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  1. I've had the car about 4 years & not really done much to it other than an EGR blank & servicing (until this week).  This week I decided it was time for a change, below is a list of what I've got done so far in the last 3 days: Wrapped as much of the front interior as I can (easier said than done for some parts) so that's: The 4 satin steel steering wheel trims Single DIN head unit fascia Upper centre console Gearshift fascia Handbrake fascia Foot well lower trims Lower centre console including the rear "cubby hole" Fitted a single DIN Sony head unit with Bluetooth Fitted the external mic & route the cable out of sight Fitted a new chrome & leather gearshift gaiter & surround Replaced the tatty black gear knob with a nice silver one from a Mondeo Replaced all the accessible interior lighting with "white" LEDs Replaced the number plate bulbs with "white" LEDs (integrated resistors because the previous set flickered like a B**CH) Replaced the brake & reverse lights with CREEs (hint the reverse lights now illuminate the kerbside like sidelights which makes parallel parking/reversing at night without clouting the alloys a whole lot easier) Replaced the main beam & side lights with nice "white" ones (side lights are LED) Replaced the single light bulb in the glovebox Replaced the single light blun in the boot with 3 "white" LED pads (I had to wire resistors to ensure there was enough load to stop them flickering, so they're not a bright as they were originally but at least now they won't give someone a epileptic fit!) Unfortunately I didn't think to take "before" photos although I'm sure everyone here knows what the inside of a MK2 looks like & how crap the standard "yellow" interior lighting is along with "real" wood effect plastic trim!! To get a bit of practice with the wrapping I bought some unbranded (cheap) carbon wrap on ebay & had 4 goes at the centre console before I was happy that I'd got half an idea what I was doing.  From Friday night onwards I've pretty much worked non stop on the car, I removed the entire centre console (head unit console, surround, gearshift fascia, handbrake fascia, footwell trims & the main centre console with the cup holders etc) & got to work wrapping.  The final wrap material I used is 3M 1080 which is what the wrapping specialists use & there is a MAJOR difference in quality.  If you're thinking of going for the carbon fiber vinyl look, once you've had a good practice with the cheap stuff, don't be cheap get the good stuff, it's even got the tactile finish to it i.e. it's not a flat print & is much more resistant to being overstretched.  Unfortunately it seems to be pretty much impossible to wrap the bottom centre console itself due it's shape (6 different wrapping specialist confirmed that they can't wrap it).  I'm really happy with the end result although I am thoroughly sick of the sight of carbon fiber wrap, lol!  I've still got the 3 screw covers for the foot well trims to wrap but that should only take 15 minutes or so (but not today). I replaced the rather poor Ford Transit style head unit with a single DIN Sony with Bluetooth & fitted the external mic with the cable routed out of sight but once again forgot to take pictures as I went along  (removing the front A pillar trim was a bit of pain but I managed it without breaking any clips so I'm happy with that) I've also replaced the brake & reversing exterior bulbs with CREE LED's & all the user accessible interior bulbs including the glove box light (i.e. not the SMDs in the door controls etc) with "white" LED's (I'll take pictures tonight of the lights - & yes I know the car needs a good wipe down/vacuuming)  I'm really happy with things so far.  I've also removed my EGR blank & booked in for a Terraclean on Thursday so i'll be sure to post back with the results. My plans between now & 3 months time when I get my annual bonus are: Upgraded climate control dials (like Lenny's) 2 new front wings (rust bubble central) New mud flaps all round Strip back both sills to the metal Colour code the fog light front bumper strips Respray for the bonnet, wings, sills (all the way up to door seals) & all 4 doors so hopefully I should have nice "shinee" front end. On an unrelated note I can thoroughly recommend Nokian Weatherproof tyres for snow & wet weather driving (Auto Express weren't wrong when they rated them 100% for snow/rain).  I had 2 fitted on the front in January for the MOT & I've given them a thorough thrashing in the recent weather, despite the big heavy lump up front (the engine not me)  the front end has a lovely positive turn in, even in heavy rain.  Not something I could say about the Chinese "ditchfinders" I had on previously.  Feel free to comment, any suggestions etc are very welcome, if I can give anyone else any help I'll be more than happy to.
  2. Finished

