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  1. Chrome Strip Removal?

    Hi all, I have a 2013 Fiesta Zetec and I'm the chrome trim from the boot lid above the number plate. I'm really struggling with it, if anyone has done it before or knows how to do it can you help me please? Pictures would be great. Thanks!
  2. Ford Fiesta Side Trim

    This morning I noticed the side trim on the floor I tried to put it back on but it just falls of 10 minutes later so i've had to take it off until I can fit it back on. Has anyone had any experience with theese it looks like a gromet fits into the side door and the rest is held on by what look to be like a double sided sticky seal. Here is an link to what has fallen off any help would be apreciated Thanks Matt
  3. Hi, looking for some advice in regards to the outer front and back door trim moulding or b panels I think they are called on my 2006 Ford Fiesta 5 door.... Both panels have come off - I have them and wondering if I can reuse them and put new glue on (they are clipped on plus were glued - glue has lost its stickyness) or do I need to buy new panels? And if so, any ideas where you can get the panels form in Australia? Cheers
  4. so someone decided to hit the back of the bootlid and do a runner, need to replace this part does anyone know the part number for this please. it's the trim that holds the number plate lights and the hatch release for the bootlid, also any ideas as to how much it will cost and garage cost to replace it for me. its just the plastic that needs to be replaced but knowing my luck screws might be messed up inside. thankfully latch still working!!!
  5. Ford Kuga Exterior Trim Cover

    Hi guys could you please advise were I can purchase a exterior trim cover what fits on the passenger side top of the wing panel . See photos attached .
  6. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction... I'm looking to buy a zetec s body kit for my mk3 focus, I've scoured the web and can't seem to find one, can anyone help me?? Cheers
  7. Hey guys well as the title sais my door trim coming away from the edge of the door it has been stuck by ford twice and keeps coming away. Does any1 know of a proper fix or does any1 know if the mk7.5 trim will fit as it's design is different so it won't keep un sticking. Cheers
  8. hi guys just bought a 2011 mondeo hatchback in white and im loving the car (its my first ford) i just want to make a few mods to the outside like the grill etc but apparently i have a facelift model? which i have no idea to be honest, so just wanted some advice on what parts to get and where to get them form for my car. Things im thinking of doing, -New matte black rims (seen some 19" that i do like and will get) -New grill (preferably the honeycomb one) -Not to sure about the light brows at the minute -Maybe a boot spoiler -Front sports bumper depending if i can find one i like or ill just get the grill and a splitter I seen this concept rs that looked a beast but have no idea where to get the parts (more than likely because its the concept but I found the splitter for it just not the actual look of the bumper etc) its in the pics below along with my car
  9. 2015 Zetec S Or Titanium X

    Hi All, It's coming up to the three year mark so I get a new Ford Focus, I was really hoping to be able to get the Titanium X with a Zetec S pack, turns out that's not possible. After looking into both cars the one thing I'm quite sure of is.. I'm really not that hyped on the new Zetec S, I like it better than the standard but it's just not like my 2012 Zetec S which I absolutely love. So I'm torn between choosing the Zetec S (although I don't like it as much it's still nicer than the standard) but the gadgets on the Titanium X just sounds awesome.. I can't make my mind up. What's peoples opinions? I'd like to mention I don't mean to come across negative about the new Zetec S it's still a lovely looking car, but I loved the older Zetec S model.. had such an awesome back diffuser, lovely low front lip I just liked it so much more. And can anyone give some feedback on the upgraded premium ford sync 2 DAB system with 10 speakers and sub, on my Ford I had the normal system which in my opinion sounded great.
  10. Dear All, We have a 1988 1.1 Ford Fiesta Ghia. We need a wheel trim or a set of wheel trims like the one attached. Does anyone have any or know where we might get some please? I look forward to hearing from you. Best regards, Gary
  11. Fiesta Rubber Door Trim Coming Off

    Hi guys the rubber trim on my fiesta rear doors are coming off (the rubber bits that seal the front of the rear doors to the B pillar) I was wondering if anyone knew a way to replace or mend these without resorting to paying the dealers £100 for each. I have considered trying some kind of araldite/support glue but was worried about what that'd do to the rubber seals life or appearance afterwards
  12. Replacement Interior Trim

    Hi All, I would like to replace all the interior (silver) trim on my 2010 Fiesta Titanium as they are begining to look a little worn and dated (especailly pieces on the doors) I've previously seen a US company selling replacement parts for all the silver trim parts (Speedo & rev counter trim, around the radio, air vents, door trim) but cant remember the name or website, anyone know where I can get them from. Hope that all makes sense Lee
  13. The plastic trim that runs horizontally across the middle of the front passenger side door is coming away. I've had a price of £70 for the replacement part + fitting or £31 for the part only. Would it be easy to fit myself does anyone know?
  14. Hi, I am not really an engineer or anything but i want to repair the body trim triangles infront of the wing mirrors. They are loose on both sides and appear to be attached by some plastic pyramid shaped things and i was wondering what these were called and are they easy to get in halfords! Thanks for any help people, Loving my sport focus ;) Andrew McDougall
  15. Questions

