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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all, I have Mondeo 2.2 09 plate. I think I have a boost leak (the distinct whooshing noise is hard to miss when the windows are down). I have checked the intercooler pipes and they are good. Induction pipe onto the turbo is fastened correctly (No movement at the turbo end) and there is nothing blocking the airflow around the airbox. Does anyone have any ideas on where else it can be? Thanks, Jono
  2. I started to notice problems with my automatic mondeo recently. The 'o/d off' was sometimes flashing on my dashboard and when this happened, the car would over rev before changing gears, the changes would be juddery and sometimes the car stalled when I came to stop at a junction. So a little searching online lead me to believe that there is a gearbox problem if 'o/d off' is flashing. Today I removed the air filter and battery so that I could see the gearbox to look for anything obvious. I found a hose which I think is connected to the gearbox, but then the other end was hanging loose. It looks like it should be pushed on somewhere, but I just can't seem to find where!
  3. Hi all, My 55 plate 1.8tdci focus has a split in the lower intercooler hose. Not the 90 degree one at the top, the one after the metal pipe that connects to the intercooler. Is it best to get a new one from ford or is there better aftermarket ones about? Thanks, Dan PS the lag when inputting text on here using android browser is a nightmare!
  4. Afternoon all sorry if this may have been answered some place else but I have no Idea what the hoses are for/called so have attached a photo. Over the last few weeks I started smelling some fumes in the car, took it to quick fit as they were round the corner from my office and they said it was the DPF which I thought was BS. The same day all smells stopped so thought nothing of it, till yesterday when I felt the engine loose performance and judder a bit. Had a look under the bonnet today, see attached photo of hose that's corroded and snapped, not sure what it is but any pointers would be great. Also with regards to a DPF is it best to buy a new one or get someone to regen? Any help would be much appreciated also is the hose something that could be replaced without a visit to a garage as looks like the connectors just screw on? Cheers
  5. I just changed the rubber gaskets for the intake manifold on my focus, and during the process I broke a hose that goes into the engine. Engine starts, and air is coming out from it. It is safe to drive to ta part store? Can I change the hose myself ?
  6. Coolant/heater hose.

    Hi Guys, I've got a coolant pipe leaking on my 1.6 tdci focus, noticed it just when I had hit 150k miles. I had been having coolant leaking issues before, but I thought I had addressed them with pouring in K-seal, but turns out not. The coolant drops to a certain level about 1/8 of the res tank and doesn't leak any further, probably because there is not enough pressure in the system. (that's my non mechanics thinking), but I don't get warm air. Now I've located the leak or at least one of them, and it's a split hose, behind the engine block, it's a braided hose, and there is one above the other looks something like this - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-FIESTA-FUSION-1-4-TDCI-HEATER-HOSE-UNIT-2001-2008-2S6Q-8K512-AA-/271974904806?hash=item3f52f7b3e6:g:eOgAAOSwu4BV5yaU the thing is I can't find something that looks anywhere near similar to this for the 1.6tdci engine... I've got the 90hp non dpf version of the dv6 engine in mine... Maybe you guys can help me out... I will go to the garage this weekend or friday if they're open for them to replace it, but I want to know if I could source the pipe myself or even replace it myself to save some costs as I've already done so with the brake disks and the pads. :) Thanks
  7. Hi fellow Focus owners I am having an issue with a small hose in my 2009 MK2 Focus 1.8 TDCI. the hose which is located in top of the EGR (see the attached image) comes out of its place after hard accelerations so I have to put it back every time. my question is what does it do exactly, and why am I having this problem, many thanks for your help. regards
  8. Hi guys! I'm new to this forum and am hoping to get some help with an issue as I'm not too tech savvy when it comes to cars! I've got a Mondeo ST tdci 07 plate and am getting a whooshing noise when I reach the revs where the turbo seems to kick in. The EGR valve makes a horrible sound (have attached video) at this point too and upon switching off ignition will make the same noise for a few seconds. I'm also getting loads and loads of black smoke out the exhaust. The engine will sometimes hunt on start up & since Ive had this smoke/whooshing problem the power seems much less. I have a blanking plate fitted to the EGR valve (one with the tiny hole in to supposedly stop EML coming on even though it still comes on again whenever I reset it). The horrid sound coming from the EGR valve makes me think it is that. But then if I have a blanking plate then why would there still be loads of black smoke? I've removed the EGR valve and cleaned it (was minging) but the problem is exactly the same. Forums seem to suggest a split inter cooler hose? I inspected the hoses as far as possible for splits while I had the EGR valve off but can't see any. Still need to check from underneath though. Anybody got any ideas of what it could be and the best place to start? If the EGR is kaput would I still need to replace it if it's blanked anyway? I'm hoping I find a split in the hose but feel all the symptoms I've mentioned point to something much worse? trim.8FDECB28-E14C-4184-AB17-B654B21D52EC.MOV
  9. Mk6 Fiesta Air Filter Help!

