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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all, I was hoping to increase the power from 123hp to the max the turbo can take which is around 170-180, I would like to go to the 200 mark however I believe the engine and gearbox won't cope? Would anything else be needed other than an exhaust, intercooler and remap? I've heard the 1.0 ecoboost engines can get quite hot and do require a significant amount of cooling. Is an induction kit needed or would a panel filter suffice? Also is there anywhere to find parts cheaper as it seems to get an extra 50hp it's going to cost over 2k fitted and thats before spending money on brakes, clutch, exterior bits, etc. Kind Regards, TheScoobyCollector
  2. So. First of all, apologies for my absence and lack of posting. With the FOC app being completely dead & the Tapatalk one being close enough I had almost forgotten about the forum. Alas, I'm back! And I'd like to introduce my new car to you all. I'm sad to say the mk6 has now been sold on to a family member who has it for sale again to make some profit -_- This is my 2014 Ford Fiesta Ecoboost 1.0. I hoped for a 2016 one but I somehow ended up with a more expensive 2 year old.. Don't ask 😂 It has 125ps (123bhp) currently. I've already fitted an AS stage 2 induction kit with cold air feed and it made a noticeable improvement to throttle response and no real difference to fuel economy Next to come is an AIRTEC stage 2 intercooler & a custom stainless exhaust with sports cat. Then the car will spend a day with REVO for a Stage 2 map leaving it with around 180bhp! Not bad for £0 road tax. It has 17" alloys from the factory and wind reflectors courtesy of its first owner! Compared to the mk6 it handles like a go cart & in a straight line is more than enough go.. although it could stop better (ST rear axle?) Next up will be some Japanese racing wheels.. possibly JR11s? Possibly lower it a little more then job done. Paintwork wise, it's had a full correction which almost drove me crazy & been coated with Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light & Exo v2. I use Kleen freaks glass cleaner & sealant on the glass which acts as a rain repellant (available on the website). I've fitted 5k LED sidelights & 5k 55w HIDs into the dipped beam. massive improvement over standard. Now I just need to sort an LED replacement for the DRL/high beam. I've already changed all 6 indicators to silver ones, possibly my first modification if I remember right. I've left the interior lighting alone as compared to the mk6 I quite like to warm feeling. I may possibly replace the filament bulbs for warm LED ones in the future I'm not sure. It's nice to have footwell LEDs from the factory though. And a rear roof light! I've fitted genuine fiesta mats all around & protected the whole interior with Gtechniq I1 Smart fabric to help keep it clean & fresh! On a sidenote, does anyone else hate "easy fuel"? I often seem to splash when pulling out which can be awkward
  3. Fiesta 1.0 build

    Right I'm starting a build thread for my fiesta red edtion. All I've done so far is a cat back with resonator delete, ordered a intercooler and induction kit which should be coming in the next few days and will update on everything I do. Will get a picture of the exhaust later
  4. URGENT - Possible turbo failure?

    Hi there, I currently have a 2006 Ford Focus Titanium 2.0 TDCI 136hp (I believe). However, I was driving along minding my own business when I witnessed a sudden excessive loss in power. There was also a whistling coming from the engine somewhere? Also, whilst in first and second gear there's a large amount of jerking up until 3rd gear, thus resulting in me revving it slightly more to get into a higher gear. I am worried as its my fathers car and he's going to kill me, even though I've stressed for years that the turbo is pants and never been 100% responsive. I would just like to know could this just be from a crack in the Intercooler pipe or could the turbo actually have knackered on me? Sorry for the essay & thanks for reading.
  5. Engine playtime 1.4 tdci

    Hi. I have a fiesta 1.4 tdci and I'm happy with it. I don't need to go fast but it would be nice to have a but more grunt. I have come across forums where 1.6 turbo and intercooler were installed. I have also seen boxes like petes box. I would like to keep reliability as the engines really quiet for a diesel. I've heard and seen these fiesta tdci coverd in St badges and sounding like a train. I can talk have you seen the state of mine?! The red will be reverted and the squares need removing and I need original bumpers and wheels. It's only done 79k. I had to change the abs pump myself. Simple enough but watch you knuckles. Is there knowlage here of what upgrades I can install which will give me better exeleration but will not wreck the engine? Regards Ronnie
  6. Hi all, My 55 plate 1.8tdci focus has a split in the lower intercooler hose. Not the 90 degree one at the top, the one after the metal pipe that connects to the intercooler. Is it best to get a new one from ford or is there better aftermarket ones about? Thanks, Dan PS the lag when inputting text on here using android browser is a nightmare!
  7. Hi guys! I'm new to this forum and am hoping to get some help with an issue as I'm not too tech savvy when it comes to cars! I've got a Mondeo ST tdci 07 plate and am getting a whooshing noise when I reach the revs where the turbo seems to kick in. The EGR valve makes a horrible sound (have attached video) at this point too and upon switching off ignition will make the same noise for a few seconds. I'm also getting loads and loads of black smoke out the exhaust. The engine will sometimes hunt on start up & since Ive had this smoke/whooshing problem the power seems much less. I have a blanking plate fitted to the EGR valve (one with the tiny hole in to supposedly stop EML coming on even though it still comes on again whenever I reset it). The horrid sound coming from the EGR valve makes me think it is that. But then if I have a blanking plate then why would there still be loads of black smoke? I've removed the EGR valve and cleaned it (was minging) but the problem is exactly the same. Forums seem to suggest a split inter cooler hose? I inspected the hoses as far as possible for splits while I had the EGR valve off but can't see any. Still need to check from underneath though. Anybody got any ideas of what it could be and the best place to start? If the EGR is kaput would I still need to replace it if it's blanked anyway? I'm hoping I find a split in the hose but feel all the symptoms I've mentioned point to something much worse? trim.8FDECB28-E14C-4184-AB17-B654B21D52EC.MOV
  8. Re Map / Tuning

