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Found 25 results

  1. Has anyone been able to connect to Ford SYNC with an iPhone newer than 6 or 6+? I have a 7+ that will not connect. My iPhone 6 did and still does . I contacted Apple support. They couldn’t identify a solution to my problem. Their answer? Ford has to update their firmware! Can anybody shed some light on this problem? Thanks in advance.
  2. Audio malfunction

    Ford Fiesta mk7 2012 62 plate zetec s with Sony sound system and Bluetooth. iPod output playing echoing from microphone through the left speaker and won't play any music through iPod/USB or Bluetooth. I'm yet to try an aux cable but it's playing what my microphone is picking up. It was fine this morning but 6 hours later leaving my morning shift it just wouldn't work or play anything from my phone. Have turned the car off and on and the audio system and restarted my phone. Have also tried Apple Music and Spotify and nothing, it connects to my phone, says it's playing it, but there's no sound. Only echoing from my microphone receiver through the left speaker. Reluctantly had to listen to the radio instead of red hot chilli peppers, fuming. Any ideas what it could be?
  3. Audio malfunction?!

    Ford Fiesta mk7 2012 62 plate zetec s with Sony sound system and Bluetooth. iPod output playing echoing from microphone through the left speaker and won't play any music through iPod/USB or Bluetooth. I'm yet to try an aux cable but it's playing what my microphone is picking up. It was fine this morning but 6 hours later leaving my morning shift it just wouldn't work or play anything from my phone. Have turned the car off and on and the audio system and restarted my phone. Have also tried Apple Music and Spotify and nothing, it connects to my phone, says it's playing it, but there's no sound. Only echoing from my microphone receiver through the left speaker. Reluctantly had to listen to the radio instead of red hot chilli peppers, fuming. Any ideas what it could be?
  4. Hello! I recently bought a new model 2012 Ford KA and it has a USB port, not an aux cable. I thought I'd be able to plug my iphone in to charge it and to play music through it but when I plug it in, it beeps to charge but suddenly stops again. And so it won't charge or play music from my phone/spotify...however, it works with an ipod? Ideas? Or anyone else experienced this?
  5. Hoping I’ve put this in the correct section, apologies if not. Is it just me or has anyone else using an iPhone (using iOS 11) connected to a Sony Generation 2 radio unit noticed the volume has decreased? Also i know you can just increase the volume when on a call but is there any way to increase the call volume and ‘fix’ it at the new volume? Ive added a picture of the Sony unit for clarity
  6. Hi guys, Can someone please help with this issue, i'm using an iPhone 6 via USB to play music through the car, sometimes when i connect it, bang straight on and fine, no issues and can control everything fine from the steering wheel but other times i connect my phone... NOTHING, jack *****, can disconnect it, turn the car off then on again turn the phone off and on again and nout NADA. This is single handedly one of THE most annoying issues I've ever had with a car, considering when i'm in the car i'm kind of in a hurry to be somewhere, not wanting to sit there ***** about with a lead for twenty minutes haha. PLEASE HELP
  7. Hi, New member and new ford owner and I need some help. I recently bought a 2012 Ford Focus Titanium (from sandicliffe) and my iPhone wasn't working while connected via the USB slot (Bluetooth is working fine, aux not tested yet) then the radio died (black screen) so I've just picked it up after having a "new FCDIM screen fitted and programmed in FDRS" and I was hoping the program was connected however the USB slot is still not working. It shows the track name and the music is playing but the only sound is a very quiet static. I'm not sure to take it back or see if I can sort it out, hence why I'm seeing if anyone has any suggestions? Thanks Phil
  8. Hi, I have a Ford Fiesta Zetec S 2012 which has the USB and AUX connections, I don't have bluetooth. When i connect my iphone 6 via the usb connection it gets stuck in shuffle mode and plays random songs- even when i select the song that i want to play on my phone it doesn't play the song that i selected it'll play something else. Does anyone know how i can fix this? Thanks
  9. Hi, I got an '07 Ford Fiesta Zetec with the 6000CD. I have bought an pioneer SPH-DA120 head unit along with fascia, adapters, etc. But how can I pass my iPhone USB cable from the rear of the head unit around to the front. Also the headunit comes with a wired Mic which I would like to have on the drivers side of the dash. And a GPS antenna needs to go on the top of the dashboard to work 'properly'. Basically, how can I get all these wires out from behind the headunit? Thanks
  10. Hi, I'm new to this forum and am after some help with my new car. I have just bought a 2011 Ford focus Titanium. I'm having issues with the stereo. At first all was good and I added my iPhone to the bluetooth menu and everything seemed to be going ok until the other night. I got into the car and it started to search for my phone. I realised I had turned the bluetooth function off on my iPhone so turned it back on and waited for it to pair. Since then all I seem to get is 'Unknown caller' come up which takes over everything on the stereo and there doesn't seem to be anything I can do?? I read a load of forums and they said that this is an ios issue on my phone, which although I find hard to believe I will upgrade and try. It also said to debond the phones, which I have done and also to take the fuse out, which I have also done. None of this seems to have worked. I can now use the radio, although I can't see what radio station I am selecting, but it still has the 'Unknown caller' over the comp screen?? Can anyone recommend anything to help me with this? Regards Joe
  11. Hi Guys! I need help! I am looking for a USB interface adaptor that will plug into the rear of my Sony DAB CD player. I haven't got a CD changer and there is no socket at the rear (that I know of). What do you guys have for me??
  12. Hi guys, I am new to the Ford Owners Club - so please be nice! :) I have recently purchased a Ford Fiesta Studio (2014) from Ford directly. I have got an iPhone 5 with a Lightning Connector - but whenever I try and plug it into the USB connection it seems to play a song automatically from my music app, it then continues to choose its own song and flicker through the songs whenever I try to select my own one. Does anybody else have this issue? If so have you managed to get around it yet? It is really bugging me! Ford do not know anything about this issue either - I was thinking maybe its a Firmware issue but my cars only 3/4 weeks old so should be updated with the latest side of things? The only way I have been able to sort this out is by buying a bluetooth USB and connecting the phone to it wirelessly to play music. Many thanks guys!
  13. Hi Guys, New to the Ford Circuit and to this Site so please forgive me if this has been asked a million times. Having Major issues connecting my iphone 4s to the Bluetooth in the car Focus ST 2008, The phone finds it but will not connect. Ive tried everything i can and the last thing was to download an update patch of Ford's website to upgrade the radio firmware. Have searched high and low for the USB port in the car but cant find one? Glovebox, Armrest, beside the main Cigarette lighter? Is there a way to install the update without using the USB? Thanks in advance Glen
  14. Sat Nav

