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Found 68 results

  1. Morning.. I own a 2002 Ford Fiesta 1.25, earlier this morning I was moving my car up the side of a street, the engine was warm and I decided to dump the clutch (Silly I know) and when I did so the car span up for a second then a bang and the car shot into neutral. After I got the car safely to the side of the road I looked on the road to find a black piece of plastic about 3 inches long and half an inch wide... The car does now go into gear but it's not easy to find 1st or reverse.. My mechanic friend has but a temporary "fix" with zip ties which popped out after 2/3 gear changes.. The gear stick now sits about 3 inches lower than normal and wobbles about the place... also when the car is in reverse the gear stick will move around a bit before it actually decides to get into gear.. Any help.. Thank you.
  2. First Gear Feels... Rough?

    When i slip it into first sometimes the movement is no where near as smooth as the rest, almost like i'm shifting through stones if you get what i mean? haha i'm new to driving sorry.
  3. Servicing help!

    Hi all, half way through a full service on my car (ford focus 2005 1.6 manual) so far I have done, oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs, ht leads, rocker cover gasket, all brake pads, disks, shoes and drums, new wheel cylinders and brake fluid. I have yet to do the pollen filter (I know how to do that) Does anyone have a guide or photos as to how to do the powersteering fluid & does anyone know the location of the fill and empty bungs on the gear box. Also the location of the fuel filter (if there is one) more photos and videos the better! Thanks everyone.
  4. I need some help figuring out what is cousing the following probem on my mk2 petrol focus: Sometimes when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear, the shifter stucks half way. It doesnt let me put it in the 2nd gear, only at second or third try. No grindig noise can be heard. Any of you encountered this problem? The clutch is in good condition. The car has only 130.000 km. I unmounted the gearshift cover and greased the ables that can be seen there. The interesting is that it only has this problem occasionally, not every time when I shift to 2nd. Somebody told me the cables underneath the car need adjusted. Any advice? Thanx!
  5. Reverse Gear

    When engaging in reverse gear sometimes it doesnt engage fully and just wirrs, if this happens i put it back to neutral and push it back in sometimes i hear clunk and it engages. all other gears are fine could this be a sign of more problems in the gearbox or could it just be some bracket has come loose. should i renew the gearbox oil? the guy at halfords said its guarenteed for lifetime. is this true or was he pulling a fast one?
  6. Selector cable help

    Hi guys, New to this site so please be patient. I've recently brought a 55plate focus 1.6 zetec climate. So to cut a story short, I had problem with the selector cables. I understand they come as a pair together, they need replacing. But my issue is I don't know which ones to buy, are they all the same? Some were saying for a certain transmission. It's stressing me out trying to find things online. So I though I'd ask in the best place. Thanks
  7. Hi, yesterday I noticed I was leaking oil. Originally assumed it was engine oil but looking underneath the car I think its pretty much coming from a gearbox sensor,,, Unfortunately I don't know which sensor is it (check manual and haynes), its near the front of the car, on the gear box (more to the passenger side)

  9. Mk 3 Engine Problems

    Hi all, My Ford Mondeo MK3 is giving me a headache.The gearbox and engine lights are on.I ran diagnostics on the ECU which returned trouble codes:P0171,P0403,P1131,P0073,P1000,P1432. It seems the car has problems with the Engine Thermostat,,Heated O2 Sensor and ERG Sensor.I don't know where to start.The car drives and it seems when the fuel pump get hot the car starts jerking and refusing to change gears. I would like more advise on what to look out for before I replace these sensors. Many thanks for your advise.
  10. Hi All, First time working on a transmission system and I've made my car (Ford Focus mk2 1.6 zetec - manual - petrol) severely pull sideways by turning a small black adjustment knob on the top of the transmission differential that had a retaining clip on it. I've circled it in red in the attached picture. It sits on top the differential block, just above the RH drive shaft with a small sheet metal retaining clip that pulls over it to secure it. If anyone could tell me what it is/does? And how I readjust it back to being equal? That would be great. For those interested I changed the oil seal on the RH driveshaft and needed to refill the oil, I spent sometime turning and pulling at it thinking it was the filler plug to top the oil up. I found the correct filler plug after doing research but when driving off I noticed my car has become extremely unstable and pulls to one side, skids when at full lock and jumps to the side when driving over wet drains. Quite a drastic effect for something so easy to turn but definitely not good for the tyres or putting stress on the gears. Thanks in advance, Chris
  11. sierra

