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Found 7 results

  1. Hi All, I have a very noisy 2006 Mk2 Focus, 1.6 Duratec (LX). The noise is top end and sounds like noisy Hydraulic Lifters/Tappets. I've done a full engine flush (Wynns), Oil Change and Oil Filter change and have also added Wynn's lifter treatment - all to no avail. The noise is a distinct ticking and it rattles like you wouldn't believe when you ignite it, quietening a bit once the oil gets round - magnified 2-3fold when it's cold outside. However i've noticed it has been getting louder recently even when warm (after a good motorway/dual carriageway drive, engine at full temp). I've done 80,000 miles and it's coming up on 12 years old, but no timing belt change in the history. I guess my question are: Has anyone else had this on a similar or the same model and had a fix? Can a bad timing belt lead to this problem (though I must add it's always been rattly at the top end since I got in in 2015). Can you continue as usual with noisy lifters? How expensive will it be for a garage to do this kind of fix? If this has been asked somewhere else i'm really sorry! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  2. new clutch problem

    Hi There ... Newbie here and i am probally posting this in the wrong place but need some help / advice with my 1.3i mk5 fiesta ...basicly what happened was that my clutch pedal recently went to the floor and i purchased a clutch kit from flea bay ... fitted the clutch , all was going well untill i tried to hook up the hydraulic hose onto the back of the slave cylinder , the aluminium adapter / fitting from my old cylinder ( retained by 2 clips ) does not want to go into the back of the new slave cylinder ? , i also tried pushing the end of the hose minus the adapter into the recess it also seams to be to big ?? is there an adapter available to allow me to make the link ? say 12 mm at the hose end and 11mmm at the end that goes into the slave ? if so what are these fittings called and where do i get them ??? regards Jack ...
  3. Before the gf try's to trade me out again🤔 I parked up for my gf to go for a twinkle and she said quick come upstairs her gerbil has died, while dealing with that (even tried a little bit of cpr but the poor thing was solid) I acquired a parking ticket within the 5 minute stay, to make matters a lot more agonising I went to politely show the ticked company at their HQ that I had a small present inside a box for them in the form of a Jesus piece, some saw dust and (of course) a resting gerbil, but... I turned a corner and Heard a bang and the car wouldn't disengage, turned off the engine waited around half an hour and was able to drive it but every time I changed gear the biting point was getting lower and lower and the pedal was acting up till eventually it just conked out couldn't change gear or anything, I know it's the hydraulic I'm hoping it just ran out of fluid and I can just change a seal here and there, bleed it out and it'll work again but has anyone else got any opinions?? fiesta finesse fujb engine
  4. Hydraulic Taps....i Think

    Hope some one can help. I have a 2007 Fiesta 1.25 Ztec started to get a tapping sound when driving about and sometimes when stationary ( the sound would come and go). Happened just before it went for service, so had said to garage about it. So, after it got serviced, oil filter changed, engine flush and oil change. Garage said they think it Hydraulic taps and sound should go away. Now 2 weeks later, still having the tapping sounds. Any help?? garage closed at the minute for holidays. Cheers
  5. Clutch

    I have a 54 plate fiesta, recently the gear lever would not go into gear when the engine warmed up, so I disconnected the linkage, cleaned up the shaft, cleaned out the nylon bush, re-greased, and re-assembled. Only to find it got worse after a few days. Now the biting point is so far to the floor that the car will not go into gear! I have checked for leaks but none found, I have also re-bleed the clutch, and still no change. The car does go in and out of gear without the engine running, and if I start the car in gear it will pull the car, and if started this way I can sort of crunch the gears in and out, but what's left of the biting point is so low to the floor. So the simple question is " what's is your opinions"
  6. Mk2 Mondeo Clutch

    Hi guys-compliments on an excellent forum. I have a 1996 Mk 2 Mondeo 1.8 Turbo diesel with 109000 miles on the clock.Just recently the clutch pedal has started to slip to the floor-only on first starting and not every time. After that it returns back to normal and operation is fine with no slipping or difficulty in changing gear. I think it may be getting worse as the other day I had to pump it a couple of times. I have topped up hydraulic fluid but only a small amount just to keep it on the max level. I cant see any leaks but of course there is a engine weather protector panel under the car. My local garage said it might be the slave cylinder on the clutch itself and said it could cost big bucks. I was wondering- given the age and value of the car -how long is it likely to be before it fails completely and would bleeding the system help,any advice much appreciated .BTW the brakes are fine
  7. Power Steering Fluid Issue

    Hi I recently had a problem with my power steering on my Focus 1.6 Petrol MK 2.5 (there was a leak in the hose) Anyway I got that replaced by a local mechanic and it seems to be working now. However it appears that he has put too much power steering fluid in the car. I've attached an image of the power sterering reservoir- the image is after having driven the car for about 30mins so its when the engine was warm. You can see its pretty high. When the engine is cold the fluid comes to about 1cm-2cm above the MAX line.. My question is, is this ok? Will I have a problem with this? Also, if I need to remove some, how do I do it? Can I use a syringe? Or will that put air into the power steering system.. Appreciate the help