    Any body changed their Sat Nav unit for a better one from Pioneer or Kenwood or......? My unit is the Travelpilot pictured here. I want something decent that i can connect my iphone/ipod too, and have decent Navi, but dont look outta place? Big Ask or not? Any ideas or help gratefully received B)
  15. In short I got bored and played around making a design mock up for how an app for the Ford Owners Club could look so have a look and let me know what you think :) any comments are appreciated
  16. Iphone 5 Connection

    Hello all, new fiesta owner here with not a clue on how to get my iPhone 5 to work properly with the radio. I've got a 2011 Fiesta Style 1.25, I believe without a bluetooth radio. I connect with a normal usb cable and it detects the phone as an mp3 player, but it will only play from my "All Songs", so to play a song I want I have to skip through all the songs alphabetically. Is this right? Or is there a way to get access to my albums and playlists? I've tried having a got with all the buttons and the menus but I can't seem to get anywhere - am I just being really thick? I've read about an update to the radio but I think this is only with the bluetooth one, right?
  17. Iphone 5 Phonebook Issues....

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum so go easy on me! I have an iphone 5, although the problem was also apparent on my previous phone (HTC). When I connect it by Bluetooth the phone book entries display SURNAME, NAME even though on my iphone I have set the phone book to display NAME, SURNAME. Is there a way that this can be changed? Secondly, it displays all entries from my phone book including Facebook contacts; again, I have set my iphone phone book to filter out such Facebook contacts. Is there a way of preventing these from showing up in the car? Thanks in advance for your help. Fiestadriver1
  18. Okay, need some help: I use my iphone to play music. I connect it using the USB port on my centre console, it normally works fine... I got spotify premium to play music without having to HAVE it. The problem is: When I plug the phone in, the music from spotify doesn't play (or plays like a beat then stops) The only way I found to fix this is to pull the phone out, stop the song, plug it back in, play the song for 5 seconds then turn my radio to play from my phone, but after that song finishes, it happens again... Anyone know how to get it working constantly without cutting out? Or if it's an error on spotifys side ((works perfect when not plugged into the car)) or the iphone, or fiesta?
  19. I have recently purchased a 08 plated Mondeo Estate, Titanium X 2.0L When I got car only had AUX jack connector in glove box. Stereo is the standard SONY 6CD unit. Bluetooth is the standard BT. I have an iPhone 4. Sinec buying car I have paid for Ford to fit a retro fit USB port again now in glove box next to AUX jack. Also i have purchased the Ford Y lead for ipods....total cost £200.00 My iPhone still will not play music through USB and AUX. Does not appear to be recognised or charging. I have tried using a memory stick to update software as per advise from ford site again memory stick does not appear to be recognised..... iPhone works fine on Bluetooth handsfree and voice activation for phone but no option to play music through bluetooth either. The USB port lights up when on and when memory stick plugged in and I switch to AUX on stereo I get a constant bleep. But no option on CD/AUX to get iphone as per manual. I know I go on a bit but anyone any ideas please?
  20. Hi all, This is a common problem but I just wondered if anyone knew of a fix or workaround for this issue? Basically as soon as I enter the car with my iPhone, the bluetooth connection is made, but my iPod will automatically start playing music from my library. It is silent as I am always listening to my AUX connection, but obviously when choosing bluetooth input the music will play aloud. The issue is, my iPhone is still playing the songs even if it the bluetooth connection is not selected and cannot be heard. Therefore I am having my battery life drained. Would really appreciate any advice, Thanks, Harv
  21. SO....!!!! it would appear the stereo in my new 2012 focus edge doesn't like it's USB connection, it initially worked but then decided it would rather not work and now i Can't use the stereo to control the iPhone or any USB Mp3 device. I've done everything it says on here http://www.ford-mobile-connectivity.com/downloadsUpdates and it never starts the update!!! other than returning it to the dealer can anyone help me? I'm getting a bit desperate!
  22. Connecting Iphone 4S To Audio

