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  1. Hello. Recently, backing out of a parking spot, I caught my passenger side door mirror on a pillar and wrenched it rather severely. Nothing broke, but the casing snapped out of place and the mirror assembly was pulled a little ways out of its socket. Re-assembling the mirror case was no trouble at all, and everything, from the indicator light to the orientation motors, works perfectly, but the mirror isn't properly fitted to the door. The piece of plastic that connects the mirror case to the door panel doesn't lie flat on the door; rather, it's pretty loose. I found the nut that holds the mirror in place, and managed to undo it (it appears that the bold that holds the mirror wasn't bent), but, when tried to fit the mirror back into place, I found a metal prong next to the fixing bolt that doesn't seem to have anywhere to go, and prevents the mirror from fitting into place properly. How can I fit my mirror back into its place?
  2. Guys / gals, I am trying to fix my friend's 64 plate fiesta (face lifted version) as she has broken the wing mirror on the driver's side. It's a 1.2 petrol (not ST or anything fancy like that). But....I'm having trouble finding out if a wing mirror for a 2008-2013 fiesta will fit, or do I need to get one specifically for a 2014 model? I am getting conflicting reports whether they will be compatible or not...who can settle this mystery once and for all?
  3. Removing A Mk2 Front Wing

    Hi all, I've recently stripped back the sills on my car, treated the metal & resprayed (so far good) however on doing this it became obvious that the bottom section of the front RHS wing is 80% rust i.e. the part which the mud flap bolts through & is beyond being saved. I know replacement (pre-sprayed) wings can be purchased which my cause a minor colour mis-match due to UV fade etc, my question is does anyone have any idea how to remove the front wing? The Haines manual doesn't detail this process, I'm confident working on the car & am able to remove the arch liner. The only Youtube vids I could find for this are MK1's which may not have bolts etc in the same place etc.
  4. Wing Mirrors Wont Fold

    Hi I have just bought a 2008 Fiesta tdci from what I have read although it has electric adjustable mirrors the presence of a dot on the adjuster indicates that the mirrors do not fold automatically. My question is should the mirrors fold in manually as mine seem to be fixed thank you
  5. Hi, Im new to the forum as figured somebody may have had one or some of the issues i am having and may be able to point me in the right direction to fix without spending if i dont have to. i, passenger side electric wing mirror no longer working (drivers side fine and working off same switch) & have checked fuses ii, Electronic boot release switch inside the cabin no longer works to release boot (Have changed switch) & recently will not open from the key fob either iii, cigarette lighter randomly stopped working. changed to new power unit but there is no power getting through at all Im no mechanic but do have a basic understanding of how things are changed etc but im lost as to why the above has happened. Any help or ideas would be great! Thanks!!!
  6. Hi, I was just wondering does anyone have an idea where I could source a door and a front wing on the drivers side for a Ford Transit 1987-89 Thanks
  7. You can find below the steps needed to replace the mirror indicator bulbs/ remove the housing on a mk7 Fiesta. The process is pretty simple, takes about 10 mins and only needs one person and a screwdriver. I was removing the cover to replace the bulbs with chrome ones but the same process applies for pretty much any work you want to do on the mirrors. The reason I have written this guide is that whilst the process is simple it does require you to apply a fair bit of pressure to plastic parts which is always a worry if you don't know exactly what you're doing. From my experience the job doesn't endanger your mirror glass as you pretty much leave that alone and you're most at risk of snapping one of the plastic clips on the housing. On the up side though they all seem surprisingly sturdy so as long as you're careful you will be fine. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
  8. Wing Mirror Advice/help

    Hi All, Just brought a fiesta the other day (first ford) so this is my first post. Fiesta Zetec 1.25 (Climate) 57 Plate. The car has so far gave me no problems at all, other than a dodgy lighter and a blown fuse. The problem: The wing mirrors no longer adjust. They have done previously on two occasions but now nothing happens. The mirrors also automatically fold in , and that still works fine. What does this sound like? anybody had the same problem? any advice or things to check would be massively appreciated. (On another note the passenger wing mirror when folding in begins to make a clicking sound which sounds like the motor is trying to turn the gear/folding mechanism further in than it needs to , only lasts about 2 seconds, ive done a little research and most people say leave it alone and it shouldnt get worse?) Thanks in advance :) Brandon
  9. Broken Wing Mirror Glass Guide ?