    Hi guys and girls, I'm new around here. Got a couple of questions and hopeing you could point me in the right direction. I've got a ranger 2008 model 2.5tdci and want to get it re mapped/ tuned, could you recommend somewhere please, I'm not too fussed about distance I'm happy to travel from Basingstoke hampshire. Thanks harry
  9. Hi guys, I've been browsing the forums for quite a while, but only registered today. This week my Intercooler Hose burst, which is quite a common issue with these kind of engines (Focus 1.8 TDCi 2009). So I bought a silicone replacement, which is supposed to be much better and replaced it myself... so far no issues. After the wee drive, I have remembered that I forgot to connect the IAT sensor back... so I thought I can just connect it afterwards - I left the car to rest for about an hour and went back to connect it. After starting it I got an Engine Problem light, so I connected my OBD2 to Torque and it read code P0098 (Intake Air Temperature Sensor 2 Circuit High). I thought - fair enough - the ECU seems to be confused, it's been running differently for the past week, and now I've installed a new pipe. I have cleared the code using the Torque app, and the error doesn't seem to be coming back. I have also measured the Intake Air Temperature and it's changing, but at a steady rate: 29-30C at idle and going down to 18-21C when driving. So my question(s): should I be worried about the error code not showing up again? Are the temperatures alright? Am I measuring the wrong thing? Should I be getting a new IAT? I have reserved a replacement if it's needed, so I can pick it up and replace myself (if it's easy?). Cheers!
  10. Hi all, I'm new to this forum but hope you lovely people can help me. I recently went to a garage and found out my hose/pipe for the turbo was damaged and needs replacing, the garage quoted me £200 for parts and labour, I then went to another garage and was advised that if I buy the part they will fit it. I visited Ford parts and was quoted £95 for the part and thought that was a little on the expensive side and so thought I would look online, the gentleman would not give me the part number but said it was called the air duct, I've had a look online at intercooler pipe and air duct and am now confused and need a little help with finding out what this part is called so I order the right part. I have included a picture. My car is 2008 Ford Focus CC-3 2.0 Tdci reg LS58 AEY I hope someone can help. Many thanks Kylie
  11. Tdci Hose Identification

    Hi there, I wondered if anybody could identify a hose on my mk1 1.8 tdci 115 please. It is between the intercooler and turbo, above the metal pipe. It's red and has two hose clips on it. If you look on this link....http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-FOCUS-CONNECT-1-8-TDCI-TURBO-INTERCOOLER-TO-TURBO-HOSE-PIPE-/261232334543 It is the one you can see next to the writing. Mine has a bit of oil coming out the bottom of it and it recently left a light misting over the top of the metal pipe. What does that indicate and could that cause any damage? What would normal symptoms be if this hose failed? Could anyone also point me in the right direction to buy a replacement please? Thanks Ben
  12. Hi, I recently started to hear a whoosh when hitting 2K. With no loss of performance I suspected a tear in the right angled hose leading to the turbo from the intercooler. On my first inspection all looked OK. However, after looking closer I could see a concentrated amount of oil / general crap towards the rear of the turbo. I reached back and found a large tear / crack in the pipe just before the jubilee clip. I'm going to replace it with a silicone version, but while I'm at it I though it wise to ask for any basic cleaing tips while the hose is off, or any general hints and tips? I'm pretty hands on and can see what needs to be done. While I'm at it I may also clean and blank the EGR - any tips for cleaning? Full removal? Thanks in advance. Stu
  13. 2003 Intercooler Cover Fixings

    Hey Guys, Does anyone know what size/type of screw/fixing you need for the cover of the intercooler? One of mine has been shoddily replaced and it doesn't secure it down very well. Pointed out what I mean in the photo below. The original one I have, has a brass (I think) threaded insert with a screw. Any advice would be great, thank you in advance.