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  1. Hi Everyone, I own a 2010 Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCI. I have a very annoying rattle which comes from the gear shift cable. I have taken all of the housing off from my gear stick and gear cable and there doesn't seem to be any rattling there. I think the gear cable has been knocked off a clip in the engine bay when my car has been in the garage and thus causing the cable to rattle against a clip. Could someone please tell me where any clips are which hold the gear cable in place or if you believe the problem is something else! It is driving me mad!!
  2. Please help! I have a 2011 (Nov) Fiesta. I bought the car second hand last April (2012) and have been listening to my IPod nano (the small square one) without any problems, using the Ford Y Cable, until last week. Now I'll be listening to the music and it will just stop (as if it had been paused), the display on the ford dash shows the track name, the time is not moving and there is no sound. Then the display will say either "IPod initialising" or "Error reading iPod device". On the occasions it says "initialising" after it has "initialised" the display returns to the track with the time not moving and still no sound. If I unplug the cable and plug it back in again sometimes it'll start working, but most times it doesn't. I have tried another Ford Y Cable, which hasn't made any difference. I have also tried using the iPod Dock cable with audio lead from the headphone socket, which also doesn't work. So the 3 cables I've tried all react in the same way. I have also tried playing the iPod on its own, and this plays perfectly OK. I haven't updated the iPod software either. Please can anyone offer a solution? Thanks.
  3. Electric Window Issue

    New here, so hello to all. I bought a 2007 mk6 couple of weeks ago, everything fine with it apart from a few days ago the electric window on driver side, the cable snapped by the sounds of it. Window wont go up or down but the motor still works, hence reason think the cable has gone. Seen plenty of people say on line its easy enough to do, fair enough, but a mate of mine and couple of forums say you need to remove the door lock to get the inner panel off to get to everything. Seems a bit much that i think. Can anyone shed some light on this or point me in the right direction? Cheers
  4. Just got car, under the front lip of boot there is a cable connector in the polystyrene packing, anyone know what this is?
  5. Freeing Up Handbrake Cable

    Hello all. I have a 2003 MY MK3 Mondeo 1.8 LX with an ineffective handbrake. The lever feels very on or off and doesn't hold the car unless it is on hard. Is there anything basic I can look at and maintain to loosen it up a bit?
  6. Zetec engine. Just bought this as my first car and love it but... the gearbox has, um, character. Basically, 3rd and 4th are both an inch left of neutral, 1st and 2nd are miles off to the left, and reverse is just a pain in the neck. Sometimes if I'm facing up a hill and go into 1st the gearbox will say, "Hey how about 3rd instead?". I'll SEE that it's in 1st but then I let go and it's somehow sprung into 3rd. Also, jiggling it around in neutral seems very messy. I had a friend go through the gears while I looked under the bonnet at the shifter cable and it looks as if something's loose. The cable has a barrel on the end of it (imagine a cork with some string cored down it) and this barrel seems to pop out of a hole in what I'm assuming is the gearbox, and then it has trouble finding its way back in there on every other shift. Is this barrel supposed to be coming out of the hole at all? And if so, is it supposed to be able to do it without missing or jiggling around? Could the shifter cable be a bit slack? Any help from some more learned people would be amazing! Many thanks :)
  7. Hi! I've had this problem when I picked up my 2009 MK2.5 Focus around a year ago and just the other week too. The temperature control knob moves but no heat comes out. I've just had it in the garage literally only 3 days ago to get it fixed and he only charged me for an hour of labour as he said the cable had disconnected from the far end. The guy at the garage said he just took the radio and the glove box out, traced it and re-connected it. Now, I've got the radio and the glove box out but I'm damned if I can trace to where the far end goes. It's definitely connected to the knob and you can see that there's too much give in it like it's not connected. Give me a computer and I can fix it, give me a car and I can scratch my head... Anyone have any ideas (pictures ideally) of where the far end of the cable should be connecting to? Cheers.
  8. Connecting Ipod Touch

