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  1. IMG 1538[1]

    From the album My Fezbomb

  2. IMG 1535[1]

    From the album My Fezbomb

  3. IMG 1526[1]

    From the album My Fezbomb

  4. IMG 1473[1]

    From the album My Fezbomb

  5. IMG 1510[1]

    From the album My Fezbomb

  6. The Silver Surfer

  7. The Silver Surfer

  8. The Silver Surfer

  9. The Silver Surfer

  10. The Silver Surfer

  11. The Silver Surfer

  12. The Silver Surfer

  13. The Silver Surfer

  14. The Silver Surfer

    From the album The silver surfer (Puma)

    How the Puma was when I first got it, immacualte and completely standard.
  15. Got my new fiesta now after my 55 plate was written off. Got a few ideas of what I want to do although it probably wont be anything major like some build threads. Any Ideas appreciated! :) Things I've done since I got it: Transfer stereo with new fascia.Transfer wind deflectors What I'm thinking about next: Colour coding trim along doors, boot, door handles and wing mirrors. Spraying front grills satin black as they are a faded grey in person(look way more dark on camera)Install hands free.Dual Mobius dashcams hardwired.Rear Parking sensors.Possibly double din touch screen stereo. Either android tablet, china double din, anything really.
  16. Greetings oh wise ones. Anyone know the shade of silver/ grey of the zetec mk1 radio surround / dash? I have to touch up some areas and want the best match possible without replacing the whole thing. Cheers for any replies. P.S. apologies if this topic is answered elsewhere.
  17. Ford Focus 2013 Picture 3

    From the album My New Beast!

    © Nicky Monaghan

  18. Ford Focus 2013 Picture 2

    From the album My New Beast!

    © Nicky Monaghan

  19. Ford Focus 2013 Picture 1

    From the album My New Beast!

    © Nicky Monaghan

  20. I'm Finally Here!

    Whats up guys! I'm new to the Owners Club. 26 years old - from South Africa. Past and Present rides: - 2006 Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCI (Black) - 2006 Ford Focus 2.0 (Gold) - 2010 Ford Focus 2.0 TDCI (Silver) [Current Vehicle] Check out my pics, I'll be adding a lot more over the course of me being here. Instagram: CHEERS! GregularTDCI
  21. This is my 2010 ford fiesta 1.4 duratec titanium. And im just posting a few things ive done to my car thus far and things i want to still have done. So let me know what you think
  22. De-Tangoed

    After exactly 27 days I finally received my de-tangoed silver visions. I'm very glad I looked at this forum before taking out the lights otherwise I'm sure something might have broken first of all, the cost of getting them shipped to SA was a bit mutch, just hope we had a shop here, cost me about $50 for two pairs of globes, the shipping and tax was morethan the two pair of globes combined, but I am very happy with the result. So after taking out the left front light and it all when very smoothly I forgot to put the damn waterproof cap back on after fitting the new globe and reinstalling the light, so I had to redo that Then it was time for the nightmare right front light, this one just gave me problems from the get go, I spend about 15min just trying to remove the plug from the light then useing just two fingers spend another 20min unplugging the turn signal plug that holds the globe in place, when I had to reinstall, the globe fell out inside the light. who here has ever played the game getting one ball through a maze to the centre, well it was something like that, without braking the ball. The rear globes went on quick, once I realized there is a plastic screw inside that holds the lights in place, not incl. the two screws on the outside, well sorry for the long read, but here they are. Before After Before After Before Rear light After Rear light
  23. Focus(1)

    From the album Ford Focus Sport TDCi

  24. New Focus Owner

    Hello people, just recently purchased a Ford Focus Zetec MK2. My very first car before this was Corsa C 1.0L so a big upgrade, only mentioning this because I was an active member of CorsaC-UK for about 5 years so looking forward to settling in here! Only had the car 8 days and some pesky toe-rag has stolen one of my center caps already! It's kind of late so I will update this post with pictures of my new car tomorrow! Looking forward to meeting everyone on here. Thought I'd take a quick snapshot out my window seeing I don't like to keep people waiting. Edited for pictures!
  25. My Ford Focus Mk2.5 2009

    Hi guys first of all I want to say thanks for viewing the topic. I am new to the site and i've been having a small scope around the topic and seen some awesome cars and gave me some good ideas. anyway I recently purchased a 2009 mk2.5 ford focus hatchback and I am mad to start customising and modifying it, however I am currently a student and the funds are a tad low at the minute it will be a month or two before I start looking at alloys bumpers etc etc... what Im looking for now is cheap yet very affective ways of modifying my car and was hoping you guys could give me some ideas on what to do and were to start. all i've managed to do to it so far is window tints and I have the proper hdi light kit ready just not installed yet here's some pics of the car. Add to Post Add to Post Add to Post Add to Post any ideas or criticism welcome :) :P callan121