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  1. Hi Guys this is my first post to the forum so hi!! I've just today installed a towbar on my 2003 focus and was wondering where the best place to route the wiring is i.e. a hole in the underside or something? I haven't even started to wire in the towbar but have a haynes manual for the wiring diagram and was wondering what your thoughts are? Also is it best to tap into the loom behind the carpet on the left side of the boot? Thanks Jim
  2. I am looking for the values/angles and  tolerances of camber, caster and tracking. Whilst the camber angle is not adjustable due to the way the bottom of the strut is fixed (unlike the Fiestas)  I wish to check it following a nudge by the nearside front wheel on a stone recently. My local repairer says the camber angle is 1/2 deg out but not said whether it is a positive or negative error. I am very familiar with the Fusion front end having replaced the suspension on both sides and doing the two Ford mods at the same time and think I should check and confirm, or otherwise, the stated error. Thanks in advance.   David G (F66)
  3. Wanted Saloon Towbar

    Hey Guys, I hope someone here has a local towyard or is breaking a MK1 Saloon towbar (I'm told the Saloon, Estate & Hatchback towbar's are all different) I need one with wiring loom (and hopefully some directions on how to fit it :P) Prices to include shipping to PO12 (Gosport, Hampshire, UK) Or if within 100 miles, I will travel :) what have you got ?
  4. Hi everyone, Firstly would like to say i'm new to the forum :) and thanks for any feedback in advance :) My focus and I are having problems. It has 125000 miles on the clock, had new cam position sensor and crank angle sensor fitted. On the motorway when cruising at 70mph it is fine, but when I need to overtake and accelerate quickly, the glow plug light starts to flash and the car goes into limp mode or the odd time it will even cut out! I have also tried running the car without the MAF sensor connected and it still has the same problem (was told it could be that) I don't know if anyone else has had this problem but if someone could shed some light on me it would be greatly appreciated! :) Thanks Kieran
  5. Hi all. Hope someone can help, im after fitting instructions for a towbar for a saloon 52 plate focus, cant find them anywhere. Can someone help. Thanks
  6. Hi everyone, I have just removed rear bumper from a 2006 hatchback to fit towbar. When refitting I cannot get the one side to fit properly on the wheel arch by doing up the nut - it seems too loose and won't pinch up. The nut and bolt are fine. Any ideas? Thanks Richard
  7. S-Max Towbar

    newbie here looking for help. I recently purchased a 2010 S-Max Zetec Diesel from a Ford dealership. It has what appears to be some part of a tow bar system already in place but the actual end towbar components and electric point is missing. I'd like to be able to use a flange towbar for putting a bike carrier onto the car. Can anyone advise on where I might be able to locate the missing pieces and get them fitted or do I need to remove the bits that are there and start from scratch? I've attached a picture here of the parts in question. Many thanks in advance
  8. 2013 Focus Towbar Electrics

    Hi all looking for abit of help here if possible, have fitted a Witter tow bar to a new 63reg Focus Titanium 1.6 tdci . bought with it was a dedicated 7pin Westfalia Wiring kit - 307 442 300 107-, in addition another kit was needed to supplement the first ! "For vehicles without Rec or Prep" - Kit No 307 442 300 183. Do's anyone have experience of fitting these, I,am far from a novice but the instruction's are basic at best and consist of little more than line drawings with no text to back them up. These were all bought from Towsure and sold as a simple Plug and Go solution. Thanks for reading this Regards Alan
  9. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  10. Dear friends i happy to say with helping your ideas and studying your threads last week i installed rear parking sensors to my fiesta 2011,\ so it work fine,but some time i think it says falls reading,, i do not know is correct or not? their is a up arrow on every sensors so i fitted sensors direction "up" mark. can any one please tell me is that what is the correct angle for that sensors, thank your kind response
  11. I've just bought an Ford Focus Zetec 1.6 CDI Econetic Estate. I am feeling really foolish because I just assumed that you could fit a tow bar to any car. However, I am told that towbars are not available for this model. I am not sure why. Other forums suggest that it is something to do with the electrical system, the tyres fitted and even the braking loads. It is really not clear whether a product will become available in the future that has electrical looms compatible with econetic models. Does anyone know whether a towbar is available and whether this would invalidate a warranty if fitted? The worst case scenario will be that I have to buy a smaller tent for the family holiday this year. I have also been told that you cannot fit a rear bicycle carrier to the Econetic model, so bikes will remain on the roof and there is no option for a roof box to save the day. I am sure there will be many others buying econetic estate cars with the intention to fit a towbar who will be really disappointed. And I wonder whether other manufacturers with eco-brands have the same problem e.g. Blue Motion?
  12. Hi guys, I had a towbar fitted yesterday on my 57 plate ford s-max. Hooked my trailer up and was just a bit concernd about the towing angle. (see attached pic). I've no previous experience of towbars or trailers/towing so just wondered what the consensus was. Is this ok? Can/should anything be changed? Thanks Pete