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Found 18 results

  1. D123 and D041

    I've recently had similar problems that a few people here have had, but the responses suggest various issues. DTC codes D123 and D041 (suggesting no speed measurement from the sensor) and an intermittent fault whereby there is a resistive load on the engine and the odometer dial ceases to work. It seems like an electrical resistive load (partial short circuit) because the audio volume also drops. Then my fuel pump fuse went and I was stranded. Towed to garage, they replaced the fuse, leads and distributor and it was fine for a while, but the codes were still there. A few weeks later the fault appeared again. So I replaced the speed sensor today but the codes were still there. Went out for a long drive with no sign of the intermittent fault. Parked, then set off and the fuel pump fuse blew again. I replaced the fuse, got home and noticed dtc: none. Are these issues related? How can I test my new speed sensor? How can I test the fuel pump?
  2. Hi everyone My Focus mk 2.5 diesel fuel pump died on me recently & i manged to get a used one for free-although it was from a mk1 i think. When this was tried it didn't work. I also was given the control module that was under the back seat but have been unable to locate this module in mine. I read online that it is located under the passenger side seat but have looked there & also the under the drivers side. Just wondered whether Ford decided to move it in the mk2.5? If anyone could shed any light on this it would be good! I realise it could be that the pump i was given is faulty-what's the best way to accertain this?
  3. Hi, Was giving my Fiesta a spin and after starting the engine normally after short drive to head back home it stopped during acceleration. Was about to change from 2nd gear to 3rd right in the first acc. after start the engine started to lose power and shake. So I drove it with neutral to parking space and tried to restart. The engine started running for like 2 seconds and after restarting 5 times did not ran just start. I noticed that the fuel pump buzz could not be heard (when driver door is opened after being parked ~10 min or more). So checked the fuse and relay all ok. I used a wire to replace the relay but no fuel pump running. I read the fault codes. The were 3 but one remained after clearing them which is P053F. Engine was cold after night which explains this code. Another code was there but warm start fuel pressure. Now I ordered new fuel pump yesterday. This whole thing happened friday :) Fuel tank needs to be dropped down to replace it. I'm pretty sure thats the thing with my Fiesta. I red about those 500 miles 5 days old fuel pump problems.. I have 84500 km. I'll keep you posted whats going on if someone has this problem too. Pic in Finnish. Here's the translation: P053F Engine cold start fuel pressure, performance. Signal amplitude too low. Active.
  4. Hi all, My wife's Fiesta MK5 is dying! I work night shifts and woke up this afternoon to discover she'd been trying all day to get it started, no joy, and the RAC man who came round couldn't get it started either. Seems to be a fuel pump issue and has been intermittently happening since about October though suddenly in the cold weather it's gone from occasionally not starting about 10% of the time to 100% not starting at all. It also threw up diagnostic codes P0135: O2 Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction (Bank 1 Sensor 1) and P0141: O2 Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction (Bank 1 Sensor 2), in the last few days, though I understand a problem with the O2 Sensor Heater should not prevent the fuel pump from starting? I replaced the fuel pump relay with a new one the day before and it started on first turn of the key. But today, apparently nothing all day, the car won't pump any fuel and it won't start. I bought it for £500 odd and it's been great for the past year but unless I can DIY it myself (and I'm no mechanic, haven't got a ramp or anything to get underneath), it might have to be scrapped as the cost of getting it to a garage and then fixing it probably isn't worth it compared to the value of the car. If anyone has any suggestions of things I could DIY check without having to get underneath the thing that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Fiesta mk4 fuel pump relay

