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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, Below is my Build thread containing images of my Ford from its first day of purchase in 2010 right up to early 2016 when the project was complete. Grab a cup of tea its picture heavy. Purchase in 2010 First mod: Titanium spec front lower grill Colour code rear view mirror Then the hard winter in 2010/2011 called for use of snow chains, Looked Good imo but ESP didn't help. Later in january 2011 it was Snow more lol Custom ZetecS rear seat cover ST/ZetecS rear spoiler Club Membership CreeQ5 reverse bulb Custom climate control knobs l.e.d glove box light Laser cut brushed stainless vent surrounds and glove box plate, Mist type windscreen washer jets Additional boot light The build was then put on hold due to loss of occupation in late 2011 Resulted in the focus being put in storage for five months, while keeping partners car on the road, Five long months later, we were back on the road :) and onwards with the build. l.e.d cup holder illumination Illuminated ignition ring Fitted illuminating switch in dash pocket to power cup holder l.e.d aswell as illuminate the pocket worked well as it also illuminates the dash pocket. Removed rear badge to fit brake light badge surround, also got in touch with DMB Graphics for a custom orderd "Focus" badge overlay ;) Fitted Genuine Ford LHD Reverse light housing to use as a clear fog light unit with second reverse light also fitted. Later updated with an "auto-off" drl relay fitted to the rear fog light wiring loom, So as if the rear fog light is switched ON And the car is put in to reverse, The "auto-off" relay will switch off the rear fog light while reverse is active, then switch the fog back on when driving forwards or in neutral. Retro Fitted ST/RS dash pod with custom fitted ford racing boost gauge and oil pressure, Then fitted a drl auto dimmer relay, The gauges illuminate 100% during the day, then auto dim to 50% at night to reduce glare aswell as blend in with the standard dash illumination functionality's very happy with results on this. Took some figuring out on how to fit the gauges to sit correctly, but got there in the end, Cut two pods and bolted togeather, then positioned in perspex wrapped in matt black vynil Upgrade from standard Ford 6000CD to Ford Premium Sony 6Cd Stereo, Sounds much better and stores more music Changed heater vents to titanium spec with brushed chrome plates enhances the interior a bit more. Fitted 12V socket in boot, the loom is already there in all spec focus 05-11 just require the 12v socket and an earth feed. Fitted custom built rear footwell lighting and "bird bath" illumination Fitted Cree H11 front fog bulbs 6000k match the parking bulbs nicely. Straight swap from standard H11 bulbs. Fitted drl fog light surround units, Mounted control boxs to rear of battery box out of view, and switch to dash pocket just encase I ever need to drive with them off. Fitted Genuine Focus Zetec S body kit imported from fordpartsuk.com as the zetecS is not available to purchase in Ireland. Fitted some custom built zetecS/ST mud flaps to protect the body these were worth every penny, still as new today. Re-badged the rear to go with the new style. Fitted Custom Built Piper 2.5" T304 stainless steel DPF back duplex exhaust with twin 4" oval tips, Green performance induction filter and remap to 120bhp 278nm Torque, Very Happy!! ST primed bonnet lip and Custom built TriplrRcomposites ZetecS front Splitter supplied in Gloss black.
  2. Since the new forum app doesn't display full profile pages, I'm creating this thread which will enable me to link others whom use the app, To my list of self created guides. Thank You, Guide to Fitting Genuine focus Mk2.5 ZetecS rear Diffuser Click Here Guide to Fitting Genuine focus Mk2.5 ZetecS Front Lip spoiler Click Here Full ZetecS Kit Fitted to Mk2.5 Focus Click Here Custom Laser Cut Interior Parts For Your Ford Click Here Guide To Storing Vehicle For Long Periods Click Here Guide To Activating Single & Multi Door Unlock on yor Ford Click Here Guide To Spraying Rear View Mirror Click Here Guide To Changing Lower Front Grill On Mk2.5 Focus Click Here Guide to Fitting Custom Built Climate Controls on Focus Click Here Guide to Fitting New Ford Mist Type Jets on all Models Click Here Guide to Wiper Blade Change Focus Mk2 Mk2.5 Click Here Guide To De-Wiper Rear Of Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Click Here Guide To Fitting Boot Door Umbrella Holder Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Click Here Guide Tow Strap style boot handle Ford Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Click Here The Ultimate Rear Seat Protection Click Here Guide to Fitting additional Boot Light Click Here Guide to Fitting additional 12v Socket in Boot of Focus Click Here Guide to Converting Rear Fog Light To Clear Click Here Guide Fitting Mud Flaps to ST, RS & ZetecS FocusClick Here The Ultimate Reverse Bulb Click Here Guide To Fitting Second Reverse Light Ford Focus Mk2.5 Click Here Guide To Fitting ST Gauge Pod To Focus Dash Click Here Guide to Fitting Auto Dimmer Unit to Gauges or DRL's Click Here Guide to Fitting Footwell Lighting In Your Ford Click Here Guide to Induction Filter Upgrade in Your Ford Click Here Guide to Fitting Custom Bonnet Dampers Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Click Here Guide to fitting Ford puddle lights Focus 05-12 Click Here Guide to Fitting Genuine focus RS LED tail lights Mk2.5 Click Here Guide to Fitting Aftermarket headunit focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Click Here Guide To fitting 10" HD Flip Down Monitor Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Click Here Custom 10" Sub enclosure & Amp panel Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5Click Here Guide Installing Reverse Camera Focus Mk2.5 2008 - 2011Click Here Guide Fitting Dual Camera DVR System Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5Click Here
