failures. Look at the Fusion design and it is not conventional (with British Dunton designs) as previous Fiestas have square ended springs which sit properly. It seems the design is continental as there are reports of VW, Audi. Merc, BMW, Renault and GM failures. Fusion springs are tapered at each end and sit in a spiral housing in such a way as to encourage wear of the plastic covering, trapping dirt, grit and salt and premature rusting. It seems rust starts as a result of the plastic covering being pierced by friction plus grit or a small stone. Rust in the tiny hole then spreads causing the spring to fail. They always fail in the same place and one discussion thread indicates that broken parts can be interchanged between springs and they fit perfectly. Also, interchangeable with broken nearside springs. In an attempt to alleviate the fault Ford released a zinc plate modification which prevents rust through electrolytic action (sacrificial anode). Has anyone got a part No. for this or any further information on spring failures? Ta muchly
  10. Annoying Misfire

    I have a Mondeo 2.0 Lt diesel 2013 model Business Edition and it has a misfire, taken to dealer, did diagnostic and test drive and you have guest it, normal. The misfire occurs when accelerating in second and third gear and also when I accelerate at cruising speed, mainly but not exclusively when cold. Its very annoying when you go to the dealer and try to explain, so I thought you might give me some guidance so I can give them more information, Also I found that when I accelerate the car seems to surge forward, like the turbo kicking in but I`m sure its related to the misfire, has same feel about it. Halohodge
  11. Hi all, First time I've ever posted on here! Was hoping for some advice😆 I will bring you up to speed! I recently bought a 1.25 Ford Fiesta edge 2012 plate so it's a mk 7 I think, I have bought this car on finance and as it was my first decent car I got excited and didn't research properly I then found out there was two of these cars made one that had 49 bhp and other with 70 bhp I think this is the numbers! I bought the slower of the two! I was wondering if anyone knows what the difference between the cars are? Is it the ecu? Is it the air intake? If this information is even true? I was also wondering if I could put a 1.0 ecoboost turbo on this car to give it a little more pull? Or is it going to be very expensive to do so? Just thought the 1.25 engine would be able to handle the turbo for a 1.0! I might be mistaken though! Thanks for any help or advice in advanced
  12. Hi All Am new here, so please be kind. My 6 year old focus zetec 1.6TDi came up with an Enging Malfunction in the centre section of the dash where the mileage is normally displayed so I pulled over called the AA and they diagnosed the issue as being: P2458 DPF Regen duration too high P242F DPF pressure too high It had two others thay he was able to clear. I was booked into Trust Ford Hounslow for a service the next day (please don't rib me about going to a dealer with a 6 year old car - I've had it loads :-( ), so the AA guy followed me the three miles there. So I told them check the errors first before the service, but when they called me later in the day they said they had already done the service and they recomended replacing the DPF but I could try adding the fluid and then a forced regen for £634. Or approx £1500 to replace the DPF along with the fluid. Very unimpressed that they did a service first on a car with issues that came in with an AA van behind it, but on asking for the area managers name the service guy said he would hold off on the service charge until I decided on a repair and could come and collect my car only paying the £65 charge for diagnosis. When I went to collect it he talked to me at length about the pricing but still not 100% on actual quotes. They also said I might want to think of not buying a diesel car next time if I only do short journey, at the time of purchase we were doing long drives. So wanting a second opinion I decided to take my car home, someone drove it round to the front. Got in it and the NO BRAKES!!! Almost rolled into the traffic! Went back in got another service guy to confirm there are no brakes. Recieved a call this morning and the brakes have been fixed as a pipe had come loose or not been put back properly. So my car went in with the DPF codes above and has got worse: Still has Engine Malfunction warning Now has the Yellow Engine warning light is now onOh and only on trying to collect my car did I find a fluid top up is scheduled for this service but wasn't told about it when booking through Trust Ford's central booking line. Sorry this is so long but I guess my question is: What are my options if the Garage has made my car worse by doing a service? Is it safe to drive? Are these the only options around the DPF?The car is only worth £4.5k so am bit reluctant to spend £1.5k for recon DPF, £300 on the service and an additional £300 on the bushes that have also gone - which they replaced three years ago under warranty. My wife is very upset as she has brand loyalty as her father worked for Ford for many years (passing away whilst still working there) and her brother also worked there.
  13. Damaged Door

