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  1. So guys I’ve had my ST2 for about 15 months now and have done quite a few cosmetic mods to it so decided it was time I put a thread up for you all to see how it’s progressing. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I’ve enjoyed do all the mods. So here we go; This is the day I picked it up from the dealers In January 2014 after a 4 month wait from ordering due to Ford completely under estimating the demand in the UK. Seen here with my ZS going the other way in part ex after 11 months ownership. Took it out for the first drive up on Saddleworth moor, it was January so it got dark pretty early that day, Mods started pretty much straight away. First up I put my Brodit phone cradle in powered from the 12v power socket so my iPhone is always charging, very useful when I have the sat nav app running. Next up added a few extra bhp by adding the club sticker. Decided to place it on the rear window K&N filter and Mountune silicon inlet hose went in next, this is my only real “performance” mod although let’s be honest the difference is negligible, probably less than the FOC sticker! Next up lights. Started with de-tango all round Then number plate bulbs, fitted Cree’s first but wasn’t happy with the light spread so changed for a different style of Cree bulb which give a much better appearance Finally HID 6000k 35w headlight conversion (just need to hide the ballasts down under the light now) They do have a slight blue tinge to them so I am considering a change of bulb temp and maybe an upgrade to 55w, although the ones I had in the ZS were 55w and they wouldn’t work in the ST they just flickered then went out so I’m not sure of best way for these? Next job was interior lights Cree’s again (I do love them) plus red foot well bulbs and a LED strip light in the boot makes it far easier to see at night
  2. I got my fiesta last friday and want to start doing nice subtle mods and i dont know  where to begin, i have already got gel overlays, any links to cheap fiesta parts(mk7) thanks that would help alot
  3. Hi All, I have been looking around the internet reading up on the ecoboost engine trying to get an idea what could be possible with the 3 pot beauty. I am just looking to see if any one is planning on doing anything to their engine at all? if so what you will be going for.... Any one have any ideas on what would be a good starting point on finding a bit more grunt from the engine. My friend had a subaru impreza and i remember him fitting a boot control valve to increase his boost pressure, would such things be possible with out ecoboost engine? Any one with ideas please post :)
  4. Hello all, While I was fitting in the upgrade centre console I discovered that my window heater section had all wires in the other blank spaces - so was wondering if that would mean that the wiring is there for the other options? I ask this as I've just brought that section in silver and that has the button for the front heated screen - it looks like i have the wiring for that, well I'm guessing, so was thinking of getting one installed as that is a feature i massively miss from my fiesta. pictures - this is the part i mean and theres two extra wires/connections in the back of the other two blank cards so i really am hoping someone might provide me with some good news here ha! Also im wanting to take out the standard door card handle parts and replace with the silver higher spec one. I just cant work out how to remove that part?!?! can anyone help with that one too please? Its the surround bit that on the driver side sits over the window and mirror controls. Drivers side Passengers side I know how to take the door cards off etc but I'm not sure how to get these parts free to replace them - i don't want to change to the different door cards as they are a different colour and that will bother me - ha! its bad enough the centre console is a different colour but i can live with that cause of the added aux it adds. cheers in advance anyone
  5. Hi all, i have been looking through the forums to try and figure out what has happened to my focus, i bought a tuning box from a tdi tuning company, it came with a money back guarantee which i have had to use, after i put the box on the car was using a hell of a lot more fuel, i mean a lot - without any noticeable power gains, so after a few days i decided it wasn't for me, however ever since i installed it, and now even more so since i removed the box my car loses power, glow plug light flashes and the car dies! i turn the ignition off and on and away it goes. the car has had a fully synthetic oil change 3 months ago along with all filters, coolant etc. I removed the cam sensor as advised on other posts here but i cant really tell by looking at it if its ok. I also last month cleaned the egr and maf sensor. im hoping this dam tuning box hasnt messed up the injectors or fuel pump, as when i restarted the car after it died the other night there was a horrible whining coming from the engine bay!! this went away as i stopped the car straight away. also im thinking of getting it on a diagnostics machine but surely there wont be any codes if the problem is intermittent? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, cheers in advance!!
  6. Tuning Box Vs Remap - Help

    Hello All, I pick a new car up on Monday and due to what they had i took the 100ps model and looking to have it remapped / tuned. As this is new and may be an issue im looking to see the options of reverting back if this has to be given back etc. Now you can get box's which will revert back to factory, What are these like? Any recommended names? Is this worth it against remapping? Remapping - How can you revert back to factory, is it possible to save the ECU config and then have that added back via a tuning garage? All help on this is appreciated and woohooo now a ford owner :P
  7. Zetec S Mk7.5 New Modifications?

