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  1. Catalytic Converter

    Belated Happy New Year ladies and gents .  Faced with replacing the catalytic converter on my Mk2 Focus 1.6 petrol I want to avoid the pitfalls of sourcing another cat . I've noticed quite a considerable difference in price between suppliers online or otherwise of after market items and wondered is there a difference in the quality of materials used .  Your opinions and/or recommendations , experiences good or bad on the subject are appreciated .  Thanks in advance if my replies are a little late .
  2. Hello, I've made a bit of a mistake and driven hundreds of miles with my trolly jack and jack stands to my parents house with the intention of putting some new pads on my mark 7 ford fiesta (as they have garage space). However I've left my haynes manual at home which has all the torque specs and minimum disc thickness info. Could anyone on here be a real star and snap/ scan the page at the start of the brake section which has the torque specs and minimal disc thickness info? Thanks in advance, J
  3. hi basically where is the best place to buy a Catalytic Converter from and are these reputable ? cat1 cat2 thanks
  4. Hi everyone, Does anyone of you have any experience with using catalytic converter replacement for Ford Focus Mk1 1.4L 16v. I found out that threre are few companies that manufacture them, such as: Walker, Bosal, JMJ, Klarius, EEC i BM. Can anyone of you say anything about the quality of replacements from any of those company? Zuzis
  5. New bearing failed after 1,000 miles and now trying to remove the bearing outer races. Has anyone got any suggestions as to best way to remove the outer bearing races from the brake drum. I fitted new bearings in to some new drums a couple of months ago and all seemed fine, quiet running at last. About a week ago it started to make a noise which quickly worsened over a period of just a few hundred miles. One has failed completely (broken up and rollers everywhere and grease turned black) in just over 1,000 miles so something went wrong there so I now need to remove the outer steel races from the brake drum so I can fit another new set of bearings. I've tried cold chisels, nail punches, sharp edge steel rod but I just cant get anything to bite on the little bit of lipping that is visible in the hub, to allow me to drive the races out. I've fitted bearings before and there is usually a little groove cut in the housing to allow you to get a drift onto the back of the bearing race .... not so for KA hub! Also when I fitted the new bearings a few weeks ago, when I put the drum back on the stub axle it turned freely when I tightened the nut to about 100Nm ... however the recommended torque was 170NM and when I tightened to that force the drum turned but not freely and felt 'tight'. Is this correct or should the drum spin easily. I even took it off again to check everything was ok ... brakes weren't even touching the drum, so they weren't binding ... but same again, felt ok till fully tightened. I'm told it must be done up tight just that as it only lasted 1,000 miles before failing, then something was wrong. Any help or advice welcomed.
  6. Hi everyone, i have been given a mondeo 51 plate automatic on the grounds that if i can get it working i can keep it.. The car starts first time every time and the engine sounds sweet and ticks over beautifully, the problem is that there is a whinging noise that gets louder with revs.. the noise disappears when selecting D and the car will pull forward.. However the car will only pull forward for a short time then the car looses drive, the whinging noise disappears but you no longer have drive in forward or reverse.. Im wondering if the problem is the Torque Converter... the Whinging Noise is definitely round that area.
  7. Torque

    Can somebody tell me please what is the torque of the engine oil drain plug and spark plugs of focus 1.6 petrol 2004 (MK1). Thanks
  8. I've been using an app called Torque for a while now and wasn't sure if it was common knowledge around these parts. I originally set it up to diagnose some engine issues (turned out to be fuel contamination in the end) but along the way found this app and now use it everyday for displaying extra info about the car while I'm driving, using my phone as a display. Noticed that some people have used a USB OBD2 adapter with a russian program called FF2, this uses the ELM327 interface too. Lots of info and screenshots below about all the different features: You can buy the bluetooth adapters all over the place, I got mine from ebay. I can't remember the particular seller where I got mine from, just make sure it is v1.5 onwards e.g. You can get mini versions but mine is an original full size one and fits in the OBD2 port in my focus mk2 24/7 and I never knock it. If you already have an android phone and have it mounted in the car when you are driving, its a no-brainer. Will put pics, more details, app config stuff etc if anybody is interested :)
  9. This was going to be my next question on my subwoofer installation thread (unfortunately that was lost in the recent data loss). The idea is to splice into the rear speaker outputs with one of these converters so that I have an rca out for the sub as my 18 year old head unit doesn't have one :), which I've been told is fine to do. Question is will I need to use a powered converter or non powered? as I want the rear speakers to still work (see below if you don't know what I mean) No difference in price, I just want the correct one :) Powered - Non powered - Any help is appreciated.
  10. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  11. This is a thread where you can post / discuss/ compare your rolling road dyno results before and after remaps / modifications etc
  12. I had a bit of a discussion with another member on here about whether its a good idea or not,so I'm just back from the leading Transmission specialists in Scotland ( Charles Butler Forfar) & I asked Gav the foreman about this,and his answer........ DON'T DO IT! He said its a bad idea. He said its ok for transit vans,but not for cars. He said if your DMF needs replacing,then replace it with a proper replacement DMF. Mentioned the same thing as I did,about the vibrations etc,& they DO shake to bits eventually. When I got this conversion on FOUR cars,alongside a remap,eventually they knackered the gear-box.Not maybe,DEFINITELY EVERY TIME! And Im no boy racer at 47yr old,so its not a case of me raggin my cars,quite the opposite. I learned the really expensive way.Id say in all Ive spent about 2000 repairing damage done by SMF conversion.Its crazy,its the cheaper option,but I guarantee you it'll ruin your car in the end. If I can stop one person from doing this conversion,then I'd be happy knowing that someone else's car isnt gonna turn into a liability the way mines did(all four). So,to the guy who disagreed with me,mate do yourself a favour & ask around 1st.You might just start to see sense,& rip that solid chunk a crap outta there,& put a proper DMF in. Oh,and they a good DMF will definitely handle the torque from a remap,unless youre tanning your motor all the timem,in which case whatever. remember that all this company does is transmissions & clutch/dmf etc,7 days a week,52 weeks a year. He's been going for about 40 odd years,and he knows his stuff,so upto you guys from here. If you wanna listen to companies thatve only stopped messing their nappies,then so be it,but dont say I didnt try to give you advice 1st
  13. Hi All, I want to replace a automatic clutch with a manual clutch: How do I get the auto clutch of the engine? Cheers, Jon
  14. Oxygen Sensors

    Hi, This is my oxygen sensor data at 2000rpm, sensor 1 pre-cat and sensor 2 post -cat Does anyone think my catalytic converter needs replacing? I have a 2002 2.0l Ford Focus Ghia Thanks