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Found 23 results

  1. Hello, I am very concerned about our 2017 Ford Focus. My fiancee got an oil change two or three weeks ago, and less than 700 miles later, the oil change alert comes on when starting and the car's engine seems to be juddering when accelerating or driving uphill. We have only had this car for six months! What could possibly be wrong? Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks, Laura.
  2. Ford Focus MK2

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help. I have a 2006 focus 2.0 TDCI, the car has been "juddering" occasionally when driving, it feels like its starved of fuel when it judders and happens intermittently I have done all the usual thing like injector cleaner etc clean the EGR valve changed the MAF sensor but the problem is still there. I have had it put on the diagnostics and it came back with no faults. One of the pipes to the DPF had perished last year so I made a temporary fix with a piece of copper pipe inside the rubber pipe until I could get a replacement. It stayed this way for maybe 6 months until it went again and I had the garage replace the split pipe. So I wonder if it could be the DPF causing the intermittent fault, howver if I run the car with the either the MAF sensor or the EGR valve disconnected (Electrical connection) the fault goes away. Any advice would be gladly accepted
  3. Hi I am joining the official ranks of the juddering powershifters owners club and just about to start the process of trying to get Ford to sort it. So if you'll bear with me, some background and then a couple of questions for anyone in the know. Car: Nothing in particular special about it. It's a 1.6 Titanium Automatic on a 62 plate (build 23/11/2012, sold a couple of weeks later). Special to me though. Great load-lugger for band equipment and the black looks awesome on the drive. I bought the car in July 2016. Problem: I noticed around March this year that the clutch would judder. I managed to narrow it down to once the car has heated up (about 15 minutes of driving) and if I was stuck in traffic, the car would judder in gears 1 and 2. I also noticed that if I went from a slow speed and then took off with decent acceleration that the judder would persist or the car just wouldn't do a good job of deciding what gear it should be in. This is also taking a dramatic hit on the mpg. Right now over a week, my combined MPG is around 31mpg which is a bit rubbish if you ask me. First efforts: I had my MOT due in July 2017. I had already reported the issue to my dealership when I first noticed. They just said that there was a recall on the vehicle for software and I would be just as well to wait until my MOT/Service to have it done. Not a problem, I waited. I picked up the car and the girl said that they did the software and had reset whatever it is they had reset. It reoccurred maybe 3-4 weeks after. I've been using it like that until now after reading the horror stories of clutch packs and £1600 bills. Frankly I can't do £1600 and given my only warranty was a 1-year ford direct used warranty and I've been busy with work lately, I just didn't have time until the last few days. OK my fault, no excuse, silly me. So I'm doing a little more research and I check on ETIS that I have an Outstanding Field Service Action which is: 4W567 - DPS6/6DCT250. Ford Customer Service: I didn't call up to have a go, I merely wanted to know direct from Ford what this was, was it actually a warranty extension as various Google posts seem to think and what exactly is covered? The question had been raised on one of the topics I had read that this OFS only covered the actual software and not the clutch pack, gearbox, what have you. Ford Customer Service rep wouldn't even confirm that it was even a warranty extension, only that the OFS related to the "gearbox control module". He wouldn't be any more specific than that and referred me to my dealership. Without sounding like "that guy" it sounded like an offshore call center to me so I accepted this guy had no clue what I was on about in any case. Dealership: I called up the dealership. The guy who booked me in was a lot more helpful. I'm using Gates of Stevenage as it's my closest one, but I don't know if the booking in guys are some sort of Centralised place or if it's a bloke sat in Stevenage somewhere. Whatever is the case, he was as helpful as he could be. He listened to what I was saying and said that the warranty was extended on my gearbox. He couldn't say how long the warranty was extended too and referred me to Ford Customer Services (I don't think I'll bother getting back to FCS given the above conversation) but I'm happy he gave me what information he had to hand. Well, he can't give me what he doesn't have. tl/dr: So my story so far is it's going in on Thursday. It's had the software update/reset whatever it is and the problem is not resolved. So my questions if anybody knows is: 1 My car is a 2012/13 build. Is my OFSA code 4W567 - DPS6/6DCT250 still valid? Is it five years as what seems to be posted? If so that takes me up to December 2017 which is grand. 