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Found 32 results

  1. Hello everyone, I seem to be having a issue after I de-tangoing my headlights. The passenger side headlight's cut off seems to go way above the other. Basically I'm in for a MOT next month and I'm a little scared it will fail due to this. Any ideas on what I've done would be great. I think I may have scratched the inside of the plastic or possibly knocked the ballast off. If anyone's had this issue please let me know below. Thanks alot
  2. Hi guys need help with something, I've looked everywhere and can't seem to find a diagram to identify all the pins in a ford focus mk2 pre facelift headlight connector. I'm looking to identify the 8 pin connector and also the 10 pin connector. I have bought st225 bixenon projector headlights and they are 10 pin but my car is a zetec model and is only 8 pin I understand the pins are for self levelling sensors etc but for the time being I'm just trying to identify the harness so I can see what I need to re jig to get the bixenon projectors to work as hi/low. I have a picture below of what I have identified myself with just a meter and a power supply. It's only rough sketch, can't seem to identify the others
  3. Hi, My 2008 ('58 plate, MK2) Focus failed its MOT yesterday based on the bracket that holds the headlight bulb in place being broken, so that bulb isn't centred and rests on top of the lamp itself (picture below). KwikFit have said that the entire Headlight would need to be replaced costed approx. £160. Now, I can get the part itself from EuroCar Parts for £60 but Kwikfit won't fit it, so my question is; Would any one recommend replacing the headlight assembly themselves? It seems quite straight forward to remove the headlight from the fitting, it is just one screw and a couple of clips. The part I'm unsure on is removing it from the electrics. From what I can tell, you would just need to disconnect the wire, however, do you need to disconnect the battery first? What are the problems with this, and could I just do more damage? Any help would be very much appreciated Cheers
  4. Okay, so looking for your opinions on the pros and cons of each option, what's good, bad and ultimately...what's best. I've owned my mk7.5 fiesta 5 door Titanium since new...now three years old and I'm NOT about to spend another winter driving around with the crap bulbs that Ford seem to enjoy fitting as standard equipment! I'm looking to change all the bulbs out, front and rear, (and interior lights) in time for the winter months that will no doubt he here before we know it...so what should I go for? I'm really disappointed with the factory fitted bulbs on the headlights, but would quite like a more modern look so am considering HID's for main beam and Osram Nghtbreaker Laser or Unlimited for high beam. also thinking of using LED's for indicators, etc, but no idea how to tell a good LED from a lesser made product. only bulbs I'm thinking of leaving standard are front and rear fogs as I think I've used them probably twice since new and so really can't recall how effective they were, but given they're so rarely used I don't see the point in changing them out, unless they blow of course! Lastly I'm also trying to pluck the courage up to remove the headlamp units, bake them, open them up and go for the "black" look...any advice/suggestions on this would also be most welcome. 👍🏻 be interesting to read your thoughts...
  5. Headlight Tinting!

    Hi, I'd really like to tint my headlights but some people say it's illegal and some say it's fine! I don't want to do anything that will get me pulled. Does anyone know about tinting headlights and where I can get them done or buy the tint myself? Thanks in advance

    Hi guys, the headlight lenses on my MK6 Fiesta are looking a bit hazy, it's just around the sidelight area part of the units. Anyone got any tips to try restore them to almost new condition? thanks
  7. Recently installed my new DRL's and got 6000K LED sidelights from Halfords. Was hoping anyone could give me any recommendations (or links) for any LED head bulbs? the car is starting to look at lot less boring ☺️
  8. Hi All, A few weeks ago the fuse blew for the full beams. I changed it and frustratingly it has just blown again. Any ideas on possible causes? Or do I just need to bulk buy fuses? Car is a 2010 Mk4 Mondeo Titanium X Sport (2.2) with fancy auto-levelling headlights etc. Has anybody experienced anything similar? Thanks.
  9. This is a guide to fitting a Light Switch unit with a dimmer dial to Ford Focus without one as factory fitted. The part used came from a C-Max MK5 PART NUMBER-4M5T13A024BA Undo the T25 Torx and pull off the panel to the door side of the drivers area. Unplug the ODB port from the panel so as to avoid damaging the wiring (needs 3 hands really to push 2 metal clips and pull the Port clear) I found it was easier to reach the locating clips of the light unit from the gap at the side and had to push, pull and wiggle the unit to get it out, finally pulled forward and down to unlocate the top one first then got the bottom one clear. Unplug the cable loom from the old unit. Check the units are the same size and the plugs are the same. Attach the new unit and test the lights, dimmer and levellers. Push the new unit into place (takes a bit of a push). Relocate the ODB port into the trim and refit to dash. Replace the torx and Roberts's your Mothers Brother.
  10. New headlight issue

