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Found 15 results

  1. Swapping the instrument cluster is a piece of cake today. But mine is an automatic and I want to install the MK2.5 cluster with the largest display. I've never seen an automatic with this cluster. Is there someone here with one? Thank you :)
  2. next turn in 9999 mls???

    Hi all! Am loving my new Focus estate but have one puzzling issue that I thought I would ask if anyone else has experienced. Am currently using the built in navigation via Sync 3 - when combined with Ford Pass and live traffic seems to do me OK - always have TomTom GO on the phone as back up! What I am finding is that more often than not, the distance to the next turning (for example) will be different on the main touch screen and the right hand side of the instrument cluster screen. For example, the voice and the touchscreen will show the junction as 200 yards away but the instrument cluster, cut down version of directions will show 250 miles or 9999 mls or something else well out. Another journey it will be fine and both screens will match - am not sure of any common link or combinations of in car entertainment or items plugged in that could be causing this. Anyone else come across this? Cheers! Simon
  3. Car has just failed its MOT as the fog lamp switch tell-tale wasn't showing. Local non-Ford garage doing the test have traced to a faulty instrument cluster - shorting across back of instrument panel (having used them for years I trust them implicitly). Part is in excess of £200 plus fitting and reprogramming . As car isn't old and has only done 6500 miles I'm not very happy - have had cars with massive mileage sail through MOTs. Contacted local Ford garage regarding fit for purpose out of warranty claim and they want £99 + VAT for their own diagnostic test - worse still they can't look at the car until the end of this month, which is when the MOT expires! Am going to try and speak to someone face to face to try and speed things up but would be interested to know if anyone else has had similar problems or whether this is a common Ka fault.
  4. Hi My first post I have a Ford Focus 1.6LX, Petrol Manual 2006, every so often when I drive it all the lights pop up on the instrument cluster and the car goes in limb mode. The mileage clock also goes clear. Whilst I'm driving I sometimes don't know what speed I'm doing and always have my sat nav connected on my phone just in case. If I leave it for a few hours or overnight it almost certainly starts on the button and drives really well when working. First I brought some WD40 switch cleaner sprayed the connections at both ends the car drive fine for ages 130 miles in fact. I was chuffed until the fault came up again. I'm in a bit of a predicament. I purchased a second hand cluster for £50 on eBay. Thinking swapping the cluster would fix the issue, but the car never started with the second hand cluster. I researched later that it needs programming. I'm struggling to find someone who can programme it for me at a reasonable price. I've even looked at doing it myself via a ELM to USB cable connect to my laptop. Download the correct software. The thing is if I mess it up at worse the car is kaput at best I'll repair for the cost of a £20 cable and learned something along the way. I've also looked up online where you can get the cluster repaired for £100/£120 with a lifetime warranty. But then I've only gone out and spent £50 on the cluster, I'll just re-sell on eBay. I don't want be throwing money to a car that's not worth a great much but at the same time it's only done 51,000 miles and as I said drives excellent when fully functional. Any advice, links, engineer repairs would be greatly appreciated. I'm based in Essex. Thanks in advance 😃
  5. I have got now several times same issue that Focus 2006 1.8TDCi informs me about Engine System Fault and then Acceleration reduced. This usually within a minute after I start the engine. I replaced the battery already but no help. After cleaning the errors from ECU I can restart the engine and continue driving normally without any issues. Could this be caused by the common instrument cluster issue mentioned in many forums? If so what is the correct (low budget) fix for that? Thanks! When I scan the error codes I will get the lists below Current Fault Log ------------------ ECU reports no current faults Pending Fault Log ------------------ U0001: null U0073: null U0121: null U0131: null U0140: null U0155: null U2197: null Historic Fault Log ------------------ ECU reports no historic faults Other discovered fault codes (possibly pending, current or manufacturer specific) ---------------------------------------------------- P0571: Cruise Control/Brake Switch A Circuit U1900: null U2012: null U2200: null End of report. Current Fault Log ------------------ ECU reports no current faults Pending Fault Log ------------------ U0001: null U0001: null U0073: null U0073: null U0121: null U0121: null U0131: null U0131: null U0140: null U0155: null U2197: null U2197: null Historic Fault Log ------------------ ECU reports no historic faults Other discovered fault codes (possibly pending, current or manufacturer specific) ---------------------------------------------------- P0571: Cruise Control/Brake Switch A Circuit P1622: null U1900: null U2200: null End of report. Current Fault Log ------------------ ECU reports no current faults Pending Fault Log ------------------ U0001: Unknown code - More information may be available on the web U0073: Unknown code - More information may be available on the web U0121: Unknown code - More information may be available on the web U0131: Unknown code - More information may be available on the web U0140: Unknown code - More information may be available on the web U0155: Unknown code - More information may be available on the web U2197: Unknown code - More information may be available on the web Historic Fault Log ------------------ ECU reports no historic faults Other discovered fault codes (possibly pending, current or manufacturer specific) ---------------------------------------------------- U1900: Unknown code - More information may be available on the web U2012: Unknown code - More information may be available on the web U2200: Unknown code - More information may be available on the web U2510: Unknown code - More information may be available on the web End of report.