2 If it is indeed covered until December 2012 and my dealership do another software fix, if the problem reoccurs after December 2017 when my (suspected) five year extension is up, am I basically boned? Or because the software fix didn't fix the issue, will it still come under this OFSA given the problem was reported initially within the period? 3 Does anybody actually know what exactly is covered? Does it relate to software only? Is it the entire gearbox? 4 Has anyone been through this process before with their Powershift gearbox? What was your result and rough timeline to get it resolved? 5 Did anyone not get any luck with this OFSA? If so, just so I'm prepared for the worst case scenario of my dealership saying "No warranty, box is boned, your bill is £xxxx", what sort of money am I looking at for a proper permanent fix and how long are we talking? Given my work, being without a car will be very difficult. Not impossible and I can put up with it for a couple of weeks if need be but if we're talking months then I have a bigger issue. I will keep this post updated as to be honest, on my travels I didn't really find any comprehensive timelines. So for any would-be Googlers of the future, hope I can help!
  4. Hi i have a 2008 c max 2.0l petrol automatic on 85k. I have very bad juddering after car seems to warm up (5 mins). Its recently had new exhaust after flex manifold. New tyres with all 4 wheels balanced and wheel alignment done on front and rear axles. Seevice done with new plugs and gaps set at 1.3mm. I did find air filter hose split so taped up while part on order. Ive bought one ignition coil and tried on every spark plug to see if it was faulty coil. Just to note this problem was before all this work done. I also have a bad clunk and standstill when changing from drive to reverse or out of park in auto gearbox. I've just jacked car to check play in front wheel driveshafts and find 15 degree movement on wheel with lots of noise and slight horizontal play rocking wheel with slight noise too. I have no faults on dashboard either. Any ideas would be welcome.
  5. Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCI engine 2016 that will not run properly until it has fully warmed up to 80° C. The engine starts OK so that would indicate it is not the glow plugs, if I try and take the engine RPM to say 2500 and hold it in that position when the car is stationary, after a few seconds the engine splutters. Sometimes the engine speed increases momentarily then dies altogether and comes back again then dies comes back, sometimes it just cuts out altogether, it is impossible to drive as the car has no power. It will run OK ticking over. Once the engine has warmed up, everything seems fine and the car drives normally. At the moment before any journey I have to warm the engine up for 10 minutes so I can drive, is not just annoying for me and the neighbours. Things I’ve tried so far- 1) Coupled up to an OBDII Reader and no fault codes are showing, when I looked at a graph of the fuel rail pressure when the engine blips and judders there is a momentary spike in the fuel pressure reading and it seems to rise and then fall rapidly. 2) Replaced the FUEL PUMP REGULATOR METERING VALVE – no difference 3) Replaced the fuel filter – no difference 4) Thought it could be the EGR valve sticking, so I banked it off, - this has not fixed the problem but the card does seem to have more power when it is warmed up. 5) Fitted A few all nine primer bulb in an effort to ensure no bubbles were in the fuel line – this is still not fixed the problem. Has anyone any ideas what part of the car could be causing this temperature related behaviour. Could it be the fuel rail sensor that is faulty. Thanks for any help
