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Found 32 results

  1. Hello Everyone, Anyone experienced intermittent lumpy idle/hunting on the Mondeo 2.2 TDCi ST?? (or any TDCi for that matter?!?) Driving Dad's car for a bit while he's out of action and apparently its been doing this a while! Will idle fine, even when cold... then all of a sudden revs will fluctuate between 1k and 500 rpm... then everything will settle again. Happens when cold, warm, after long runs... I have a video, that i'll try to link to shortly! Tried fuel cleaners, injector cleaners, Supreme fuels, normal fuels... just about everything... also happened before, and since car came back from the service. Any help you can give would be appreciated!
  2. Hi guys, I have a 2009 Zetec s 1.6 TDCi with 75,000 miles... I recently got the glow plugs changed (and cam belt) to see if it would fix the issue but it didn't. I was just wondering if anyone had any idea what it could be. When the temperature is low (5-10 °C) when turning the ignition the car starts relatively quickly but the rpm drops (700) then rises (quite high, 1100) by using some type of "auto revving tool". The engine never stalls. After about 20 secs of doing this, the car idles completely fine and when driving, it drives perfect. Say if I drive the car, stop and then go back to the car (while warm) there is no issue with start up Someone please help! Thanks alot, Harrison
  3. OK I have a rough girl with a surging idle , i've heard a likely cause could be a dirty throttle body (and/or Map sensor ) that needs cleaning . Being tight of money for a mechanic looking at it , I want to have a stab myself . I had noticed this has been covered before here Duratec Cleaning Map sensor & Throttle body To get to the throttle body , as shown in the post in the link, one has to remove the Air cleaning outlet hose . Strangley it seems ford have their own proprietary steel ties , they look like the ties used on CV boots . To get the hose off the original ties look like they need to be cut/destroyed (disposable). I could get regular pinch clamp style ties , that are used on CV boots I suppose , but the lower hose tie which attaches to the Throttle body is in a very confined space, it would be very tricky to get a pinch style clamps inside and at the right angle to get a tight clamp around the hose I was thinking of using a jubilee steel tie for the bottom end of the air cleaning outlet hose , as it would be easier to tighten I just wondered if anyone had done this before, that could share their experience with me? I have done pretty regular stuff on cars like CV joints , rotors , Pads , Brake cylinders - So I am confident with tools for basic jobs
  4. anyone know reason why my car is stalling? Its a 09 focus 1.6 tdci with a DPF. and i have no warning lights or messages on my display. driving home today, it began jerking when acceleration, but not from a standing start, but did stop for a while. then later on, under light acceleration again whilst already doing 20+mph the engine stalled. I pulled over and tried to restart the engine and it seemed hesitant to start, and after 4/5 seconds it stalled again, this time just idling in neutral as i hadn't moved off. it did this for a good 10 minutes. then finally it hung on long enough for me to drive home, luckily i was less than a mile from home. after getting back i tried to rev the engine to see if there was something that needed a bit of shifting, and whilst revving up to only about 3K rpm i noticed a slight whistle sound, and then when i stopped revving, when the engine came back to idle, it made a sound that i can only describe as passing wind or the noise a horse makes when it blows it lips. Any ideas what this might be? there was another sound though, when i turned the engine off, there was a decently loud whirring noise, that sounded electrical that was hard to pinpoint, but sounded like it was coming from just behind the engine and slightly to the left (looking at the car head on) somewhere around the brake fluid tank. my instant thoughts to the stalling / jerking was possibly the injectors need cleaning, or the fuel filter may need replacing, or the fuel line may have a problem. any thoughts on the (many) other issues would be appreciated.