  6. Hi I am wondering if anyone can help me with a fault on my ford focus I have been driving it and it has been cutting out, the dash flashed with engine malfunction, power steering malfunction and transmission malfunction, with the red indicator flashing and a loud audible alarm It has been to a garage and they seem to not have a clue, have tried a brake switch and said they had cleaned up some electrical connections but the problem still occurs Sometimes the car won't start and the red indicator flashed and nothing happens, sometimes I also lose the mileage reading and it is replaced with dashed lines I have found that if I hit above the IC, the car starts or restarts if it cuts out during motion I have attached copies of the forscan codes I obtained tonight after doing some research on here Can anyone point me in the right direction? Do i need to get the IC repaired? I would really appreciate anyones help in getting this sorted and getting rid of this annoying intermittent fault Thanks Steve after IC module forced reset.txt log engine off.txt log engine on.txt
  7. Hi all, My fiesta is causing me many troubles so please bear with me whilst I pour out the details... 1. Instrument Cluster replacement due to immobiliser fault. 1 week later: immobiliser came on whilst driving so it was returned to Ford but the fault did nit reoccur. 2. First motorway drive - Speedo reading incorrectly; stuck at 50, stuck at 70, dropped to 30 when stationary then moved to 70 and stayed there. When driving the needle climbs at a reasonable speed. 3. Post motorway drive - Loud whirring/screeching sound from engine - sounded like a belt movement. No change when revving - okay once cooled and driven again for a shirt distance. 4. Didn't drive car for 2 weeks (involved in accident) - drive 10 miles to Ford and cab hear screeching noise again. Revved (gas pedal to floor) and upon calming there was a 'clunky' noise and then the normal engine/screeching belt sound remained. Any ideas? Am I unlucky or is it linked? (Asking for advice as I go away on holiday tomorrow and will not liaise with Ford for a week! Plus want insight as I think the instrument cluster is faulty even if not the cause of both problems?)
  8. Somehow ive managed to change my outside temperature gauge and mpg settings and cant change them back The only settings i can find is with the key turned but engine off is metric and imperial but neither gives me miles and celsius, just miles and fahrenheit or kilometers and celsius Forgive me if theres a stoopidly easy option in the menu that i just can see?