  6. Hi, I am new to this so please bear with me as I am after some assistance of possible please. I have a 2006 Ford Focus and the car judders under acceleration and is running pretty rough. Just got in from work and was doing it all the way back however just before I returned home, as I stopped at a roundabout, there was a knock sound (just the once) and the Juddering disappeared. Coil pack has been replaced, spark plugs look clean, car is well maintained and unsure of the issue. Does anyone have any ideas as to what this could be ? I have booked it into the garage but will be a few days until I can get it looked at. Is there anything I am missing and was the knock relevant to the issues I am experiencing ? Any help would be most appreciated as I have looked on here and seen that it could range from coil packs, spark plugs, leads, throttle body and lost for ideas. Thanks in advance
  7. Hi All, Hi All, My 2006 Mk2 Focus, 1.6 Duratec (LX) has developed a fault in which it will accelerate in 250rpm jumps in 1st/2nd gear but not in third and runs fine when up in 4th/5th and when you decelerate down. It's recently had a new ignition coil pack, leads and plugs (1 week before new problem). Any idea if a dodgy coil pack could do this? Or are we thinking gearbox/clutch side if its only in 1st and 2nd? Sorry, but i'm but a novice so know very little. I also have a issue with noisy tappets and may need a timing belt change, details from a thread i've posted elsewhere are below, incase that might be related? Any help woud be appreciated! Thanks Tappets/Belt Problem info. "I have a very noisy 2006 Mk2 Focus, 1.6 Duratec (LX). The noise is top end and sounds like noisy Hydraulic Lifters/Tappets. I've done a full engine flush (Wynns), Oil Change and Oil Filter change and have also added Wynn's lifter treatment - all to no avail. The noise is a distinct ticking and it rattles like you wouldn't believe when you ignite it, quietening a bit once the oil gets round - magnified 2-3fold when it's cold outside. However i've noticed it has been getting louder recently even when warm (after a good motorway/dual carriageway drive, engine at full temp). I've done 80,000 miles and it's coming up on 12 years old, but no timing belt change in the history."
  8. HELP!!! A couple of days ago my 13 plate focus started loosing power, and the stop/start button turned off and unable to manually turn on then the dreaded engine management light came on... plugged it into diagnostic machine and it read cylinder 2 misfire. Today I've changed the coil pack on cylinder 2 and the spark plugs.... still no joy. I have no idea what to do next and to be honest it's Christmas next week, I really don't want to be paying dealership prices if I can avoid it, can anyone else give me any ideas what else it could be? Thanks
  9. Hello, I took ownership of a 1 litre 63 plate focus titanium yesterday at 5pm. Took it out for a drive this morning and the engine warning light flashed on briefly then went off but the car also started juddering- whenever it had to work (pulling uphill or when accelerating etc). Left it for a while then on restart the light came on almost straight away (flashing not steady on) and the juddering got worse and more frequent. Took it back to the dealer by 2pm today and they will look at it this week. I know noone knows exactly what the problem is without checking the car but wondering if anyone knows the likely worst and best cases for this kind of problem? The car is under warranty which is great but my confidence has taken a knock and Im worried some kind of temporary fix could be done which will need sorting in the future at cost to me (know theres never any guarantee but ive had it less than 24 hours and it was meant to have sailed through the mot so feeling a bit dubious about things!) Would just like to have a bit of knowledge so I can decide whether to walk away from the car and request a refund or whether after Ford do whatever theyre going to do whether I am best to stick with it! It has done 37000 miles. Any advice or comment gratefully received, many thanks :-)
  10. My 2014 fiesta has been intermittently juddering whilst in 5th gear driving between 50 & 60 mph. So I took to Ford and they tried to replicate the fault and couldn't. So they checked the suspension, re-aligned the wheels and gave it a good check over. It seemed to have gone. However days later it now does it between 60 & 70 mph, but not as bad. I can feel the juddering under my acceleration pedal and it is almost as if you are running out of diesel. It always has fuel in it. So if just over a quarter, or half a tank it doesn't make a difference. No warning lights either. They have asked me to try and note when this is happening, but it really is random. So it does it 5 mins after driving or can do it 20 mins after driving. I am going to book it back in but though anyone who has experienced this may be able to give some clues.. It is 64 plate, diesel, with 13,000 miles on the clock, titanium 1.5. Thanks in advance.
