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Found 14 results

  1. Hey all, First time poster here hoping to lean on some of the forum expertise to solve a problem that's slowly grinding away my sanity! For a few weeks now I've been getting a relatively loud ticking noise coming from what seems to be driver side front wheel. Presuming it's wheel rather than engine as tick has a higher frequency as speed increases...it's not always there and tends to only become noticeable after travelling at 40/50 mph then start to brake. Ticking noise disappears entirely when braking. Car is a Fiesta MK7, that's just hit 77k miles. Your best guesses please gentlemen!!?
  2. Rear washer hose issue

    Hi guys, Looking for a bit of guidance, I fitted an ST/Zetec spoiler to my pre-facelift mk 7 last year, since then, the washer hose has never pointed at the window, it basically just sprays the floor (very practical indeed) I haven't got a clue on how to get it to point at the window as it will only go one way as it's at a 90-degree angle. If someone could point me in the right direction that would be amazing. If you need any pics let me know and I will upload some.
  3. Few issues with my ecoboost...

    Hi all, Have just got a few issues with my 5 door mk 7.5 fiesta titanium x that I was wondering if anyone could provide a solution to. 1. Start Stop doesn't seem to work anymore 2. One touch only works for the passanger window 3. Aircon doesn't work - probably just needs regassing? 4. The button for the windscreen washer doesn't work. The previous owner use to disconnect the battery quite a bit for security reasons so I think that may have caused some of the issues. Regards, TheScoobyCollector.
  4. Hi all, I have just recently bought my first car, 2007 fiesta, it had been running completely faultless for the first few weeks and after that there has been an issue where the car wont start. It will crank and will try start but it doesn't idle, if i accelerate as soon as i start and hold it for a few seconds it will idle. I have attached a video in the link below, does anyone know what to do? Cheers
  5. Hello, Firstly, not sure if this is in the right section so apologies if not! I've got a 2015 Ford Focus zetec and until today it's been working beautifully. The problem I'm getting is when I get in the car plug the phone in and turn on the ignition it starts charging and connecting to either music or Spotify, after a few seconds however, it'll say USB 1 (or 2, depending on the port) device removed. But it'll definitely still be plugged in. It then stops charging the phone. ive tried removing and plugging it back in with absolutely nothing happening (no charging or sync notifications) on either USB port. The only way I can get to do anything is by turning the ignition off, opening the door, closing the door and turning the ignition back on, but then I'm back to square one with the disconnecting after 5-10 secconds. I've also tried a sync master reset with no luck and the issue still occuring. Im really hoping someone here can help as it used to be working like a dream! Thanks in advance! Tom
  6. Starting Issues

    I have a 2005 fiesta ghia 1.6 and I've had some trouble recently I hope someone could help with. Basically it has some trouble starting, i'd say 50% of the time, whereby I put the key in and turn it. Everything will seem normal, the car will start and then 1 of couple of things happen: 1) it will just die straight away and stall 2) it will start and idle a bit rough. pressing the accelerator either does not respond at all or pressing it makes the revs drop. if you hold the accelerator slightly, it will stall the engine 3) it could start up fine no problem When the engine has started, there is no problems at all when driving. No flashing lights, no strange things with the dials, no dropping of revs. It's absolutely fine. Has anyone had this problem and could they share some light on what the issue is? Thanks
  7. Hi Guys, I'm sorry but I couldn't find a better title.. I really am doing my best do describe what's happening. I'll try.. :) The model is a Ford Focus MK2.5 from Jan 2009, 1.6 diesel with about 160'000 KM. So about 10 days ago I was driving to work and when I just started it in the morning (about 10 degrees C outside) and started driving, on first gear, it kinda had an interruption of power (not the actual electric power, but as if the engine was suddendly not getting fuel/air), as soon as I switched to second gear it did the same when accelerating (slowly..) and then it kept going with no issues for about 30km. After that it started doing it again when I was pressing the gas pedal all the way. It was really bouncy. It felt more as if the engine was getting completely shut for a very small period of time (probably less than a quarter of a second). When I arrived at work, I called my mechanic who suggested it could have been the battery which I found weird as when it was happening the stereo was on and there were 0 interruptions. But as I don't understand anything of it, it might be :) When I drove back 9 hours later, I didn't have any issue. I went to a local mechanic and he also double checked with the computer (no errors on dashboards). No errors found. I drove back and for about a week it drove just fine. Yesterday, when I was accelerating in second gear to speed up to merge into the motorway it started doing the same story again, this time more often so the car was really really bouncy this time and I stopped immediately on the emergency lane. I then tried to start it and it wasn't able to, it would turn off right away [I have a video about this, please let me know if needed and I will try to share the link]. After a few attempts I gave up and called for help which arrived like 45 minutes later. Guess what? When the guy arrived, the car started and ran ok, so he had me to drive off the highway and we stopped at a safe place where he could have a look. He said that the alternator was making a sound he didn't like (I don't know if that was the alternator, but that sound's been going on for 2 years now and other mechanics never bothered to tell me anything). So his final thoughts after spending some time checking around were all about the alternator being bad. My question to you is: is it possible that the alternator will cause that sort of issues when the car is driving? Note that the battery seems to be doing really fine, I never changed it since I got the car in 2014 and it starts the car with no issues and right away. If the alternator was the issue with not providing enough electricity to the engine, wouldn't the engine take what's needed off the battery?(this is an ignorant speaking!). I just left the cart to my mechanic and I'm waiting for him to call me back. Issues I had in the past: - Changed EGR valve Sorry for the long post and/or any spelling error (English is not my primary language). Thanks!
  8. Hello, I've got a problem with the drivers seat in my 2005 Ford Fiesta MK6 (3 door). The locking mechanism has broken, jammed or something similar, and the right latch doesn't lock into place, it's stuck above the bar. The makes the seat rest at an odd angle which is starting to give me a bad back. I bought the car about a month ago and have only just looked into what the problem is. I've attached some photos, 1 shows the sheered off latch, 2 how it rests above the locking bar and 3 is the passenger side for comparison of what it should look like! I've looked into replacement seats, but if there's a cheaper option or easy fix I'd be glad to hear it! I don't mind 'losing' the ability to pull the seat forward and back as I rarely have passengers and they can always get it through the passenger side, getting the latch in place so driving is more comfortable is the priority. Thanks for any help.
  9. Hey all, I've noticed a few complants here and there about rattles in our Fiestas, so I am hoping that we can gather all of them in this one thread, to better give current and coming owners an overview. People can write about the kind of rattle (what does it sound like, is it loud or minor), when does it rattle (constant or intermittent, when cold/warrm), where does it rattle (cabin/front/rear, boot, engine bay) AND mots importantly: have you had it fixed (yourself, garage, warranty). I'll start: I have an intermittent rattle somewhere in the right side of the car, passenger side since I live in DK. It's a plastic rattle, mostly heard when the car is not warmed up yet, disappears after 10 min. or maybe the music drowns it out. It's not loud and probably not something that can be fixed. The plastics in the Fiesta are not the best quality.
  10. Hello. Thanks for looking at this. We have a 2011 Focus Sport 1.6 TDCI it's not the new model it's the 2009-2011 one. Sometimes when we try to start the engine a red triangle shows up on the dash saying 'Engine Malfunction' and it will not allow us to start the engine. The thing is sometimes it shows up and sometimes it does not. When the error is not coming up you can start the engine and it drives perfectly - but every time you want to start the engine it's like a lottery - you need to try again and again by taking the key out and put it back in again. Most of the times it's fine but sometimes as it happens you may end up spending quite a few minutes until will allow you to start the engine. I've noticed that especially after a long drive you have a better chance to get the error when you stop and try to start the engine again. Local Ford garage had the car check, it comes up with some vague communication error codes and they can't figure out what's wrong with it. They even had the ECU removed tested and it's fine, they still have the car but they really don't know what's wrong with it. Any idea what can be wrong? Anyone else had this problem ? Thank you, this is my first post so please forgive me if I posted in the wrong place.
  11. Fiesta St Hid Dark Line Issue