    Hi, Need some help... i having problems trying to connect my iphone 4s to my Audio to make phone calls through the speakers i have a ford focus zetec 2008 the cars bluetooth "ford audio" isn't showing up on my phone as it did on my old one any help would be appreciated
  23. Hey So I got a brand new ford focus edge 1.6TDCi about a month ago. So far I'm loving it. However it's developed a real pain in the **** problem with it's USB connectivity. I've connected my iPhone 4 to the USB port and whilst using the basic stereo to navigate my music collection is a bit clunky, it worked fine for a while but suddenly it's stopped listing all the tracks on my iPhone and now just says "0 track 0". The list of Playlist, genre, artist etc has gone and it only says "track 0". it goes from 'iPod' / 'Line in' choice to "0 track 0" If I use the car menu to select shuffle I can then access tracks but it's on shuffle and with over 2000 songs trying to find the song I want is a REAL pain. However this proves that the car can find tracks on my phone! just doesn't want to list it properly! I've tried all combinations of turning the car off and reconnecting the iPhone, resetting the iPhone etc. searching through the car menu etc It's doing my chuffing Nut! does anyone else have this issue? or know how to fix it before I have to return to the dealer? n.b. apologies - this may already be a common topic / thread but I've found searching the forum tedious as it won't allow 'USB' coz it's less the 4 characters?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!!!!!! chuffing. ...?!???!
  24. Iphone 4S

    I have just purchased a fiesta tittainium 59 plate and Iam having trouble with the hands free phone. I have connected my Iphone 4s to the system but when i go to the phone book, its empty. Is there somthing im missing?
  25. Hi Everyone, For those who are not yet aware of the Ford Accident Management Program on Android and iPhone. We would like to give you some brief information on the program and just as importantly ask you for your assistance and ideas to help improve the service we provides. The program has been going for 3 months now and we would love to hear your feed back on the App and its content. It was always considerer that the MiFord App would evolve and we are now approaching that point. The Ford Accident Management Program is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, Ford Accident Management will provide you with a free service from the time you have an accident to the moment you get your vehicle back. This is not an accident management program that makes money from personal injury, there are no hire or injury commissions involved and one of the primary driving forces is to reduce insurance premium cost for our customers by reducing cost to the insurer. We: Recover your vehicle where it cannot be driven, free of charge Provide you with a free courtesy car – even if it’s not included in your insurance policy, even if you were at fault Liaise with your insurance company to process the claim and have repairs approved Complete your claim form Ensure your vehicle is repaired at a Ford Accident Repair Centre Only Ford genuine parts will be fitted Only Ford trained technicians will work on your car Your Ford panel warranty will be maintained When you have download the Ford Accident Management App to your smart phone. You won't have to: Remember all your details when you phone Worry about looking for the number Provide all the information to the call handler as this will automatically be sent to them from the app. All of the details required are transmitted including location so you don't even have to know where you are because we will... There are various other services such as finding dealers, service centres etc, you can order brochures, view new vehicles but this is where we need your help. Your mission should you choose to accept it is to tell us what you want from a device, even if you can not download the App your opinion is valuable to us and we would love to hear your opinions... Thanks in advance and MiFord look forward to contributing to the Ford Owners Club in return where ever possible. @ChrisVizion www.ford.co.uk/accidentmanagement www.miford.co.uk Facebook