    Attached below is a picture of the under bonnet fuse box in my x reg zetec fiesta mk4. Can some kind soul tell me which one is the relay for the fuel pump, or is it somewhere else ? The fiesta has developed a fault where it refuses to start, engine turns but does not fire. If left for a few hours it starts first time. I have been told it may be a dodgy fuel pump relay. I have changed the coil pack which did not solve the problem. Thanking you for any help and suggestions.
  6. Hi Everyone I really do love my Fords - we've gone from C-Max, to older Galaxy to a 2012 Galaxy (Titanium), which we have literally only had for about weeks, but we have had SO many problems and now Ford cannot find the fault. A week after I purchased it, it cut out. I managed to get it to the dealers, and it turned out it needed a new fuel pump. A week after I got it back with it's new fuel pump, it just kept cutting out, randomly. Usually at low speeds, or when stopped at the traffic light. But it also seemed to drop speed when on cruise control (but not cut out). It went back to the dealers, they were unable to find any fault or to make it fault. So it's come back to me! It ran for a few days nicely and Im thinking maybe it was just the new fuel pump bedding in(!!?) and once again, I'm sitting at the traffic lights and it cuts out! Grrrr. Earlier this day the fault came up "stop lamp bulb fault" and I remember before this has popped up a few times, but there doesn't appear to be any fault with the stop lamps. Is it possible these two things are connected? How can I get this fixed if Ford can't see any error codes or get it to fault when it is with them. I just want to be able to drive safely and keep my kids as safe as possible. Can anybody offer any help or advise please?
  7. morning all, I've got a poorly S-max - mine is a 1.8 TDCI on a 58 plate. On the motor way on Wednesday this week after a decent run from Cardiff to Portsmouth, the engine lost all power and stalled at around 40mph in the fast lane of the M27 - I coasted across traffic to the hard shoulder, had AA come out and he checked Cambelt, Battery, Alternator and concluded from a risky diagnosis on the side of a busy motorway in the dark that it was likely fuel related. Towed to a mechanic friend of mine, recharged the now flat battery, and the diagnostic is showing no error codes at all, but its also showing zero fuel pressure. I know this sounds like the fuel pump, but this is a relatively expensive solution which I don't want to dive into before I am 100% its the issue. I am hoping someone on here might have experienced this before and would be able to give me a steer as to what it may be? Any help gratefully accepted. Cheers Phil Surfless
  8. Hello all, Recently my Focus (done 75,000 miles) has been playing up. It's taken a long time to start, and twice has gone in to limp mode with the glow plug light flashing, and once has completely conked out with the light flashing again. After reading a few things online I tried a few easy fixes changing the Fuel Filter, Camshaft Sensor and Crankshaft Senson. None worked so I had it hooked up to a diagnostic machine and got code P2291 "Injectors down on pressure". This could mean either fuel pump or injectors are nackered. I checked the injectors by turning the engine over and seeing whether fuel dribbles out of them, and they seem fine, leading me to believe the Fuel Pump is the cause of the issue. I'll be taking it to a diesel specialist today to get an idea of price. So, what do you think of my diagnosis, and has anyone got any idea how much it will be to have the fuel pump replaced? I've heard it involves changing water pump, cambelt & tensioner and so is expensive! It may not be a job worth doing as the car is probably only worth £2k, especially if it's not 100% certain this will fix the issues. Thanks in advance for any replies, Sam
  9. Hi, so I have a mk3 Mondeo 53 plate 2.0 TDCI Ghia, and I have been getting the warning light come on with the engine cutting out if I try overtake/ go shove 3k revs. I have taken it to an auto-electrician and to a garage and both have run tests, and the garage said it was pointing towards the sensor, and the auto electrician said it could be the fuel pump. Now that's cost me £150 for a non definitive answer and its !Removed! me right off. Anybody know what the answe could actually be? It drives fine unless I try boot it, has to work overtime going up hills. I don't know if it would be worth the money sorting it out or not. I have had the fuel filter changed and that hasn't hanged anything but the garages old diagnostics machine pointed to the injector, but his recent one that's better lead to the sensor. Anybody else had the same problems or know what it could be!? Thanks The warning light is the far left one and it flashes and if I try accelerate whilst it's flashing, the engine cuts out and all power goes and power steering and then the engine management light will come on
  10. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement fuel pump for a 2010 ford Mondeo 2.0ltr petrol model??????? Cant find one anywhere and my current one has blown up. Happy to do repairs myself just cant find any to replace it with!!!! Used or new. Desperate Mondeo owner struggling. Thanks Steve
  11. Hi All, I'm wondering could you confirm that this pump on ebay is the fuel pump that sits on the outside of the tank? A bit confused at the minute, thanks for all your help :) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/330943179434?_trksid=p2060778.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  12. Fuel Pump