    I've just purchased a brand new Ka Zetec and I'm trying to connect my ipod touch using an aux cable. The sound is great but although I set the display to 'title' all it shows is AUX and I can't forward or go back using the controls on the dashboard so i'm stuck listening to the random shuffle from the ipod. Any ideas? The aux cable isn't a genuine Ford one, would this make a difference? Has anyone used anything different that lets them control what they are listening to? Any help gratefully received
  9. So I bought one of these iPod cable adapter kits from Connects 2. It's one of these cables that allows you to trick your radio into thinking that your iPod is actually the CD changer, so it streams audio through the head unit whilst also supplying power to charge your iPod and also letting you send commands to skip next/previous track, shuffle and repeat, and also select playlists all from the buttons on your standard Ford radio (a 6000CD in my case). Unfortunately, after installing it I am only getting audio passed through/power supplied to my iPod. I've tried several models of iPod, iPhone etc and none of them can be controlled from the radio head unit as promised on the website. The guys at Connects 2 reckon it's because my Fiesta already has the Aux input port for connecting MP3 players etc, but I can't see how that would stop the CD changer from sending commands to the iPod.... I've seen it working fine with the head unit buttons controlling the iPod in videos of the same 6000CD head unit online, so I know that it is possible. I also know that certain models of Fiesta were released with the ability to have the Aux port added but not actually activated, so I'm wondering if there's a way to disable the Aux feature and if that would allow me to use the head unit buttons as promised. Anybody know anything about this stuff or know anybody who might??
  10. I have a 2007 Fiesta Zetec 1.4. It has a pretty standard Ford Radio/CD player HiFi with an Aux input for connecting my iPhone/iPod, but what I'd rather have is a permanent 'dock connector' style cable (i.e. the 30-pin adapter that plugs into the bottom of an iPhone/iPod to provide both power and line-out audio) that I can install in the glove box so that I can just leave an old iPod in there on repeat for constant playback. I'd like it to be in the glove box because whenever I use my iPod in-car through the Aux port, I have to connect the audio, then connect the power to a cigarette-lighter/USB adapter, and then pack it all away when I park for fear it will be attractive to thieves etc. As well as hiding it away, I'd rather do it with the 30-pin line out connector because when I connect an iPod via the Aux-in port and charge it at the same time, I get a nasty ground loop/earth hum coming through the speakers (which varies when I rev the engine/change gears etc). So all in all, if I could end up with a single cable coming out in the glovebox somewhere which could both charge my iPod AND pass audio through to the radio (even if this disabled the external Aux-in port to do so) I would be well pleased. If I could still use the Aux-in port that would be even better. So basically I'm assuming I need to cannibalise a 30-pin connector and find a way to plug the audio pins into my stereo and also find a 5V line somewhere to charge the pod... unless some clever person has already manufactured a cable to do just this....?? Anybody know how I might go about this??
  11. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  12. Hi I really need some help with this problem as my MOT is due next month, I need to replace the slide cable that controls the heat within the car the cable came off as the wire was kinked so after straightening the cable out and reconnecting to the heater select cog it still came off after a few turns of the heater dial so I used a small zip tie to hold it in place but after a few weeks the cable has kinked even more so I need to replace the cable, I know how to remove nearly everything but the one problem I'm having is the end of the cable that attaches somewhere else inside the dash unit, I can't see or get to that area it looks like I might need to remove the whole dash unit! surely this can't be???? Please please someone help. PS I've seen video's on other bit related to this area but nothing at the other end of the cable/cables. 2007 Ford Focus Zetec 1.6
  13. Heater Cable Problem 2

    Hi I need help installing a replacement heater select cable on my 2007 zetec focus 1.6 I have the cable I can remove the end nearest to the control panel but I can't see how to get to the other end can anyone please help?
  14. Hi I have a 2001 1.6 ghia (93000miles). Recently, one of the plastic cup connectors at the gear stick end of the assembly cable has slipped off a couple of times whilst driving, leaving the gear stick loose but the car still in gear. It's like a ball and socket connector and is the cream coloured bit in the centre of the attached picture. I can normally clip it back on without too much trouble and without removing the gear stick cover but that's a bit unsafe whilst still in motion. I know that the new cable is about £140 to buy and then the labour to fit it is a couple of hours or more. To be honest, it's borderline whether I wish to spend that much on the car. I have spent £800 getting the rear suspension fixed this year, the brakes have been replaced and the car is only worth maybe £1000. I only do about 5000 miles a year and use the car twice a week. It seems a bit daft to have to replace the whole cable, for a bit of plastic the size of my finger nail. Does anyone know a quick fix that leaves the car safe to drive? As it needs to pivot and also move laterally, glue or cable ties are not going to work. However, I am the least technical person when it comes to cars so really need your help. Thanks in advance 2012-11-22 16.23.43 (1).BMP
  15. Best Usb/aux Cable

    hey guys i need a cable like this the price is crazy i have a cheap one and i'm getting an annoying buzzing am i best just paying for a fordy one or not ?
  16. New Aux Cable

    Evening! This is a similar topic to 1 posted below regarding aux cable and USB cable but I thought I'd do a sep anyway..... My current inbuilt aux cable doesn't work :( is there any way I can put a new 1 where the not so secret compartment is? Thanks in advance :)