  9. [i originally posted this as a reply to an older thread but feel it may be of use as identifying the problem and also one possible solution. Hope it helps] Ford Focus Mk1: Instrument cluster erratic behaviour, with (or without) internal/external lights issues (Apologies for verbosity) This first occured approx 4 years ago. Whilst driving on the motorway (typically I had to be above about 50mph) the speedo sometimes drops to zero, then returns to the correct speed a second or so later. This may then be followed by the rev counter dropping to zero and a second or so later recovering, then the engine management light coming on and going off, the odometer display going to horizontal lines and so on. Sometimes this would be completely at random just happening every now and then. At other times it would happen for several minutes with the dials and warning light going on and off though usually not all together. I found a few forum threads and implemented the removal and WD40'ing of the instrument cluster but this had no effect. (A friend had had a similar problem on his Focus and had found that this cluster connector fix had worked for him **). As the car drove perfectly well with no mis-fires or other safety issues I continued to drive it while monitoring whether the problem was getting any worse. However, after a month or so it then progressed to another level. As well as the instrument cluster issue it would then have periods with all the vehicle lights flickering including the headlights, internal lights and all of the console illumination. Having found another forum thread, and taking a bit of a punt, I had the battery changed but also had all the earth bonding points cleaned and tightened. All of the issues went away (but it was unclear whether it was a battery fault or the earth bonding). However the important point was that it was nothing to do with the instrument cluster itself but was the primary electrical supply to the vehicle. 4 weeks ago the faults re-occured. This time all of the symptoms started at the same time. Instrument dials dropping to zero, warning lights coming on and off, internal/external lights flickering etc. In a series of tests it seemed that the issue became worse if the A/C was switched on and/or the headlights, heated windscreen, heated rear window or other heavy electrical loading. Again this pointed to an electrical supply/voltage problem. After inspection, I determined that the negative battery terminal was slightly loose - not really loose, you had to put some pressure on it, but it could just about be turned by hand. Also there was some corrosion on the earth bonding point from the neg terminal to the vehicle chassis - this point is located under the air filter box. I cleaned the bonding point and had a new terminal clamp fitted for the battery. Again, since these actions the issues have all gone away. Both the negative terminal being loose and the bonding point being corroded could cause the voltage being seen by the vehicle systems to be low or fluctuate depending on the load. This in turn could cause the instrument cluster microprocessor to glitch or reset and other systems to misbehave. We can't say whether all such faults can be fixed by such simple remedies but it's certainly worth checking as a first stage before looking at more complex diagnostics. Good luck! [** End note: the instrument cluster removal / WD40'ing fix that has sorted some owners erratic instruments issue probably has a similar "root problem". Over a period of time the connector contact interface to the cluster may degrade, becoming more resistive and dropping the power supply volts to the instrument cluster by some small amount or affecting sensor signal paths. By disconnecting, lubing and re-connecting the harness, the contacts are cleaned and normal service may resume. Note that if the problem is with the harness connector you would be unlikely to also get the progression to the lighting flickering etc that I had]
  10. Own a Ford Focus Mk2, 56 plate 1.4l petrol, 18k miles. Purchased second hand a few months ago. No problems up until this week, when numerous warning lights would appear on the instrument cluster, and sometimes it would go into limp / restricted mode. I drove the car home (~ 2 miles). Part way, a number of warning lights on the dashboard lit up; engine warnings lights - both amber + red, ABS, battery, oil and a few others. Rev counter + speed needles drop to zero, and the odometer just displays dashes on both the trip + total mileage. Pulled over, switched the vehicle off and restarted a few minutes later. Two engine lights remain on. A few minutes later, did the exact same thing, except this time it was enough to put it into limp home mode (low revs, sluggish etc). Got it home, switched the vehicle off and restarted a few minutes later. Just the amber engine warning light appeared. I checked the dashboard DTC codes, which gave me: E197:Invalid data for vehicle speed (Invalid CAN message)E200: Invalid data for odometer (Invalid CAN message)D900: CAN communication. Bus fault receive errorE510: Missing or invalid security data to PCMTook the car into Ford for a diagnostic - they came back and said there was a single fault code pointing to the TPS / accelerator pedal position sensor. However, they couldn't reproduce the fault and kept the vehicle overnight to try it again on Friday morning. Still couldn't cause any lights to come up on the dash or for it to go into limp mode. Not surprisingly when I picked the car up and turned on the ignition, within 30 seconds the warning lights come up - exact same symptoms as above. Hadn't even put the car in gear or touched the accelerator. Turned it off, then on again, and the warning lights still come up. Depending on it's mood, sometimes most of the warning lights come up, other times it's just: - Engine cog - Engine - ABS They're now keeping the car and will re-diagnose over the weekend with their equipment. I know there are countless threads here and elsewhere about these problems. On older vehicles the instrument cluster was a known issue, but this doesn't apply to Mk2's. Is this just a TPS problem or something else? I'm surprised a faulty TPS would cause the instrument cluster to go crazy like it does. Is there anything else to check? Apologies for the essay - hoping that by writing out everything that's happened I might spot a pattern or something stupidly obvious that needs checking!