  11. I had p0340 and P0335 which relate to camshaft position sensor and crankshaft position sensor respectively. I have replaced both with brand new parts and my car still idles rough and has intermittent erratic RPM and it does shake. I replaced the fuel sensor 10,000 miles ago (Brand new too) so it can't be that either. Any idea what it might be? The car also has been serviced very recently with new Air filter and oil change. Also fuel filter was changed 10,000 miles ago, no DPF. Thanks
  12. Hi all, I have a 2006 1.6diesel Focus estate which I've never thought particularly reliable since I got it around 2 years ago. It's always had a problem with juddering and I don't seem to be able to fix the problem. Garages have done checks and found nothing wrong. Seems like there's so many things it could be that it'd cost me way too much to fix. Anyway, I can live with it, even though it can get very annoying. More recently, the engine warning light comes on randomly. I'm not an unsafe car owner - I get a service every year (next one is coming up in August) and I do under-the-bonnet checks fairly regularly. I thought the light might be a glitch, as it comes and goes. More recently again, after driving, the engine fan stays on for a few minutes and is very loud. Then yesterday, I was driving home from an airport and noticed the temperature reading was going up and down - almost to the red mark, then straight down just below the middle of the gauge. It did that quite a lot. Could the temperate gauge and engine light (both haven't happened at the same time) be glitches? I really don't have a lot of spare money, but if the consensus is that my car could be a death trap, I'll find a way to afford a garage. I'd personally love to get rid of the car but can't afford a replacement yet. Thank you for your thoughts.
  13. 2013 model on 13 plate (3 years old), 13,500 miles. Good fuel used (not supermarket), full ford service history. On a 30 mile commute each day, I at least once get a judder through the accelerator pedal and the rev needle flickers up to an additional 1000rpm for just a few seconds simultaneously. This usually happens just prior or after changing gears mostly 4th, 5th and 6th (normal acceleration, not being thrashed). Taken to Ford garage twice, they plug in ECU and cannot find anything wrong. Warranty runs out in 6 months, don't want problem to worsen and then get a huge out of warranty bill. Worried also that the juddering will happen when overtaking or pulling out onto a slip lane, as although there is no loss of power when this occurs, it does not pick up speed either. If anyone can assist, please reply. Many thanks.
  14. Hello, I'm new to the Ford Owners Club and a total mechanical novice so please excuse me if my terminology isn't right... 3 Weeks ago I bought a '14 plate Ford Focus Titanium Nav (1.6 Auto) from a Ford Direct seller. Ever since I got the car I've noticed a juddering when accelerating. It appears particularly noticeable when beginning to accelerate from crawling speed as you might in a traffic jam. I returned the car to Ford where I was told that the problem had been diagnosed, and that a software updates of the clutch and PCM were done and that this solve the problem. I collected the car, and immediately noticed that the problem was still there and just as bad. I returned the car to Ford today, and was told that the whole clutch and housing were now being replaced. Having already got the car back once having been told that the problem had been sorted, I now have very little confidence in the garage. Does changing the clutch sound like this will solve the problem? I appreciate any advice anyone can give me so I have as much knowledge as possible for when I got to collect the car again, if the problem has not been solved this second time. Many thanks for your help. Ben
  15. I've experienced 1st to 2nd gear juddering a few times on our 1.6 Zetec DSG auto, 2,700 miles. It doesn't do it under manual selection, only in auto. It's booked in with dealer for Jan 2nd and they seem to know all about it as a common problem so just a heads up for anyone with the same. Apparently the DGS box has to have a recalibration first and if that doesn't work it's new clutch packs!