    Hi Lads, I've recently installed HID into the projectors on my ST. I fitted them the correct way around and they have dark lines in the middle of the beams. I read on here that people have solved this issue by turning the bulb 180 degrees, I cut some notches in the bulbs base and fitted them upside down and the same dark line is still there. Anybody found a cause/solution for this? Cheers
  12. Focus Tdci Jumpstarted

    I just bought a focus 1.6 tdci and serviced it, started it up and it fired up 1st turn of the key and ran for 2 - 3 minutes then died i then attempted to start the car and it just turned over , i checked the fault codes and u1900 (Can Bus Fault) was stored, as well as another one for the instrument cluster which pretty much said that the car was immobilised and another code relating to insufficient security data i reset the codes and attempted the start the car to no avail, i then attempted to jump start it and it just turned over, i checked the battery and the positive terminal has been arcing so i fixed it the speedo then started displaying ------ and now it wont even turn over i then charged the battery overnight and checked all the fuses (3 amp in engine bay etc) tried again today and the immobilizer flashes 16 times (Can Bus Fault) Before the car died autocom could connect to all the ecu's/systems on this car but now the main ecu wont respond, anyone had this issue? anyone got any ideas how to start this car?
  13. Hello! I have an 07 Zetec S petrol 1.6. Having issue with the blowers! When I use the blower that faces you, the ones that there are about 4 of the temperature is only just warm. You cannot notice it in the car unless you put your hand right next to it. However when I change the dial to the heater in the foot well but it is infact very warm (when on highest temp for both). Why is this and how do I fix it? I think there must be some internal flap or something that is not doing its job but I'm hoping someone here will have an idea + a solution! Many thanks!
  14. Hi All, I am hoping for some help, so if anyone can give me some advice on the following I would be very grateful. Just recently my Y Reg focus has experienced a fault with the central locking. The passenger door no longer locks / unlocks via the central locking from either the remote fob or the drivers door. I will explain the scenarios i have witnessed. 1. When using either the remote fob, or the key in the drivers lock, or the switch on the inside of the drivers door, the drivers door and the rear doors all lock, but then immediately unlock again. The passenger door does not even attempt to lock and i imagine this is the reason that the other locks unlock again immediately. 2. If sat inside the car, pressing the switch on the inside of the passenger door does lock / unlock the passenger door, and all of the other doors via the central locking system. 3. If I lock the passenger door from inside the car using the switch and then get out of the drivers door and close the doors up, all of the other doors will lock using either the remote fob or the key, and they stay locked as I had already previously locked the passenger door from inside. Then when I unlock the doors either by the remote fob or the key, all doors except the passenger door will unlock as they are supposed to, but the passenger door stays locked. So, from the above, to me, the locking mechanism and motor of the passenger door appears to work fine, but not when given a signal from either the drivers door or remote fob via the central locking system. Could this be something as simple as a broken / damaged wire leading from the central locking unit to the passenger door motor, or is there something else in line that could cause this problem? If it is likely to be a broken wire, can anyone suggest where this break may be? maybe it is a common issue and there is a snag point which often causes a wire break? Anyway this is driving me crazy having to ensure i lock / unlock the passenger door from inside before being able to lock / unlock the rest of the car so if anyone can offer me some advice I would be very grateful. Thank you in advance, Marc