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  1. Upgrading audio unit?

    Hi - I have a 2004 Fusion 3 Mk 1 with a 6006 head unit with 6 CD changer (see photo).  The radio reception isn't the best on these units and having driven a ford with a Sony unit recently the signal to noise threshold was a lot lower so the FM reception much better. The question is - despite the fact I would have to cut the dash to fit and make it look good afterwards - can I retro-fit a first-generation Sony unit (see photo) to my Mk 1 Fusion 3?  The last time I changed a stereo was when all the wires were done manually 1 by 1 and obviously they all have multi-plugs these days.  If dimension-wise it would fit would the connecting block be the same?  The 6006 unit is split into three so I would have to cut the dash I know.  Are the units an identical size? Many thanks in advance, Nick.
  2. Fusie 1.4tdi, 04 reg. Following damaging a front 15" wheel I have been trying for several days to find a replacement from Devon car breakers. Always, the responce is the same - 'we don't have any'. So, are the steel wheels unique to the Fusion? I doubt it, and having checked Fiestas on 55 and 58 plates think that maybe they are the same -, paticularly the 55 plate one I looked at. Even the wheels trims seem identical and both vehicles have R15 tyres - same as my Fusion2. Does anyone know if the same wheels are fitted to other Fords? Ta muchly. Dave F66
  3. Hi, I'm looking to install some parking sensors on a ford fusion 02 plate, but im struggling to find the reverse wire if someone could help me out with the light wiring please Many Thanks Mike
  4. Having been on the forums a little while I thought I'd make this as a diary of the things I've been doing to make my Fusion a bit nicer :) I know it's not the most exciting car in the world; a bit of a granny-mobile but I'm rather fond of it and hope to keep it going as long as possible. It's soo cheap to run and drinks diesel like it's sipping it from a cup and saucer with it's little finger sticking out - been getting 68-70 MPG for the last few months using it to commute to my placement (65 miles there and back). The extra boot space is great for hauling stuff back and forth from uni and the extra headroom is good for mates in the back, and the flat boot floor and tailgate is great for sitting out of to change muddy walking boots a la LR Discovery :D I prefer the higher driving position as well. Inherited it from the parents; the one previous owner was a mobility company. Over the years its had a new rear wheel bearing, new mid and rear exhaust section and one new injector. Currently on 92,000 miles - I've put more miles on it in the last year than Mum did in the previous 4 years combined! Here it is in all its OAP glory (sans wheel trims that I am refurbishing - see below) First thing (a little while ago now) I did was give it mudflaps; intending to protect the paintwork as the bottom of the doors curve in quite a bit. Hopefully will stop it from continuing to grit itself. I also got it Terraclean'd during the week, first impressions are great, its quieter and smoother and can hold onto gears a little longer before needing to change down. Have already noticed an increase in fuel efficiency but will wait until I've used up the current tank to calculate an MPG. I've decided to do up the wheel trims as they are very very scratched from hitting the kerb... (not all my doing) Halfway through 1st plastic primer coat following sanding - After 2 primer coats - Those 4x two coats (not 100% complete coverage mind) used up a 300ml can of grey plastic primer from Halfords. Will follow probably with 1200/1500 wet&dry, then switch to white primer (need to buy a new can anyway) so that the silver on top appears a bit lighter (well that's the theory anyway). Following that will be the metallic silver spray paint, then clear lacquer (with the W&D in-between etc).