  3. Guide: Fitting Boot Door Tow Strap Ford Focus Mk2 and Mk2.5 I've created this guide to show how one of these Tow Straps can be fitted as a boot pull handle, Which in my opinion is functional, modified appearance and adds a new twist to the use of this increasingly popular item. A detailed background regarding the original purpose of these straps is viewable in the first post below this guide. I've purchased a Blue SPARCO branded Tow Strap from eBay Link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/171845269997 Tools Required: T25 Torx, Dremil Style Rotary Tool, Small drill bit head, Masking Tape, Pencil, Set Square or Ruler, Roll Gaffer Tape, First Step, Open the boot door, Remove the parcel shelve, Then using a T25 Torx; Unscrew the panel retaining screw from both pockets in the panel as saw in images below: With both screw's removed; Place one hand on the metal boot door, Place other hand in the pocket of the plastic handle and pull downwards, The panel will unclip as saw in image below, this separation process makes a lot of noise when the plastic is unclipping. Repeat the grip and pull process on the opposite side to remove the plastic panel completely. With the panel now removed, Lift out the green insulation pad and set it to one side, Using masking tape, Apply a strip to the area slightly above the drivers side pocket inset of the plastic handle, Draw a line that is within close alignment with the top of the pocket insert; Line up the metal bracket of the tow strap with the centre screw hole of this pocket, Mark out the width you require the slot to be. When the markings are exactly as you would like; Obtain the Dremil Rotary tool and cut out the markings, Trial fit the metal bracket and adjust slot to size as required, NOTE: the panel is quite flexible meaning the Tow Strap can be squeezed through a small slot rather than boring bigger try work it through as small as possible. Remove masking tape followed by; A few fire lit matches held closely above the cut slot will gently melt the rough edge that's left behind from cutting the slot, Also; My initial plan was to sandwich the metal bracket of the tow strap to the space between the plastic pocket on the panel And The metal bracket of the boot door as saw above; The alignment is correct in such way the Tow Strap bracket hole is in alignment where the Torx screw would secure it like a washer between both panels, This plan proved to be 100% possible, However i became concerned that the tow strap metal may rub off the boot panel metal bracket causing the paint to strip and rust, End result. As a precaution i used a series of small Gaffer tape strips to hold the Tow strap bracket secure to the inside of the panel which performs just as good without any risk of scuffing paint. Whichever mounting option you choose A: fit to Torx screw like a Washer, or B: Secure Bracket with Tape At this point its time to refit the foam padding, If fitting the Tow bracket to the Torx screw; a Stanley blade is required to cut a slot in the foam allowing the bracket to easily pass through. Refit the foam padding, Return to the car offer up the plastic boot panel, When aligned correctly; slap the panel in to place using the palm of your hand while gripping the metal boot door in other hand, Refit the two T25 Torx retaining screws in to the bottom of the plastic panel !Removed! in until hand tight. Job Done, B) I hope this guide has helped you achieve desired results, You may also like to view my full list of guides can be viewed on my profile page: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/user/14733-lenny/ Or If your using the forum App follow this link: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/68214-full-list-lennys-guides/
  4. Hi all, Well where to start lol Welcome to my new adventure, I've purchased a 2000 build Toyota Corolla Levin BZR AE-111 Coupé Engine is a 20 valve VT-i Twin cam 1598cc Naturally aspirated engine also known as "the black top" BHP: 168 Top speed? I need a bigger speedo as it only goes to 180kph and I went past that in 4th gear at 7,500RPM 🙉 Gear box is a 6 speed short shift manual transmission with a limited slip diferental, Suspension is a unique super strut system, don't feel your hanging on corners it sticks to the road, Personnaly I prefer to hang because then I know how hard I can push it before slip, But with super strut suspension it doesn't do body roll. Brakes: its got twin pot brakes up front and single pot caliper with discs on the rear, Abs and power steering. It started life in Japan in 2000 after 9 years of Japanese ownership and was shipped to Ireland, Where the transmission was replaced by a manual bzr box, but there's still something to do with an automatic neutral sensor thing in the car, but I'll discuss that later It was imported by a fellow from Wicklow who registered it and kept it for 2 years before selling the seller I purchased from yesterday who had it for almost two years aswell. Here are some pictures
  5. Re: Lenny "is Your Focus Rusting?"

    Hi Guys, Just thought i'd say - i went up to Macklin Motors in Dunfemline [Ford] today to book in for an MOT and Service. I also asked about a couple of rust patches that had developed through no fault of mine. The first one was the one that Lenny [i think] has written a guide on - the patch just as you open the boot, where the washer hose rubs against the paint - anyways, the guy from the body shop said that it should be fixed under warranty no problem, he also said that he has seen much less done under warranty on the body - jackpot! Also, i have a patch as highlighted in the attached photo - just at the bottom of the metal part of the wheel arch - the guy from the body shop also said that this is common on the ST Models also from 2008> [well, at Macklin Motors Dunfermline]. And...also said that this should get fixed under warranty no problleemmmooo - one happy customer because to be honnest i was kind of gearnig myself up for having to 'argue' about who was paying for it. Apparantly, the rust here is caused by when the laquer is applied to the paint - when they attach the plastic part of the bumper - as the car moves, it rubs against the 'too much laquer' and wears it away and eventually causes it to rust. Hope this helps somebody.... I'll post up when the work actually gets done [hopefully end of May beginning of June]!