    i have a K reg 2.0 dohc sierra and the gearbox is winning is there anybody who may be able to help. we are looking for a decent replacement or someone who can replace the main bearings and the 1st to 2rd sincro hub
  12. Awrite folks, does anybody know the gear ratios through the box for the Mondeo 4 2.5T TitaniumX? Can't find it for the life of me.
  13. I've got the new (2015) Ford Focus with the 1.5 120PS diesel and its mated with Ford's new six speed manual gearbox. I had done less than 3k miles when it started making clunking noises changing in and out of second gear. I put it into the dealer and was told "we can't fix it because our Focus six speed demo car also exhibits that noise". I told them that wasn't satisfactory and to look at it again. Once again they are saying that there's nothing they can do but - because I told them that I'm taking the car on a European driving tour in a few weeks - that they would ask Ford about it. If my car has the problem and the local garage's Focus also has the problem then I'm pretty sure that other Ford owners will experience this. If you have, please let me know!! Apart from that, its a lovely car. Handling in particular is superb. Anyone else got one?
  14. Hi , I was hoping you clever lot could help with an issue I'm having with my car? I have a 2005 (55) Mondeo tdci 130bhp and 6 speed box. The mileage is 96000. In the last 3 months, I've had the DMF and clutch replaced with new thrust bearing. . The parts were L-UK. I've also had a new aux belt and pulley kit fitted. Right, the problem.... About a month ago, I started to hear a slight whine from what I thought was the gearbox. Over the last month, the noise has got much worse. The things I've done so far.... I've had the car on a ramp with all 4 wheels unsupported. When up in the air, you can rev the engine and change through all the gears and it doesn't make any unusual noise, however the noise is very much there when driving through all 6 gears. In reverse, the whine isn't there. There are no oil leaks. Wheel bearings have been checked and nothing is apparent. I've spent approximately £800 recently. I don't really want to spend much more. From the sound, You would think it's the gearbox. What I don't understand is, when the car is up on a ramp and the wheels unsupported, the noise isn't there. Could it be a drive shaft or diff issue? Any help would be very much appreciated. If I had hair, I would have pulled it all out by now. Thanks, Jim.
  15. Hi, Got a 2006 1.4 Fiesta Ghia with ~75k miles on it and seem to have a bit of a problem with the clutch / gearbox. When I'm pulling away and the engine's cold, or changing gear particularly harshly (high revs) I get a reasonably high pitched squeal for about half a second as I'm releasing the clutch - after the biting point. From what I've read, it's a fairly common thing with Fiesta's. Anyone know what it could be?
  16. I recently had my clutch changed in my fiesta and after a few month's there is a leak coming from somewhere. could it be possible to use heatproof sealant to close the gap would that work or am I just wasting my time? I don't really want to put more money into the car as I'm looking for something newer.
  17. I had a very recent clutch change done on my Mk1 1.6 Focus. Its done 95k. The gearbox has been a little notchy (1st & 2nd) and snaggy (lift clutch slightly to get in reverse) since I bought it at 72k. The clutch change seemed to remedy that... Except in the last few days. When starting the car from cold in the AM, I cannot get the car into gear. Not even with the clutch pedal all the way to the floor. When I try to force it into 1st, the car tries to move as if the clutch pedal is up. Reverse just grinds. Not good. I really have to FORCE it into gear for the first 2/3 miles. Once its warmed up its better.... I'm worried that I will end up forcing it just that little bit too hard, and destroying the gearbox one morning. Just in time for the summer. Ideal. Any advice? My MOT is due in a couple of weeks... At the same garage that did the clutch. Could an adjustment be made to fix this issue? Or would it be best to sell the car on ASAP?! I'd rather not get rid of the car. Other than this, its been a trooper for the past 24k. Cheers.
  18. Gearbox!? Help