    Hi, I have a fiesta style 1.25, which has a broken passenger side, wing mirror glass. I have order the replacement part online but I am unsure on how to replace it. Has anyone got a guide or tips on how to do this ? Thanks
  10. Hi folks, I'm (slowly) doing a rebuild of the front end of my 55 plate TDCi, and currently working on the nearside wing and internal housings. (I'm not a mechanic, so it's slow going... ) Can anyone tell me what this is? Do I actually need it? Is it just trim? I've got the old one, which is smashed to bits, but struggling to know what to search for when looking for a new/salvaged one (the part code in the above doesn't seem to help). Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi, I am a new car owner and am accustomed to dipping mirrors when reversing. Usually I have done this electronically in the cars of instructors. I can't see an obvious way to do it in the my recently acquired Ford Fiesta Ghia, but have discovered I can do it manually. Can someone tell me if there is a switch or if I'm meant to be doing it manually? Sorry for posting such a banal question...
  12. I have a 2007 ford fiesta zetec and currently have problems with my automatic wing mirrors At first the problem only occurred with the passenger side but now seems to be both . The problem I have is when you lock the car or use the manual stick inside the vehicle to draw in the wing mirrors the motor seems to over run once the mirrors have been drawn in causing them to attempted to be drawn in further making a clicking effect Any assistance would be greatly appreciated Cheers
  13. Wing Mirror Woes

    Hi all, I have had my NS wing mirror clipped. I found it with the coloured cover off and "folded" in. It opens and closes fine, can be adjusted fine BUT the mirror now sits slightly proud of the housing. I unclipped the mirror glass and found small pieces of broken plastic inside but no obvious damage. Anyone got any experience of this or any suggestions? Gut feeling is either put up with it (as it's still fully functional; not the wife's preference) or replace the mirror (fecking expensive). I see a lot of Mk4 mirrors that would do on ebay (example) for the Mk4 but these say up to 2011. Do these mirrors definitely not work with the 2012 model? If not, why not? Cheers, Gary
  14. Hi, I recently bought a 2008 mk2.5 focus, and there is a fair bit of condensation in both of the bottom bulb sections of the wing mirrors. So... I was wondering whether this was something to be worried about and if there was an easy fix to rectify it? Thanks
  15. Hi, I have a ford fiesta Zetec 5 door, theres a rather large dent in my offside driverside wing panel, ive ordered a new one however was wondering how hard is it to fit it myself? technically able, have replaced the bumper before, however is the wing welded? anyway around it? or is it fairly cheap to take the new part to a garage/bodyshop and have them just swap it over? ballpark figure? thanks to everyone on this forumn, love reading through, never thought id be posting myself one day, but you lot are the experts! forgot to mention its a mk7 2009 model. part cost £40, would not be willing to spend £200 to replace it when a part is £40. thanks!
  16. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  17. Following on from previous topic, I fitted later style (streamlined) wing mirrors from a post 1994 model Fiesta Mk3 to my earlier Mk3 version. Apart from the fact that they look much better, they also work better and are easier to operate, however, they require a very minor modification to the door to make them fit. After removing the original mirrors and interior trim, you will need to file out the access hole on the doors so that the adjusting mechanism & toggle of the new mirrors will pass through (see photos). Everything else is the same except that the later mirrors have an additional screw mounting, though I didn't bother drilling the additional hole for it; the three original fixings, as with the original mirrors, seem perfectly adequate so I left it at that. I tried various tools but the easiest and simplest method is just to use a large round file. Keep removing metal until the mechanism passes through and keep adjusting until all the mounting holes line up; it's not difficult to do. I painted the filed edges to prevent rust and once the mirror was fitted, I taped up the inside with ducting tape to prevent drafts (this is all hidden by the interior trim panel when fitted). It's only a detail but the later mirrors look great.
  18. Hello all! My passenger side wing mirror recently got ploughed by a pillar when reversing from a parking space. Suffice it say its knackered, and i think it seems to have pulled the plate in which the wing mirror is bolted to the car so the mirror is sticking out at an awkward angle. I was wondering if anyone would know what this would cost to fix, and whether or not replacing the mirror myself would be a viable option. Thanks.
  19. Hi there Clipped wing mirror on a stcky out branch. No apparant damage but cover has come away at outer edge. How do clips work on this. Dont want to damage it by forcing it together. Its a fiesta Mk8 2013. Only advice I got anywhere on net was just to be carefull not to break any clips and that it is a bit tricky. Thanks in advance Paul
  20. Toyota Avensis Wing Mirror