  11. Power Steering Failure

    Hi all. Hopefully some of you can offer some advise how to deal with this situation….. Got a power steering failure issue with my Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI ZETEC 2007 plate (mileage 68k) . Dealer diagnosed the problem as being the power steering pump which costs around £400 +VAT + Labour. They have fitted the part and now they're saying there is another issue with the "instrument cluster" which is preventing the new pump from working properly. Apperently they can "hear the pump trying to work" but due to this other issue it's not. There was no mention of this being faulty when they first diagnosed the car. Also, when the power steering failed on me, I could hear the pump trying to work (regular knocking sound that you can feel through the steering wheel) The instrument cluster cost another £450 + VAT + Labour, and to honest I have 0% confidence that this will be the end of it. Maybe I'm being cynical, but it feels like they've got me to commit to the first lot of works, fitted that and now I've got my hands tied so they can fleece as much money from me as possible! I asked about the option of buying the car off me outright rather than doing the works, but after an initial offer of £1900 (£1100 knocked off normal price due to works required) now the manager has decided he doesn't want to buy it at all, therefore forcing me into a corner. I sure as hell don't want to park ex it and buy anything else off them if I can help. Webuyandycar.com also value the car at around £1900, never used them, but I've heard they knock you down loads when they actually see the car. Any ideas what I should do would be gratefully received!
  12. Hello all. First, I'll start by introducing myself. My name is Alex, I'm 19 and living in Essex. I am the owner of a 2001 Ford Mondeo 1.8LX. I have a question which is regarding my instrument cluster. The bulb on the left that displays the temperature appears to have blown. For a while I've been thinking about changing the cluster and I was wondering if a cluster from an ST220 (White dials and 170mph speedo) would fit in this car as I have always preferred the look and what better time to do so when the bulb has blown aye? It will really irritate me having to look at that hahaha! Will the new speedo simply "plug and play"? Will my odometer reading be retained or will I have to programme the new one? Many Thanks, Alex.
  13. 05 Ford Focus Instrument Cluster

    Hi All, This is my first post here, so would like to say Hello first. I browsed this site a lot since purchasing my Ford, but never had a need to post, until now that is. So here goes. So, I have a Ford Focus LX (05 Plate), I have been getting error codes on the dashboard showing the check engine light. This happens but when you turn of the car and re-start the error code usually clears. I however was driving to work the other day and the car cut out and rolled to a stop. I then proceeded to try and restart the car, but nothing. The car has since been towed to the local Ford dealership who have informed me this is a fault with the Instrument Cluster and the immobiliser is therefore stopping the car from starting. The garage has quoted this work at costing in the region of £700. This seems a lot, so I was googling and seen this is a common fault on Ford Focuses and watchdog once covered this issue and Ford were fixing the issue for around £100. Please can you let me know if this is still the case and if there is a chance my car would fall in to the ones effected (as I am not sure which years/models have this fault)? Also how do I go about raising this with the Ford dealership, or should I try and contact Ford head office? Any help would be appreciated, many thanks.
  14. Instrument Cluster Replacement

    Hi folks, I have decided to take the plunge and I am trying to replace my mk2 instrument cluster with a mk2.5 one. I purchased a cluster from ebay advertised with 28k miles on it, when I have attached it to my car, it is reading 49k. The confusing part is that my car only has 41k on it! The guy I bought it from has tried to convince me that the cluster gets the mileage from the ECU, it is not stored in the cluster and he claims to be able to provide proof of the 28k claim. Does anyone know if his claim is correct or not? The only thing I can think of is that the cluster is from a ST, mine is just a 1.6. Could the cluster read the ecu differently as it is from a different size engine car? Thanks
  15. Hi Folks, Just been looking through the forum at some of the cool things people have done with their "foci" on here! I have a mk2 57 focus ghia 1.6 petrol, just before the facelift came out. I have done some searching and can't find out whether it is possible to first of all replace my instrument cluster with the 2008 facelift one (silver trims) Ebay link below! It says on the page it is compatible but mine is the 115bhp and that isn't specified. Has anyone already done this? http://www.ebay.co.uk Also I like the look of the newer centre console (like lennys!) with the 12v socket behind the gearstick. Is this a mod that can be done or is it a different size or something? Also is the wiring already there for the socket? Thanks in advance for the help and keep up the good work! Jonny