    Hi Guy's, This is my First post I have made on this form! :) On the 30th of September I purchased my 2015 Ford Fiesta Zetec S Eco boost 1.0 in deep blue, it had 1.5K miles on the clock and I payed around £12.5K for it with 1 owner before me. it also has a lot of extra features like the upgraded centre console Etc.... I have posted some pics on my imgur page. Pictures: Im 17 years old and this is my first car, I now have 3200 miles on the clock, I am looking to get a "S" Badge to put on the front Grill as well as a "Zetec S" badge for the back, I have been looking on E-Bay and they seem to range from £10-£30 for both. I'm not to sure what colour would look best Please post your opinion below and why. (Deep Blue, Red, Black or White). Would I need to tell my insurance company about these small Modifications? I am also getting the back 3 windows tinted, in 1-2 months but unsure of that % tint I should get. If their are any other small modifications that you would recommend please say below (I don't want my insurance to increase as I am already paying over £2,500 per year) I also don't care to much for engine modifications. Thanks a lot guys!! Hope to speak to you guys soon! :D
  8. Hello fellow ford fans! A few weeks ago I upgraded from my old 2010 Fiesta mk 7 Zetec S to a shiny new (to me anyway) Focus with much more power! I am very pleased with the performance and quality increase. From a 120PS 1.6 petrol to a new 1.6 Ecoboost 182PS is an unbelievable power increase for the same capacity and tax banding. FYI, Having previously had 3 other mk1 Foci in the past (of the 1.6 and 2.0 petrol varieties) I am extremely impressed and do not feel the steering is lacking as others have mentioned. Fuel wise I am getting 37 mpg average. I was getting about 32 in the Fiesta. I normally drive like a bit of an eco-warrior, smooth and slow when my girlfriend/daughter are on board but can let my hair when there is an open road on my own and it's so much more fun! :) The handling is probably not as good as the Fiesta. I can feel the extra weight cornering and stopping but nothing major. The ride overall is much smoother though and feels more grown up - with no spine shattering pot-hole encounters. This new engine also has a lot more potential to eek out more performance and possibly economy via various mods available. I have been reading this forum and others and I am very tempted to go for the Mountune MP200 kit which takes it up to 200 hp but possibly more as they are said to be conservative with their estimates. The car is just out of standard warranty as it is a 2012 but Bristol Street Ford gave me an extended 12 month warranty above the standard 3 month. I am not sure if going with Mountune will preserve this or if its worth it? My other reason for considering Mountune is hearing they offer 0% finance. Right now I am overwhelmed with options, from Bluefin to Pumaspeed remaps that cost around £300-500 to the less reputable looking chips on eBay and Amazon from around £100. There are also options from a company in Germany called which look a bit more legit for 150 Euros. I would probably also get a high air-flow filter to go with these. Any advice or feedback? Many thanks, cheers, Trevor Edit: old and new car pics attached - looks like it went through puberty :)
  9. New ford fiesta MK7 owner here.... I want to do some simple and light mods to my car, thinking lights, internal lights etc anyone have anything they've done to theirs they can share for some inspiration? I've so far added xenon headlights & flyeye tint (thinking about angel eye lights)? Pictures would be great too! Thanks
  10. Fies

