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  1. Galaxy 2012

    Hello all how do you go about adding a bottle of redex etc to you tank on the new Galaxies,Focuses etc as the tank nozzles are different from the old ones that had just a flap that you pressed down on and the bottled emptied into the tank?any ideas please
  2. Changing Zetec S 05 Fuel Tank

    Hi, The tank has split on my 05 plate zetec s I have purchased a new one for £35 being delivered tomorrow. How much of a job is it to change over? Does the exhaust also have to come off? Thanks
  3. Petrol Leak! Ughhh!

    Hi guys, I took the car out for another 150 mile motorway trip, on return I popped into local Shell to fill up. Turning the engine off, I heard some weird noises, like spitting etc I noticed the temp gauge was normal. Anyway, that lasted for like 30 secs, I immediately put up the bonnet up but nothing was obvious, no steam etc. Anyway, I proceeded to fill up and went home to nap. Today, I got into the car and put the windows down because it was hot and I could smell petrol. I drove for about 5 mins and came back to notice there was a patch of petrol probably the size of a dinner plate on the drive way. I don't think a lot leaked out because the gauge was still above full. Anyway, got under the car to have a rudimental check, noticed the previous owner put a new fuel pump in so it cant be that. Umm..there isn't any obvious fuel leak source I can find. But the tank itself does look quite pitted and rusty on one side. Question is: Have I written this motor off? how expensive is it to replace the tank (assuming that's at fault) and if its fuel lines, can it be fixed near the region? OR does the whole lot need to be replaced? How expensive is all this? I hope its a cheap hose or something. Thanks
  4. Hi, new to the forum. My wife recently purchased a Fiesta 1.0 eco boost titanium model. The expected range of a full tank is according to the ford website around 600 miles, however the range displayed on our car is roughly 275 on a full tank and that is what we are getting before we have to fill up again It is mainly used for local driving, she drives carefully and even uses the stop start function. The full tank still costs the same amount of around £50, so it's not the tank size. Mileage on 4/1/2015 was 27441 when I filled up - range States 271 miles to 0 mileage on 7/1/2015 was 27701 before I filled up - range States 273 to 0 So we only got 260 miles between fill ups. Does anyone have any ideas .
  5. Hi all, Two posts in a day, some kind of record for me......... Joined today to chip in on a Ka thread as I have just picked up a new one myself but also own a Fusion and a Transit Connect. On the Transit front - LWB, 59 plate which I use to ferry around radio controlled trucks to model shows up and down the country, at peak twice a month. Now I know it had a hard life up until I took it on and its last role was running parts and post between Perry's dealerships. However, it runs well and take me, the wife and our toys about the place in surprising comfort and is very economical. HOWEVER, I have never been able to fill up the tank. I can have the tank showing as almost empty on both the dial and the trip computer, take it to a petrol station (have tried different ones) and no matter what I do, I can only ever get about 2/3 of a tank of diesel in before the pump clicks off as if tank is full. Now the litres I have got in would tie up with this but without running the van on empty until it stops, I can't be certain whether the readings are false and there is more in the tank than shown or whether there is an epic air bubble in the tank or whether the sensor in the pump nozzle is getting false reads from some sort of fault. Has anyone else had this sort of issue? I know it wont be limited to affecting Transit Connects but figured it best to keep in topic for now. Perry's have taken a look and as always with first looks, can't see anything at fault but something isn't right! Cheers Simon
  6. Hi all! :D I've recently (yesterday) fitted an induction kit to my Fiesta and was questioning about the oil pipe coming from the engine into the factory air box. Now the induction kit I have doesn't feature any place to put said pipe so I'm a little confused in what my options are, I have been told the following: - Leave it hanging (as pictured below) - Get a small cone filter/breather for it. - Get a Oil Catch Tank. Now, I assume, the idea of this pipe is an 'output' of gas rather than an intake of air, which goes through your engine to get ride of any harmful fumes however, please correct me if this is not the case. I've tried searching but cannot find a decent answer from someone who really knows their stuff. I don't want to leave it hanging and something harmful happen! Is it just the case maybe of getting a small cone filter for this? I've seen other photos of peoples induction kit (like the one below) and it simply has a cone on this. Any help is appreciated on this, I would rather spend money and be safe :)
  7. Mk1 2.0Tdci Info

    Just wondering what kind of rev range does everyones turbo kick in? Had mine in for a wheel bearing and something else a while back at a trusted garage and one of the guys there reckons it may have been chipped but sadly there is nowhere local I can get it checked (not that I'd know where to start). It usually gets around 31-32mpg, even doing long journeys and motorways whilst driving as sensible as possible I can only just manage 37ish which I thought was a bit low.
  8. Tank Range.

    Now I'm getting some miles on the clock the economy is starting to get better. This is the first time I've seen over 700 miles tank range on the on-board computer.
  9. Police Scotland - Speeding Van

    Hi, Was wondering what the chanches of been caught was doing between 90-95MPH on my speedo around 400-600 yards away then slammed the brakes straight away ... Was just wondering what the distance of the vans catching you are ? Are they fully automatic ? Is there any other contributing factors ? It looked like a standard police van if the camera out the window at the side facing on coming traffic ... Will hit Google maps up for a more accurate estimate and update everyone ! What's the longest you need to wait before you find out if your caught ? Thanks guys!
  10. Dpf Fluid Tank Replacement

    I have just had the DPF fluid topped up at Ford and a forced regeneration carried out. No problems with that. However they state there is a further fault showing (and hence the engine malfunction light is still on) that states that the DPF fluid tank needs replacing at a cost of over £500! As the car is running fine and I am not rich I am holding off getting this done. I tried to search for the part on the internet and can't find it at all. Anyone had this replaced before and know if it can sourced at a cheaper price? Many thanks Stephen.
  11. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  12. Dpf Additve Tank

    Hi can any one tell me which pipe is the filler pipe and which 1 is the overflow pipe on the DPF additve tank on a focus 08 as it is not that clear in the Haynes manual, so I looked it up on net and it say the long pipe is the filler and short 1 the overflow but in the manual the pic looks like the short pipe is the filler so before i start i would like to know for sure.