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  1. I need some help bad, I have a 2012 focus and the radio has quit I carried it to two ford dealerships one said it was the apim behind the touch screen the other one said it was the touch screen itself. Does all the numbers on the screen, apim or radio have to match what's in the car they all start with BM5T please help me somebody
  2. Hello I am trying to fit a clip on screen to my 2007 S-Max's rear view mirror. (Reversing camera) I have just bought one but unfortunately the sliding clips on the rear do not open wide enough for to accommodate the width of the mirror. It opens to 3" but needs to be 3.5". Any sugestions would be appreciated. I'm new to Ford ownership and the Ford owners club which I find most useful.
  3. Heres the 10" HD flip down DVD player, its an Xtrons CR108HD : Link to supplier: Most Installation videos on YouTube will show cutting a large hole in the roof lining like this: This in my opinion weakens the structure of the roof lining, The unit Ive purchased has a banking plate to fit inside the roof lining, I wont cut out the roof lining to fit it in there, Instead ill take an additional 20 minutes of my time to remove the roof lining which I will show you how to do aswell, Line up the four M6 holes and drill them out in the centre of the roof lining to grip the screen unit to the plate o the opposite side of the roof lining no need to cut a huge hole. Just a single 19mm hole then to route the cables through. The Xtrons CR108HD comes with an 19mm oval badge embedded in the centre of the screen backing, Its nice but when fitting it in to a ford you know its gotta be changed for a custom print blue oval :) Instantly looks like a factory fitted flip down monitor Limited Edition. An additional nice touch from Xtrons is this unit has a built in blue ambient light which illuminates on 3 different levels of light, The blue ambient can also be kept switched on/off when monitor is active or on standby It also features a beautiful 6000kelvin white courtesy light which can work on demand aswell as in time with your existing courtesy lights. Moving on now shopping list for this Guide is as follows: 3 Metre RCA Extension cable 15 Amp Cable 10 Amp Cable Mini Blade PiggyBack Fuse Adaptor: 12V Rocker Switch: PVC insulating tape: M6 Penny Washers: Crimp ring terminals Male crimp spade terminals: Insulated female crimp spade terminals: M6 x 20 counter sunk bolts: M6 nuts: The main power source wiring in this guide is slightly different to all the others i created as it piggybacks off previous modifications, In all other guides I've spliced in to factory looms However i will explain how to install it in to a focus with no previous modifications done to it, Same principles just requires a bit more cable to reach the battery in the engine bay rather than a capacitor inside the boot compartment.
  4. Hi I have just purchased a 2008 focus 1.6 Zetec, the buttons for the heated windscreen and rear screen are very worn they are the silver ones, can anyone tell me the best place to source new ones, also how do you change them? Many Thanks
  5. Fiesta 6.5 Style

    My non-heated front screen needs replacing OK! Is there a upgrade kit or a way of fitting a Heated front screen? many thanks pete
  6. Hi everyone, I'm new here and would really like some advice on changing the screen/headunit on my Focus 2.5. I've got the built-in Travelpilot FX but there are some dead pixels, and I was wondering if it's possible to upgrade the head unit for a larger screen without losing the functionality of the in built system? Thanks very much! Harry
  7. Sound 2000 Blank Screen

    Hi all, I've been having some problems with the radio in my MK4 escort lately, I believe it's a sound 2000 model from 1990 or so. A previous owner decided to cut the original radio connectors off, I soldered them back on and it worked perfectly for about a week. But now I turn the radio on, it lights up but the screen is blank. It gets no radio signal either but it plays cassettes just fine. It doesn't even prompt for a code when it has been disconnected from the car which is something it did before. The same thing also happens with a spare radio of the same model I have lying around which leads me to believe it is something to do with the car itself. I checked all of the connections to the radio and they all seem to be fine. Does anyone have any suggestions to what is wrong or how to fix it? Thanks
  8. Mk2.5 Radio/nav Screen Blank

    Hi All, A couple of days ago, just when the freezing at night season started (in case it might be relevant), I noticed that when I open the car, the radio/nav/phone/etc. screen in the middle remains blank, whereas it usually shows the time. No change when pressing any button there, or when trying opening/starting the car again half a day later (it used to fix the going-mute-while-playing-an-mp3 issue). The car otherwise works normally, the small dashboard screen shows what it needs to. I checked the fuse (no 108 in the manual, in case it helps) but it was ok. Is there anything I can quickly do/check myself before taking it to the garage? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  10. New Member! New Problems!