    From the album Fies

  11. Hey all, I'm new to this site so sorry if I am posting in the wrong place but I was wondering if you could advise me on what mods you think would be nice on my Fiesta ZS 1.0 Ecoboost. I have done a few things so far and they are as follows; From Factory: Privacy GlassAuto WipersDimming MirrorElectric Folding MirrorsReverse SensorsPush Button StartUpgraded Wheels 17"Heated SeatsOther Fitted Mods: Red Foot Well Lighting ST Rear Diffuser/Valance ZS Chrome/Red Front Grill BadgeZS Lockwood Scuff Plates1.0 Ecoboost Engine CoverBrake Calipers Sprayed RedI know that the rear looks terrible at the moment as there is no tailpipe showing but I am getting a custom cat back fitted this Saturday which I can barely wait for lol. A few things which i am thinking of having done are the wheels sprayed dark grey, having a front Triple R Splitter and having a Mountune induction kit fitted. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated and il try to upload a few pictures of it so far but as usual in the UK its raining, so its not going to look its best. Thanks in advance, Steve
  12. HI guys getting my new car on Wednesday. just wanting to know what type of interior and exterior mods i could do to it to make it look nicer.
  13. Hello to all, This is my first post, I've had my fiesta for 1 month now and just wanted to show a few pics and discuss what I should do next with the beast. I love it, absolutely love the machine. Let me know what you think. I also have 4 years automotive wiring harness background so feel free to ask me questions. My baby before Ford Fiesta Zetec S - 1.8 L, few mods, added DRL's, reversing sensors, moved aux point, changed all bulbs The beast on the day I picked her up. You have to clean her on day 1 then she is yours. First run out in the peak district, just outside buxton. 3 figures on a B road...oops! First mod has to be from DMB, thanks to everyone who works there they do a grand job. - Before After Carbon-white smb overlays before and after (same on back) The mods are so subtle they work and last but not least a profile photo I took when on a long drive. So yeah thats everything up until now. I want to make mods where if i took it back to ford I won't void the warrantee and mods that i can act dumb with the insurance folk...."it was like that when I got it, I know nothing a bouts cars.. honest" Any ideas are welcome. Next mods to include: Black wrap on lower splitter (to protect against stone chips and to keep the "subtle but nice" approach) de-tango all bulbs on the car (recommendations on what bulbs would be appreciated) move to a colder temperature with the headlights/main beam (again any suggestions would be nice) Change interior bulbs MAYBE.... black wrap the wing mirrors but I don't know if this is going to look crap or not. Thanks guys.
  14. Guide: Fitting Boot Door Tow Strap Ford Focus Mk2 and Mk2.5 I've created this guide to show how one of these Tow Straps can be fitted as a boot pull handle, Which in my opinion is functional, modified appearance and adds a new twist to the use of this increasingly popular item. A detailed background regarding the original purpose of these straps is viewable in the first post below this guide. I've purchased a Blue SPARCO branded Tow Strap from eBay Link: Tools Required: T25 Torx, Dremil Style Rotary Tool, Small drill bit head, Masking Tape, Pencil, Set Square or Ruler, Roll Gaffer Tape, First Step, Open the boot door, Remove the parcel shelve, Then using a T25 Torx; Unscrew the panel retaining screw from both pockets in the panel as saw in images below: With both screw's removed; Place one hand on the metal boot door, Place other hand in the pocket of the plastic handle and pull downwards, The panel will unclip as saw in image below, this separation process makes a lot of noise when the plastic is unclipping. Repeat the grip and pull process on the opposite side to remove the plastic panel completely. With the panel now removed, Lift out the green insulation pad and set it to one side, Using masking tape, Apply a strip to the area slightly above the drivers side pocket inset of the plastic handle, Draw a line that is within close alignment with the top of the pocket insert; Line up the metal bracket of the tow strap with the centre screw hole of this pocket, Mark out the width you require the slot to be. When the markings are exactly as you would like; Obtain the Dremil Rotary tool and cut out the markings, Trial fit the metal bracket and adjust slot to size as required, NOTE: the panel is quite flexible meaning the Tow Strap can be squeezed through a small slot rather than boring bigger try work it through as small as possible. Remove masking tape followed by; A few fire lit matches held closely above the cut slot will gently melt the rough edge that's left behind from cutting the slot, Also; My initial plan was to sandwich the metal bracket of the tow strap to the space between the plastic pocket on the panel And The metal bracket of the boot door as saw above; The alignment is correct in such way the Tow Strap bracket hole is in alignment where the Torx screw would secure it like a washer between both panels, This plan proved to be 100% possible, However i became concerned that the tow strap metal may rub off the boot panel metal bracket causing the paint to strip and rust, End result. As a precaution i used a series of small Gaffer tape strips to hold the Tow strap bracket secure to the inside of the panel which performs just as good without any risk of scuffing paint. Whichever mounting option you choose A: fit to Torx screw like a Washer, or B: Secure Bracket with Tape At this point its time to refit the foam padding, If fitting the Tow bracket to the Torx screw; a Stanley blade is required to cut a slot in the foam allowing the bracket to easily pass through. Refit the foam padding, Return to the car offer up the plastic boot panel, When aligned correctly; slap the panel in to place using the palm of your hand while gripping the metal boot door in other hand, Refit the two T25 Torx retaining screws in to the bottom of the plastic panel !Removed! in until hand tight. Job Done, B) I hope this guide has helped you achieve desired results, You may also like to view my full list of guides can be viewed on my profile page: Or If your using the forum App follow this link:
  15. Performance And Visual Mods