  5. Ford Fusion Cuts Out

    hi all i have an '02 fusion 2 1.4 16v it starts and drives fine but on occasions, it will just cut out on decceleration as i'm slowing down coming up to a junction for instance, the engine will just die it will re-start without problem by either bumping it while its still moving, or by the key i've fitted new plugs, ht leads and coil seem ok i've checked usual connectors ands hoses etc but cant find anything amiss i have an OBD reader, but that doesnt show any faults it doesnt cut out all the time, or at any peticular moment some days it wont do it at all, or on some journeys it may do it 1/2/3 times can anyone help? i'm at a miss many thanks for reading
  6. Hi, 1st post in the forum don't think it's in the right place but hopefully someone can help. It's a problem with my mums fusion 1400 TDCI. Basically it hesitates/misfires very intermittently. Sounds like it loses signal to an injector every so often if your listening to it with the bonnet up.. I have driven it and its so random when it does it, it doesn't matter what speed or gear your in or if your changing gear etc.. I have had a read around and general consensus is it might need a software update?? Is this done via IDS?? Is it a take to ford job?? Can I check for updates myself?? It's a shame my peugeot/Citroen diag software won't read it as its a pug/CIT engine. If any mechanics out there can help a fellow mechanic that would be great. Thanks Chris
  7. This is an old subject but still relevant. My 2004 1.4tdi has broken springs twice, each time with little mileage and 3 years between. Annual mileage never exceeds 4,000. It seems the most common breakages are offside front and just about half a turn (7 inches) from the end of the first (bottom) coil. There is a Fiesta thread which mentions probs with vehicles built in the Cologne plant, Germany, in 2003/4. It seems Ford do not admit the problem although it is clearly a safety issue. As far as I know there has never been a recall - Bad job Ford! I have had 2 Dagenham Fiestas (Mk2 and 3), 2 Sierras and 2 Escorts and put about 100,000 miles on each with no failures. Look at the Fusion design and it is not conventional (with British Dunton designs) as previous Fiestas have square ended springs which sit properly. It seems the design is continental as there are reports of VW, Audi. Merc, BMW, Renault and GM failures. Fusion springs are tapered at each end and sit in a spiral housing in such a way as to encourage wear of the plastic covering, trapping dirt, grit and salt and premature rusting. It seems rust starts as a result of the plastic covering being pierced by friction plus grit or a small stone. Rust in the tiny hole then spreads causing the spring to fail. They always fail in the same place and one discussion thread indicates that broken parts can be interchanged between springs and they fit perfectly. Also, interchangeable with broken nearside springs. In an attempt to alleviate the fault Ford released a zinc plate modification which prevents rust through electrolytic action (sacrificial anode). Has anyone got a part No. for this or any further information on spring failures? Ta muchly
  8. Hi guys, I'm a fairly new member of the forums and I'm looking for some advice regarding rust. I have a '54 plate Fusion 1.4 TDCi which is developing a pocket of rust behind the weld seam at the bottom of the front passenger door, as per the pic below: The seam that passes the patch of rust has bulged forward and deforms if you press it (creaks, springs back out). I suspect it has spread deeper than the eye can see due to the bubbling paint in the area around it. I would quite like to fix this (if possible); I'm very fond of the car (inherited from parents for an industrial placement at uni) and want to keep it going as long as possible due to how practical it is and how super cheap it is to run. I know it's 10+ years old, so rust etc. is to be expected.. I'm guessing the loose seam section and rust would have to be removed down to the unaffected metal - if I went this far would the subsequent repair be possible with off the shelf products? Or would it have to be patched (welded?) by a body repair shop?
  9. Hi all, I did a quick search and couldn't find any threads that have much info on this. Basically, just bought the car. Been camping and most mornings I'd start the car and the Rev counter would fall back to 0 and stay there for 10-40 minutes, even though car ran fine and drove around etc. Engine management light would be on and logged an E196 code (which makes sense). After a while the rev counter would start working but the EML would stay on, eventualy turning off later in the day, after a few restarts. As I say, car runs without issue otherwise. My main questions: - Does this sound like a dirty / damp / faulty sensor? - Which sensor handles the RPM data? - Where abouts is it located? (Idea is to remove and clean it up) - How much does this sensor roughly cost to replace? Many thanks in advance! :D
  10. I have a 2009 Ford Fusion Automatic with 1.6 engine, bought second hand a couple of years ago. The wheels are 15 inch alloys fitted with 195/60 R15 Hankook Optimo K406 tyres. However, I decided today to check the spare wheel in the boot and that is a 14 inch steel wheel fitted with a Continental 175/65 R14 tyre, and it does not appear to be a space saver, although it does have the 80kp/h yellow sticker. This may not be the original spare wheel supplied. Whilst the 4 stud bolts look the same spacing, my concern is that if I have to fit this spare wheel, being smaller than the other wheels, won't it cause steering problems etc? Would it be better to buy a 15 inch steel wheel for the spare and have it fitted with exactly the same type of Hankook tyres as on the roadwheels?