    Hi I know this is not a ford but hope someone might be able to help I am trying to get a wing mirror assembly for my father in laws Toyota Avensis. I have the registration number but sadly it is an 03 plate so could be one of tow types. Doe anyone know how I can find out which one I will need. Also the sites I have look at for the mirrors online mentions 3 or 5 pin connections. I don’t know which he has but I do know it isn’t a heated mirror. Does anyone know if this is a 3 or 5 pin connector. Any help would be great. Regards Tom
  21. hi new im new to the forums and to the car, im used to old bangers that use elbow grease rather than leccy:) im looking to replace both wing mirrors thing is im a bit baffled by which type to get. what i wish to know is:- there seems to be 2 types 1 manual(is this controlled by knob on drivers door) 1 electric(does elecctric mean heated?) hope some1 understands my question 1st of a few so heres hopeing. thanks in advance
  22. Hi all, First fiesta owner here, just got a 2010 Fiesta Zetec TDCi and apparently this came with folding wing mirrors, however when i lock the car nothing happens... checked the setting menu and Link to Lock is on so not sure whats the problem is... unless they didn't come as part of the City pack?? Help would be appreciated!! Cheers
  23. Didn't really know what to call this part but yeah, basically i've always had trouble with the bit of plastic where the adjustment for the door mirror is (drivers side) on a mk6 fiesta. The mirrors are manually adjusted. The little plastic knob has always been loose on this side, and not on the passenger side, it often falls out and always does if you try and adjust the mirror. I could live with that, but yesterday the whole panel felt a bit loose, so I took it off to try and put it back on more securely, and basically the small plastic clips have broken, and just in general the whole thing won't clip in anymore. The obvious thing would be to replace it, but I can't find this part ANYWHERE. If anyone could link me to this part, or just give me some advice on maybe fixing it myself I would be very very grateful. I will upload some photos tomorrow to show which part I mean if there is any confusion. Also, I have taken the interior door card off, as I fitted some speakers in the door quite a while ago. I was having troubles with this part before, but that may have made it worse, if there is anything I have obviously missed or anything I may have done wrong, please let me know! Thank you, I hope someone can help! It's so frustrating having a massive gap in my interior right next to me :/ !!
  24. Hi all, So for weeks I have been wondering what was vibrating on the inside of my Fiesta Titanium 2010 as it has been driving me nuts. It doesn't happen all the time, only when driving over slightly uneven ground/bumps etc. Sounded so much like the window making a noise which does also happen in my car when the window is open (annoying common fault on these model apparently). However after a lot of padding out different sections of the door frame/pockets etc, I managed to find the cause of the problem. The noise is actually on the outside and is the wing mirror, where the mirror section vibrates somehow as if its not fully clipped on or something - very strange. I tested this as the noise was apparent when I closed the passenger door (as the vibration passed through making a noise), but if I applied pressure on the mirror then closed the door, it didnt make the noise. I have tried using bits of black foam to pad out the sides but doesnt solve the problem - not to mention it looks fairly obvious. <_< Anyway, my question is.. does anyone have instructions on how to remove the mirror and check out whats going on? I cant really see how it is connected on. Any help/pictures or even solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  25. Hi Gents & Ladies, This weekend I managed to seal a deal for a 2005 Focus Titanium Diesel 1.8TDci, class and love the ride. Now being a Novice on this car and managed to buy the Haynes book to start with I need to understand a few things on the car: 1) Is this model the mk 2 or mk 2.5? 2) I have a problem on the wing mirrors as they seem offset and can't incline them inwards as the mirror motor doesn't go that far so thought you guys might have a guide to re-allign the wing mirrors? 3) On one of the mirrors I have a small lense mirror mounted on, and just wondering if you know a safe way to take it off without breaking the wing mirror? 4) Been told the car has the optional cruise control but I can't find it in the car? any help on that.... Thank you in advance and appreciate any help you could offer. Cheers...