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  1. was wondering if anyone knew how to keep the footwell lights on when your driving the car in question is a mk7.5 black edtiom
  2. I was wondering about making my Ford Fiesta Black Edition have a louder blow off valve noise but... I am worried that my engine warning light will come up and my car may go into "LIMP MODE". Also what blow off valves fit the fiesta black edition???  Ben_140
  3. Hi guys just wanted to introduce my self as I'm new to the forum and also very excited to show you what I'll be doing to my fiesta over the next few months.... #noturbo #nofun
  4. Fusie 1.4tdi, 04 reg. Following damaging a front 15" wheel I have been trying for several days to find a replacement from Devon car breakers. Always, the responce is the same - 'we don't have any'. So, are the steel wheels unique to the Fusion? I doubt it, and having checked Fiestas on 55 and 58 plates think that maybe they are the same -, paticularly the 55 plate one I looked at. Even the wheels trims seem identical and both vehicles have R15 tyres - same as my Fusion2. Does anyone know if the same wheels are fitted to other Fords? Ta muchly. Dave F66
  5. Accidental New Owner

    Hi All, I wanted to test drive a new red or black edition... just to see how it compared to my 150bhp diesel astra, as i wanted a new car in a few months time I was in luck... I managed to find the only dealer within about 20 miles that had one available for a drive. It had just come off the lorry, with 13 miles on the clock Long story short, i'll be picking it up in a couple of weeks and i cant wait! Sure it doesn't have the torque to pull like the astra, but it really didn't feel slow in comparison at all. It's a lot perkier though... just begging to be thrown into corners. Here's a few pics...
  6. wheels1

    From the album Fiesta 3dr Titanium

    change from 195/45/16 to 205/50/16 Yokohama
  7. Hi all, We bought a 2.0 petrol 2008 titanium saloon a few months ago and although I like lots of things about it the ride over broken surfaces is crashy.As this is the family wagon I want to sort this out. I think the problem is the 18 inch wheels fitted from new they look great (that ST/ Mondeo top spec design) but have low profile tyres. My plan is to go down to 16 inch ones with higher profile tyres, either Focus zetec 5 spoke or the Cmax 5 (split) spoke. I assume they will just swap over with no issues. Is that correct? Many thanks and Merry Christmas. Matt
  8. Today I've had my exterior plastics changed to piano black gloss ones by Chris at Paintmodz in Blackpool. You can also order them via SICO Developments. You can order direct to fit yourself or go to Blackpool and exchange them to get them cheaper, that's what I did and Chris will fit them for you as well having watched him fit the new parts I recommend that you do as well. Quality is excellent and I would really recommend anyone who wants to change the appearance of their car have this done. It's what Ford should have done when they released the car in the first place. Here's what I've had done today; Fog Light surrounds Lower grill Rear Valance Rear wiper arm Washer jets He can do any car and also paints the engine cover and various other parts. Very reasonable prices make it a win win all round. Here is Chris's buisness card (I have no connection with him and only recommend him based on the quality and price of his service) He is just starting out on his own after many years working in a local Ford dealer
  9. Zetec S

    Does anyone know where I could get my hands on black & red FORD badges, I've looked on eBay and they're either interior badges or they are cheap knock offs for silly money. Thanks! x
  10. Newbie :)

    Hello, I have had my Fiesta Zetec Black S for only 5 months, bought brand new and is a 15 plate. But i just wanted to check whether anyone else with this model has had any problems with the Bluetooth connection? Since buying the car back in July, i have had to take it back to the manufacturer 3 times due to the Bluetooth losing connection with my phone, rendering it useless. I tried to do a 'master reset' which still didn't work, and had to get an engineer to sort out the problem (which they wont disclose). I absolutely love the car, and i know its only something simple as the Bluetooth, but surely there must be an underlying problem with the computer? Any advice would be much appreciated! Jess :)
  11. Hi All, Question about my Focus. Came back from holiday after a week away and cold weather at home. Took off handbrake which stuck until I reversed out of the car parking space, but it still feels there is a little more rolling resistance than normal when I drive the car. Main points: -Handbrake disengages completely....not slack when it's down. No hand brake light on either, so that's all fine. -Fuel consumption has gone up by 25% (although I am not doing a weekly 80 miles round trip on a dual carriageway during the winter, only combined city/country driving) -Slight noise coming from rear right wheel but not from others when car is rolling slowly, doesn't sound like the brake though So, I'm thinking the bearing, but how could that have just decided to break while I was away? Car is parked in secure location outside. Any ideas? This weekend I will jack the rear up and compare the rolling resistance of each rear wheel to see what's up and report back. Cheers!
  12. Tyre Advice Needed.