  11. Hello all. I've just purchased an 2008 Ford Fusion 1.6 TDCI. I wouldn't mind having a go at re-calibrating the ECU to get better driveability fuel economy etc. As it happens I am an engineer and for the past 2 1/2 years I have been recalibrating the ECU of a 1.6 TCDI (DV6) engine for emissions with an adaptered manufacturer ECU. (Unfortunately I have no idea how to do a normal production ECU) Maybe I will just do an EGR blank instead! -Though I'm not sure wheather to have a hole in the plate or not on my model? Unless of course I can find an easy way just to remap it? Or borrow an ECU from work? Thoughts? Thanks
  12. New Bloke From Kent

    Hi All,just like to say hello,I'm Tony from Kent, I've Recently purchased a Ford Fusion 1.4tdci on Ebay, looking at fitting a towbar as I'm into camping and want to be able to tow a trailer with all the gear in it. I like campsites that allow campfires and would love to hear from anyone that knows of any good sites that facilitate this. Regards Tony. . .
  13. My husband has just changed the offside drive shaft oil seal on my 2003 Fusion. I have read that this is a well known problem with Fords. The seal he put on was the same as the seal that came off, but the strange thing is that my husband said there was almost room for 2 seals - has anyone else come across this? It is still leaking :( We have more seals being delivered, in the hope the next one will make a better seal. I have had some great advice from threads on this forum, so thank you in advance for any advice offered :)
  14. Does any one know best way to bleed clutch on fusion durashift please as no clutch pedal As i have just fitted gearbox/clutch actuators after repaired, and now need to bleed system Thanks for any help
  15. Start with the basics, I have a 2004, 53 plate Ford Fusion 1.4 TDCi 2. I bought this last year and the air con didn't really work well then. I went to get this recharged a month later and it failed the pressure test. So recently I got it tested with the dye and they told me there is a leak in the condenser and quoted me to replace the condenser and dryer. However, my brother is handy with cars, so we looked up the process and cost to do it ourselves, I bought the Haynes manual, new condenser and dryer and we started the job. We managed to swap the condenser yesterday afternoon, it was a pig to slide out the old one without taking the radiator out but we managed it in the end by rotating it towards the passenger side, then slid the new one in the same way and got it all reconnected. However the dryer is now causing problems. We can't seem to remove the pipes from it. We have looked over the new one and they should be push on as far as we can tell, we have the clips off but they are not budging. I think this has possibly never been replaced since the car was new so is potentially 11 years old and we are guessing seized on. Is there a special tool to use that makes it easier or a method that people seem to find works? We don't want to put clamps on it for fear of crushing the pipes. One final thing, once the dryer is replaced, how soon do I need to get it recharged? If I get it recharged a couple of days after replacing it (obviously never switching it on until then so it is not pumping the air in the system around), should that be alright or does it really need recharging straight away like within a few hours?
  16. Re. 2015 Fusion: I know that I can open the trunk of my car by standing close to the luggage compartment with the key fob in my pocket and pressing the button on the underside of the trunk lid. When I give my car to a valet parking attendant, I want to make sure that he/she can't get into the luggage compartment/trunk. I see nothing in the car or the owners manual that addresses this question. I want to disable the ability of others to open my trunk. Can you tell me how you lock the luggage compartment /trunk so that the valet parking attendant is unable to access it?
  17. Hey guys, as the title states; what do you think is the best thing about owning a smaller car? This discussion includes anything up to a focus. I'll go first! I love how: >easy it is to park >easily I can dart in and out of traffic. >Half a tank of fuel = good pick up speed. >1/8 - 1/4 tank = fast-ish to 60.