    Hello All, Someone kindly damaged my car over the weekend and took the surround from my passenger door window (picture attached). The problem is, I don't know what to ask/search for, or what the thing that was taken is called? Any idea how much a replacement is likely to cost? Any advice would be most appreciated. All the best, Amanda
  14. So I bought a Fiesta Zetec S with a privilege deal in October last year, I still love it. I almost went for an ST, but coming from a history of driving standard Fiestas, I didn't want to jump into an ST inexperienced and kill myself, plus the £0 tax and slightly cheaper monthly rate nailed it for me. I got the majority of optional extras too. Dealership rang offering a possible upgrade to an ST, but as I went in, it turns out that the depreciation on the Zetec S has me in some non-trivial negative equity, meaning if I chop in my Zetec S for an ST-2, the best monthly rate I've negotiated thus far with a £750 deposit on top of the Zetec S chop-in is £280/mo with the privilege pricing. My current pricing on the Zetec S due to all the extras is £245/mo. I'm aware now that getting an ST from the start might have been smarter, even though I might have driven it into a ditch at the time. I have a bunch of questions for anybody that can answer: I'm told the ST-2 will hold better value than the Zetec S; is that true? If so, does it make financial sense to change to an ST for this reason? Anybody know exactly how the finance works out when you chop in a financed car for another financed car? If I don't get an ST, I'll almost certainly get a Mountune upgrade, how does this affect the value of the car, if at all? If I get an ST, I might splurge on an ST-3 because of the extras. That said, I prefer my phone's satnav. Is it smarter to get the ST-2 and get all the upgrades except for the satnav? Or is it smarter to just get the ST-3 and use my phone's satnav anyway? I quite like the blue instruments on the dash of my Zetec S, even though the cup holders are still oddly red. Is it possible to have an ST with blue instruments/illumination?Thanks in advance to anybody who can answer any of these!
  15. hi guys just bought a 2011 mondeo hatchback in white and im loving the car (its my first ford) i just want to make a few mods to the outside like the grill etc but apparently i have a facelift model? which i have no idea to be honest, so just wanted some advice on what parts to get and where to get them form for my car. Things im thinking of doing, -New matte black rims (seen some 19" that i do like and will get) -New grill (preferably the honeycomb one) -Not to sure about the light brows at the minute -Maybe a boot spoiler -Front sports bumper depending if i can find one i like or ill just get the grill and a splitter I seen this concept rs that looked a beast but have no idea where to get the parts (more than likely because its the concept but I found the splitter for it just not the actual look of the bumper etc) its in the pics below along with my car
  16. Noisy Ride

    Hi guys, going over bumps etc and with the state of the roads here in england the back of the car makes a lot of bumpy rattling noises. sounds like shockers or something. Would changing both rear shockers or springs too? im a bit of a novice when it comes to mechanics. on a side note the latch on the boot was a little bit of a loose fit on the pin that sits on the body so when you close it and drive you can hear that rattling. Wrapped tape around it and that is now secure. Don't know if its that what's still making the noise but go over any sort of pot hole or uneven road and you can hear it. Any help would be appreciated guys :) Thanks
  17. Hi everyone I've been following these forums for a while now but this is my first post! Really hope someone can give me some advice.. A few weeks ago I bought an early 2010 1.6 Fiesta Zetec S TDCI. Lovely looking, clean car but seeing as I was coming from a 1.8 focus I was a bit underwhelmed at the power. Not that I was after a bullet, just something that's fairly nippy and that I can confidently overtake with! Anyway, after long hours researching whether to remap or not I decided to go for it with a local company (comes highly recommended on many forums and has a fantastic reputation). They took it in for the day and yesterday I drove her home... I have to say, I really didn't feel a massive difference! Yes she's a bit more nippy, but you have to rev the balls off her... there seems to be quite a bit of turbo lag as it takes a while for the power to kick in, particularly between the lower gears? It was a stage 1 remap with a reputable company who do their own software. When I was paying for the service before driving her home the guy said that my car was the model with DPF, however I really don't think this is right. It's a Jan 2010 model and I believe the 95 horse fiesta's with DPF didn't start until March 2010? Please correct me if I'm wrong! I didn't say anything at the time as I really didn't think it mattered... My question is, if he thought it was the later model, would that have possibly had any effect on the type of map they uploaded? From reading up on peoples experiences on remapping their (same model) fiesta's, the general opinion is that it's like driving a new car following a remap... this isn't really what I'm experiencing. The point of this post is to ask if what I'm experiencing sounds normal or typical? Or has something maybe gone wrong? I was never expecting the car to turn into a rocket, but I did expect better response / 'lift off' from the gears? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!
  18. Looking at my Suspension this moring, and found this had happened, do anybody know what it is and how much approx it would cost to fix. cheers
  19. Where To Buy Ford Focus Parts?