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  3. matching pair

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  4. Finished product

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  5. gt500

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  6. GT500 wrap

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  7. GT500 interior

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  8. Wing close up

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  9. Wing wrap

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  10. Wing mirror lights

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  11. I work for a composites company so I made some carbon fibre ford badges. The one I'm showing here was a prototype and not of good quality because tooling carbon material was used which is not for final parts. I was sanding it before polishing but I went through the weave, oops :/ . It has also not been lacquered either. Gained at least 10 k/w with these mad weight savings.
  12. Car Painting Help!!!

    I'm hoping to get my car wrapped or painted as soon as I get it but I've been told different things about declaring it and if it has to go as a modification my insurance flies up! Any help??? The picture is the colour I'm going for
  13. my focus

    From the album Ford Focus

  14. Interior Car Wrapping

    I have currently been looking for a place where I can get my interior wrapped in carbon fibre but as I am new to this I am not too sure on any companies , does anybody know of any good , reliable places i can get this done in the Norwich / Norfolk area?
  15. Got my roll of Vinyl wrap today (4d carbon fibre),First attempt on the spoiler was terrible,second attempt was better but not perfect,Is it actually possible to do the spoiler in 1 piece?Ive never seen one done for a mk2 focus before,What sort of technique do you apply as everytime i got to doing the bottom it seemed to fold into itself and there was no way of stretching any creases out as it had already been stretched on the top side to get around the stupid curve. I then done the trim around the gear leaver which was easy. I couldnt manage to unclip the frame around the radio,i could get the bottom 2 clips undone,but it felt as though if i applied any more pressure at the sides it would just snap the plastic (6000cd),do i have to remove the radio to get the trim off?
  16. Customising Your Focus!

    Hey crew had my focus a little while now, enjoy every bit of 1.8 zetec there is. But my creative juices are stirring and now im itching to change her looks So far iv stuck an aux, subwoofer, some stickers, and air deflectors... but lets be honest thats a poor attempt really. I lack much 'knowhow' what i mean is, im too frightened to do something wrong, so my practice is limited. Iv a whole shopping list of things id like to do but dont really know how or where to go about doing most of it. Wondering if any you have similar passions and could help me out. things im interested in doing to my mk2 57plate, 1.8 zetec focus: body kit/ lowering(just want it to have stance) vinyl wrapping hood in carbon - wrap the roof in gloss black? definitely nicer wheels, something black, spokes and low profile window tint, dark fat exhaust, more for the sound but some performance is never a miss. possibly change to lights and other little bits what you guys think? really wanna discuss as much as possible. Im a Milton keynes boy and ideally wanna keep most work (if i cant do it) local ish will upload more updated pics of my ride when i can, could only find really early ones.
  17. Carbon Fibre Interior

