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Found 13 results

  1. I have recently bought a ka. worked ok. till I realised the fan wasn't working. it kept blowing hot air. so i read up on it and found a common fault. heat control valve I changed it and it still isn't working. I'm not sure what else to point the finger at. any help apreiciated
  2. Hi all. Bought my Mondeo last July and all was well untill the weather got really cold. I do prefer the cold ( 2nd vehicle 1972 S3 Landrover with no windows). With the heating on manual and 22' the output from the vents is 69'. This is maintained for about 10 miles and is extremely uncomfortable. After this approximate time it switches to 16' for approximately 2 miles, it usualy repeates this cycle over and over. Does anyone else have this problem ? The car has been to my local Ford dealer who have been very good and have changed 7 temperature sensors and 2 flap motors. A Ford engineer came from London with an equivilant car and although agreeing it was " uncomfotable" , both cars did the same and reported it was within specification. This has taken about 4 months and Ford Customer Relations have said there is nothing more they are willing to do. I am debating selling the first "poor" Ford out of the 11 that I have owned or trying Trading Standards for "unfit for purpose". Anyone had the same story ? or have any bright ideas. Shame is, its a brilliant, quiet and enjoyable drive. 2015 2.0 ecoboost Mondeo Estate Titanium X Auto.
  3. The driver side center consol is over heating and getting so hot it burns if my leg touches it. The service department said there is no heat shield to protect the the heat coming from the engine. I notice this more when the AC is on. I have a case number from Ford. They say that this is the first they have had complaints but I ha e seen post on the web where others have talked about it. Has nobody else reported this to Ford. I think it is a potential fire hazard
  4. Good morning all, apologies if this is in the wrong place, this is my first post and my car has made me look to the forums for answers. I have a 2003 Focus, I bought it in March with a 12 month MOT and so far, up until the weekend, it has been flawless. However, a Friday evening trip to Bridgnorth had me driving longer than I normally would and it has been much hotter. About 40 minutes into the journey I heard a rumbling sound from the brakes, this was after some heavy use. I eased off the brakes for a little bit and they returned to normal with no noise what so ever. Sunday I took the little beast to Barmouth, we were a good hour and a half into the journey when the same noise started again after some extra use. It was again a loud rumbling sound that filled the inside of the car. I eased off the brakes a little to let them cool off and it was back to normal. My first thought, with me knowing absolutely nothing about cars, was that the brake pads had wore down and that the extra breaking was causing them to over heat. Once I got back home I investigated how much brake pad I had left, It looks to me like i have lots. What I have noticed though, and please excuse me if i cannot explain this correctly, is that the inside disc looks a little worn around the rim. Now this doesn't look like fresh wear, it looks like its been like this for some time and it is exactly the same on the other side. I have attached some pictures of the brakes so you can try and get an idea of what I am trying to explain - Again, I am sorry for my poor knowledge. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this problem at all please or knows the probable cause. I contacted a mechanic and his initial response was to change the pads and discs. However, the problem only happens when the brakes get really hot, i would of thought that there would of been a constant issue if i needed new parts, but at the same time, I have admitted that I know nothing about cars. Any help would be appreciated Thank you Anthony
  5. So here is the situation with my car - I am not sure if it is normal or not, so wondering what other people experience. On a cold day (< 10C outside temperature), if I am driving in my car with the recirculation ON, and the temperature dial set to the coldest, and the fan ON (but A/C switched OFF), it begins blow warm/hot air within 10 minutes or less (although it initially starts blowing cold air). If I then turn the temperature dial to the middle, it makes no difference to the temperature of the air being blown out of the vents. Anyone know why this is the case??
  6. Mk5 Heat Problem

    I've heard and read that fiesta MK4 and MK5s can have a heat problem with either hot or cold constantly feeding through and not being able to change the temperature. Mine is doing the exact same. It's feeding through constant hot air. After having read a solution, I thought it could be a thermostat problem. The guy I bought the car from told me he'd already changed that not so long before I bought the car and it was bought in March. I then read it could be a heater control valve problem. I changed the heater control valve and it worked! For a day or two... No I'm slightly stumped as to what next to look for. I don't believe it could be the matrix. I don't think there is a blockage anywhere otherwise it wouldn't have worked as soon as it was swapped. I'm reluctant to think its the connection as I checked that while swapping over the HCV and it seemed OK. Plus, it wasn't all that long ago. There's definitely no Leaks. The head gasket hasn't gone and its not on its way out. A few people had mentioned the heater control panel might be an issue. The fans are working on all settings but there's no wires running from the temperature knob. It's all running from the fan switch, the bottom of the PCB board and the 12v power supply. I don't think it could be the HCP neither becauxe it was working g when the HCV was swapped over. And I'm sure the wiring is normal anyhow. Has anyone got any ideas? I've searched all over this forum and I can't seem to find the answer. I'd rather not take it tons mechanic and part with my money haha. Thanks guys.
  7. Hi there, I have a 2004 Ford KA which doesn't like hot weather. It will start from cold fine and drive fine as well. But if I park it up for any longer than 10 minutes on a hot day, it will really struggle to start, seems to be worse the hotter the weather is. It will still do it on cooler days just not as bad. I have changed the oxygen sensor which made no difference. All I can think of is the idle control valve but it looks like it's a pain to get to! If I start it with say a 1/4 throttle it starts perfectly. Poor Starting: Really Poor Starting, here it was taking ages to start, but as soon as I touch the throttle it starts straight away: Good Starting But Dodgy Idle, as you can see after a while it picks itself up: How It Should Be: My Ka has been doing this for ages so if anyone has any ideas please let me know, Cheers, Ben
  8. Hot Electric Window Buttons..?