  5. Hi Gang, Bit of a pickle with my MK1 2.0 Petrol. A few weeks back my JBL GTO amp started to intermittently cut out / in, which via testing turned out to be the protection mode. Puzzled I did some more testing and it was only happening when the engine was on, engine off and it works fine. Took it to a garage as I needed a new earth cable (mine had perished) and asked them to test the alternator and battery at the same time. Their conclusion was the battery was fine, alternator works but the alternator was not charging with full load, especially idle, however even with more revs it works when stationary but driving along the amp still cuts in / out and the lights will dim if in traffic corresponding with the amp in / out. The garage suggested a 'more powerful' alternator (if it's possible?), but the thing I don't get is how come I've been running these amps for 5 years on this battery / alternator setup with no issues. So the garage is not 100% sure its the alternator, however I'm stumped what else it could be? I don't mind coughing to replace it, but then I could play the 'lets replace the part' game until I have a new car. I've checked around this forum and so far most things along this vein is to do with the smart charge, but that's not til MK3? I guess what I'm asking is if the regulars here would bet on a new alternator or if there's something else it might be? Thanks
  6. Blue smoke problem

    Hi all, Recently purchased a 1.6 Diesel Titanium Ford Fiesta TDCi, lovely car - has been well looked after. I've noticed some blue smoke in the morning when I start it and again a small amount when I leave work in the evening - from reading online a few people have suggested it could be leaky seals in the engine, so I bought some Wynns stop smoke oil supplement and tried this, it has improved slightly but the smoke is still there. Before trying the stop smoke supplement the car idled a bit lumpy when started, but this has since stopped. There is no smoke when changing gears or when the engine is under heavy load - it actually drives really nicely. Any thoughts or suggestions? My next plan is to take the car in for a decent service and have an oil change, but any other thoughts? Many thanks, Georgia
  7. Hello guys, new to this so please bare with me, erm Ive got a Ford Focus 1.4 2002 with 25;000miles on the clock and recently( around a month ago) I was stationary at some traffic lights and noticed that when it's parked up the engine sounds likes it's going to stall the revs start bouncing up and down from about 800-1000 and there's a hissing noise coming from the engine when you open the bonnet. so I took it to my local garage where I get my MOTS done and he had it for a few days and changed the "idle control valve unit , throttle body , co2 sensors, " with second hand ones and he can't find the fault he's ran emissions tests,disconnected the battery after changing those above. He's checked all the pipes in the engine apparently. I've been looking online at all these posts and seen many topics about this , has anybody had this problem or solved it before thanks
  8. Cold Start idle flicker

    Hi, I have a 2011 1.4 zetec. I noticed that when I start the car cold , the idle rpms flicker up and down above 1000 for a little while( 2-5mins) until it stabilises at around 750rpm . I was wandering if this is normal? Thanks All
  9. Recently my Fiesta 2006, 1.25 16v has been idling a little higher than usual after it has reached operating temperature. It's recently been serviced, with all new spark plugs. It's sitting at 98k miles on the clock, and other than this the car runs fine. I have noticed that on occasion, it does smell like it's running a little rich. The front O2 sensor was changed a couple months back, when it threw a check engine light. The only thing I can think of being the problem, is the rear 02 sensor? Has anybody had some experience of this in the past? Any help at all would be appreciated! :) Thanks
  10. I have a 2005 Ford Fusion 1.4 Duratec with 45000miles since I had it it's had a rough idle and recently it's been occasionally stalling as you slow down at junctions. I have changed the plugs and leads and fitted a new coil pack, I have also changed the pre cat o2 sensor and cleaned out the throttle body none if this has had any improvement. I borrowed a diagnostic machine and run a live test on the 02 sensors the pre cat sensor fluctuates as I believe it should then the post cat sensor also fluctuates between 0v and 9v when I hold the revs at 2000rpm I am not sure if this is normal or not I thought maybe a problem with the cat as the previous owner only used to do short journeys. I just don't know what to look for next
  11. Hoping someone can help with this annoying issue. Recently, and more obviously when cold, I have been getting a jerky/juddering sensation in the car when idle. On startup, the revs sit for a second or so just under 1000, then drop a bit and then the juddering starts. The jumpyness goes when you give it a bit of right foot, say up to 1200-1500. It seems that often this will disappear after the car has warmed up/by the end of a journey, but sometimes it continues this throughout a journey and you notice it when sat at lights, junctions etc. There has also been a whining noise when accelerating though the low gears for the past few weeks. From reading around this could perhaps be the alternator or belt tensioner pulley. At night when idling the interior lights and headlights, as well as the backlights of the stereo, buttons etc will flicker. It had a new injector a few months ago which significantly reduced the rough idle from the compression loss etc. and a Terraclean 2 weeks ago.
