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  1. Hi Guys this is my first post to the forum so hi!! I've just today installed a towbar on my 2003 focus and was wondering where the best place to route the wiring is i.e. a hole in the underside or something? I haven't even started to wire in the towbar but have a haynes manual for the wiring diagram and was wondering what your thoughts are? Also is it best to tap into the loom behind the carpet on the left side of the boot? Thanks Jim
  2. Help For Newbie

    Hi All I am hoping someone here can give me some help with the wiring diagram for the oem rear view camera on a mk 3.5 focus? I need to know the wring for the camera as in what is the video+ out and video- also the ive in? i have been searching the net for a focus diagram but cant find one. Any help even a late 2014 mk3 diagram would help me out big time. Thanks
  3. Focus Mk1.5 Footwell Light

    So... I have seen in the forums that many versions of the Mk.1 Facelift Focus has all the wiring for footwell lighting, and I think I have managed to locate on of the harnesses behind the glovebox by the fuses. However, for the life of me I can't find the socket for the driver's side footwell light! I can see the plastic mounting where the bulb socket is meant to fit, but the socket and wiring is nowhere to be found... Is this taped to another wiring loom or piece of the dash/footwell? Also, if the socket behind the glovebox is the correct one, where does this go? Do I have to lift the foam matting in the bottom and place under there? Any help is much appreciated!! Cheers, Al
  4. Hi, I need to replace a broken yellow drivers knee airbag electrical plug which is attached to a loom in the driver's foot well, a loom which also feeds the nearby driver's foot well courtesy light. It has just two wires into the plug from the loom and I think it would be easy to repair but is there anywhere that sells this item alone? I will try Ford but I do not want to replace the entire loom just for this one little plug which I suspect is integral to the loom. Is there somewhere online that specializes in Ford electrical plugs such as this? This plug is for a Ford Fiesta 2009 1.25 Petrol Zetec. Thanks, Gallantfive
  5. Hi there, I have a Sony DAB headunit in my Fiesta Titanium and I need to figure out which one is the ignition wire behind it because I need to patch in the sub to it. Any ideas lads?
  6. Hello all, I'm trying to hard wire a Mobius dash cam, i've succesfully wired another type of camera to my old mondeo, but this cam is causing me problems, i have it set up so that it should power up and record when external power is connected, the fact that it does so when i connect it to a USB slot on my PC indicates it's set up right, however when i connect it to the lead which i have hardwired to my fusebox, nothing. I used one of these along with a piggy back fuse, I've actually tried twice with 2 different leads and piggy back fuses and there doesn't seem to be any power going to the camera, I connect PB fuse to power lead (the live lead) and grounded the other wire to chassis as i did with my old car. i've tried it on different fuses, the last being fuse no' 22 , which is the Instrument cluster, i've also tried lighter socket,and i think the electric windows, I'm as certain as i can be my wiring is up to scratch, the piggy back fuses look ok, can any experenced Mobius user confirm my settings are correct ? any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Neil
  7. I've managed to get by without the use of the cigarette lighter socket in my mk6 Fiesta for a while now, but need it to plug in a sat nav for a long journey. It's an ex police pool car, so the lighter socket has been disconnected and it appears that the wiring has been moved near the blowers to accommodate a computer of some sort. I still have the lighter socket; is it just a case of connecting the red and black wires to the pins on the underside of the socket? I don''t mind it dangling out of the dash at all - just need it to work! Any advice would be much appreciated.
  8. Hello (: I bought a Focus Mk2 05 plate a while back, UK-registered and RHD but I bought it in Europe to take with me when moving to the UK. It's my first car and I needed it rather urgently, so I didn't think much about the rear fog lamp until it was pointed out to me at the MOT. It's got the European set-up, so the rear fog lamp is on the UK nearside and the reverse light is on the offside. As the fog light has to be on the offside to pass I will need to switch the two around. Does anyone know how I go about in doing this? Is it something that can be easily done by myself? Is there any garage in London that could do it without charging lots of money for what probably is a simple job? Thanks very much for any help! Tom
  9. Where Do You Connect Drl?

    Hi there everyone, I just bought one of these and I was wondering where do I need to connect it to, to make it switch on when I switch on the engine? (eBay item ) Thanks in advance. Regards
  10. Hi I am driving a 08 ford focus Zetec 1.8 TDCI and a couple of weeks ago i noticed that the passenger side dipped beam wasn't coming on but when i was driving it would come on eventually anyway i put it up to the bulb thought maybe it was on its way out. So today I go to Halfords and buy there Xenon pack with 2 dipped headlights and 2 side lights which cost me 54euro came to a total of 68euro (was going to cost me 80euro until i handed in my 15% off ford owners club card) anyway he fitted it and i turned it on and it came on anyway as i started my car to go to work the light did not come on even when i was driving it didnt come on so i thought the worst it had blown. So i was at my car in work and turned the lights on too see and the two of them were working. Any ideas guys it sounds like loose wiring to me but has anyone else had a similar problem maybe there is an easy fix?
  11. Td115 1.8 Tdci Issue