    Hey Ford Owners Club, I bought a 1996 Fiesta Saphire last week or so for a very decent price considering the engine was replaced at 48,000 miles and has only done 30,000 since. However the locks were dodgy which I was told but have been working ok up until today when my luck ran out and I had to try and break into my car and then when that didn't work, call the AA to come and break into my car... During all of this the immobiliser got activated but we managed to get the windows down by connecting his power supply up to mine to get the ignition on and shoving a stick through the wedged open door. The locks went super spazzy and so we had to take the Central locking fuse out. Anyway, it doesn't seem that much has been affected thankfully other than I have just done a 45 minute journey and I noticed that the electric window buttons were incredibly hot. It was night so I wasn't using them so not like they had any reason whatsoever to get so hot and distressed. I checked under the hood and the engine also seemed very hot however my air conditioning still came out cool and didn't idicate any unusual behaviour to me. I have taken it on several journeys of around this length or longer since I've had it and not noticed any problems at all. It could be that this was happening before and I didn't notice but I can't help but feel that it's only happening because of the problems earlier on in the day... I'm a bit concerned so hoping someone might know what to do or suggest to help. Guessing this is the right place to ask! Thanks, Zak
  9. Please Help

    Hi while driving yesterday my mk 6 with the digital dashboard temperature went from the middle straight to the too and flashing, I checked coolant level and that was fine, n ok leaks also.,so started it back up and it stayed in the middle for an hour or so then shot straight back to the top. Every time I have to turn the car of and re start then it stays in the middle again. Anyone know what this could be? Mane the temperature sensor?
  10. Hi, I have a 2001 Mk3 Mondeo petrol that has done nearly 70k. It is in great nick but..... about a week ago I have noticed a rattling coming from the engine ONLY at idle and ONLY when the engine is hot (not mildly warm, but hot). The rattling is irregular and sounds kind of like you are shaking a plastic box with a coin in it. The rattle doesn't seem to be contributing any vibrations. As soon as you gently press the accelerator the rattlings stops. On closer inspection with the bonnet up, it sounds like it is coming from the belt area (to the left of the engine). These symptoms suggest a possible belt tensioner on it's way out or the more worrying scenario of the inlet manifold butterfly flaps breaking loose!! I took the car to a mechanic yesterday and suggested these two possible scenarios. I got the car back today. The mechanic said there was excessive play on the tensioner so he fitted a new one. I was relieved and very thankful........only to come home just now and hear exactly the same rattle as before. The problem is not fixed and now I am very worried it could be the manifold flaps, even though I have spent money on getting the tensioner replaced! So I have put it to this forum. I have tried to be as detailed as possible with the symptoms. Do these symptoms present themselves as a manifold flap problem in people's experience, or could it be something else? I commute 120 miles daily on a round trip to and from work. Is it wise to continue this until I can get the car booked in for a weekend? (This weekend is too late). Thanks in advance
  11. Hi, I bought my 2000 reg ford fiesta 4 days ago now. The heaters are stuck on hot. I have replaced the heating control valve and i got a replacement control panel thats in the car, that you use to control the heating system. I replaced them both today and i still have the same problem. I have also cleaned the contacts up on the plugs, incase anything had got inside them. i dont have air conditioning. Its a simple hot/cold system Also the previous owner had decided to cut the wire to the heater control valve (hcv) and connect the power source up to the battery, this made the blowers cold ( i assume they did this so they didnt bake). I had taken it to my mechanic and he said it may have caused a fire as the hcv would of had two much power going to it. He connected back up to the original wires, and this made the blowers blow hot. He said either part would need replacing so i replaced both. those being the hcv and the control pannel. PLEASE HELP :-(
  12. Heater Control Valve Problem

    Hi, I've recently changed the heater control valve on my 2001 ford fiesta to solve the problem that I was only getting hot air through my heaters. I changed the hcv yet the problem still remains. I had cold air temporarily but when I turned the dial to hot it got hot but remained so. Any ideas what the problem could be if its not the hcv?