    Hi I decided to change the headlights on my 13 plate Fiesta Zetec. The process was simple enough and I had the job (almost) done in 15 minutes. However when I was doing the near side dipped beam the new Phillips WhiteVision bulb didn't seem to quite fit inside the holder. There are 3 tension clips that hold the light in and I could only get 2 in at any time. The difference was only a few mm so I thought it would be fine, however fast forward to this evening I went out to test the new lights and there seems to be not so great light coverage (from either side tbh) with a strong almost concentrated strip of light from the near side. I will be going back out tomorrow to see if I can adjust the bulbs or put the originals back in as they fit perfectly but I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience with the correct bulbs not fitting correctly? Cheers.
  11. Hi, I've just taken delivery of a 10 month old Mondeo Titanium X Pack with Adaptive LED headlights, a couple of days ago, and the LED headlights were the first of many disappointments compared to my previous '58 zetec Mondeo, that never caused issues. Does anyone else have one and has anyone else had issues with the purple haze, for want of better words, that they cast. I find it very distracting and off putting when driving. I have attached a photo, but that very distinct purple line is very off putting; it turns white road signs purple, it turns the red around speed limit signs purple and I can see it reflecting of the rear window of cars in front. If you look at the image you will see that it is actually turning those white window frames high up the wall purple too. I'm told this is perfectly normal, however I wish now I had taken it for a test drive in the dark as it makes it much harder to see. The white light on the road is bright (very bright) so much so that you assume it will dazzle drivers coming in the other direction, but the purple I do find rather disturbing!!
  12. Hi guys, new to the forum and am looking for some advice about my 1.6 Focus MK1. Owned the car for around 4 years and in that time I have had to change out the headlight bulbs more times than I care to remember. Now today after changing out another blown main beam bulb on the passenger side, the drivers side has now blown. I am now sure that I have an electrical issue somewhere causing all of this and am trying to work out what steps I should take to try and track it down. It is also worth mentioning that the headlight connector plug plastic on the passenger side has melted but does still work. I have never had to change any other bulbs apart from the headlights. So can anyone give me a list of potential causes or where I should be focusing my troubleshooting efforts?
  13. Angel eye headlight questions

    Hi, Been looking at these to upgrade my Fiesta Style 2006: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-FIESTA-MK6-MK7-02-08-BLACK-ANGEL-EYE-HALO-PROJECTOR-HEAD-LIGHTS-LAMPS-PAIR-/331225169469?hash=item4d1e8efe3d:g:FQkAAOSwbqpT8zlY Just a few questions; Firstly, will I have to have them professionally adjusted or will they be fine out of the box? I've read that these don't produce a lot of light on the road, has anyone got experience of this? How complicated is the wiring job? I've rad that the angel halos have to be connected to the side lights. Thanks.
  14. Headlight Adjustment Problem

    Hey guys, My first post so apologies if it's in the wrong place. I've got a MK6 Fiesta and i've recently had to change the passenger side headlight bulb. Fitting the bulb was fine and works fine. However, after fitting the bulb my passenger headlight doesn't want to adjust when using the dial on the dash. My driver side bulb however goes up and down no problem. Has anybody else had the same problem? Any advice on how to fix the problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  15. 2008 Focus Headlight Replacement