    Ive just bought my first car (1.6 petrol zetec) it already has a sporty look just wondering if any anyone can suggest a good starting point for some performance and visual modifications. A few mods ive already considered are: wind deflectorstinted windowslcd/aftermarket stereo (undecided)underseat sub( unless i can find a suitable solution for fitting a sub built into the boot to be more tucked away) better door speakers wanting a straight through twin pipe exhaust is this possible because at the minute the dual look exhaust is a phoney and just feeds off from the left hand pipe or could the ST/RS exhaust be fitted?any suggestions/ links to any of these parts or alternatives that you would recommend would be appreciated cheers:P
  16. Relatively New to this kind of thing but I was wondering if anyone has had an aftermarket exhaust fitted to there fiesta Black or Red editions? If so is it worth doing and do they sound half decent :) Cheers
  17. Mountune Mp135

    Anybody got this kit installed? Is it worth it? Thinking of dropping it into my Zetec S if I decide against upgrading to an ST.
  18. Hi All

    Hi everyone I'm Steven, I'm from a small town called Ashington, just above Newcastle on the map, I'm currently driving a silver Ford Focus mk2 1.6 (climate), will be the looking for inspiration to do small inexpensive mods on my car nothing major I.e tinted window/lights and changing the radio trim to carbon fibre, stuff like that any ideas will be appreciated thanks
  19. Hey guys, I'm looking at taking the next step to my Fiesta Zetec and giving her performance upgrades such as a brand new induction kit, cobra exhaust and an ECU remap. Is there any other ways to increase horsepower, top speed, 0-60 time etc. Also any visual mods, my car currently has... Back 3 window tints St seats Blue interior light A few stickers An exhaust that I got when buying her (Not sure what type but definitely needs upgraded) Not a lot but makes a huge difference. Thanks, Jonny.
  20. Hey guys After deciding to keep my 1.4 ford fiesta zetec I now want to start making look and perform better, I'm talking after-market spoilers, front splitter, alloys, exhaust system etc. However I'm not to sure where to find the RIGHT stuff to go on it, does anyone have a website where I can buy all this fancy after market stuff (ps I'm still undecided on whether or not to make it an ST replica. Please note the car has already been lowered with red springs and has a sony after market stereo system set up with Bluetooth so that work does not need doing. Pictures of how the car is NOW are below, please leave any website or places for me to get hold of some stuff I'd like to mod the car with and by all means leave opinions on any ideas you think I should do to make the car look and perform better.
  21. How Much Is My Car Worth?

    Hi guys was just wondering about some opinions on what my car is worth. It's a 54 Plate Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.4 litre with only 80K on the clock. more details below MOT Till March 2016 Lowered with red springs Sony after market stereo set up with Bluetooth connection (Microphone installed in car to take hand free calls) V05 Present Recent tyre change New clutch timing belt and water pump have both been done new spark plugs ​Value?
  22. Hid

    On my old c-max it didnt have the canbus system so I had a 35w 6000k Hid Kit on my headlights lights. With my s-max having the canbus system will this kit be ok or will i have to get the 55w to stop the car going nuts at me with errors ??
  23. Hello All! :)

    Hello Fellow Ford Fans! I'm new here, just signed up. Just wondering if someone can advise me how to best upgrade the headlights? I don't want to change the whole units, but was wondering if I can simply get better, whiter and brighter lights? I did this by getting LED's for rear plate area. I was also wondering about the interior lights and whether to upgrade the bulbs there too? I love the car, there isn't much I can think of that I want to change :) But the old style lighting could be better, it was with the rear plate anyway. Easily done for headlights too? Advise greatly appreciated! I have no idea at the moment...
  24. Car Painting Help!!!

    I'm hoping to get my car wrapped or painted as soon as I get it but I've been told different things about declaring it and if it has to go as a modification my insurance flies up! Any help??? The picture is the colour I'm going for
  25. Hi everyone I'm new to the club as I've just bought myself a new ZS and thought I'd come to the experts on advice with how to improve it. I've already thought about Lockwood sill plates but can't decide whether or not to buy. The other major thing I'm looking to improve is the horrible yellow lights. I've been thinking about a 6000k HID kit for my dipped beams because I really like the white light, how has everyone else got on with them, have you failed your MOT? Please send pics so I can see how good they look. The kit I've found on eBay sounds pretty good and apparently they're e marked so they should be fine, could you check them out for me because I'm not really an expert aha. If you wouldn't recommend HID's what would you recommend, I'm not sure what to get for all my other bulbs, I'd like to detango my front indicator lights but not sure what to replace the DRL, side lights and fogs with (LED's a good bet?) Final thing I've thought about is a K&N Panel Filter but is it really worth it, will it improve my mpg or performance in any way or is it just a waste of time and money. Please give me other ideas, links and pictures along with your own past experiences to help me improve my car,I'll leave some pics for you to see it