    I would like to modify my car in the following ways: Get rear tinted windows like Titanium trim; tinted glass not stick on.New headlights and rear registration light(s)Rear bumper skirtCar: Ford Focus Sport 1.6TDCI 11 reg. Leading from that I have the following questions: (This isn't relevant to the above but just curiousity.) Is Zetec S the highest trim level? I thought Titanium X is the best trim. I frequently see headlights that look different depending on the angle. So from the side - from the other lane - it's a normal beam, head on it's nice clean white, above or below it may be slightly blue. I understand it's a mix of xenon lights and lens. As an example, because I appreciate my explanation may not be great, you'll see this on most new cars particularly Range Rover Evoque, Skoda Octavia, BMW, Audi etc. I know it's not for top end cars because I've seen them on old bangers, old Vaux Vectras, old Toyota Avensis, etc It seems taxi drivers know where to find these headlights. lol Since my explanation is so poor I don't want to go into somewhere asking this and I don't even know where (besides eBay) I can go. This question is two fold; one, what's this technology called? two, where can I buy? I mention above I want to modify the rear reg light. By this I would simply like to change the bulb so the light is white, like LED perhaps. Can I get this from Halfords or is there more to than simply changing the bulb? Am I right in thinking that Ford would be able to order tinted windows for the back; so that's the two rear passenger windows, the smaller windows at the back and the rear window? I presume they can because what if a Titanium trim damaged its windows, they would need replacement windows. I can't imagine there's a difference in dimensions with Sport and Titanium so surely I can just order tinted windows (be it very expensive) from Ford?I would like to of provided examples for the lights but I cannot find any. Hope you can help. Thank you for reading.
  16. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  17. I took the roof gutter trim off to fit roof bars. I have to give the car back in a couple of weeks (was a company car). What product (glue/sealant etc) should I use to reaffix the trim strips back down?
  18. Trim Needed Mk7 Fiesta

    Hey guys!, I was wondering if any one knew anywhere which i can buy complete trim sets in white. The trim im looking for is the aircon control, radio system plus the hidden compartment, two dash airvents and interior front door handles. thanks guys :)
  19. hi,can anyone please help me ,i am looking to buy some of those black clips which hold the rear seat backs in place for my s max [when the extra seats are in use what is the boot floor folds back],anyway i have looked everywhere without any luck , can anyone guide me . thanks
  20. Remove B Pillar Trim Clips

    I have a Ford Fiesta and the B Pillar Trim (the ones next to the window) has come off leaving the clips attached. Please can anyone advise how to remove these. Thanks, Jeremy
  21. Hi, I have a 1992 Granada Scorpio. I need to go about replacing the exterior chrome trim inserts on the bumpers as the chrome is all peppered, and the inserts on the doors as they are too peppered, the laquer is peeling off and on both front doors the trim is coming out of the clips. Can anyone advise whats the best way to replace them, can I get hold of any and how do I get the trim out to replace it. I have a couple of photos which I will post up later when I get home of the car and close up of the trim. Any advice will be appreciated. I have recently had a new paint job and this trim is letting the rest of the car down. Cheers, Terry.
  22. After researching the project and posting a guide on how to do this job- I seemed to talk myself into doing the job myself as proof of concept and having finally got the pieces together and the free time to do the job myself, here are the results. Got this radio- And this carbon fascia (wasn't interested in the standard silver one as I'm a carbon type of Guy so hung on for ages waiting for one to come available)- These brackets from Ford so as to correctly fit the radio- And some 6x25 dome head posidrive self tapping screws from B&Q- How the radio looked before the project- First, removing the old radio and unplug the quadlock and aerial- Don't forget to remove any CD's first, you'll never get them out after if you don't do it now- Then out with the old- Remove the old rectangular fascia- And the screw lugs as they'll get in the way of the new brackets- Now to mount the adaptor brackets, they fit either side so you can't get them muddled up- There is a "duck bill" clip on the back of the brackets that pushes into a hole, they can be a bit tight but will go in if pushed firmly. Next re-connect the aerial and quadlock connectors and offer up the radio to the brackets- Fasten the four screws loosely at first to ensure that the radio sits straight and then tighten them all up- Clip the new fascia in place and check that everything sits flush- Enter your new radio's code, test buttons and steering controls, retune your radio, set audio to your taste and sit back to admire the job. If you look at the times on the radios you can see that the job took 15 minutes to swap one radio for the other and 9 minutes checking settings and testing the radio and CD sound so technically 25 minutes in total which also includes taking photos and faffing about.
  23. Mk 1 1999 Boot Trim Panels

    Hi, My Mk1 '99 Saloon appears to have a missing trim panel in the boot (see photo). My investigations thus far with the main stealer have only resulted in being stuck with another "slam panel" which as you can I see I already have. I'd be grateful if other owners can confirm that I do have some trim missing and what the part number(s) might be. I am only worried about it as the cable running accross the back of the car has had damage to the insulation where stuff has been rolling around in the boot. I'd be happy to buy the bits from a scrappy but I want to make sure I get the right ones. Thanks in advance
  24. Air Vent Trims!

    Hi all, does anyone know how to remove the little plastic silver surrounds from the air vents? There are 4 in total and I need to remove them as I'm looking to wrap them in black. The car is an 08 reg focus Zetec (facelift) Thanks in advance! If left to my own devices i'd end up snapping them :/
  25. Hi guys, Just before Xmas I bought myself a 2006 Ford Focus Zetec MK2. The guy I bought it off had upgraded the headunit (for iPod integration & handsfree calling) but not the speakers so I finally got around to buying myself some new speakers & an amp but I cant seem to figure out how to remove the headunit. I am able to easily remove the small black trim around the headunit which exposes the cage but after that I have no idea how to remove it and I'm too afraid to try pull it out in fear that I'll scratch or break something. I'm sorry if this seems a little stupid but I'd rather get some advice on how to go about this rather than trying to pry out my headunit with no clue what's happening, my previous Ford Laser was really straight forward. I got a picture of what I'm dealing with when the small trim has been removed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated & thanks in advance! (Also sorry the picture quality is not great)