    Hi All, I recently noticed my car under performing. I have a 2009 1.8TDCi Focus Zetec. Upon checking the engine bay I noticed a badly burnt wire and connector. The car runs as it should when cold, when it gets up to temperature it stutters and large loss of power after 2200rpm. Also a larger than normal cloud of smoke puffs out of the exhaust when it is stuttering. When it is warm the car starts ok and drives fine under 2200rpm. Another point when the car starts stuttering I can hear what sounds like a boost leak (whoosh). I have checked all boost pipes and these are all ok, I checked for fault codes and a "Low Fuel Pressure Fault" was showing. Also I have noticed an increase in fuel consumption although the MFD displays normal MPG. I know I'm going to have to replace the glow plug loom but would this resolve the stuttering issue. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  12. So I posted this a few days ago: And now I have an answer to whether it will fit and the answer is a dissapointing no! The only reason is beacuse the absolute moron who owned the car before did this to the wiring: It's such a mess :( Sad times for this ST's audio, such a shame.
  13. HELPPPP, can some kind person with a Semi Auto Fusion 2 look under their bonnet and let me know what the part number of the gearbox wiring loom is? Its the loom that connects the ECU to the two actuating motors on the gearbox and it will have a tag on it with the part number on. The replacement part that Ford offer looks nothing like the original so I need to know if it's me that's wrong or them. Thanks in anticipation. Bearscout.
  14. My dad has just purchased a 57 plate Focus ST, we bought the car yesterday and as we were driving it back home I had a play around with its Radio/Sat Nav system. The radio didn't work and the bluetooth audio sound quality was diabolical. The plan to solve this is that we would like to take out this aftermarket radio and put in a standard ford radio/CD player with no Sat Nav. If we were to purchase something like this: would the change over with the wiring be simple or will we have to get adapters to make the radio and CD to work? Many thanks.
  15. Hi guys and gals, im new on here and looking for some help. The trick is in the thread title ;) I've looked around and I can't find any clear guide on where to add the wires to? 2013 focus 1.0t modded and mapped
  16. Hi, First of all I'm a 27 yr old medic not a mechanic, so if members could reply as if I were a lay person I would be very grateful. I'm not opposed to detailed replies and I'm happy to do a bit more reading if someone could point me in the right direction. I have a 2011 reg Fiesta Zetec that was perfectly fine until a van driver reversed into the back of it whilst I was stationary in a car park. Although repairs took place via insurance and all was well for 2-3 months, I'm now finding that my near side brake light doesn't work at all and my reversing light flickers and is dim. Initially I went to Kwik fit for a bulb change. After a bulb change was unsuccessful I was told by the mechanic that there seemed to be a wiring fault. Kwik fit don't specialise in wiring so I was referred to SMC. After visiting Ford SMC Gravesend I was basically told the work totalled £1000+ but even after I persisted the mechanic didn't explain what was actually wrong, for some reason he also disabled my rear parking sensors profusely insisting that he needed to do it. I then visited a local garage for a second opinion and the mechanic kindly explained that I required a new rear light wiring loom and connector which he said he could get for around £400, but told me to also go on ebay and call up any Ford spares dealers I could google. He priced his labour at £90. He said the repairs post accident may not have been completed to a high enough standard using worn parts but this is when he also started to seem a little vague. I have a few questions if anyone can answer them: 1) What could possibly cause damage to said wiring so that it would need to be entirely replaced? (considering my Fiesta seems pretty new.) 2) Does the advice of the mechanic seem sound? (something about such an extensive repair seems off to me.) 3) Does anyone know where I could find a rear light wiring loom and connector for such a new vehicle? (everything on ebay seems to be salvaged from older models and I haven't had a chance to call spares dealers just yet - I was hoping to be a little more informed before I do) 4) Why would the Ford SMC mechanic disable my rear parking sensors? 5) Would such repairs really total £1000+ (inc labour) 6) Considering I have moved insurance company since the claim closed and repairs were completed, is there any way that I can question the work done in the repairs and have my insurance cover any such corrective repair? (the garage used via insurance could have made mistakes) 7) Is the medic in me overthinking this? Im only 27 and not experienced in auto-repair so I'm in no position to judge but again, something doesn't seem right. Why would the entirety of the light wiring need to be replaced? (Please correct me if I'm wrong here) I hope some more technically inclined members would be so kind as to help me out here. Luckily I don't need to drive for my current hospital location so the car is just sitting on my driveway for the next 8 weeks. Any advice is appreciated and I'm happy to provide more info if needed. Kind regards, B
  17. hi guys, can anyone help, recently purchased a escort van 1.8 non turbo, 2000 to save my st from the commute/ tools etc, but I cant find where a wire leads to, I have the wire coming from the headlight area main loom, its black/white and single, it then clips to the fan housing at the bottom right as you look from the front, I cant find the rest of it, need to know where it leads to if anyone can help. tried the Haynes manual but, yanno scoobied, 2 of us took the engine out but neither know what happened to the wire, if I can backtrace it, might help. many thanks brian
  18. Retro Fitting Front Fog Lights