  12. Weird Noise On Idle

    Hi guys, my Fiesta makes a really weird noise when idle, I can't even describe it, but it sounds like in this video: The car seems to be running fine, no issues really, but it just doesn't sound healthy. A comment for the video says it's water pump, but another person on yt said he changed the water pump and that didn't help. Any ideas before I spend money on a repair?
  13. Timing Belt And Performance

    Just had the timing belt done, including aux belt, water pump and recharge air con - car 8 years old and 105k miles. Should I notice any difference in the way it drives compared to just before it going in for the job? I have to say I didn't notice anything on the short drive home from the garage. One other thing, the garage ran the car at idle with the bonnet up for a good hour and a half after doing the job - is that normal and just to check that everything is ok? Can't think of any ofther reason and only saw it on the dashcam afterwards so couldn't ask them.
  14. Mk1.5 Stalling After New Icv?

    Hello chaps, Got a problem that I can't get my head around - my 04 1.6 petrol has been hunting for idle a little bit and idles a bit low (worse with electrics being used and worst when engine is warm) which has been seen in countless forum posts and threads. So naturally I assumed this was the idle control valve, which I replaced. After fitting and letting it idle for a bit, all seemed well but upon driving the car, it now stalls whenever you try and roll into 1st gear or let the revs drop to idle for any reason. I thought it may have been a faulty part - was a cheap eBay job after all so I got a replacement and fitted that one, same deal. Also when you first start it up with the new valve, the engine is seriously lugging until you give it some gas. I've put the old one back on for now - anyone can shed any light on this? The symptoms with the new valve seem to be like what happens when the gearbox speed sensor is faulty, but why is it only doing it with the new part? (Also I've had no speedo problems) Finally, I have checked all the vacuum pipes and intake Mani for leaks but there appear to be none. Cheers guys
  15. Mk1.5 Stalling After New Icv?

    Hello chaps, Got a problem that I can't get my head around - my 04 1.6 petrol has been hunting for idle a little bit and idles a bit low (worse with electrics being used and worst when engine is warm) which has been seen in countless forum posts and threads. So naturally I assumed this was the idle control valve, which I replaced. After fitting and letting it idle for a bit, all seemed well but upon driving the car, it now stalls whenever you try and roll into 1st gear or let the revs drop to idle for any reason. I thought it may have been a faulty part - was a cheap eBay job after all so I got a replacement and fitted that one, same deal. Also when you first start it up with the new valve, the engine is seriously lugging until you give it some gas. I've put the old one back on for now - anyone can shed any light on this? The symptoms with the new valve seem to be like what happens when the gearbox speed sensor is faulty, but why is it only doing it with the new part? (Also I've had no speedo problems) Finally, I have checked all the vacuum pipes and intake Mani for leaks but there appear to be none. Cheers guys
  16. I own a Ford Focus CC3 2008 2.0 tdci and for a while now have been experiencing engine malfunction on dash. Recently had fuel filter changed twice, fuel volume valve replaced, egr cleaned and dpf replaced, the message is still coming up. Now it's not showing any fault codes and seems to only come on when the car has warmed up and when idle, drives fine and the message will sometimes go out but once I stop it beeps at me again. I have also changed the air filter. Took it to a diesel specialist and they say nothing showing up when they stick it on the computer, I asked if I should take it to Ford but he said they use their software. Also if I put my foot down the esp light comes and stays on. Any ideas what this might be? Appreciate any feedback Thanks Kylie
  17. Hello, We got a Ford Focus 1999 1.4l in our place. It smokes on idle or on revs. We have changed the valve seals and it haven't fixed the problem. What else we noticed is that there is oil in all 4 cylinders which is weird. I don't think it could be gasket or piston rings because if it was that problem then I think only 1 or 2 cylinders would be oily, but what we noticed is that the PCV valve is burn up and just looks really nackered, so we will try to change that and also clean out the breather system to see if it helps it or not. In the meanwhile I'd like to know what you guys think and what suggestions would you give us to try. Any sort of information would help. Thanks
  18. Hi, My ford focus 1.6 petrol 2006, has started to have a slight issue. When idle the whole car shudders slightly every couple of seconds and the revs are a little erratic (up and down around 100rpm). I've read lots of forum post about similar problem - but usually much worse where the engine will occasionally stall. My issue isn't currently too bad but very irritating and I'd like to fix before it gets worse. I've read it could be engine mounts, vacuum hose, idle control valve, etc. Any ideas?
