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  1. Hello, I had the smallest bump I can think possible in my Fiesta early this week. Everything seemed to move very quickly with my insurance (Admiral) and they collected it right away. Looking at the damage, I could have done more damage kicking the damn car than crashing it (can upload a picture if anyone needs but it isn't great). However Admiral say its a CAT D write off. I was asking them questions and they wouldn't tell me how much they'd been quoted for repair. They also wouldn't tell me what the damage was, at the start of the claim they said do nothing and we will contact you as/when we get info. THIS WAS NEVER DONE. 3 times now I've contacted the garage after Admiral, only to get conflicting information. Anyway, the lady on the phone from Admiral says if I don't sign my V5C Section 9 and sign the car over to the salvage yard TODAY, then I will be breaking the law and will be fined. (As I now no longer have insurance as they've cancelled it). However they won't tell me how much they are going to pay out for the car or when this is likely to be paid? Its  my first ever crash and I'm so confused and worried about all this. Why am I signing a car over to a salvage company when I don't know when and how much I am going to get back for the car? The way I see it, if I'm doing this, Admiral should be writing me a blank check. As far as I'm concerned its the same principle. Again, Admiral would not tell me exactly why the damage has been so "Severe" and why they're classing it as a Class D. Is this all normal? Will I be breaking the law? Why won't they give me a "estimate" etc etc? Please help me! What do I do? Thanks!!!
  2. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  3. Looks Like I'm Leaving :(

    Hey (first things first, I can't log in to my standard account? Everytime I go to re-login through facebook, I just get 'error'. Therefore I've created this account. If anyone can get me back in to my old one, or an admin can give me access or reset my password, cool!) However, time for the bad news. Having passed my test four months ago, and getting myself a Zetec Climate 1.8 2006 - A 68 year old man did me the pleasure of a head on collision before forcing me into a parked car on the left. He's admitted full liability. But £5500 worth of damage later, it's been declared a total loss. :( Now, the insurance company are in the process of sending me my cheque, and when they do - I've got seven days to return my courtesy car - 5 of which will be clearing for my cheque. Therefore, I've got two days to buy a car. I'll be honest, the only cars I'm finding for £4300ish are Vauxhall Astras :( - I know how you all feel about Vauxhalls. I don't really want anything older than a 56 plate, and I want less than 60k miles, preferably three door, so it does limit me :( I've been offered £800 cash in salvage for my car, should I take it? There is no chassis or engine damage (apart from the power steering pump bracket) - just a shed load of front end work. Pictures enclosed :(
  4. Goodbye Fiesta Van

    Some pics of my neighbour's Fiesta van which has been written off by the insurance company He hit the back of a mini and is now very sorry to see it go