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  1. Alright guys and girls, I'm really interested in having my rear windows tinted, I'd have the front two done... But as we all know, they are illegal, so, I'm looking to install wind deflectors - to look the part and help blend the light to dark tint... Aswell as the initial purpose of reducing the wind noise... Anybody got any to recommend? I've got a 5 door fiesta zetec, looking to get the deflectors for both front and rear windows. Thanks in advance. Cookey.
  2. right I picked up my red edition last week and have brought some heko wind deflectors! I do want to put them on the car but have yet to do so, mainly because when I come to get a new car I will remove them, so Im asking if anyone knows how hard they are to remove and will they damage the window seal when you do remove them? Don't want to put them on and then struggle to get them off when the time comes
  3. Hi, New to the fiesta hype. started with a few little mods, deflectors,spoiler,miltek exhaust etc etc. purchased a 's' badge for the front radiator badge grille. i can see its held on by 3 clips at the top which are easy to remove. but the bottom 2 I'm struggling with. can anyone help. they are attached to the bumper. Thanks sam.
  4. Wind Deflectors Catching

    Hey, so I got a set of Climair Wind Deflectors from a Ford dealer for my MK7.5 Red Edition recently. The fitting was all fine, went in easy on both sides. Then left the windows up for 24 hours as the instructions suggested. When I started using the windows again the window catches on the deflector on it's way back up. It still closes properly it just pushes the bit of the deflector it catches on out of the way and carries on. I've since removed them and refitted this time they were left for 48+hrs since I didn't need to use my car for a couple of days but I'm having the same issue... I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, if this is expected or if I may have gotten a dodgy set. Any help would be great!
  5. Wanting some wind deflectors for my 64 plate fiesta zetec s can anybody recommend any to me please. also if you could post pics that would be great.
  6. Hi All I was wondering if anyone knows what's the best wind deflectors for a mk7 Fiesta and how easy they are to fit? Cheers :)
  7. ST style wind deflectors.

    From the album Focus 04 1.8 tdci

  8. Hole Drilled In Grille Surround

    Hi all, Noticed something on my grille surround today (chrome part, mk2 Focus). Took a closer look and it seems someone has tried to drill a hole, almost dead centre below the Ford badge. Not sure why, surely too low to affect the bonnet lock etc. No other damage on the car!
  9. clean

    From the album mk6 Fiesta zetec

  10. New to the club! Recently got a fiesta zetec 5dr mk7 & it has powerfold door mirrors. I want to put wind deflectors on all doors but I'm worried the mirrors will catch/rub/flex the deflectors when they fold in. Anybody got a 5dr with deflectors & pwrfld mirrors? If so how does it cope? Thanks.
  11. Guys and Girls, Please find attached my guide for replacing the upper front grille on the Ford Focus Mk2.5. This guide can be used for modifying to the ST grille or for direct replacement of your original grille. For those who wish to know, the FINIS number for the ST Grille is 1538478. Quote this at any ford dealer and they will confirm its an ST Grille. Please note, the bonnet lock mechanism is quite fragile and is known to break easily. This happened to me, and although i have included a fix in my guide, I cannot be held responsible for any breakages!! Happy Modifying! Upper Front Grille Replacement.pdf TDCiST
  12. Wind Deflectors

    Hi everyone, I'm looking at getting some wind deflectors for my 2008 ZS, I've heard of the two 'main' variants being Team Heko and Climair. I was just wondering if anyone has tried them which they would recommend going for or maybe you have a different set? Thanks!
  13. Thinking of buying heko wind deflectors for my focus titanium. Anyone else own a set of these they easy fitting ? And long term use any problems??.
  14. Wind Whistle At Speed

    Hi, I'm a new member and, at the end of January, took delivery of a 1.6 Focus Zetec automatic (petrol). Having got the car "run in" I find that, at speeds of 60-70 mph (less in windy weather) a loud and almost continuous penetrating whistle starts up and appears to be coming from behind the dashboard on the passenger side. The people at the dealership are completely at a loss as to what the cause might be (I'm taking the car back again in two days time!); can anyone suggest a possible solution to this? As it stands at present, taking the car on a long journey would be mental torture and there seems no end in sight to the problem. At present I am a very exasperated Ford-owner. Andrew-k.
  15. Hi there, First time posting on here so im hoping someone can help.... My drivers heated seat doesn't work. Took it to my local Arnold clark and they mechanic checked the fuses then decided it needed a whole new seat, despite the fact that I told him the button for turning the heat up and down doesn't work all the time. Sometimes needing pushed extra times. Does anyone know how to trace back through the system to work out where the problem is? Also, anyone know where to get wind deflectors for the windows so that water doesn't pour in if you open it!? Preferably ones that don't look stupid!? Cheers in advance!
  16. 2013 11 29 12.58.43

    From the album big innis

    Finally fitted my climair wind deflector
  17. Does anybody know where I can purchase a full set of new wind deflectors for a mk7 5door for under £60?
  18. Delete Gallery Album - How?

    Hi, I have two empty albums in the "My Gallery" how do I delete them? driving me crazy!! had to set them to private so they don't come up when people look at my galleries...but that't not really a solution. Any Ideas?
  19. hi guys had a wee look on forums and just wanting another second opinion on the wind deflectors as i have the tints on the back windows I would like the dark wind deflectors but still confused as to which ones to get , team heko or climair ones from the ford shop i know people with team heko ones on other car makes and are good has anyone had both and have a preference?
  20. What's the best wind deflectors for 5 door mk2.5 focus? I was looking and saw a few different ones . whats the best : 1) ones that fit in the window guides or stick on ones? 2) dark smoked or clear? ( I think dark smoked maybe??) 3) is there any difference in the makes it are all the same? 4) where is the best bargain/cheapest set? (Maybe ebay?) Thanks.
  21. zetec s 2.0

    From the album White Focus

    Just swapped out zetec s grille for st type, and added wind deflectors.
  22. Hi again! =) I was playing with the car today (like most Saturdays) thinking what else I could do to it for looks without spending a bomb. Looking at the front of the car there seems to be a grill between the bumper and the bonnet.... do you think this could be removed? Below I have included a picture of the grill (the best one I could find) and one without the grill. With Without: What do people think?
  23. Excessive Wind Noise

    Noticed the other day that on the passenger side, there is excessive wind noise. It has been there since I got the car, but it didn't bother me (even on the test drive, the salesman noted it lol) as I usually a) don't sit on that side and b) I have my music cranked up. However, my dear ol'Mother found it quite annoying. I'm just after any ideas as to what it could be. There doesn't appear to be a draught around there from anywhere except the vents (all the vents set to blow through, not just isolated to the nearside vents when not selected). Also, the door appears to be well aligned - sat with a nice even gap all round of just a few mm. Car is a Mk2.5 Many thanks
  24. Anybody got wind deflectors on the facelift model? If so where can you get them from? Or do the normal Mk7 ones fit?
  25. Hi there I was just wondering if anyone had a rough idea how much it would cost to get my car repaired was in a minor little accident and unfortunately the chrome around the front grille came out a bit it seems to still be in perfect order just needs to be clicked in i hope. Anyway i have uploaded pics for view thanks.