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Found 19 results

  1. Hello All, I am having a large issue with my Ford Focus 2013 1.6 TDCI. A Few months ago I was driving when i suddenly got the dreaded engine management light and a constant message of ENGINE MALFUNCTION SERVICE NOW. It continued to drive fine but then dropped into limp mode. I took it took my independant garage who done a regen and it fixed the issue. Month later the issue came up again. This time i took it to an official ford company who diagnosed 3 Faults. one with the grill system which i have no idea what they mean, they mentioned taking it apart which could be costly to find the broken part. they then mentioned that might not even fix it and that there is a glowplug in the DPF which may be causing the problem then of course the usual DPF clogged up with SOOT mainly because of the other issues. obviously to get all this fixed and the labour is going to cost me alot. Is there anyone who can help with my understanding of the issue and if it is possible for an independant garage to fix. Thanks Jamie
  2. Just had a crash and need to replace the honeycomb mesh front grill for my Ford Focus zetec s 2016, I've been told some places are bad for measurements and if I order one I want it to fit perfectly and not be cheap and tacky. The official ford website sells them for 160 pounds but on eBay they go for around 40 new. Also I need a new front bumper undertray and can not find one anywhere, would really appreciate some help. Thank you
  3. Fiesta Mk7.5 grille swap

    Is anyone out there wanting to swap or have to sell the Honey comb upper and lower and grill with the fog light bezels for the Zetec S? I have the chrome one at the minute (as in the picture) and would rather have the Honey comb. If anyone is wanting to swap or sell theirs it'd be much appreciated if you got back to me on here, thanks.
  4. Hi all. I hope someone can give me a piece of advice regarding swapping over the stock grills on my 58 mondeo estate to the honeycomb style of the titanium x sport. I can seem to find the top grill (link here) but I'm not so sure about the bottom one (link here)as the lip of the titanium x is different from mine. Also I'm open to other suggestions of other mods that I can to (keeping it subtle)
  5. Hi I have just bought a 2015 Focus Zetec and want to buy an oem chrome grill (from China on eBay) to replace the stock grill on the car, as I really like the titanium look. Before I do buy, does anyone know how easy/hard it is to remove the old grill and attach the new one? I expect I will have to remove the entire bumper. Would it be better to buy one direct from Ford, if so, does anyone know where from (have looked, but drawing a blank). Many thanks Mr M
  6. honey comb grill

    Anyone know the part number for the honey comb zetec s grill? Is this correct? C1BB-17B968-C ? Want one to go on my titanium. Want to know what/if fords sell them so I can see if I'm being done over else where. Cheers all
  7. honey comb grill

    Anyone know the part number for the honey comb zetec s grill? Want one to go on my titanium. Want to know what fords sell them for so I can see if I'm being done over else where. Cheers all
  8. Hi guys, I'm looking at removing my grills on my 2013 focus to spray them, I know how to remove my lower ones but I'm just a bit stuck on removing the upper (the one with the badge on). Just wondering if anyone has ever done this before and could help?? Cheers
  9. new front grill gel overlay

    From the album mk6 Fiesta zetec

  10. New Asian Grill :-)

    Hi everyone, I finally got around to fitting the Asian Grill on my S1600! I know it looks pretty bland and basic in black, however I do prefer subtle asthetics :-P Have a good bank holiday!
  11. Hi Guys, New to this forum but was just wondering if the new Fiesta ST grill will fit the 2013 Fiesta Style? Cheers :)
  12. DRL lights fitted in old grill

    From the album Az fiesta mk7

    originally had zetec s grill on front but had an old grill nd del lights lying about and jus had a random attempt

    © All rights reserved

  13. hi there people i have a ford focus zetec s i seen a 2 sts the other day with like square stickers on the side cant really explain the detail where does the stickers around wolverhampton area would i have to tell insurance aswell? also i want the s badge on front grille sorry if chating to much
  14. Fiesta now

    From the album mk6 Fiesta zetec

  15. Hi again! =) I was playing with the car today (like most Saturdays) thinking what else I could do to it for looks without spending a bomb. Looking at the front of the car there seems to be a grill between the bumper and the bonnet.... do you think this could be removed? Below I have included a picture of the grill (the best one I could find) and one without the grill. With Without: What do people think?
  16. Guys and Girls, Please find attached my guide for replacing the upper front grille on the Ford Focus Mk2.5. This guide can be used for modifying to the ST grille or for direct replacement of your original grille. For those who wish to know, the FINIS number for the ST Grille is 1538478. Quote this at any ford dealer and they will confirm its an ST Grille. Please note, the bonnet lock mechanism is quite fragile and is known to break easily. This happened to me, and although i have included a fix in my guide, I cannot be held responsible for any breakages!! Happy Modifying! Upper Front Grille Replacement.pdf TDCiST
  17. Hi everyone I know a few people including myself have been asking about how to remove the front radiator grill of the MK7 fiesta, so when i got my asian spec grill i decided to make one :) hope it helps everyone First thing first this is a really easy job, took me no longer than 15 minutes and i didn't need any tools, just my hands and a bit of carful persuasion. If possible get the car to a comfortable working height, i had access to a ramp but it really isn't needed, this grill is only held in by clips so no hidden screws to worry about :) Best technique i found was start in a corner, i chose bottom left (no real reason for that) then with hand pressed firmly on the bumper and one hand holding the grill give it a short sharp tug, there will be a bit of resistance but if there is to much don't try and force it out cause you may end up breaking something, just move on to a different part of the grill Once you have one side of the grill out start working your way to the other end pulling the top and bottom alternately all the time keeping one hand on the bumper as you pull the grill, as a little tip try and keep the grill parallel to the bumper as this stops you stressing the clips and makes it easier to remove. By the time you get to the other end it should just pull out nice and easy, once again don't try and force it if it seems stuck, just move on to a different section of the grill. Once the grill is removed your left with a toothless looking fiesta lol, reinstalling the grill is pretty simple whether your just putting the old one back in or like me putting in the Asian spec unit. One thing i would say about the reinstallation is there are little locating points all around the grill ( if you look at the picture above you can seem them pretty clearly) make sure when you put the grill back in you slide the lip of the grill under these locating points or you'll have a very messy grill fitment. Once its all in the car should look good as new :) in my opinion with the Asian grill better than new :D Hope this guides helps, any question please to hesitate to post on this guide and answer as best i can Rob
  18. Hi all, New here so please forgive my ignorance in asking this question. We recently purchased a 1998 Escort 75 van, bit (quite a bit actually) rough round the edges but the engine seems good. Just a small thing in the realm of things at the moment, but on cleaning the van for the first time I noticed the water running down the windscreen into the long fixed grill at the top end of the bonnet, was in fact running straight into the engine compartment but most impotantly, straight onto the battery. If I look through the grill I can see directly into the engine compartment. I just wondered if there should be some sort of battery cover or even some kind of deflector that could run underneath the long grill to stop the water running onto the battery and into the engine compartment. At the moment we have the battery covered up with a Tesco carrier bag :o Many thanks in advance for any replies guys. Mark