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Found 4 results

  1. first post/ build thread

    so hi first of all my first post, as i am doing a project fort it would be a good idea to have the build recorded somewhere so why not here, i perched the 1975 Mk2 Escort ghia a couple of months back as a full mot'ed car with some mods since then i have started to strip back to shell. the plans for the car so far are : strengthening (gussets , front strut , group 4 kit , strut brace and a small amount of seam welding) forest arches and front spoiler anti ***** bars type 9 5speed box and rear axle safety devices full bolt in cage 2.1 pinto on bike carb's wilwood powerlite 4 piston front brakes sierra cosworth rear disc conversion bia's pedal box sparco rev bucket seats harness's snap on boss new steering wheel flocked dash alloys (not sure what yet) alloy tank in boot oil cooler oil pressure gauge tracker and hidden kill switch finished of in diamond white, here are some photos of the car and a couple of the parts that are already here:
  2. Just thought I would post my findings on a 1600 Sport I got. So I thought to begin with any mk2 would do, then decided I would not be as happy with a 4 door as a 2 door, then decided it would have to be the 1600 Sport, so after much searching worldwide thinking of Importing one, in the course of all this I had completely fried my wifes brain. I found it purely by chance just at the moment I was giving up on a Sport, and only an 800 mile round trip away, I rang a chap near Edinburgh that had a 2 door and a 4 door on eBay, both were out of my price range as they were mint, but I wanted a project, so he said he had a couple of project cars So it started with a 2am alarm call from a very ill wife, loaded up 2 children and a wife that had a sickness bug at 2.45am, arrived on the Scottish border at around 9am with a rather bad feeling in my jacksie, oh dear I just developed the bug that my wife was just getting over SERVICES QUICK! After some much needed relief and another couple of stops finally get to have a look at the cars on offer, arrival around 11am then to be told that one of the cars had gone, but there was another I could look at, the wife was drawn to this barbie pink 2 door, turned out to be a sport, had a look round seems like a good base with no major issues, ended up getting it cheap as he didn't like the colour or some nasty looking body kit that had been put on it. Next a trip to Glasgow to drop off some wool my wife had sold, debated staying at a hotel, thought it a bad idea with the "Pink Panther" on an unlocked open trailer, last thing I wanted was it nicked the day I bought it, so off home it is then, lots of Coffee and 796 Miles later arrive home at around 12.30 that night just slightly tired but I got a 2 door Sport well worth it, I will be adding pics as I go along athough I have already stripped the interior before taking any pics, but the rest will have to do
  3. Hello all, i made a post when i joined the forum a few months back and bought my car so i figured i would update everyone on my progress so far. This is my first car bear in mind and my first restoration project so please be easy on me on the progress so far! This is a few months work so it will include a lot of pictures and information, hope its not too long winded! So here is the car when i bought it, it's a mk2 1979 mk2 escort GL. Has been off the road for around 15 years. I bought the car without viewing and took the owners word that the car was solid and the floors where good. I later found out this was the sum total of rot on the car, the wing's where made of fibre glass and filler on the ends, the headlight surrounds where also rotten. Luckily the car came with new headlight surrounds to be welded on, a job i haven't done yet. The rear arch needed replacing but came with one already welded to the other side. The drivers side door was rotten beyond repair also, aswell as the footwell's and A pillar's having rot and bodged with filler and a "Rice crispies Box". I started upon the task of removing rust from the car, here's a few pictures of the work done so far, before and after shots. Slowly i've worked my way back on the car removing rust and applying rust treatment and cheap primer. Next jobs where to remove the old wings and work on the rear arch. This has recently been sanded down and primered but i don't have any shots yet. Once the wings where off we where able to find the full damage caused by the filler bodge on the footwells. That's unfortunately as far as i've gotten so far, now for the fun parts, I've replaced multiple things for this car so here's a list of them with some pictures. Starter motorAlternatorAll seatbeltsFull polybush kitradiator & Hosesfuel tankfuel filler capfront wingsround headlight grillRear C pillar trimsNew drivers side doorFull engine bolt kitRS 3 spoke Wheel4 Spoke Capri Laser Wheels.Group 4, 2 1/4" Coilovers with 300/70 Bilstein Tarmac Inserts.The wheels i bought where in extremely poor condition, they had been painted silver around the rims and coated in thick black gloss paint in the center. It took a couple weeks to refurbish them to how i wanted, the coilover's where also pretty tatty so they also got a new coat of paint. before; After; And here's a before and after of the wheels. They still need a little work to be perfect but they look 10x better in my personal opinion. More miscellanious pictures of items bought. I hope that wasn't too long of a post, sorry for including so many pictures, i just thought it best to keep a record! I'm hoping to have the car completed by September if i'm lucky, for now i'll be sticking with the original 1300 crossflow engine i think. If anyone has any tips for restoration i would honestly love and advice you can give. Thanks for reading, i'll try keep it updated as i go.
  4. Hello, I'm pretty new here so i thought i would introduce myself. I'm 21 year's old and am yet to have my driving license but have always been a fan of old Fords! I recently purchased my Mk2 Escort GL 1979 on 12th of January 2013, i am in the process of fixing her up and returning her to her formor glory extremely slowly :). When i saw pictures of the car on ebay i was told it was "solid" i knew the engine was not currently in the car and it was a rolling shell with spares. When the car finally got home, i realised there was a considerable amount of things missing from the car which i am currently replacing, the car was also solid to a point. Some places being solid but filler, we chipped away at the filler on the front wings which is a common place for rust on these, it ended up looking somewhat like this when we where finished. After removing the interior, which was in pretty much brilliant condition we went about removing the doors, 3 of the doors where in good condition but the drivers side wasnt looking very repairable! After purchasing a new door last week things where starting to fall more into place and the grueling job of rust treatment and sandpapering could begin! We Sprayed on some cheap £1 primer to protect it from the elements, we managed to finish the bonnet and one of the gutters which where very rusty and dirty! This is unfortunately as far as i have got so far, it is still missing a lot of things. I'm not mechanic but i do have a skilled friend to guide me as a fix up "Wilson" as he has been christened :). Looking forward to getting this classic back on the road! :D