  19. Hi Guys, First time poster here, couldn't find much online so I thought I'd try posing the question to a forum to see what kind of response I get. I've had my Focus a couple of years now, and have been getting on great with it... had a few hiccoughs along the road, but got most of them ironed out. So since I've had the car, I noticed that when it is warm, and drops to idle (pulling up to a junction etc) the revs go a bit too far, and it has to correct itself - like it's forgotten how much petrol it needs to stay idle. I noticed this on the "common faults" sticky thread, which makes me feel a bit better! This on it's own is not really a concern, however occasionally, particularly when stuck in stop start traffic or parking, it will stall. It seems to be an extension of this idle problem, because as soon as i turn the key back round it springs back into life. The reason I am posting however is that this (assuming these problems are related) has gone a step further - around 50% of the time I get in the car now it doesn't start first time. So i turn the key, the started motor fires up and makes a healthy noise (battery is brimming with power), but it doesn't start. Like there is no petrol going to the engine. So i turn off the ignition, and turn it on again - and it instantly starts. The car is serviced (by me) every 5k miles, and had it's last (plugs, air/oil filter, oil change) 4k miles ago. The plugs are fine... has anyone experienced this before? I'm just looking for some advice, as I don't have (potentially) hundreds of pounds to give to Ford... so if anyone knows what could be causing this/if it's something I can "DIY", then I look forward to hearing from you!
  20. Hi, hope you're all well. I recently bought a 2002 Mk6 Fiesta 1.3 petrol (Duratec engine) as my first car. It had been running great until I was sat waiting in traffic the other day. All of a sudden, with the car in neutral and my foot not touching the accelerator at all, the car started to rev itself up and down - as if I was pressing down on the accelerator heavily and letting off over and over again. I turned the engine off and restarted it and it seemed fine until I approached a junction uphill in 2nd gear and it accelerated forward of its own accord! I'm a bit scared to drive it as I worry that it's going to send me shooting out into traffic. Now, when the car is sat idle, if I press down on the accelerator lightly, the car stalls and cuts out completely. Also, when slowing down to about 5mph (with the clutch down), the car stalls. When driving uphill, it feels as though the engine is misfiring and there's a lack of power for a brief second every now and then. Research online points to it being a problem with the Idle Air Control Valve or something. I am clueless when it comes to cars so that means very little to me. I'd really appreciate it if anyone could point me in the right direction. Cheers.