  16. Hello Ever since I had my oil changed by Kwik fit my car ( 2006 model )has started juddering at high speed, If I put my foot down it goes away. I filled up with a full tank of shell nitro, and added Wynns Injector cleaner I am also going to the fuel filter changed. I would like to hear from anyone else who has come across the same issue Thanks Sas
  17. Hello all! I've been trying to get to the bottom of the jerking/performance problem that my car has been having. Sometimes, when I turn my car on from a cold start, the revs will keep dipping. If I put my foot down on the pedal a bit, the revs will drop all the way down with the car making a clunking noise as they reach the bottom, then it will shoot up and begin dropping again. After about 10 minutes of driving, the problem will suddenly disappear, no gradual changes, it will just suddenly drive fine. A clip of the uneasy revs can be found below: Restarting the car doesn't help, I just have to ride the jerking out until it stops. When filming that video, I noticed some smoke coming out of the right hand side of the engine cover near the right side of the engine so I stopped straight away and turned the engine off soon after. Also when travelling at speed (e.g 65mph), when putting my foot down relatively hard, the car will begin to accelerate and then start juddering backwards and forwards whilst accelerating. Easing off the pedal remedies this problem. I've tried disconnecting the MAP sensor and the car drives much better, also feels more performant when accelerating. Soon after disconnecting the MAP sensor the following error codes come on: P0238 - Turbocharger / Supercharger Boost Sensor A Circuit High P0488 - Exhaust Gas Recirculation Throttle Control Circuit A Range / Performance P2141 - Exhaust Gas Recirculation Throttle Control Circuit A Low After plugging the MAP sensor back in and clearing the codes and a few lucky miles later without the car jerking, error codes P0488 and P2141 both came back on (Exhaust Gas Recirculation). So basically: - Car drives better with the MAP sensor disconnected but I get a few error codes after a few miles - With MAP sensor connected, the car sometimes jerks/judders - Could be the MAP sensor, or maybe MAF sensor? Also maybe the EGR valve due to Exhaust Gas Recirculation error codes? Also I don't know whether I should be concerned about the fact that the car drives better with the MAP sensor disconnected, I've heard that it's supposed to degrade performance when disconnected, meaning that the performance of my car with it connected could be lacking but I don't know (a friend of mine said getting up to 60mph in my car was quite slow even with my foot down, getting up to 30mph is fine though). Any help would be much appreciated on what steps I could take next! Thanks! :D
  18. Ford Focus 1.6 Diesel

    Hi there I'm new to this site. I recently bought a 59 plate focus 1.6 diesel estate and already had to change the air intake pipe but now when I change to 2nd gear my car starts juddering as if its going to cut out. As soon as I change to 3rd gear it's fine.
  19. Hi, Been lurking here for years, but now I've ended up turning into one of those scumbags who only post when they have a problem. Sorry about that, but I promise I'll try and stick around! I've had a 1.8 tdci 52 plate for 3 years, driving 80k in that period - loved it, but it got too old so I replaced it. Got myself a nice 59 plate focus, 2.0 tdci - love the car. Seriously - love the car, but I have a minor (hopefully) problem. In 5th and 6th, and to a lesser extent 4th, when 'flooring it' having say followed a lorry for a while at even revs (1500ish), when I go to overtake and put the pedal to the floor, the car will pull to 1800ish, then judder its way to 2100rpm. Depending on how bad it is, its either nothing more than a vibration as it pulls to a proper judder. It doesn't seem to have a massive effect on actual performance, but its annoying and certainly a problem I want fixed within my 3 month warranty period. However, I'd like to try the obvious first before ringing the garage. The car has done 50k, and obviously only 3.5 years old, however the usual suspects are all 'possibles' - EGR MAF Split intercooler pipe(S) DMF Injectors There is a very slight vibration when the clutch is pushed into the floor (checked when I'm stationary and feeling paranoid!), but I'm fairly confident the DMF is at least 'OK for now'. I don't really have any experience with EGR or MAF, though I know the ford standard intercooler pipes seem to have been made of cardboard, so that's always an option. There's loads of similar problems talked about on the internet, but nothing completely specific to my issue. So I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I'm probably going to have a play tomorrow, check the pipes and potentially clean the EGR if its easy to do - any advice on this also appreciated. Generally I wanted to check the obvious before relying on the warranty. Fuel consumption is around 48MPG, which by all accounts is all good. It had the fuel filter done at 50k, along with oil/filter. I know the fuel filters are a **** to change on some of these, but once its started, presumnably you're OK (so I can discount the garage doing it badly?). Thanks for reading, and apologies for the bumbling nature of the post as I remembered more stuff :P