    Hi i was just wondering if anyone knows how to access the fuel pump in a ford fiesta zetec-s mk6 as i have no idea and i need to check it as i am worried it isnt working correctly.
  13. Fuel Pump Fuse

    Last year the fuel pump fuse on my Mk1 focus would blow every so often, a simple change of the fuse and everything was fine. The fuse is now blowing more and more frequently and even when replacing the fuse if i try to start it back up immediately it just blows that fuse - I have to leave it at least 30 minutes before changing the fuse and starting her up and all is fine. Obviously this is hugely inconvenient and I have read many of the topics on this subject but to be clear is a new fuel pump my only option? Thanks
  14. Hi All Its my first post here so go gently with me! My wifes Focus clapped out last week and RAC squirted that easy start stuff and it started again. I had an Auto Electrician out today and the codes were confirmed as P1564, 1664, 1665,0335 and 0149, so confirms its the Fuel Pump I believe. The car is a good runner on 106K, I paid £1100 for it 18 months ago so it has served its purpose well so far. Would you recommend that I try the cheap (ish) option of just sending the ECU away to one of the many companies who refurb and send it back in a couple of days, or can you recommend somewhere to send the whole fuel pump / ecu combo to? I can probably get the ECU off myself (Auto electrician said make sure you cut all of the black wires at different lengths), but the pump would be a garage job ( I live in the North East). If I go for the full pump I assume I may as well have the timing belt done at the same time too. What are your experiences?
  15. Hello I'm new here, I need some advice as to the whereabouts of the fuel pump on my fiesta mk6. Is it true I need to remove the tank to get to it, or can I access it from below the rear seats? and if so, where abouts? Thanks
  16. Hi guys, does anyone know the best route for removing my fuel pump for replacement?
  17. I have a Ford Focus 1.8 Titanium tdci on a 56 plate. I went to go shopping and I started the car. It ran for 5 seconds before cutting out and it wouldn't start again. So I called the rac and he couldn't get it started. He connected it up to his diagnostic machine and told me that it could be the fuel pump gone because there was no pressure in the fuel line. Got it towed to a local garage and it sat there for a week before they looked at it. When they did look at it they told me that it came up on the diagnostic as a faulty immobiliser and that the Ecu needed reprogramming and only a ford garage could it and it would cost around £95 I then got it towed to my nearest ford garage which is 11 miles away. They told me they would run their own diagnostic. They diagnosed a faulty immobiliser and told me that they needed to send the instrument cluster away to be refurbished to the cost of £450 and it takes a week to come back. When they got it back they fitted the cluster only to find that the problem was still there. They sent it back to the refurbishers only to be told that they tested it and it was working fine. They then ordered a new cluster which when fitted will cost me around £600 and fitted that only to find that it had already been reprogrammed to a different car with 70,000 miles on the clock. I didn't want to take it to a ford garage because I had been ripped off before by ford. I have been without my beloved Focus for three weeks now and have been relying on workmates for lifts to work. Does anyone know wether this problem with my car could be something other than the immobiliser? I'm hoping that it would be a cheaper fix than £600. Thanks in advance :-)
  18. I have a 2003 1.8 Ford Focus tdci zetec with intermittent problem of loss of power, ignition light flashing. First problem July last year, all fuel injectors reconditioned, refitted, drove like a dream again for 8 months. Passed MOT last month but a week later same symptoms arise. Advised fuel pump fault, recovery could not read car diagnostic codes. Fuel drained, iron filings found. Now advised to scrap car as repairs would include new fuel pump, more reconditioned fuel injectors plus complete drain and flush of the fuel system. Other than the above fault the car is in very good condition, seems a crying shame to scrap. Worried about buying another 2nd hand Ford Focus as the fault could arise again. Can anyone advise if this car would be worth saving or should I seriously consider the scrap route???? All suggestions would be gratefully received.