    Hey there guys, looking for a bit of help to find some interior surround/fascia pieces for the interior of my 2008 Focus Zetec. This is essentially what I'm looking for : I'm looking to replace the entire centre console in the same style. However, I can't seem to find anywhere that does a fascia for the gear lever surround and the only ones I've found for the other parts (radio surround, ashtray, switch surround) seem ridiculously expensive. For example this would cost me upwards of £450 :o from the website above. I was just wondering if anyone has done something similar or knows of somewhere I can find the parts. Any help would be greatly appreciated :D
  18. Hi Everyone, This is the first time ive ever particiated in any kind of Forums however i really want to make my Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec Auto 57 plate look as cool as possible without breaking the bank to do it. i have been so inspired by some of the topics ive read and as a kid have asked for advise. So i ask for as many advise and information on turning a standard interior, looking classy. So far i have managed to chnage the trims of the sterring wheel only because the standard silver was worn out and for £9.99 these are perfect. This post in particular was so inspiring thanks to Stoney and thanks Mike for the reply. Now i want to change the following from the below standards (inspired by the above) Now for the above i need info on parts, Stoney has provided a guide to install a Factory Sony 2008 (i think) system into the car. however i need to find out where i can get the tools from or the carbon effect or unless i wrap it how do i do it? like shown in Mike's Pic finally the below pic, am little confused as my Cigg lighter doesnt have a flap as shown in Mike's pic Is this something i can add/install? and can you tell me what they are called plz so guys, you know what the plan is now i need you all to help with guidance and ref to make it possible. O yes before i forget, my rear speakers have busted and i dont have a clue what to replace them with... Ive read many articles however it doesnt say what size are the correct ones and or if any other sizes can be installed without any hassle. So guys your help on the above will be much appreciated and i wait in exitment on your response. As you may have gathered ive never done anything like this before, always a first hey :) :D
  19. hi all looking for some general help please I have just come back from a long tour (armed forces) my car has been parked outside for over five months, I have a fully wrapped matte black fiesta zetec s. when I left the car looked the dogs Bs now it looks like it has been bleached on the bonnet and roof se photo attatched. I can only assume its hard water staining. i have tried pressure washing the deposits off but to no avail!! tried elbow grease but I don't want to damage the vinyl. apart from taking it back to Hendy ford to try and get it re- wrapped under warranty (probably slim to no chance) I am looking for a solution to the problem. are there any products that anyone can suggest? any help would be greatly appreciated Baz
  20. Delete Gallery Album - How?

    Hi, I have two empty albums in the "My Gallery" how do I delete them? driving me crazy!! had to set them to private so they don't come up when people look at my galleries...but that't not really a solution. Any Ideas?
  21. After researching the project and posting a guide on how to do this job- I seemed to talk myself into doing the job myself as proof of concept and having finally got the pieces together and the free time to do the job myself, here are the results. Got this radio- And this carbon fascia (wasn't interested in the standard silver one as I'm a carbon type of Guy so hung on for ages waiting for one to come available)- These brackets from Ford so as to correctly fit the radio- And some 6x25 dome head posidrive self tapping screws from B&Q- How the radio looked before the project- First, removing the old radio and unplug the quadlock and aerial- Don't forget to remove any CD's first, you'll never get them out after if you don't do it now- Then out with the old- Remove the old rectangular fascia- And the screw lugs as they'll get in the way of the new brackets- Now to mount the adaptor brackets, they fit either side so you can't get them muddled up- There is a "duck bill" clip on the back of the brackets that pushes into a hole, they can be a bit tight but will go in if pushed firmly. Next re-connect the aerial and quadlock connectors and offer up the radio to the brackets- Fasten the four screws loosely at first to ensure that the radio sits straight and then tighten them all up- Clip the new fascia in place and check that everything sits flush- Enter your new radio's code, test buttons and steering controls, retune your radio, set audio to your taste and sit back to admire the job. If you look at the times on the radios you can see that the job took 15 minutes to swap one radio for the other and 9 minutes checking settings and testing the radio and CD sound so technically 25 minutes in total which also includes taking photos and faffing about.
  22. Had some spare time today so vinyl wrapped my centre console.
  23. Carbon Fibre Wrap! Diy

    Hi all,I invested in some carbon fibre wrap of ebay! for anyone who is thinking of doing this you will need a lot a time (a hole day) and patients it drove me crazy! and this is defiantly a 2 man job i tried it by my self and absolutely failed that extra person holding the heat gun whilst you wrap really makes the difference. The wrap i brought i found on another feed on here and the quality was really good for the price of it. so if you are thinking of taking you car to a company to get it professionally wrapped then spend a tenner on ebay first and have a go your self might save your self hundreds! i also brought some carbon fibre steering wheel trim had a break for a week and carried on and now its all finished carbon fibre steering wheel trim