    New user looking for advice on where's best to buy parts for my Ford Focus mk2 (2011)? I'm looking to purchase: x2 - outer door handle covers (both pieces) x1 - driver side wing mirror indicator cover
  20. I recently purchased a 57 plate (Jan 08 build) dealer part ex Ka, and apart from a few bulbs and the standard Ka rust beginning in places it appeared to be a good car. Just over 60k miles and a decent bit of service history to go with it, although I did my own oil/filter/air filter change as soon as I got it. After a week or two I started to notice it was losing a bit of water, not massive but noticeable when looking in the water top up tank. I kept an eye on it and topped it up when necessary. Then this past weekend I noticed the fan has started kicking in, and the car was running relatively hot (but I never got a temp warning light) so I decided to do a bit of troubleshooting. I started with the thermostat, and noticed that the entire thermostat housing was leaking quite visibly, so I removed that, cleaned the area and put on a whole new unit. While I took that off I noticed the thing was coated on the inside with what looks to be radweld, making me worry a little and it would explain why this isssue appears to be getting gradually worse if someone chucked a load in before they part ex'd it in. Long story short after all that, the fan's still kicking in, the water pump seems to be okay as when I removed all the hoses to get to the thermostat housing and tested her she spurted everywhere. The only things I can think now are radiator issues, an airblock, or worst case a headgasket. Now the car does put out a little water out the back, not a massive amount, no oil in the water or water in the oil (no gunk) and power seems fine. I'm a bit stumped as to my next step and any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
  21. Hi guys, newbie here. I have recently bought a fiesta 1l ecoboost (2013) and have noticed that i get a crunching noise from front suspension/shocks? After going over speed bumps. My dealer said this was normal on new shape fiestas, is this true? And is there anything that can be done to stop the noise? It's quite annoying. Thanks guys Lee
  22. I've been advised that my car needs new control arms on the front. MK2 2.0 tdci focus. I was looking at getting lemforder ones as opposed to the ford original parts. What is the difference between them. I've seen some other manufacturercontrol arms listed for as low as £30.00 - where as fords are around £140.00 each. Do ford manufacture these parts themselves? Do you have any recemondations any one.
  23. Fiesta Coil Spring

    Hi, I have a fiesta 05, 1.2 engine, manual, petrol and I am in need of some advice, on xmas eve i went to reverse the car out of the drive when i heard a grinding noise from the wheel arch. I stopped and looked behind the wheel and notice the coil has snapped. In desperation (Mrs is ready to go into labour at anytime!) i took it to th eonly garage that was open on Saturday - Kwikfit, they quoted £120 to replace it, little more expensive than i hoped but in the circumstances i agreed. When the car was delivered to Kwikfit that morning they rang back and said they couldn't get the part till tomorrow and after having a look, it is worse than expected. He mentioned about erroded bolts and threads have gone and will need more new parts. Having looked at the diagram of the suspension i believe he is referring to the bearing plate above the strut? The new quote is a little over £320. Has anyone heard of this happening before? Is it common, i am in two minds of getting it towed to a 'proper' local garage, I have been quoted £30 for towing it. Any ideas, advice will be much appreciated. thanks,
  24. Mk3 Suspension Set Up

    Hi Guys! I'm looking at upgrading the suspension of my Mk3 1.1 Panache. I want to be dropping it around 60mm ideally. (attached a photo of what it is now, its my daily, so not wanting to be stupid low) Would my best option be springs (and/or) shocks or coilovers. It is only a 1.1, so i don't want to be spending excessive amounts. Any recommendation? Thanks in advanced!
  25. 2007 Titanium With High Mileage

    HI Local to me there is a 2007 Titanium 2l diesel. Its got all the gadgets and gizmos and looks the part in black. It has done a whopping 153k miles but does have some history. Now I have a 2003 petrol which the guy will consider p/ex + £2400 on top. Should i be concerned at the high mileage? what do i look out for ? I know basics like oil colour and knocks and bangs but what is common on these to go? Any help appreicated. I wont take my regular mechanic to check it over because he cant stand mondeo diesels for some reason so Im not sure if he'll give me an honest opinion without saying nahh leave it cus he doesn't like them!