    Hi! I'm a new member as I just bought a 2007 fiesta! Sadly the car has a minor problem with the screen wash. It doesn't work and after a quick Google this seems to be fairly common. The motor doesn't run nor do I get any voltage across the feed to the motor The wipers work fine. Any ideas folks? Checked fuse as standard but there only seems to be a fuse for the wipers. Thanks in advance!
  11. Went to use my washers today and nothing! No noise even from the motor itself. Checked the 15amp fuse 136 in the footwell fuse box its fine swapped it with fuse 131 (rear window wiper) and its still functioning! Duff motor me thinks! Which is a pain only had the car just over 3 months and the warranty ran out 2 weeks ago!! Anything else i should check?
  12. My 2012 Fiesta Econetic II 1.6 TDI heated screen comes on on its own several times a week for approx. 10 mins at a time. At the same time the radiator fan comes on full blast too. This can happen from cold, a couple of mins into a drive or after an hour of driving. This happened this morning (outside temp 16 degrees).. No lights come on on the heater controls to indicate the screen is on and it cannot be turned off. Even stopping the engine and restarting does not stop the fan or screen. Has anyone had this problem before? I have reported it to my local dealer but as per normal 'no fault found' and they can only look into it when it happens.
  13. Headrest Dvd Lcd Screen

    All, I have a 2009 SMAX which has a Ford DVD player installed with LCD screens in the headrests. One of the screens on the passenger side has been damaged and will only display 'fuzzy lines'. Ford Main dealer is quoting me £1,100 to repair as it comes as a whole unit !!! I'd like to replace, however is their a cheaper option (such as just replacing the screen) ? If so, where can I get the screen and how do I install ? This was a ford fitted option and I want to replace 'like for like' and hence do not want cheap 'alternative' screens. Any help appreciated. Thanks Gregg.
  14. Hi, I live near Worthing West Sussex and was wondering if anyone knows where I can get a new back window/screen for my Streetka. I folded the hood and the screen has split in two places and is damaged beyond repair. Ford charge an arm and a leg so will probably have to fork out in the end but was just wondering if anyone knows anywhere that I could get one cheaper. I have been quoted £100.00 to fit it when I get it. Here's hoping :)
  15. Hi, This is my first post on here. I have been elsewhere for this issue but no help so far..... Regarding rear screen wash supply pipe on a Mondeo Mk3 2001 hatch back. There is a flexible screen wash pipe within the hinge of the boot. It comes from the car body and plugs into the boot lid (eventually leading to the rear washer jet). This rubber pipe seems to be connected to the boot lid via a black plastic connector (which kind of sits in the boot lid). It is at this point / connection that I have screen wash leaking everywhere into the boot whenever I use it. There is a crack in the rubber pipe where the fluid is coming out. BTW the jet is not blocked, as you will still see it exiting some of the screen wash. I thought I could simply pull the rubber pipe off and replace it BUT..... for the life of me I cannot remove it. It seems to be moulded on. I have even used a screwdriver to try and prize the plastic connector out but no luck at all. It is difficult also to get to it due to the limited space - and I have small hands lol! Has anyone else come across this (long shot)? And if so any guidance would be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance..... A pic is below:
  16. Hello All, My radio head unit on ford s max titainium 2000cc TDCI ,keeps turning off after about 20 or 30 sec,comes back on 10 sec later then run for about 20 sec again then turns off, CDs or the MP3 player is the same. it is the blaupunkt toutch screen with dvd under it Can any one Help?
  17. Eonon D5105 Help Please

    hello all, i am in need of help with the eonon d5105 that i got off fleebay. the problem i have is when a cd or dvd is put in the unit the screen stays black with a warning in the middle. do not watchthis while driving is what it says, to get rid of this you should just be able to touch the screen for a few seconds and it should go. i have been told to attach the brake wire to the nuetral wire but i have no brake wire. so has any one got this unit and do they know of a cure. please help if you can. billybob66 ;) :) :)
  18. As the title says Ford Focus 1.6L Duratorq TDCi front window, green tinted, heated, ''sound screen'' part # 0725793. Mine got a stone chip over two weeks ago and gave it a 4 inch split, rang Saga Ins and they only use AA Windscreens, they bought the wrong one round to fit as it was not ''SoundScreen'' so they still have not managed to get one from Ford UK!!!! What the hell, it's just over a year old and not a replacement one in the country, I suppose I am now breaking the law driving the car because the crack is now 18 inches long and in my drivers eyesight view? Is there anyone here that can throw any light as to why Ford don't have these available for such a new car. Cheers in anticipation... BTW I have said hello in newbies section <_<
  19. Faulty Screen?

    Hey guys just got my new screen for my 2009 style + I already had the small screen but today imwas going to update it to the bigger one.... So when fitting the larger screen it didn't light up or anything? So I'm guessing it's faulty? But does anybody know if they are compatible with the style + or have I just been sold a faulty screen?
  20. Hi, The heated front screen won't switch off on my car, also the windscreen washers, and spot lights do not work.. Anyone any ideas?? Thanks
  21. Headrest Dvd Lcd Screen

    All, I have a 2009 SMAX which has a Ford DVD player installed with LCD screens in the headrests. One of the screens on the passenger side has been damaged and will only display 'fuzzy lines'. Ford Main dealer is quoting me £1,100 to repair as it comes as a whole unit !!! I'd like to replace, however is their a cheaper option (such as just replacing the screen) ? If so, where can I get the screen and how do I install ? This was a ford fitted option and I want to replace 'like for like' and hence do not want cheap 'alternative' screens. Any help appreciated. Thanks Gregg.