  21. Mk4 Escort Idle Problem

    Every time it rains, the idle speed of my Escort drops really low to around 300-400 rpm until it is nearly cutting out. Usually it idles fine but whenever it starts to rain it seems to do this. Anyone know what could be causing this or how it can be rectified? It has the 1.3 HCS/Kent engine (with carburettor) if that is any help. Thanks, Alastair
  22. Hello everyone, this is my first post, so go easy, but I don't mind constructive criticism! I've had my 2008 Focus Ghia Mk2 2.0l for just over a year. For a few months I've increasingly noticed 2 issues which may or may not be related - Starting with the engine cold takes about 5 or 6 cranks of the starter motor before ignition, when hot it is instantaneous. Four times (twice in cold weather, once in normal, and once in Spain where it was bl***y hot and had been running for several hundred miles!) it has failed to start - got it going after persistance mainly, but a bump start was needed on one occasion. The most concerning issue is what I'm considering an 'idle problem'. When releasing the clutch to engage 1st gear revs drop dramatically from idle ~800RPM down to about 500RPM and will stall if I don't push the accelerator to keep the revs up. A few times it has actually stalled, through no fault of mine. I've cleaned the spark plugs, the threads were a bit oily, but nothing ridiculous. And changed the air filter (which was the wrong size and didn't fit properly). Last night as part of my (failed) attempt to find the idle air control valve I took the throttle body off to see if it needed cleaning: Inlet manifold: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uorxk9k6brfl3b2/2014-03-19%2017.55.15.jpg Throttle body filter side: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0t9unkxw1dugldn/2014-03-19%2017.52.49.jpg Throttle body engine side: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rzc72gl8z7if2zf/2014-03-19%2017.52.45.jpg Cleaned the throttle with IPA, and apart from starting a little bit lively this morning, no change to the idle problem. Hopefully someone can help or give me some advice on what to do next. Let me know if you need any more info... talking of which, the car has done 57k miles. Many thanks :)
  23. Hello everyone This is my first post, so sorry if something wrong or explanation is bad,as I am not verry good with cars. My problem is. 1.when I start the engine the revs go to 1500rpm and gradualy lowers to about 500rpm when worms up,aswell all the time theres a filling that it will stall, some times it does stall but starts after 2.Im not sure about this one if its normal or not?. Recently i went on a 115 mile journy to see my family and it used a bit less then half of tank. mainly motorway miles was going about 60-70 mph. I been reading the forum for the problem and found that can be one of the vacume pipes? Thank you in advance for youre help. Andy.
  24. Hi I am having an absolute nightmare with my new 2003 1.4 Zetec Fiesta that I recently got conned in buying via Ebay a week ago. Upon buying the vehicle there was no problem with the engine it ran like a dream - yes accelerator was tied down with a cable tie - what I have found out since taking to a garage!!! The issue is now the car doesn't run properly in low gears when coming to a junction it conks out..It intermittently conks out when it heats up? Revs of the engine misfire also. The garage took the head gasket off and replaced two valves on the outlet exhaust as they were leaking. It looked like the head had been taken off previously? and valves were not lapped in properly and wrong sealant used for the rock cover when previously worked on (now panic is setting in). The garage also replaced spark plugs, ignition coil, gasket and cleansed the catalytic converter. It has improved slightly but still conks out and takes a while sometimes for revs to come down when in higher gears? They consulted other garages in the area and none of them could understand why the car was missing revs? The car judders on low gears/idle? Please any help would be appreciated I have now spent £1200 buying it and another £800 trying to rectify this dodgey car sale.. Regards, Sarah
  25. Hi, Last week I bought a 2009 Focus Zetec S (1.8), 34,000 miles and full Ford service history (I just had the 3rd Service/37,000 mile service done on Friday). Sometimes on start up when cold (if I don't give the car any revs at all) it idles around 500rpm. Hit the accelerator and the car will rev to about 1,800/2,000rpm and then drop to a comfortable 800rpm. It doesn't happen all the time and if it does its only on start up after a period of standing (couple of hours). Is this the Idle Control Valve (I'm not massively techy but reading up on here it sounds similar its just I've not seen anyone mention that the issue is only on start up)???. The car came with 1 month warranty from the garage which I bought it from. Any help greatly appreciated.