    Hi there, I recently purchased and successfully fitted fog lights and a new switch to a 2006 ford focus mark .2 I've found the correct wires for the fog lights in the wiring loom that goes to the main headlights. When I activate the switch though, no power is fed to these wires. The front fog light warning light on the dash illuminates so I'm assuming the switch is working fine. I can't see any record of there being a separate fuse for the front fogs and the relay seems to be shared by the front and rear fogs. The only assumption I can draw is that the relay fitted to cars with no front fogs is different in some way to those that have factory fitted front fogs. Does anyone know if this is the case, and if so what relay it is that I need to get the front fogs working? If this is not the case, any ideas where I should next check? Any help and information is greatly appreciated! Cheers Chris
  19. Hi folks - ok I have a y reg ka and my indicator is coming on when I brake - Thx to a search on the forum I've identified that the earth from the drivers side rear light is frazzled so I bought a new rear light harness loom The loom I bought is different from mine (despite being from a mk1 too) - the one I bought has two additional connextors (one per light cluster that look a bit like the high brake light connector) and the wires appear to be different colors Do I need to worry about these additional connextors or just tidy them somewhere? Is there a wiring diagram somewhere that might show me what wire on the new loom connects to what wire on my existing loom? My Haynes manual only shows pre and post 98 and neither match the wires on new loom) Or can I just cut the existing driver side connector off and cut it off the new loom and wire the new connector to the old loom (or even just pull the black earth wire from new loom and poke it into the old connector? Thanks for any help
  20. I've just bought a brand new fiesta 1.0 ecoboost and i have a fli trap 2400w subwoofer that i want to put in however i'm struggling with where to get audio from and where to connect the switch live to? is there anyone that has done this already or knows a little about it? ie what i can use where i can get it from? thanks
  21. Hi I have just bought a 2004 Ford Focus which I am really impressed with. I have an afternarket stereo with steering wheel control capabilities but cant figure out the wiring configuration from the stalk. The stalk adapter has 3 wires on it. The stereo doesnt have a block but has three wires that needs to go into the block. I have a GND and two other wires on the stereo. Can anyone tell me what wire goes to what on the stereo stalk cables. One is on its own and two next to each other. Many thanks
  22. Stereo Wiring

    My son is doing up a W reg Ford Fiesta Ztech. After removing the stereo leaving behind all the wiring from the Ford stereo. The New stereo has the following wiring: 8 wirers in total 1 x double white to connect to the connector for the front (Lch) speaker. 1 x (one of each) grey and black to connect to the connector for the (Rch) speaker 1 x double violet to connect to the connector for the front (Rch speaker) 1 x single blue = auto antenna output 200mA (does this mean it does it as it is? or has it got to be connected?) 1 x (one of each) Green and Black to connect to the connector for the right (Lch) speaker 1 x single red to connect to the connector for the ignition key (ACC) 1 x single yellow to connect to the connecter for the memory back-up 12v 1 x single black to connect to the connector for the negative ground For example: where I say grey and black this is the two wires part at the bottom to give two separate connections and at the top they have about one centimetre of bare wire on each peace for connecting. The wires are about eight inches long. Our problem is simple for some one that knows wring, but we don't. There are loads of wirers from the back of the old ford stereo connecters and we have know idea which ones to use to match up to the new wires. We have tried going by the Haynes manual, but it all looked like a load of spaghetti! The stereo is a KLARHEIT USB/SD/MP3 RADIO PLAYER. Can ANY ONE help sort the wiring out for us, what colour goes to what colour? Regards Sean
  23. A little gift , here are the PDF electrical wiring diagrams for the Ford Focus Focus Mk2/2.5 + ST PDF dated 2010 - Focus Mk3 PDF dated 2011 , not ST - Very usefull indeed if your trying to figure out additions to your car or find wiring Regards Preee
  24. Mondeo 02 Petrol Mk1

    blown cigi fuse no idea where it is, now it will not start up just clicking but not turning engine over
  25. Hi, I just noticed this wiring on the inside of the rear bumper and the first thing that came to mind was parking sensor wiring...but I certainly don't have anything visible on the outside and I tried to take a picture of the label on the wiring which does seem to suggest some sort of parking distance control as it seems to say 15K868. Can someone identify this? Thanks!