    Hi, bought a focus mk2 with BCT S800 tyres on, 19s. The noise is shocking at speed and grip on wet conditions conserns me. Any advice on a good all round replacement,that won't break the bank, would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi, I've just plasti dipped my wheels on my car today so I thought I'd upload a few photos for those who are interested. This is the before shot This is after 4 coats, i put another 2 on after for good measure This is after i took the bin bag out from behind the wheel And finally a full shot of the car The last two photos aren't in good lighting so apologies for that. Look's really good in person in my opinion. For anyone looking to do it themselves, I used rust-o-leum peel coat matt black, £9.99 from halfords. Did 5/6 coats on all wheels and still have some left in the can, so great value compared to the 'plasti dip' brand which is £15 a can and harder to get a hold of. I did my other car with the same stuff about two months ago and its held up really well in the bad weather. Any questions feel free to ask.
  14. Interior

    From the album My little Ford

    Leather seats...mmmm....
  15. Back

    From the album My little Ford

  16. Front

    From the album My little Ford

  17. Hello chaps, There are two little mods I want to do to my car, the first is a HID conversion, and the second is to hardwire some ambient lighting into the map light for the front footwells and maybe the centre console. I was hoping some of you could give me some advice and/or links to a reliable HID conversion kit (H7 only) and to a good, red, ambient lighting products. Any forum guides that come to mind regarding these two mods would be great too! Thanks in advance!
  18. Hi I'm new to the forum so be nice lol, Just orderd my new red edition and will be picking it up on Monday/Tuesday!!!! Dealer told me it's the new "16" model and has drl's and new rear lights, along with a colour screen and a new net pocket!!(didn't get that one). Can anyone shed any light on this or even better have any pictures of the new changes? Cheers
  19. 6000k Hids For My Black Edition 2015

    Hello there ! I'm new here and i just got my black edition today, and i had a 6000K HID set laying around at home, so hey why not just install it in my new car. But here is the question, is it hard to install ? i do know that i have to take the headlight of from the car and cut a hole in the bulb rubber thingy so i can put the wires through but its that all? i mean can you put the bulb in the wrong way or is there only one way to put it in and that is the right way, so it dosent light upwards and dazzle people. I remember i had biig biig problems with that when i had my old alfa romeo 156 where everyone flashed me back cause the bulb were put in the wrong way and it was just a normal halogen bulb lol..
  20. New Rims For My Black Edition (winter)

    hello there ! Winter time is comming up so i have to get some rims i have to chose between these two but which one will fit my ford fiesta black edition more ? or
  21. Car Front

    From the album Scott's Focus Zetec-S

    © Scott C

  22. Car Back

    From the album Scott's Focus Zetec-S

    © Scott C

  23. Fiesta Zetec Mk6.5

    Hi guysJust bought myself a 2008 Fiesta for driving to work/running about. I'm not planning on making any major modifications to it, just replaced a few bulbs, tinted the windows and stuck some wind deflectors on. So far it's got Osram Nightbreaker Unlimited headlights, Osram Cool Blue Intense sidelights (not as white as I'd hoped, dunno whether to stick some LED's in there instead to replace them), Team Heko Wind Deflectors, tinted rear windows, replaced interior light/boot light and number plate lights with white LED's. Also replaced the horrendous rubber gear gaitor with a leather one! Got some fog lights on the way too should be here soon. Here are some pics quite poor quality will get some better ones and some night time ones when possible!
  24. Alloy Wheel Help?

    Hey all. I have a 2013 Mk 7.5 Fiesta and as standard have 15" wheels, which I think are way too small, there is far too much gap in the arch. I know based on the figures the Mk 6 Fiesta ST wheels will fit but I'm unsure whether or not they'd be too wide and rub as they're 17"x7" any help and or pictures would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  25. Axe Ex8 Wheels

    Hello there, I have a Ford fiesta Zetec 1.25 mk6 56 plate, im looking to get some AXE EX8 wheels and im not too sure on what the PDC width and offset should be or that will fit on this car if anyone has these wheel or knows could help me it would be much appreciated ? Thanks