    Hi, My current headlight is damaged, i have seen them on amazob for approx fifty quid. These state that "bulbs and bulb holders not included"...... the bulbs not being included is fine.... as i obviously already have them. But how easily transferred are the bulb holders into the new unit??? Thanks
  16. I thought I'd share what my problem was and how it was resolved.I have a 1990 Mk4 Escort Eclipse and when the dipped beam was turned on the o/s light went to side light only but the n/s dipped beam worked.I tried all the earths I could find. One near each headlight - brown wires. Two on the o/s A pillar behind the speaker. The rear lights. Earths were not the problem.I tried the two white relays in the fuse box towards the rear of the car. Not the problemI lifted the fuse box expecting a corroded connection. Not the problemI tried three different switches. Not the problem.The resolution to the problem was a BLUE RELAY that is located just above the pedal box inside the car. It is a 5 pin relay with the numbers 866614K083AA 41212 4RD003520-34 40/35A 12V.I'd like to find a spare relay but can only find one used one on the bay of death for £25. Does anyone know of a supply of new ones cheaper?
  17. Devil eye headlights

    From the album Mk6 Fiesta Zetec S

    © megsfiestax

  18. Hi there, I have a 2010 Focus so I guess that would be the Mk 2.5 variation. My driver's side headlight doesnt work and I've narrowed the problem down to a relay, through testing voltages on the headlight cluster plug, swapping clusters etc etc. There is a clicking noise under the glove box whenever I turn my light switch from side lights to headlights so I want to check that relay as I'm 99% sure that's the problem. The thing is, I can hear the clicking as clear as day coming from the glove box when sitting inside the car, but for the life of me I can't see the relays! The fuse board has all the fuses etc but I can't see any relays, my board is the same as this one http://i34.tinypic.com/2rh5xti.jpg The only difference between my board and the one in this picture is mine doesnt have a black relay on the left at the top. I've never done anything to this fuse board and never modded my car and I bought it from an SMC branch so everything should be as stock. I bought it in 2012 and the headlights have been working up until about a week ago. Can anyone help me with where the relays are under the glove box please? i'm going mad and in need my headlight working :) Thanks, Matt.
  19. Hi all im new here but i need some help, i just fitted some new phillips headlight bulbs to a 2011 fored fiesta 1.2 all of them work barring the passengers side main beam, i tried repalcing the bulbs but it still doesnt work so i removed the whole light fixture and plugged it in to the other side and the main beam woorks. Do you think there is a problem with a fuse or the electrical connection to the lamp. If there is a electrical problem then it has to be in the car. Any advice is welcome and thanks in advance.
  20. HIDs

    From the album Fiesta Zetec 2008

  21. hello all, Need to replace my left hand head lamp on a 2004 fiesta. Are the headlights from the updated model compatible, if not is it best to just get an original one or are there any good after market ones. Thank you.
  22. Please Help Me

    could some one help. im trying to fit a mk2 headlight to a mk1. i have seen it is possible with a wiring loom. but could someone help with what that loom is? many thanks
  23. Headlight Changes

    Hi everyone, I am in desperate need of some help. I have changed my headlight bulbs to Osram H7's to upgrade the light level and distance seen. When changed, i tried them out but the distance was no more than about 2 meters, large crosses appear on the floor and there are areas of shadow big enough to stand in. I suspected that the bulbs might be faulty, and so swapped them back to the originals. They too are doing the same thing now and giving me the same symptoms. I took the car to ATS this morning for them to have a look thinking they need re-adjusting but when turning the adjustment screw under the bonnet, and the dial inside the car, no adjustment happens. Does anyone have any idea on what has happened? I thought it was the bulbs but it doesn't look like it. Have I inadvertently disconnected something inside? The ATS guy says the bulbs could be upside down but they only go in one way.... I have a 2009 focus Zetec S Can anyone help.... thanks all
  24. I have an electrical issues realeted with front headlight, it is always on, can not be turned off. Only it can be switched off by taking out battery pole out or fuse pulling out.. Service told me that the gem fuse box should be replace, it cost more than 750 usd. Now, ı am using my car while the two fuses pull out as shown in the figure, at night, I am mounting the fuses back onto gem module than daylight pulling out back again. Any suggestions for this problem fixing? How can ı check.
  25. I have 59 plate facelift Focus Zetec (Mk 2.5) My passenger side headlight bulb has blown a few days ago and just wanted to know the best replacements to get that have a blue tint like xenon blubs. I read on here that the 'best' ones to get are the 'osram cool blue intenses' Which ones do I need? H1, H4 or H7? I do like the blue tint but I just don't know which ones I need to get. Thanks in advance for your help.