  20. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help with this. I have searched on Google and found stuff similar, but nothing that exactly describes my issue. Some have been close, but answers have been spark plugs etc and being a diesel it doesn't have any. My focus 1.8 TDCI has been bang on since I got it, no issues at all. Serviced correctly and any parts Ford saying it required I bought. I do about 6000 miles a year roughly in it. One morning last week after finishing a nightshift though I started the car, it fired up fine, but 2 -3 seconds later it died. Started again without issue, then died. This continued 4 or 5 times and then it fired up and was fine. I decided it'd give it a little bit of a boot on the motorway and it was fine until in 4th gear at around 2.5k revs it started to jerk about like it was misfiring or being starved of fuel. I gave it a proper test later on after catching some sleep and i noticed that throughout all the rev range it is perfectly fine if you accelerate at a reasonable speed. Once you put the foot to the floor however, it accelerates fine upto around 2.5k rev mark and then struggle again. My theory is the fuel filter is clogged. I looked over all my receipts from Ford and its mentioned just about everything other than the fuel filter being replaced. Does this sound correct? My theory is that fuel is getting through, but when the engine starts drawing a lot more under hard acceleration, that a clogged fuel filter would be starving it from the required amount? The car starts fine, no issues, the car idles perfectly, so I don't suspect its any injector issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You in advance. Adrian
  21. I've had my Fiesta for about 2 months and over the past 3 weeks I've noticed that it's stuggling to get up hills at any decent speed. Also, if I take my foot off the accelerator there is a massive loss of power and speed, eventually it will come to a halt even if going down a hill. Has anyone else had this issue or know what I can try to fix it? Cheers
  22. I'm new to the forum (never asked for help with a car online before!) and hoping for some advice, or for info from someone who may have experienced this problem. Last week, I bought a 1999 Ford Fiesta 1.25 Zetec. My dad had given it the once over, took it for a test run and (with it having a full MOT) everything seemed fine. I drove it round town for a few days, everything seemed lovely. Having not had a Fiesta before, I really enjoyed driving it. However, the first time I took it above 40mph on a dual carriageway, I noticed a major problem. In fourth/fifth gear, trying to get above 45mph, the car starts to judder in a rather scary way and sounds as though the engine is getting ready to blow up. It really struggles in 5th gear, and both dad and I struggled to get it above 50mph. Driving normally around town (as I usually do) everything seems fine, it's a dream to drive. What could be wrong with it? Dad at first wondered if it was something to do with the drive shaft, now wondering if gearbox may be the problem? Had gearbox fluids checked already; it could do with a service and we don't know when the timing belt was last changed so planned to do these jobs as soon as I bought it. I really do like the car, but have such a tight budget, basically used all the saving I had to get the car in the first place, and shopped around for weeks to make sure I'd got a car which wouldn't need any expensive work doing straight away. If anyone has a good idea of what could be wrong, it will help me figure out whether to try and return it (bought from a small-time local dealer) or whether it could be easily fixed. TBH, I'm a bit gutted as I do really like the car. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
  23. New Flywheel - New Problem

    hi all i recently have had a new flywheel and clutch fitted on my 06 focus estate 2.0 tdci , problem is i have a juddering and feels like loss of power and its random even at 30mph or 70 mph or simply just pulling away from junctions . i am not 100% its anything to do with the new flywheel and i asked a mechanic when i had a service recently to look at the fault codes ..........he did however say somthing about a overfuel sensor and to drive the car at 3000rmp for about 20 mins in 4th to try clear it which i havent done as i think id just rather pay for what ever needs doing ie a new sensor ..............can anyone shed some light on this id be most greatfull.......thanks in advance