    Hello, first post here, long story short, had my mk 6 fiesta 2 years now, not done much to it, it's a fiesta Freedom 1.25. Just fitted ST/Zetec S Spoiler, tinted the windows and fitted 17'' KEI 10 Alloys a while back. I won't be keeping the car for another 12 months I don't think, but I fancied a bit of noise, to refresh the car until then! Didn't fancy having an exhaust fitted or anything like that, I've bought a cone air filter, it was £12 off Amazon, wouldn't normally touch anything so cheap, but all the reviews are 5 star saying it generates a lot of noise and hardly any difference between that and K&N filters. Anywhoo. This is my engine bay. I am NO mechanic, nor do I know much about engines etc! As a job I used to install car audio, but when it comes to mechanics I'm hopeless I don't even know the right terminology! I removed the airbox, took out standard filter and refitted air box/engine cover and put the air filter where the intake on the right of the pic was. There wasn't any difference in noise what so ever, it sounded rubbish. If i fit the filter to the intake labelled '1' then it sounds brilliant, however there's then the breather hose I think its called? Do i need an intake hose with a part for the breather hose? I don't want to spend a lot, and hoses with those seem a lot.. It won't make any difference in performance on a 1.25. 1HP if that, i just want the sound of a bit of umph!
  10. Hi guys, I've been browsing the forums for quite a while, but only registered today. This week my Intercooler Hose burst, which is quite a common issue with these kind of engines (Focus 1.8 TDCi 2009). So I bought a silicone replacement, which is supposed to be much better and replaced it myself... so far no issues. After the wee drive, I have remembered that I forgot to connect the IAT sensor back... so I thought I can just connect it afterwards - I left the car to rest for about an hour and went back to connect it. After starting it I got an Engine Problem light, so I connected my OBD2 to Torque and it read code P0098 (Intake Air Temperature Sensor 2 Circuit High). I thought - fair enough - the ECU seems to be confused, it's been running differently for the past week, and now I've installed a new pipe. I have cleared the code using the Torque app, and the error doesn't seem to be coming back. I have also measured the Intake Air Temperature and it's changing, but at a steady rate: 29-30C at idle and going down to 18-21C when driving. So my question(s): should I be worried about the error code not showing up again? Are the temperatures alright? Am I measuring the wrong thing? Should I be getting a new IAT? I have reserved a replacement if it's needed, so I can pick it up and replace myself (if it's easy?). Cheers!
  11. Tdci Hose Identification

    Hi there, I wondered if anybody could identify a hose on my mk1 1.8 tdci 115 please. It is between the intercooler and turbo, above the metal pipe. It's red and has two hose clips on it. If you look on this link....http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-FOCUS-CONNECT-1-8-TDCI-TURBO-INTERCOOLER-TO-TURBO-HOSE-PIPE-/261232334543 It is the one you can see next to the writing. Mine has a bit of oil coming out the bottom of it and it recently left a light misting over the top of the metal pipe. What does that indicate and could that cause any damage? What would normal symptoms be if this hose failed? Could anyone also point me in the right direction to buy a replacement please? Thanks Ben
  12. Power Steering Hose Leak

    advice please' focus 1.6 zetec 5 door climate change petrol' year 2005' issue the power steering hose leaking fluid near to the alternator contaminating belt and going into the alternator' been told new hose/pipes are a dealer part only cost £85.00' had quote to fit £100.00 does the cost sound right? can you purchase part elsewhere
  13. Hello all and thanks for reading, I will make it as quick as posible. I was having a quick look over my car the other day and noticed a hose that leads from the top of the oil cap towards the front of the engine was not plugged in anywhere. I noticed my oil levels have been going a little quicker than usual so i thought i best ask you all. Iv never noticed it before till yesterday. Is this ment to be plugged in somewhere or is it just for breathing? I have attached 2 pictures. Thanks.