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  1. Hi all!

    Hi all New to the forums, having just purchased a Focus Zetec S 1.8 TDCi MK2. So hello all! I'm actually not a Ford newb, I've actually been prattling around in a 1.6 petrol 2003 Fiesta Ghia for 3 years, I thought the time was right for an upgrade. You can see photos of the Focus on my profile. Anyhow, it's good to be here and I'm sure I'll be around asking for some modification tips soon. :)
  2. Mileage

    Hi all,  I am looking at buying a 2005 zetec s (1.6 TDCI)  its on 127k miles with a part service history, is this high for the engine? Or are they a strong engine past that? Also what is most likely to need replacing soon in it (in general for a model of this age/mileage)  cheers! 
  3. Hi all. Having finally purchased a 'decent' car, it's about time I found some knowledge on how to clean it properly, and keep it in pristine condition. I've been driving a 2003 Fiesta Ghia around for the past three years so all the knowledge I have of car cleaning is a bottle of turtle wax shampoo, a bucket and a sponge. I'm after a step by step guide on products and technique. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks :)
  4. Modifications: Spider Tuning, Black Fog Surrounds, Powder Coated Black Wheels, Black Centre Caps, K&N Filter, Wind Deflectors, Rally Flapz Mudflaps.    
  5. Newbie From Dorset !!

    Hi All New member, Just purchased Mondeo 2012 ZBE
  6. 06

    From the album Stevi

    Zetec Spoiler fitted!
  7. I recently brought an 09 "Zetec S" second hand from Evans Halshaw Ford and it has the rear parking sensors, and sports spoiler but I passed a 58 plate "Zetec" and the steering wheel inside looked exactly the same as MY "sports" steering wheel and so did the seats they looked the exact same as my "sports" seats, then I looked further at the Zetec I passed, noticing it didn't have the sport spoiler or the same alloys, and it wasn't marked as the S model.   Why does my car lack the proper badges and do i actually have a sports wheel and sports seats? Do I even have the so called sports suspension does it even carry the 120bhp it has on paper? 
  8. Hi Guys this is my first post to the forum so hi!! I've just today installed a towbar on my 2003 focus and was wondering where the best place to route the wiring is i.e. a hole in the underside or something? I haven't even started to wire in the towbar but have a haynes manual for the wiring diagram and was wondering what your thoughts are? Also is it best to tap into the loom behind the carpet on the left side of the boot? Thanks Jim
  9. Randomly parked up in St Andrew's Quay car park in 'ull on Sunday .... completed a full set Zetec's and ST's Excuse the wonky (temporary) parking ... the fruity coloured ST wasn't lined up too well ...  or maybe (and more likely) the lines on the car park aren't straight ...   
  10. Hi there just wondering if anyone can help me by showing the location of the "air box resonator" on my Fiesta 2011 1.25L Zetec ive had a small look to try and fine it but I thought it'd be best to ask some more knowledgable folk, if anyone could help tell me the location of the resonator it would be greatly appreciated, photos especially!  Many thanks, Luke
  11. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me some advice on this product sold by puma speed? Do I need to cut my original rear valance?(The standard one that comes on a 57 plate fiesta zetec s) Was wondering what actually come with this product also, is it a whole new rear valance or is it the fins and the top half that stick on over the existing one?   Any help would be largely apreciated.   Samuel.G.Harris Burgerm4n
  12. Hi...I've just bought a lovely white 2009 Focus Zetec S. I love everything about the car except the exhaust just sounds monstrous...I mean it's over the top ridiculously loud! Is there any way to go about making this quieter i.e. would an exhaust specialist be able to change it or will I have to opt for a new exhaust altogether. I've attached pictures of the underside to show as best I could how it's put branches off into twin pipes that have twin muffler tips on them. Thanks! Also...everything needs a good clean i know!! :o) Athique
  13. Hello all, Been wanting to upgrade my exhaust for a while. Surprisingly, the most reasonably priced Catback system for the Mk7 1.6 ZS seems to be the Mountune one. £325 on their official site.   Has anyone got any experience with this system? I know it's the Miltek one branded with Mountune etching on the tips so I guess anyone with the Miltek could give an opinion too?   Cheers!
  14. hi guys, does anyone know if it's a good idea to fit an omex to my fiesta zetec s 1.6 petrol's standard exhaust? from what I've read it can destroy your catalytic converter, but surely thats only if you launch control 24/7, as there are lots of cars which come with launch control and still have a cat?  cheers
  15. Hi All, I have traded in my old fiesta zetec s for a focus zetec s but the 182hp version in midnight sky. I am looking at the K&N air filter kit but I was also tempted by the green cotton filter one also so any advice on which to choose there is appreciated. I am also tempted, to try a conversion for the front end. I wondered if it was possible for me to just buy a white ST front bumper and the grills etc and spray it midnight sky. Would I also need new lights, or would it not fit at all. I thought I would ask the question if it were even possible! Thanks all
  16. Mk6 Spoiler Swap

    Hey guys, swapping my zetec spoiler for a zetec s spoiler, just wondering what is the easiest way to take off my original spoiler and replace it. Cheers lads!
  17. Window Tint Advice

    Thinking about getting the windows on my MK6 tinted but dont know how dark to go on them? anyone got any pictures or good on photoshop? thanks in advance :)
  18. Accidental New Owner

    Hi All, I wanted to test drive a new red or black edition... just to see how it compared to my 150bhp diesel astra, as i wanted a new car in a few months time I was in luck... I managed to find the only dealer within about 20 miles that had one available for a drive. It had just come off the lorry, with 13 miles on the clock Long story short, i'll be picking it up in a couple of weeks and i cant wait! Sure it doesn't have the torque to pull like the astra, but it really didn't feel slow in comparison at all. It's a lot perkier though... just begging to be thrown into corners. Here's a few pics...
  19. Fiesta Zs Mk7 's' Badge

    Greetings, fellow Ford fanatics. I'm just after an honest opinion on the placement of the S badges on my Zetec S Mk7. I ordered the two badges off Amazon UK (came as a pair for a tenner plus 4 quid delivery.) The rear one is adhesive and therefor is a piece of cake to install on the rear of the car. My ZS never had the "Zetec S" badging on the boot (any idea why?) so the S badge simply went where that would have been. Now I originally wanted the front grill badge to go in line with, and just to the right (when facing the car) of the Ford badge (quite a popular placement.) However, the badge needs to be bolted through the grill, and since it's water tight (and I have zero drilling experience) I wasn't prepared to attempt that. So the front badge ended up on the bottom right of the grill. Pretty easy to install there tbh. The plate behind the badge just tightens around the back of the grill. So what do you guys reckon? Keep them where they are or go the extra mile and see about drilling the front grill next to the Ford badge? Cheers.
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  23. New S badge: Front

  24. New S badge: Rear

  25. hi so dont know if its possible or just coincidence but i started having trouble with the heating in my car just after i found the drivers foot well wet. i can't find the leak (tbh haven't had time to look properly) but wondered if my coolant bottle could have leaked into the car. thoughts? thanks