  18. Hey Guys This is my first Forum post, want to introduce myself and why I'm here. My names Andrew, I'm 20, been driving 3 years and January 2014 brought myself a beat up 2002 petrol Ford Fusion. I needed a car, it was in my budget, I brought it at an auction (never doing that again). This thing has dents and scratches I got stuck with a garage bill for a leaking steering column and borderline rear shock in the first 2 months. But I like it, it does well for me. Started every time and runs me and all my kit around okay. But I want to make it better! I want to learn how to maintain and fix it myself. Replace the bits I can and just make it so the repair bills are a little less. So that's why I'm here, I want to learn how to fix my ford and make my ride that bit smoother. Currently have a front bearing problem, left side. Read the Hayes manual on how to do it but I don't have a press so anyone got any tips on bearing jobs or is this one for the mech? Well that's me and why I'm here. Nice to meet you all, I hope to learn a lot. Thanks A
  19. Hi New Here

    I have a 2003 fusion 1.4 petrol. When you put your foot down for some needed speed it seems to be very slow to respond yet seems ok when you go through gears 1 to 3. Any body got any idear. I have just ordered some denso double platinum plugs in case they are the problem
  20. Fusion Semi Auto

    Hi all New to forum so not sure if I'm posting in the right place here! Anyway i have a ford fusion 2, 2003 reg 1.4 duratec petrol with the semi auto box! I suffers with clutch judder when a pull off mainly the first drive off the day but could last all day, but i have noticed this morning that if i drive it manually for a few minutes it cleared the juddering, so has anyone any idea what the problem could be please? I just put it down to a bad/ warped clutch so was just going to run it until it failed but now i think it's more of a simpler fix now! Thanks chris
  21. Fusion New Boy

    new fusion bought today a few issues to sort ,your help will be required!!
  22. Cant help but notice how nice the new Mondeo looks, does anyone know when its coming out in the UK? Or any details? Specs etc. I think ford's new design for the Mondeo is fantastic, (in the opinion of an 18 year old). Honestly speaking it in terms of looks I would say it beats any new model Audi, BMW or Mercedes. What do you guys think?
  23. Hi All I am not very good with cars so will do my best to explain the problem. I have a Ford Fusion 2003 Semi Automatic 1.4 with 89,000 Miles and in a good shape. The other day the car totally cut out on a junction and I had it towed to my local garage. They have called me today and said it is either the semi automatic clutch controller, or another part of the system that controls the automatic clutch ( can not remember the name they used). They have advised me if it is the clutch controller it would be £1000, if the other part of the clutch £1800. Just wanted peoples opinion, A on the prices and B on whether it would be worth repairing because of the age, millage etc. Earlier this year I put in a new top have of the engine by an engine specialist as the cambelt went and damaged the engine. So I have already spent 1k on the repairs on this car this year and don't know if it is worth the spend. Cosmetically the car inside and out is in very good condition and apart from the clutch no other issues. ;)
  24. Hi Guys, First post! Bought a 2003 Fusion + 1.4 TDCi yesterday and the factory fitted Ford "7500" DVD player and screen are showing no signs of life at all. I had a look at the fuses but the manual isn't clear about which fuse could be the culprit. Anyone have an idea on why there would be no power to it at all or somethings I should be testing to try and find the fault. Also if someone knows the fuse number that'd be ace. New to all this fancy electronics lark built into the ceiling haha. Cheers, Dan
  25. Hi all, apologies if this has been asked before but I googled the crap out of this one and can't get a sensible answer. I'm really hoping that someone here can help me out. I bought a fusion + 1.4 tdci a few months ago, used, all was good for a few weeks and then I had an issue with the coolant, as in there was none there I left it to cool down and topped up the water. I then spoke to a mechanic who suggested changing the overflow bottle lid, which I did, standard lid, along with the bottle I flushed the coolant system and put in new anti-freeze. Again all seemed fine for a few weeks until this morning when the car cut out on me, I got to the side of the road, and checked the oil which seemed to be really low, after a while I also checked the coolant which was ok, at the max level. I added new oil and after about an hour the car started ok and I was able to get it to work. On my way home this evening the car cut out on me, when I gave it enough time I checked the oil, and water, the oil was ok, plenty in there but the coolant had evaporated. I put in 1 litre of coolant and after about half an hour was able to start the car, it run fine and got me home without any issues. When I got home I gave the car more time to cool down and went out to top up the coolant, this time there was too much in there, it was over the max level. I've checked for obvious signs of the head gasket going, no frothing on the inside of the oil cap or dipstick, I've checked for obvious signs of coolant leaks but can't see anything. Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.