    Keep getting an intermittent fault light on my dashboard, looks like a 'Cog' symbol with an exclamation mark in the middle of it flashing yellow. Now the owners book says its a gearbox or 'Drivetrain' issue if i turn the engine off and then restart it clears it for a short while. Just wondered if anyone else has come across this or if they know of an easy fix?! Its a fusion 09 1.4 Diesel, Manual box
  19. Recently my transit 2009 started producing a humming sound from the gearbox (MT82 6 speed) in first and reverse, any ideas what may be the issue? Driving into second, third, fourth and fifth is ok without any humming. I have tried to start it into second and third and there's no noise whatsoever from the gearbox although before I thought this sound may be from the differential. All in all, I think it is a bearing in the gearbox but not really sure. Any help will be highly appreciated! The van has 250 000 miles on the clock and most of these are motorway miles. At 210 000 miles the clutch and flywheel have been changed, both Valeo. Thanks.
  20. I have a Ford Fiesta 2012, 50,000m . A few weeks ago it started to whine/whistle when acceleratng in low gear. Now it is an extremely loud whine/ whistle when accelerating around 50, especially in gear 5, or any gear where it is being slightly challenged eg uphill. Reduces if change down, but still there. Not there when stationery with engine on and depressing accelerator. Suggestions?
  21. Squealing noise in 3rd gear

    Hi guys, I have recently bought a cheap runaround, it's a 2000 focus 1.6 ZETEC. I have noticed a squealing noise which i think is probably coming from the gearbox. It only happens in third gear and when accelerating at lowish revs. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this and if it is a common problem? Also I would like to know if it's in danger of getting any worse and what can be done to fix it?
  22. Hi, I was hoover the interior of my mondeo the other day and accidentally hoovered up this, what seems to be, fuse cover located on the automatic transmission (please see pic). This is a small round plastic cover - can't find it in the hoover bag so, being a perfectionist, need to source another one. Problem is, what do I call it? So I can start looking. Or does anyone know where I can get one? Many thanks in advance! M
  23. Stiff 2nd Gear

    I have a mk2 55 plate ford focus 2.0 TDCI, I have noticed that 2nd gear is stiff to engage from a cold start (usually when left over night), if I put it in 2nd to fast it often makes a 'crunching' noise. Once the car has warmed up and ive changed into 2nd a few times it gets better and better? Any idea's what this may be? It's a re-con gearbox and I had a similar issue on the previous original gearbox but it was alot worse and also reverse was very difficult to engage. All other gears feel fine and 'new like' its just the 2nd gear.... (note gearbox is only about a month old and has covered little miles)... Any advice would be appreciated!!!
  24. Hey all, I'm new here. I recently bought a Ford Mondeo 2012 Zetec 1.6 TD on finance. It has 60,000 miles on the clock. I have an escalating issue and really hope someone on here could help me. Basically, I travel a lot, to get to work. About 100 miles a day, on motorways. I only bought the Mondeo 2 weeks ago, and it has the same symptoms as my old 2002 Renault Megane 1.9 DCI, which is the fact that it can 'at times' be very difficult to shift into 2nd gear, and even less commonly, 1st gear. It feels like something is trying to stop me change into those gears. My old Megane eventually died, as I heard a loud bang and was suddenly unable to drive anywhere. I could get the car into any gear, and rev in neutral no problem. Revving in gear would just cause a grinding sound, and move nowhere. Conclusion was the gearbox was damaged and needed replacing, although most believed it to be the driveshaft before the garage told me this. As my Mondeo is experiencing the same symptoms, I would really like to ask for some help here, before the issue escalates and becomes a repeat occurance of breaking down. I just heard I may just need to top up the fluids, and not doing so could have caused my old car's gearbox to eventually break entirely. Is this true? Is it really that simple to fix? Sorry, I'm not mechanically minded :( Thanks for reading, Damien
  25. Hi all, I have a Ford Fiesta 2003 1.4 Durashift Automatic, the car has issues with 3rd gear. When driving the car will shift into 3rd gear but there will be no bite, almost like the car is in neutral. As you are driving the car will shift into 3rd but then you end up reving to the red line and there is no power. If you let off the gas and let the revs goes down the car will shift into 3rd gear and continue as normal. The issue only happens occasionally. Can anybody offer any advise on how to resolve this issue? Thanks!